The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 5

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Nov. 10, 2014

The tendency of the Czechs to invent a history for themselves that is far grander than what actually took place is similar to what we've already learned about Polish "history." The number of Czechs in Czecho-Slovakia was only 7 million, yet they wanted to be a great, ruling European nation-state. However, they still today claim the German city of Prague (pictured right). 1h54m. Included in this program:

  • The Paris Peace Treaties forcibly annexed German, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish territories to a Czech core, forming CzechoSlovakia;
  • The majority Czechs took a criminal and genocidal attitude toward the minorities;
  • It took 18 painful years for the situation to gain the serious attention of the European Powers who had created the mess in the first place;
  • Adolf Hitler finally broke through the dilly-dallying with the Munich Agreement in 1938;
  • Post-WW2 history gives a slanted picture of the end of this illegitimate state to make Hitler out to be an aggressor, rather than a savior and restorer.

Image: The exquisite setting of German-built Prague Castle complex and the St. Charles Bridge crossing the Moldau river. Enlarge


Prague is a German city where Czechs live. Their treason to Germans is indeed even worse than the Polish because the Germans built one of their most significant cities in Bohemia and shared it with the Czechs for centuries. 
Germany didn't just invade Prague. It was agreed upon with President Hacha. Poland on the other hand, used the opportunity and annexed lands of Czechoslovakia militarily. And Slovakia seceded and came to terms with Hungary over their border issues. The reason Britain agreed to this was her military weakness as explained below.
This article is anti-German, but it admits that the economy and the arts flourished under German protection. It also admits Hacha's reasoning to be peaceful and work with Germany. I think Czechoslovakia installed the first "exile government" in London after this. More to follow, as we know.
The article of course doesn't mention the criminal expulsion/what happened to the Sudeten und Czech rule and that the Benes Decrees are still on the books. That means if any German would purchase land in the Czech Republic today, he could legally be dispossed if the Czechs would enforce it! 

You really ought to make it more clear that this radio program from Radio Prague is a "fictional" account of what happened. It's fictional because it portrays the Sudetan Germans (20% of the country while the Czechs were only 50%, if that - the other 30% was made up of the Slovaks, Hungarians, Ukrainians and Poles) practically as traitors and the repressive Czechs as heroic victims. Totally unreal.

How many people understand that in Czecho-Slovakia the Czechs numbered only 7 million to the German's 3.5 million. And yet the Germans were robbed and denied their rights because they were unable to defend themselves (no militia allowed).

It wasn't just AFTER the 2nd world war that the Germans living in their own native, historic Sudetenland were brutalized by the Czechs, but for 18 years before that war was forced into existence.

Call me what you like but I have the odd feeling that this was done purposfully to create another war. If we look at Ukraine, they are sitting on Polish land. Poland is sitting on German and Huganrian land and the Czech Republic was created out of nothing. I do not doubt that we will endup with another European war.

There is no "Polish land." Just because a people group come into an area and scrape up a living for themselves does not make it their land. Land belongs to those who are the original settlers who built something there - created towns and cities and commerce and had a distinctive Culture. Those who call themselves Poles had and did none of that. They lived in the shadow of German civilization and lived in and around German cities and towns. Czechs are the same. They are a vassal people who can claim to be nations today because the Jews contrived to reward them after defeating the real civilizers and builders of Central Europe in two destructive wars. Their greatest "showcase" cities were entirely built by Germans, as well as everything useful they know they learned from Germans.

The Ukrainians have always been where they are now and have always called themselves Ukrainians, I think. They are not sitting on any "Polish land." I guess I'm going to have to do a study on Ukraine history next. Learning truthful history of the Slavs in relation to each other and to the Germanics is more useful than deciding another major war is inevitable.

Thanks for this comment, Richard, because you showed me the obvious direction I should go in continuing this series.

