The Heretics' Hour: Is the choice between Fatherlands or White Nationalism?

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-09-09 00:28

Sept. 8, 2014

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Carolyn Yeager weighs in on a sensitive and controversial question that most avoid, namely: Can we change our allegiance from our national idenity to a White European superstate? Or a global organization for White Folk? Can "white" give us identity on it's own? Some highlights:

  • The wide range of racial groups in the "Greater White Europe" makes for a disparate group, not truly homogeneous;
  • You can't talk about race without bringing up IQ, which also varies widely throughout "Greater Europe";
  • National Socialist Germany put utmost importance on race, believing it was the key to everything;
  • Corruption in government is in proportion to the intelligence of the people - the lower the avg. IQ, the more the country runs on bribery and crime;
  • "Truth Movement" characters and so-called Nationalist would-be leaders who are habitual liars.


[I would have called in, if listening live.]
1. Greece is not monolithic. Not all Greeks wanted entry into the EU. It's usually best to think in terms of 'factions'.
2. For racialist Whites, the tendency in Europe is: Family, Ethnicity, and then Race; in America: Family, Race, and then Ethnicity. You mentioned some reasons for this.
3. Winning French elections, by accepting the mortal enemy, is defeat.
4. Eurasionism is similar to the "German Soul" idea, but where Race is not primary (much "mixed heritage" there). It is potentially a great threat.
5. An observation on IQ:  The brightest are often the most gullible (e.g. Sweden, and even Finland).
The form of any political system is much less important than who really controls it.  The solution to most problems begins with casting the kikejew from our presence, and ALL jews from our realm. The jews are Enemey #1 — not "just another problem!"
[Will listen to Saturday show now.]

I've been enjoying your shows Miss Yeager, it certainly makes my University life easier. But allow me to address Bob's interesting comment.
1. While not all Greeks wanted EU entry, the vast majority tacitly accepted it; as is evidenced by their voting records. The Parties that got them into the EU were the most popular at that time and nothing changed after they got into the EU.
2. That must change. Real Indo-European Racialist would abandon this broad view that considers even some Middle-easterners as 'White'. Such circumstances can only come about as a result of putting Race before Ethnicity.
3. Nor necessarily true. Mussolini was friendly towards the Jews up until the late 30s. By opposing policies detrimental to native French she would be opposing policies which are in the 'strategic interest' of International Jewry and thus by default, just like Mussolini, she would be opposing them.
4. "The body is only a part of the Soul", "Each Soul has its race, each race its Soul"; this is ancient Germanic knowledge. Eurasianism is similar to Americanism they both have no soul.
5. Wrong. The brightest are often more susceptible to the writen word. Too civilized for their own good. Too broad-minded, yet with very little sustance. High IQ means better organizational abilities, better understanding and thus room for a higher quality sustance; something they lack which only a native Germanic worldview can give them (regarding all Germanic peoples only).
The Jews are not our #1 enemies. Those who threaten our existance, our Fatherlands, thus our Freedom and natural cultural expressions are. The Jew is just our opposite; our enemy by default.

for your comments. I hoped that someone besides me would respond to Bob, so I'm pleased that Michael did. And he did it so well, there's not much left for me to say.

I will just concur with point #5 that we shouldn't dismiss the brightest with the charge that they are also too gullible, even if they are too open and accepting. It is a sign of intelligence. We need to do a better job of educating about the importance of racial exclusiveness. That's what the National-Socialists did; they didn't blame those Germans who were that way out of good-heartedness.

Also, those who have lived only among Whites for centuries tend to believe there is an abundance of Whiteness and they can squander it, and/or share it with non-whites -- this thinking is what has led us astray.

We need to encourage more value to be put on our own race. In my opinion, using the term "kikejjew" makes that job more difficult. The meaning is not clear (he always has to explain it), and it detracts from the good parts of his message.

I think Michael's last point is interesting:

The Jews are not our #1 enemies. Those who threaten our existance, our Fatherlands, thus our Freedom and natural cultural expressions are. The Jew is just our opposite; our enemy by default.

Internationalists of every variety threaten our racial-ethnic identities. A good example of seeing international thinking disguised in an allegedly nationalist article is this one:  Someone sent it to me as a "must-read" - someone who thinks along the same "4th Position" lines as Bob does.

The battle between the kilt-wearing Scots and the English for Scottish independence is just one more example of today's lust for ethnic identity. BTW, I think men wearing kilts look very masculine. It's probably those strong muscular legs that we don't get to see very often.

The Finns supposedly have the highest proportion of Cro-Magnon heritage of any European nationality. This corresponds to the Phalian type in Germany. Cro-Magnon man had the largest cranial capacity of any race of modern man (Cro-Mags being the first modern men) and a very high forehead which you see in the modern Phalian type.

I think you are forgetting that these might not be gullible people but they are people living under WWII surrender rules. Even today you cannot blame the Allied powers for anything. I have always lived with the idea that the setup is to destory them from inside with immigrants. The IQ scores you have to take into account that in Germany 20%+ of the population are Turks and they are not the sharpest pencils in the box. The same is going for France and the UK.
WWII in my view never ended. Its still continuining in another form. I am however glad that someone covered the issue of White Nationalism as that to me is nothing more than liberalism with a twist. Liberalism is there to destory ethic nations, so is White Nationalism. Today you see them list Hispanics as White. The whole White Nationalist rubbish is just a ploy to destroy by another means.