Greek commies play the Nazi card to avoid paying their bills

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-02-02 14:19

Greece’s new prime minister lays red roses as a symbol of “liberty from German occupation”, says his Syriza party.

Same old story. Nothing new for left-wing deadbeats who believe other people are responsible for their upkeep while they strike heroic poses. Alexis Tsipras, the newly elected 40-year old Prime Minister of financially-failed and corruption-challenged Greece is striking the pose of the perennial victim of Germany, that favorite whipping boy and cash cow for Israel, Jews and Communists.

Since National-Socialist Germany's total guilt for everything bad that happened before, during and after WWII was determined at the Nuremberg Military Tribunal lynching parties (there were several tribunals, trying the highest to the intermediate leadership), and what was left of the shattered, leaderless German nation was forced to accept this total guilt, the far-left scum of Europe, heirs of the Jewish Bolsheviks and later Stalinists, have taken full advantage of the German natural capacity for hard work and “getting ahead.”

“Getting ahead” means you do end up ahead of others who don't care for the hard-work route. These others prefer to follow other paths, one of which is to claim reparations from today's "rich" German Federal Republic. We should not be surprised that the now-ruling communist Syriza party's first prounouncement is to say that Germany owes Greece $200 Billion “for damages incurred during the Nazi occupation” including the cost of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. This just happens to be what Greece needs to pay off its debt. What Chutzpah!

First act as Prime Minister

After being sworn in on Monday, after Sunday's election, Tsipras journeyed to the memorial site at the Kaisariani rifle range, where in 1944 Wehrmacht troops were ordered to execute Greek communist “resistance fighters.” This was no more than the expected and legal reprisal action for the guerrilla ambush and murder of a German general, Franz Krech, and three of his aides at Molaos, near Sparti, in the Peloponnese. It was legal because Greece was under the occupation of the Reich at that time, the Reich being the legal authority of the land. The Greeks were warned that such reprisals would be carried out in response to atrocities and killings of German troops.

Tsipras had said while campaigning last spring:

"It is our duty to pay homage and not forget that the European peoples live free and have defeated the specter of intolerance, the dark ideology of fascism. There were thousands of those who sacrificed their lives in our country."

On Monday, as the TV cameras rolled, Greek commentators couldn’t help themselves: “It’s another ‘up yours’ to the Germans,” one said.

From The Guardian:

That Greece’s new prime minister Alexis Tsipras, Europe’s first radical left leader [debateable?], should elect to visit the memorial minutes after being sworn in, is rich with symbolism – and defiance too. Red roses in hand, resistance veterans looking on [read old communists], the young firebrand paid homage to the victims in his first act in office. “It represents national resistance to German occupation,” says Panos Skourletis, spokesman of Syriza, an alliance of far-left groups ranging from Maoists to greens. “But also the desire of Greeks for freedom, for liberty from German occupation.”

If explanation were needed, he adds: “It was purely symbolic.”

Far Left Global Research applauds the move:

A two-year-old study [by Syriza?] estimated that Germany still owes Greece $200 billion “for damages incurred during the Nazi occupation” including the cost of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. However, later studies have estimated a much higher amount. Another Greek reparation advocacy [unnamed]  group estimated that Germany owes Greece $667 billion. Some German public officials are actually on board with Greece getting their full reparations.* “From a moral point of view, Germany ought to pay off these old compensations and the ‘war loan’ that they got during the Occupation,” said Gabriele Zimmer of the German socialist party Die Linke. [Die Linke (The Left) is the new name for the old German Communist Party which was outlawed under Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. GR calls it socialist.]

*With a population of less than 11,000, that comes to $30,000 per living Greek person.

German communists are international players and have no loyalty to the German nation, but they still play a large role in the Federal Republic while German nationalists are hardly tolerated. More to come on the Greek reparations issue.


 Have all the Slavs gone insane as well?
A lawmaker representing the populist LDPR nationalist party wants to calculate all damages inflicted by Nazi Germany on Russia during World War II, in order to slap Berlin with a lawsuit that could amount to €4 trillion.

The entire western world is mad and yes that includes the Slavs.  Part of the "end times" syndrome or something.  Pray for a quick end.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Finance Ministry denied on Friday a media report that Berlin would be ready to discuss a new aid package for Greece of up to 20 billion euros if the new leftist Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accepted supervised economic reforms.

"That is not on the agenda at all," said a spokesman for Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. The report in Der Spiegel magazine that Germany estimated Greece's additional aid needs at about 20 billion euros was "pure speculation", he added.

Spiegel reported that Germany would be willing to grant Greece fresh aid on condition that it accepted reforms overseen by inspectors from the "troika" - the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

*     *     *

Norbert Barthle, the parliamentary spokesman on budgetary affairs for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, told the business daily Handelsblatt that if Athens refused to cooperate with the troika, there would be serious consequences.

"There are clear rules and we have legal stipulations about the conditions for giving European credit assistance," he told its Saturday edition. "If Greece can't accept these conditions, it must find the necessary funding on the capital markets."

*      *       *

"We expect the new government (in Athens) to fulfill its responsibilities and present a plan for how the country can stand on its own feet without permanent support from others," Norbert Barthle, spokesman on budgetary affairs for the conservatives in the lower house of parliament, told Germany's Handelsblatt newspaper.

Well apparently Russia is giving them money. Just one problem - Russia has no money and are getting it from the Chinese. Is China invading Europe?