I just absolutely love your comment, Carolyn! Thank you for all of your efforts for bringing the true history of the German people to light! I have shared your website with other Germans. You are a beacon of light in a world that is filled with so many lies concerning the German side of history! Thank you, again.

I think that the reason why Chamberlain and Daladier, as well as Hacha and other Czechs, were eager to make a deal with Hitler was that they did not want the Red Army in the heart of Europe. "Better Hitler than Stalin," was a slogan even among the Czechs.

The to-be-downloaded podcast for this program on the Czechs is on a repeat loop that never gets beyond introductory announcements aboout editing podcasts and thanking William for a donation.  In editing this podcast, did something happen to the content?  The same words get repeated over and over and there's no presentation on the Czechs here at all.
The blogtalk link to this program is complete.  

The program is all there, but your computer browser is stuck on some old command, in some way. If you close the website and then come back to it ... OR you may have to restart your computer ... it should work fine. You can always download the program with a right click and "save link as."

This has happened to me and usually the first option works.

Do you have this problem with other sites? That is, if you play podcasts on other sites. Also, it happens most often with a poor internet connection or if you are sharing a modem with another computer.

Carolyn, I shut down my browser and restarted it.  I shut down my computer and restarted it. But I keep getting the repeated loop on my end, and I don't have this problem with any podcasts I download from your site or others. Sometimes I can actually hear a "click" on this podcast where it signals it's going to start all over again.  This is a first for me.  I'll listen to your program on blogtalk. Thanks for looking into my question.  I can't explain it.  

Joey, I just had the same thing happen to me with tonight's Hitler's Table Talk program, on the player only. I heard the click too, then it started again from an earlier point, then stopped. I never heard that click before. I really don't know what the problem can be and my admin doesn't have the problem when he tests it out.

Anyway, I'm now listening to the "click here to download podcast" with no problem. Do you have a problem with that too?

Yes, it repeats for me - on the subject of weather.  "It's always fun to talk about the weather.  I was going to explain if I had to wait for you . . . "  Well, it's colder than that..."

I thought I found a fix.  I unplugged my whole computer and restarted.  I got passed the weather repeat loop, but not a minute passed than it began repeating again.
I think I inadvertently lied about never having had this problem before with your podcasts.  I did have a problem recently, but it wasn't about a repeating loop.  The podcast simply quit on me.  It was your Saturday before last Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn.  It played and then it just quit.  I started it up again and it just quit on me again.  I just listened to it on blogtalkradio.  I forgot about it until I got interested in your Czech subject, which I listened to on blogtalk.  It was informative and helpful to my knowlege of history and gave me even more empathy for Germans and Germany.  
The only two Czech artists I'd nominate as belonging to world class are Rainier Maria Rilke, the poet, and the novelist and short story writer Karel Capek (who invented the word "robot" in the 20th century).

Rainier Maria Rilke was not Czech, but according to Wikipedia " was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist, "widely recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets",[1] writing in both verse and highly lyrical prose."

"While Rilke is most known for his contributions to German literature, over 400 poems were originally written in French and dedicated to the canton of Valais in Switzerland."

"He was born René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke in Prague, capital of Bohemia (then part of Austria-Hungary, now the Czech Republic). His father, Josef Rilke [German] (1838–1906), became a railway official after an unsuccessful military career. His mother, Sophie ("Phia") Entz [German]  (1851–1931), came from a well-to-do Prague family, the Entz-Kinzelbergers, who lived in a house on the Herrengasse 8, where René also spent many of his early years"

So that is a good example of how the Czechs turn Germans into Czechs. As I keep saying, Prague was a German city in every way. The Germans were the business-managerial class while the Czechs were the labor class, generally speaking.

Karel Capek is just a science fiction writer - good as he may have been. I had never heard of him. But he is Czech.

Porsche was also a Bohemian German. He even had Czechoslovak citizenship after 1918 for a few years. Still waiting for the Czechs to claim he was one of them....

