The Heretics' Hour: Five Year Anniversary

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-03-01 19:34

March 2, 2015

Artwork is a gift from 'endzog.' The statement at lower left reads "The Heretic Hour fifth Anniversary."

Carolyn Yeager marks five years of hosting this weekly radio broadcast, from its debut on March 1, 2010 up to tonight's program on March 2, 2015. She tells the story of The Heretics' Hour from it's conception in 2009, its birth at Voice of Reason Radio Network in Jan-Feb 2010, and its sometimes tumultuous changes and controversial subjects. She will cover her favorite program topics and "best shows." And she will talk about many of the characters she got involved with and who got involved with her ... for better or for worse.

Hadding calls in at the end for a fairly long discussion covering Voice of Reason, White leadership, organizations and misanthropy.


It occurred to me late last night that the tagline for the now-defunct The White Network being "Whites talking to Whites about White Interests," can NOT mean that the conversation there cannot contain any criticism of White methods of organization. It DOES mean that anything that falls within the purview of White interests can, and should, be freely discussed there, as long as the discussees were White.

Often, Tanstaafl tried to put an end to discussions in the "comments section" that he did not like or approve of because they were critical of one or another group of White people.

Happy 5th year Anniversary, Ms Yeager. I enjoyed listening this one show live and the remaining 40 min. or so conversation that followed. I remember listening to your show for the first time just when you were about to leave for The White Network, it's been quite a experiance for me to say the least. I also want to thank you for helping me bring my family to an understanding of our situation today first as German-Americans then as Whites.
I don't think it matters, but I want to say few things regarding the last segment's conversation. Regarding CI or NS as two worldviews that would protect us from the Jews. I think that our very nature; our Aryan/Germanic character in its original form is the best protection we can afford. The ideology best rooted in that understanding can provide proper Leadership, and thus harness unity, discipline and unleash the proper elements for the cultivation of that character. I just see CI too dogmatic to do that.
And about Andre and his Daily Stormer. Well, he is NOT a National-Socialist. He should allude to Stormfront as his inspiration for the name, not Der Stumer. Even my sister recently pointed out that his articles were contradictory, stupidly offensive, and have no structure of a clear message. I really don't think his site appeals to anyone outside the people (mostly single males) on the know already. And the comments section alone should be reason enough to avoid it as propaganda platform. Moreover, his servile attitude towards Putin/Russia I can't stand. There are more racialists fighting for Ukraine and also against the EU, that should be supported, I think.
Well, I said enough. I hope you continue as long as you are able to. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Ms Yeager, and Happy Anniversary!

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your good wishes and comment. You said:

Regarding CI or NS as two worldviews that would protect us from the Jews. I think that our very nature; our Aryan/Germanic character in its original form is the best protection we can afford.

It's nice to think that but it hasn't done so, has it? Our Aryan/Germanic character has been manipulated and twisted out of its original form and the Jews are running the show. So how to get back to it? I think the leadership has to come first, in order to "lead the people." I wasn't recommending CI, only stating that it doesn't tolerate Jews in any form, unlike most WNs.

I agree with you that Andrew Anglin is not a National-Socialist, nor are the majority of those who follow his site. At least the banner on The Daily Stormer is no longer German-looking and doesn't bring to mind Der Stürmer at all.

Correct. Our character as a whole has been de-Aryanized. What I posited was that any idealogy seriously wanting to oppose Jewry would have to be based on an understanding and encouragement of an atmosphare conducive towards the cultivation of this Aryan character. This requires discipline and willingness that only proper leadership can inspire in others. So, I agree, a strong personality needs to manifest itself first to lead the people.
According to WNs, I, a racial German, should feel the same racial solidarity with some Greek, Spaniard or Russian as I would with Germans, Anglos, Nordics or Germanic related peoples in general. That weakens racial identity and is an inherant liability that would allow Jews to easily be accepted as 'White'. No Jew can be a German, but a Jew can certainly be 'White'.

Thanks for all the hard work. I only heard about you a few months ago so I come around each week to listen to your show now. Its very good and topical. The interview with Gunter Deckert was excellent. Good to heard what Germans are thinking under such circumstances. I would be interested to hear how Pegida is viewed in Germany and Europe.
Thanks again.

This was just sent to me from Herb:

Hi Carolyn,

Mnay thanks for your blog, which I discovered by accident this morning.
As I am of German extraction, I have long been interested in the true history of WWII, and especially the Holohoax industry.
I look forward to reading much more when I have the time.
Keep up the research.

Thank you.

Regards, Herb

Carolyn Yeager/Hadding Scott has to be the best team combination to me and still looking forward to you two possibly following up the wonderful 'International Jew' series with reading 'Mein Kampf' together. Especially as Bavaria is planning to release the 'Best Yiddisher Jokes' edition of the great book which is planned to contain the greatest compendium of Jewish lies about Jews and Germans since Wikipedia, though better to avoid that addended edition otherwise you would never complete the task! Your discussion tonight only shows that there is a need to explain national socialism. You two always sound great together so fantastic Hadding called the show.

"there is a need to explain national socialism." Yes there is. You also need to discuss possible solutions and how best to implement them.
1. Economic reform - where do we start?
2. should we print our own money instead of banks?
3. Should we make away with interest?
4. Immigration - Control it and how?
5. Economic principles to be used?
6. The mess of Globalism and how to bring this under control.
7. Heritage and how best to preseve this and control of the media.
Another interesting topic would be CI and is this a good way to slot CI into NS.


We don't have a new leader so Adolf Hitler is still our leader for National Socialist policy. He and his party have covered all of this and it's still valid, so we follow that. For instance, we read recently in Table Talk that Hitler was aware early on that they absolutely needed their own "Press" as it was called then. So he went out and bought a functioning newspaper, the Beobachter. He thought big and did not let money, or lack of it, stop him. That's #7.

What is different today, though, is the poisoned climate. There are now laws forbidding talk about many subjects, including N-S. So the questions you ask are the easy ones. What is harder is just being able to organize. Organized antifa exists just to prevent that. We are relegated to the Internet. I have no answer to that other than convincing lots and lots of people to be on our side.

Hi endzog,

Well, Hadding comes through when necessary, haha. He is easy for me to talk to and in spite of all our little arguments, we get along and always have.

I think I should clue you in about Mein Kampf, because others have said or requested the same thing. I won't be reading Mein Kampf because it's already so well known, and would take forever because of it's length. What I am now planning to do after we finish Table Talk is to organize what AH said in TT into subject areas -- the most important ones, that is. I won't be starting a new study hour program right away.

I think it's important to get down what he said and thought in black and white, in an organized way. I will then add what he said in Mein Kampf on the same subjects. And probably from some of his speeches and talks also. So this will be a big project. But this is the type of work I can really get into and enjoy. You're right about the new jewish edition coming out, but I think the kind of organization I want to do will be the best antidote to that. They don't want people to know what Hitler said; they are writing an interpretation to take its place.

Lindstedt is going to throw a shit fit over the positive and not-sufficiently-negative comments you made about Finck and Miller.