"The Führer's Word"

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-08-12 11:58

 Found by Richard at http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/exhibitions/TASS/resource/1665

Photograph: The Führer's Word

Photographer unknown (German). "The Führer’s Word," 12-Uhr-Blatt, October 9, 1941. The caption below these images of Soviet prisoners of war reads, "We are fighting against an enemy that – and I have to say it here – consists not of human beings, but of animals and beasts!"

Such photographs – often featuring three figures, as in TASS 60 – appeared in the daily and weekly German press accompanied by captions that further underscored the inferiority of people with Asiatic, Semitic, and Slavic features.


Carolyn I noticed people criticizing "Hitler's Table Talks" using a blog "Truth for Germans" and another under the title "The Christian Principles That National Socialism was Built Upon"
At times I've been crude in my defense of "Table Talks" and I want to be more refined.  I'm not sure who is behind these blogs or even what you would make of them or the person(s) who put them up.  They don't provide references to their information so I am not sure how legitimate they are. 

I took a look; no one is identified as the owner, operator, admin or editor/ writer for this site. It appears to be totally anonymous. I would say they are not at all legitimate. I would simply point out its failings when commenters use this site as a support for their arguments. It seems to be based on the religious principle of "Believing." Believe because it sounds good.

I'll look more at it when I get a chance.

Just saw all the new comments on this thread: http://www.dailystormer.com/voice-of-albion-a-conversation-with-craig-co...

You have done a good job, Rick, of battling that "babble of rabble" over there. So has "Finn." I did see how they are all using truthforgermans.com. When "Wolf" gets in on it, he uses the strategy of linking to numerous long articles that nobody has the time to read. In this way, he hopes to appear an expert whose own view is a slam-dunk correct one. You have countered him beautifully.

I wouldn't be surprised if "Wolf" has something to do with truthforgermans.com. The posts are very long and tiresome, and his type of material. But for me, it is a completely irrelevant site. It's kind of like Veronica Clark's early sites, but without even a person signing for it, as VC did.

Getting involved in comment arguments can be a very big job in and of itself. Easy to get into it, hard to get out of it.

Thanks Carolyn;  the number of people trying hijack and distort National Socialism to make it fit into their own bizarre ideologies is amazing.  If we didn't have people such as yourself setting the record straight it would make the whole of Historical revisionism look like a joke. 

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