Emailer accuses Jack Sen and wife of stealing Facebook page

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-04-06 14:11

This is the banner currently used at the EKP South African Renaissance Facebook page.

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL today from Ingrid (I am withholding her last name), from a working email address. I cannot otherwise verify the authenticity of its content but I am posting it here to see if any further information will come up. Ingrid wrote (my underlining for clarity):

Jack Sen`s wife has many names. Natasha Petersen, Natalya Savchuk. Natasha Vallone . She told me that she is from Sweden and still has family there . Natasha , Ciacomo and Jack has been my Admins on my fb group Save the white people of South Africa - Stop the killing for more than 2 years . 3 weeks ago she deleted me from my own page. They stole my page with over 26500 members on and changed the name to South African Renaissance-Stand against Marxism ,Zionism and Islamism. I have build that group for 5 years everyday and night to where it has become today and they just took it :  I just wanted you to know this . Thank you . here is the link to my stolen page .

When I first tried the link it was "unavailable." Finally it came up as the same page that is also there with a slightly changed URL:

Notice the URL is 'Stop the Killing' although the page is now titled "South African Renaissance."

Another "South African Renaissance" page is here.

The page Ingrid says they took is listed at European Knights Project on this page as "Save the White People of South Africa." Notice that most of what's listed on this page is currently offline. One thing I know for sure about the Vallone/Sen operations is that they're always changing to meet the current story being put out. That's why I'm willing to put some faith in Ingrid's sad story.

This will be an ongoing exposé. If you have any information to add, please write a comment. Trolls and writers with fake email addresses will not be published. No, I'm not collecting email addresses but I like people to be accountable for what they say.


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The e mail you recieved is genuine. Sen/Vallone has done this all over England. he has also stolen another site ' Smash Cultural Marxism' all it's members and uses this on EKP. He infiltrated the facebook group, and did the same as above, It's all here.
Just put this into your search engine. It's all there. sen hijacker

Sen (or whatever his name is) does appear to be a vile little troll.

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