Just read that Porsche was a NSDAP party member and in the SS. So the Czechs have a hard time claiming him. So what do they do? Remove Porsche's birth place landmarks! Remove him from Bohemian history as good as they can! 

My error about Rilke.  I based it on Wikipedia too and his early life in Bohemia.  I knew Rilke wrote in German and I thought it was just that he just didn't honor the Czech language because it was for peasants and a minority language.  
I guess WWI really changed the definition of Bohemia more than I understood previously.
Even though I knew that the Czech's past was foggy and likely built out of lies or "myths," I had no clue it was mostly German.  I've read accounts where Bohemia is viewed as "the heart of Czechoslovakia" (although I've read the same sometimes about Prague, but I knew Prague was orginally German so I dismissed the idea), and I concluded (falsely) that Bohemia had always been indigenously Czech.  But I've also  met travelers from Bohemia who say that Bohemia is a blend:  German-Jew-Czech.
As for Karel Capek, he only wrote a few science fiction works, so relying upon Wikipedia too heavily isn't good for stating what's true.  Capek is also mentioned in the Encyclopedia Britannica; they don't do that for just writing science fiction stories.  
And like you said on your progam, Carolyn, Czech's aren't really known for their art or architecture on any world-class level.  I think their pride comes from being craftsmen.  Karel Capek's stories used to extol the baker, the candlestick maker, even the doctor.
Outside of Czechoslovakia, something called "Czech pride" isn't noticeable either.  i think De Colonna's statement about the little boy with the big swollen head applied only to the Czech's so-called leaders, like De Colonna implied.  They're a small people with no great or overwheening pride.  There's no national celebration day outside of Czechoslovakia; there are only a few restaurants across the world featuring their cuisine; and once the people leave the Czech Republic, they tend to blend in with all the other white Europeans, leaving only their last names as the last trace of their heritage.  There aren't many Czech enclaves in the U.S. either, although there are a few, but they're not as big as the Little Italys one might find in the U.S.  
Judging a people by its political leaders can skew objectivity.  The Czechs' leaders were indeed greedy and war-mongering if De Colonna's assessment is accurate, and I have no reason to think otherwise, probably no different from U.S. leaders.  

As for Karel Capek, he only wrote a few science fiction works, so relying upon Wikipedia too heavily isn't good for stating what's true.

I agree relying solely on Wikipedia is not a good idea. I wasn't really interested in Capek, but did read that "he was best known for his Science Fiction writing" and I bet that is true. Even you mentioned that, and his coining the word "robot."

Another book he wrote is "Talks with T.G. Masaryk", the president of Czechoslovakia. Capek seems to have shared Masaryk's ideas. But being in Encyclopedia Britanniica doesn't mean much. It's an encyclopedia, after all, which is supposed to contain everything. I can tell, though, that he wasn't just an average writer, he was a cut above, but still he is not someone that most people have ever heard of.

As to Bohemia, I have always connected it in my mind to Germany, not to Czechs. But I do understand now that that is the main area where they always lived. They are really a small number of people and, like the Poles, have too large of a territory all to themselves. Today they are only 10 million population - compare that to little Serbia which has 7 million. What makes the Czechs so important then? Nothing.

There was a Bohemian who married into my mother's side of the family. He must have been Czech because his name was Stipek. He was pretty bland and non-descript, had a tight wave in his black hair. He was congenial and polite, that's about it.

