The Heretics' Hour: Part 2 of Ray Goodwin reading Hitler's May 1944 Platterhof address to officers

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June 15, 2015

Hitler Youth at Nuremberg Party Day in 1935: the future German leadership before the Jews brought about world war against them. enlarge

Carolyn and Ray conclude this special reading of Adolf Hitler's private address to Generals and officers on May 26, 1944. In the second half, Hitler emphasizes how he overcame the class system in Germany, and the opportunities for advancement that exist for ALL German folk. He talked frankly about the need for his Jewish program and called it ruthless but not cruel, making the point that kindness to the Jews meant cruelty to his own people.

He encourages his officers to care for their soldiers as he cares for the German people.

In this 2nd part we find that Veronica Clark changed the word "Volk" to "Rasse" (People to Race) in her translation that she is selling in a book. We also find that Hitler never mentioned "the Slavic question" and remained the same as ever toward Poland. 1hr33m28s


I think I mentioned this in a radio program, but in "hitler & himmler Uncensored", in which this Platterhof "speech" appears, Clark placed a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler at the beginning of Chapter 1 which is not by Adolf Hitler! She doesn't include a date or source, only the name -- which is already a warning.

The quote is actually by Otto Wagener, from page 205 of his memoirs written in 1946 from memory while in a British internment camp. He is "remembering" what Hitler said in his presence sometime in 1930 to 32 -- 5-6 years earlier.

I don't doubt Hitler said something like this, but no scholar would just put Hitler's name there like that, without further details -- only a hack would. It's totally unacceptable.

She did it a 2nd time at the beginning of the Foreword to the same book. The quote attributed to "Adolf Hitler" is from Otto Wagener but I haven't found it's exact location in the Wagener book yet. [Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant, 1978, Yale University Press]

On page 75 of "hitler & himmler Uncensored", author Veronica Clark writes:

Did Hitler regret his decision to attack the USSR? Absolutely. This is obvious when one reads his speech and listens to his secretly recorded conversation with Rangell and Mannerheim.

What rubbish. Where in "his speech" (Platterhof) does he give one that idea? Nowhere. Hitler knew he couldn't avoid attacking the USSR; he may have regretted it was necessary (who wouldn't?) but not that he did it. This is VC's attempt to place the Slavic race in a superior position by turning the German Hitler into the fool.

Also, in Hitler's conversation with Mannerheim, AH says he would have attacked even if he knew the extent of their productive capacity because of his previous "negotiations" with Molotov, and the demands made by Molotov, which Hitler called "extortion." He said it was clear to him they intended to be the rulers.

Veronica Clark is a frivolous woman who pulls ideas out of her behind. She is putting everyone on ... if you believe her, that is.

It was a pleasure hearing Ray read this speech. It was a powerful and informative speech.
It seems like you are one of the few we have who really want to read and think. The others are talking about the latest bad news which wastes everyone's time.  Some are promoting "internet memes" that they hope will win the war. Others think the jewish control will collapse soon enough. We've heard that for years.
It's good to study this, to get back to our history, and figure out how to connect the past to the present, to learn what we should believe in and promote today.

There is still the question in my mind whether or not an invasion of Poland and the British declaration of war could have been avoided. Perhaps Hitler and German intelligence did not realize just how corrupt and irrational the British and the US really were, and that for their survival, the greatest threat was the combined power of the West, rather than that of Bolshevism. The Soviet Union after all was kept contained for the next 45 years and collapsed on its own.
Bob Whitaker writes that Hitler's obsession with lebensraum did him in. Perhaps if Germany had spent those years with an emphasis on surviving in a hostile world, while building up the State and training the next generation of youth, the Soviets could have been kept out of Central Europe one way or another by a series of treaties and by a mutual desire of all the western powers.
Or its possible that the only way Germany could survive in a hostile world was by seizing land and resources, expanding their population and becoming a fully independent regional power, and later a "superpower" in their own right.
Of course I am playing arm chair general with the benefit of hind sight. I guess we'll never really know, and all we can do is try to learn more, and speculate some more.

