FPÖ files legal challenge against result of May presidential election

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-06-08 14:15

Norbert Hofer (left) and Alexander Van der Bellen share the stage during the Austrian Presidential election campaign in May.

GOOD NEWS! A CHALLENGE TO THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RUNOFF, in which Alexander Van der Bellen was delcared the winner, was filed today by Freedom Party (FPÖ) leader Heinz-Christian Strache,

As you recall, it was the postal ballots that pushed former leader of the Green Party, Van der Bellen - who ran as an independent - over the line to defeat FPÖ candidate Norbert Hofer. The margin of victory was under 1 percentage point, or roughly 31,000 votes.

Strache filed an official challenge at the Constitution Court, saying “Without these glitches, irregularities and breaking of laws, Hofer could have become president. I think a re-election is very realistic."

Lawyers for the Freedom Party said they had found evidence that over 573,000 absentee and postal ballots had been handled without the presence of local election commissions, creating the risk of tampering. The legal challenge is designed to address 94 out of a total of 117 electoral districts in Austria. In one particular district, the FPÖ remarked that the vote tally implied that 146,9 percent of the local population had allegedly cast votes. 

The Constitutional Court will rule on the matter by July 8, when Van der Bellen is set succeed Social Democratic incumbent Heinz Fischer, a court spokesman said.

Here us the google-translated announcement from Strache (apologies for not editing it):

Dear Austrians!

Because of the unacceptable non-compliance with legislation and clearer as a result of the disastrous accumulation of mishaps and irregularities in the past 2016 presidential election, it is our democratic right, our democratic duty and responsibility to challenge this election and also bring criminal charges.

The Austrian Constitution guarantees the holding of free and secret elections, election results are from the constitutional court in accordance with article 141 (B-VG to verify.

Remove the grant, in principle, if the score of votes to be valid or the results of the election could be affected. Due to massive irregularities, this was the case!

In a total of 117 districts, 94 electoral irregularities were found.

In 82 electoral authorities were the postal voting cards before the arrival of the electoral commission (election observer) to be included in with pre and not with voting cards to be included. This concerns 573.275 eingelangte voting cards, 31.814 of which were sorted as null and void. Distrust is more than justified here.

In 11 district electoral authorities were the postal voting cards before the start of the statutory enumeration (WITHOUT ELECTION ASSESSORS) already open, and in some was the ballot paper even already from the voice envelopes. In the meantime, everyone can think of what else could have been possible. Are affected 80.953 eingelangte voting cards.

In the 7th district was electoral authorities do not count the electoral district, but even by non-competent people. Are affected 58.374 eingelangte voting cards.

In addition, many more illegal acts and concrete irregularities have been documented.

Alone in the light of the above high number to vote absentee ballot (where it's at the count came to tolerate), every citizen is the relevance of this unacceptable non-compliance with clearer legislation can be seen very clearly.

The voters have a right to a free vote and lack of constitutional deadlines, if she's right to claim vfgh. Both is not available.

A remove is not only a democratic right, but also a democratic obligation. This especially if the principles of the right to vote, the general, same, direct, personal, free and secret vote massively violated.

This is about the very foundations of our democracy and our rule of law. Democratic elections must take place within the law, as well as fair and correct be secured!

Thanks, your

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