Who are these people you call "most people," Carolyn?  If you're interested in world literature, Karel Capek is a name to be reckoned with. His work is collected in stories from around the world.   "Most people" don't know much about anything, which isn't really proof of anything.  
Am I Czech or half-Czech?  After listening to your program, I seriously question my ancestry, a subject I know as much about as you know about Karel Capek.  
My father only told me this:  "We are not Germans.  We are Bohemians.  Therefore we are Czech.  My mother told me that from the time I was a small child."  
But his mother divorced his father, or vice-versa.  I have my grandfather's language handbook from 1909 for the international traveler when he was 25 years old, and it has German, French and Russian language in it.  It's called "Der beredte Franzose" and it was published in Bern!  There's no Czech language in it at all.
If Bohemia was German and it was and my father's name was German, not Czech -- not Kapek, not Stipek, not Vlasocek or those typically Czech-sounding names with strange accent marks, then maybe I've just gotten a whole load of crap passed down to me.    
I did read a lot of Karel Capek in an attempt to understand the Czech people and its heritage. If you are Czech, you cannot afford to miss Capek. I also read Milan Kundera, a Czech writer who is also world-famous, and a movie was made out of one of his novels, "The Incredible Lightness of Being," I think it was called, but Karel Capek, who had a Ph.D., wrote for the common man and woman and wasn't as intellectual as Kundera, and was therefore remains the more charming and more accessible of the two.  
I never read deeply into the Capek's friendship with Masaryk, but since reading De Colonna's views on Masaryk, I have even less of an interest.  I do know Capek liked Masaryk for the "Czech Nationalism" notion, but I kept my interest in Capek apolitical at the time.
Your program really brought home to me the small significance of the Czech culture on a world scale.  I had always wondered why there wasn't a broad slurry of information published about the Czechs, its culture and history, or at least of its most famous or rare individuals.  I wondered why I had alaways to put on my miner's cap and go digging deeply just to find the one or two small cultural treasures from Czech life that were memorable.  Was it because I lived in the U.S. after all?  No, not at all.  Now I know.  There really isn't that much to know about the Czechs.  They don't compare to the English, French, German or Russian in terms of contributions to Western culture.
I do grasp the fair comparison you and De Colonna made between the Czechs and the Poles. 
Your program massively improved my understanding of what is Czech and widened my appreciation for Germans and German history.  
I wish you could do a program on the Marcomanni.  The reference to this Teutonic tribe from De Colonna's writing aroused my curiosity greatly.  

Arch Duke Ferdanand you mentions the death of a SON and his WIFE WAS PREGNANT that is NEW. I have never heard that. Repeatedly claimed that NAtionalism was on the rise as the CAUSE of WW1. ALL this Nationalism was in the DUAL monarchy and Germany with Polands in Germany proper. Ferdanand was going to undo the Dual monarchy and go with a FERDERATION OF INDEPDENT STATES. That was a SOLUTION. WW1 to the recue evil people needed war. After the war they start cutting up a map of Europe that was all malice. It was Austria and Hungry that were to the legitamate drawers of this map that never happened. And yes the Hapsburgs were very considerate of the minoritys in there empire. I kind of remember Hitler compaining about there PARIMENTRY DEMOCRACY in a Multiracial PIGSTIE.  How the minoritys were always undermining the Germans in Austria. A show can be done on just this alone.
No WW1 there would be no WW2 simple
Austria and Hungery would create what was ONLY THERES TO CREATE.
a Federation of Independ States with most of the power in Austria and Hungry.
Decades later I could see a Common Wealth of the Dual Monarchy were Austia and Hungry relinqish more and more of the influince over them. But comerce is
kept heathy and mutual productive for all. Germany would have had to deal with the Poles in a simular fashion.
As for the Czechs well they have a country how it got started lots of country. How it got started is less than HONARABLE

This guy does not include primary sources for any of these alleged speeches, interviews, essays, etc. Nonetheless, assuming for a second that they are authentic, this adds to the discussion (the whole interview but what follows is an excerpt):
“Following the War, the Allies declared the Germans not worthy to rule over blacks, while at the same time placing a second-rate people like the Czechs in control of three and a half million Germans, people of a most noble character and culture." -Adolf Hitler in an interview with Ward Price,  September 17, 1938. It is two pages in length and appears beginning on page 476:

I just read it. Hitler, of course, puts things so much better than I do, haha. I also recommend people read it - it's short. But you have to scroll down to find page 476.

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