Hitler tried coming to terms with USSR by signing a non-aggression treaty. Unfortunately, Stalin didn't honor it, went into Finland and Rumania and placed a gigantic army on Germany's border to overrun Europe up to the Atlantic. 
Hitler knew very well about the Western plutacracies. And he tried very hard to appease Stalin. 

But Enoch ...

"Perhaps Hitler and German intelligence did not realize just how corrupt and irrational the British and the US really were, and that for their survival, the greatest threat was the combined power of the West, rather than that of Bolshevism. The Soviet Union after all was kept contained for the next 45 years and collapsed on its own."

Bolshevism was the creation of Jews ... of the most violent sort. The only reason it was "kept contained for the next 45 years" is because Hitler suprise-attacked the USSR before it was able to attack Germany. After the defeat of Germany in '45, the West  turned against the USSR, thus "containing" it,  but only after allowing it to install itself in all of Eastern Europe including the eastern section of Germany and Berlin! How "contained" was that?

The only way Hitler could have prevented the animosity of the West was to reverse his Jewish policy. But this policy was the centerpiece of his Third Reich, and  the reason for its success. After defeat, the policy was reversed, with a vengeance. What kind of Germany and Europe have we had since?

Bob Whitaker must be a dangerous person to listen to. It wasn't "Hitler's obsession with lebensraum" that did him in, but the Jews who did him in. Whitaker, as I understand it, doesn't like to talk about the Jews.

I should have included in this program, when I was telling of the pictures I had looked at and the "magical" quality of the Third Reich that came through, that it was in large part because the Jews were gone! Even just removing Jews from powerful positions in media, finance, entertainment, commerce, etc. changed the whole atmosphere of the nation. It was German! That's what felt so good.

The Fuehrer tried to impress this upon the other national leaders he spoke to, like in Romania and Hungary, and Italy too, urging them to round up their Jews and put them into work camps. But they were afraid. Only the Germans, under National-Socialism, had the courage, and that's why their nation had such a wonderful spirit, with Germans working together in relative harmony. [see my new post on Jewish distortion]

The War could not have been avoided. Poland wanted war and Daladier almost failed to stop them from beginning it too early. They wanted to take their troops into Danzig. Poland, England and France had already made a deal about the war. The only thing was that in the West the leaders had to made their peoples to believe in the German guilt.
The Poles mobilized their troops already in the spring and they were the first who started speaking about the war. They said to the Germans that if they won't stop demanding Danzig, there will be a war. They started the provocations. They murdered Germans in Polan throughout the summer. They harrassed Danzig more and more. They had done it 20 years already. They shot airplanes that flew over the international waters. They shot at the border. Their insurgents attacked Germans in Germany. In august they stopped the trade of Danzig totally. This was the last straw according to Hitler. He tried and tried to settle the conflict whole summer. The Poles declared in their newspapers that Germany must be destroyed. They prepared themselves clearly for the War. They threatened to take their troops into Danzig in September. This meaned war. Hitler could not have been able to prevent this in the Autumn because of the Weather. And the attack of the Poles would have meant the Great War with the Frenchmen and the Brits too. They had their deal and in this they had promised to declare war if the Poles see the situation so dangerous that they choose to attack Germany.
Ms Clark also has started to accuse Hitler. No. She forgets the polish aggression. I think she herself is a Pole. Maybe a Jew too. At least she works for the Jews with her agenda. Behind the Poles were the Brits and France and the USA. We know already the facts. Daladier said that the Poles were clowns when he had to prevent them from acting too soon. He wanted that Hitler could not get a goor reason (protecting Danzig). But I suppose they could have told their stupid peoples anything in any case and they would have started the war in any case.
Germany had to strike before the bad weather. But after making a deal with Stalin he still tried to make peace with Poland and the Brits.
The Poles had promised to the french negotiators that they will force Germany to war. If she wanted it or not.
The Second World War was Jewish War. It was about destroying the Nationalsocialism and the Fascism and conquering the World for the Jews. Hitler did not want a war.

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