FRG President pours shame on his countrymen while in Poland

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-09-01 11:58

Federal Republic of Germany President Frank Walter Steinmeier speaks in Poland on September 1 on the 80th anniversary of the 1939 invasion of Poland by Reich forces after months of failed negotiation attempts.

By Carolyn Yeager

"MY COUNTRY UNLEASHED A HORRIFIC WAR THAT WOULD COST MORE THAN 50 MILLION PEOPLE — among them millions of Polish citizens — their lives. This war was a German crime," the president of the Federal Republic of Germany said in a speech before Polish President Andrzej Duda, and US Vice President Mike Pence, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe as well as representatives of 30 other countries. No Russian representative was invited.

Shame, shame, shame! Disgusting behavior by the top representative of today's Germany.

Today, Sept. 1st, is election day in two eastern German states. They have the opportunity to reject this president and his words with their vote against his party and against Merkel's party. I only hope they are doing so as I write. The only meaningful vote against this “liberal democratic” madness is a vote for the AfD – the Alternative fuer Deutschland party.

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  • See preliminary official election results here
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Steinmeier, a member of the left-wing Social Democratic Party, continued with his traitorous speech:

"I, along with [Merkel], want to tell all Poles today that we will not forget. We will not forget the wounds that Germans inflicted on Poland. We will not forget the suffering of Polish families and nor will we forget the courage of their resistance."

More anti-German quotes from Steinmeier's speech in Warsaw:

"I am well aware that my country bears a special responsibility for this Europe of ours."

"Because Germany - despite its history - was allowed to grow to new strength in Europe, we Germans must therefore do more for Europe."

"We must do more for the security of Europe. We must do more for Europe's prosperity. We must listen more for Europe's cohesion".
(translation: more money for Europe, more bailouts for poor European nations, guaranteeing our resources to hold Europe together)

Germans must oppose nationalism. Germans have every reason to be the happiest Europeans, but they should not feel they are the "better Europeans".

Only "the power of America's ideas and values, its foresight, its generosity" gave Europe a new chance after 1945.

I am so glad the hurricane moving toward Florida kept President Trump from attending this horrible and ridiculous gathering. It's bad enough that VP Pence paid tribute to the:

“courage and strength deep in the Polish character that no one could destroy. Poland proved itself a homeland of heroes.”

"Today we remember the long roll-call of Polish heroes who fought for freedom."

But never will this fake 'German' post-war government pay any tribute whatsoever to their own German soldiers who died by the millions for their homeland in that war. Were they all criminals? What a scandal! Germany is no longer a homeland for Germans but if they can get rid of those who control it today, we know it can be again.

It requires ALL of us to cleanse our nations to make that change possible. A first step in Germany could be to kick out all the Poles who live there. More on that later.


I don't think you are a German living in Germany; I think you are an American troll. If you're in Germany, why not get in touch with Klaus Borgotte who comments here. Germany is not such a big place.

If you made 6 clear-cut arguments , what are they - listed numerically? I found one: that "if a party can not talk about historical events and is treated like a bunch of children, would it not be infinitely wiser to NOT make a party with so many alleged good and like-minded people and instead try pretty much anything else to awaken the people of the facts that the system is rigged and our "evil" history made up"?  'Pretty much anything else' is pretty unclear. This is pretty much what the Identitarians are doing--and being put under surveillance for. [Read this - all of it - before you open your big mouth here again.] If this is your thing, why aren't you part of that group? Maybe because they also don't openly advocate for Hitler and the Third Reich? Do you think that could be because it's a federal crime to do so in the FRG? Are you prepared to commit crimes for your beliefs? Hell no--you write to this little website under deep cover. What a hero.

You did not answer to any of my replies to your so-called arguments--the first two being the colors red&blue and the single speech by Gauland in the Bundestag. I demolished both so you just move on to something else. I think your real purpose is simply to undermine me and this website. This is why you write anything that comes into your head, because you have no other goal. If you do, then state it concisely and explicitly, or it won't be published.

While it is true that many despicable system politicians are in the AfD, personalities such as Björn Höcke and Alice Weidel are authentic. The West-AfD is a system party, but in Central Germany (not "East Germany", East Germany is Silesia, Prussia, etc.!) conditions are different.
One reads this (translated) paragraph [1] about Björn Höcke, if that is not an announcement: "[...] Merkel's prominent authors Ulrike Guérot and Robert Menasse, demand: "Away with the borders. Give me the refugees, no matter how many, no matter where they come from." Höcke knows that the foundations of our existence have already been destroyed. He knows that the system plays for time. In four years another 10 million foreigners will be entitled to vote as "Pass Germans". In the schools of the larger cities, the young invaders already make up between 70 and 95 percent of the population, who will also be "eligible to vote" in a few years' time. Therefore Höcke speaks of a "retreat" of the Germans into the hinterland. "Then we still have the strategic option of the 'Gallic villages'. If all else fails, we will retreat into our rural refuges like the brave and cheerful Gauls once did, and the new Romans, who reside in the neglected cities, will be able to grit their teeth from the Teutonic asterixes and obelixes! But the re-tribalization in the course of the multicultural reconstruction will thus become a reception position and a new nucleus of the people. And one day, this reception position may become a failure position from which a recapture will take its starting point." (Höcke in Nie zweimal in denselben Fluss, p. 339)."
Trump is authentic and does good for the American people wherever he can. But he can't just put his plans into action, because he's being fought nationwide by a thoroughly corrupt administration that sabotages him wherever it goes. And yet he always manages to do good.

Carolyn,do you think that the wola massacre really happened?

No, I don't. The Wikipedia page for it is like so many other Polish pages - lousy 5th rate or non-existent sources. Why isn't there anything by the major establishment historians about it?