Don't take every headline and/or every one-sided statement made as truth and turn it into a conspiracy theory.


In a bid to quell western worries over the new Greek government's closeness to Russia at a time of Cold War-style tensions, Varoufakis said meanwhile that Athens would "never" seek loans from Moscow.

Greece's defence minister Panos Kammenos also told AFP that Athens remained committed to its NATO role despite its relationship with Russia. [similar to Serbia in playing both sides, and the Serbs will be supporting the Greeks all the way -cy]

Greece's political turmoil continued at home in the meantime, as judges sent 72 members of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, including its leaders, for trial for crimes including murder.

These communists (Syriza Party is made up of "Maoists to Greens") do not share in the common mentality of true Europe and Europeans. They are anti-Europe who want the EU money hand-outs Greece has been living on for so long, but want to play the role of independent heroes at the same time. I've known my share of people like this--they are properly called CON-MEN. Merkel, for all her faults, recognizes that.

I've said all along that Greece doesn't belong in the Eurozone ... even though my preference is for the Eurozone entity to disband altogether and the Euro to disappear. It has been an incredibly expensive fiasco that has the intention of equalizing the weak and the strong by merging them into one cooperative entity. An impossible task. And yes, Greece is among the weak, for all it's glory-poses and good-looking men (not women, though -- very similar to Italy in that regard).

It seems that you are ill informed about Greece and her debts!
First of all it is Germany that avoids paying her bills!
I am not talking about the war reparations bill that has not been paid yet in full...I am also not talking about reparations for the victims of german retaliation attrocities...
I am talking about the loan that National-Socialist Germany has taken from Greece during the 1941-1944 occupation. A total of about 500 million Reich's Marks was given from Greece to Germany.The Fuhrer did pay the first two instalments but as you know, unfortunately, he wasn't able to continue paying...
This is something you totally missed !
Another fact you miss is the filthy history of Greece's bills and debts since the Greek war of independence...The bloody usurers have us bleeding dry since then...If you want details i can send you a book...
I only give you an example...Our government took a 1.2 billion ECU in 1985. That loan had to be paid in 2010. You know how much we should pay ? Guess how much...You wouldn't believe it...53 billion Euros!
That is over 44 Euros for every single ECU!
So, please don't deny Greece what Germany has been denied for so long! And that is TRUTH and JUSTICE !

Thanks for writing and showing everyone here what low-down scum and liars Greek Communists are.

Send me a book, indeed!

Of course all Greeks will rally around Greece now and say whatever comes to mind as sounding like it might work as an argument in Greece's favor. As in: Germany avoids paying her bills. Har har, name a legitimate charge Germany has ever failed to pay.

Even you said that the loan was to the National Socialists (the party?) and that Hitler paid it on time until he was dead and National Socialism was destroyed and it's leaders hunted down and killed. Since the Federal Republic does not claim to be the heir of National Socialism, it is not responsible for its "unpaid bills." Perhaps you can get it from the four Allied victors who stole all the wealth of Germany, which was considerable--far more than modern Greece can ever be worth.

Greece going up against Germany is a joke and can only fail because modern Greece does not have TRUTH and JUSTICE on its side. So don't come around here with your fake claims. Write an article and publish it --I'd like to see it. :-))

Latest developments:

I am sorry for your reply...
I thought you are interested in Truth and Justice...but you are not!
Your reply reminds me of those replies by people who repeatedly attack Germany all these years after the war! It is monumentaly hypocritical ! A good example of doublespeaking and doublethinking...
And you know what ? The world will not change this way...Not in a good way at least!
More people who value Truth and Justice are needed in order to stop it...
People who DO NOT STAND BY THEIR OWN TRUTH AND JUSTICE but at the very same time deny it to others...
Come on...there is no such thing as your truth and my truth...

What happened to all your arguments about laws and loans, etc.?? No response to what I replied with is forthcoming.

You are supporting a communist govt. that is trying to con Europe, but Europe is not falling for it. Neither do I. So get lost. I won't accept any more of your worthless, insincere comments.

And i cannot resist to continue with your claim...
"Perhaps you can get it from the four Allied victors who stole all the wealth of Germany"
Yes, you are right...perhaps we should claim it from our common boss! But as an occupied and totally destroyed country you did very well...How come you succeeded ? I guess it is your superior DNA ! Or maybe the 1953 debts were part cut and part frozen and you got all the support from the victors to reconstruct your country and industry ! Greece did not say no then...She just let you alone and accepted that you could not pay !
"which was considerable-far more than modern Greece can ever be worth in it's entire history."
This is truly monumental ! Just tell me what part of our history are you counting ?
Andf i am really curious what Hitler would reply to you !!!

Just to show your pathetic style of thinking.

You can't live in the past -- today Greece does not resemble it's ancient glory. You are not even the same people. Maybe Greeks were not made for modern life. Germany is a nation of 80 million people and the 3rd top exporter in the WORLD, even after what was done to her. Greece has 11 million and is #61 in exports, plus having gone bankrupt many times over.

You work that out. Greece's problems do not come from the Germans. Quit being a whiner. What Hitler would reply to me is: He would agree with me. He knew and said that neither Greece nor Italy were the same people they had been. What Hitler said is on record and you can't twist it around. A communist like yourself calling on the name of Hitler and talking about "Truth and Justice" just shows what a devious, characterless individual you are.

Germany and Greece are not partners, have never been. So long, don't come back.