The Heretics' Hour: Interview with VOR's Dietrich and Mishko

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2012-09-11 02:07

Sept. 10, 2012

Dietrich Mullis and Mishko Novosel of Voice of Reason radio network join Carolyn Yeager for a spirited show that some may feel became pugnacious at times, but not really,  folks. It’s all in a friendly effort to get to the heart of things – Whites talking to Whites doesn’t get much better. Among many subjects discussed, some highlights:

  • Dietrich to return to radio on a twice-monthly basis to start;
  • Bringing back the name Whitelandia, but will it replace Voice of Reason?
  • No more hosting of the old VOR shows – hosts are encouraged to take their archives and experience somewhere;
  • Discussion of the  number of listeners – depends on how they’re counted;
  • Questions from a listener about start-up costs of equipment, servers and how to thank contributors;
  • Another listener asks about D and M’s policy on  anarchists, non-whites, homosexuals and holohoax revisionists;
  • Both Mishko and Dietrich say a few words about Alex Linder.

Image: A rare glimpse of Dietrich with his dog … or is it one of Mishko’s dogs?