The Heretics' Hour: Slav and non-Slav in Eastern Europe

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November 22, 2010

Prague-born Andreas Wesserle, with a PhD in Political Science, International Studies and History, explains the make-up, or mix-up, of national groups in this contentious area. Topics include:
  • Kollar and the Pan-Slav Conference of 1848;
  • Distinctions among the Poles, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Czechs and Romanians;
  • Polish expansionism from 1919-1939 resulted in cruel persecutions and forced flight of one and a half million Germans; also Hungarians, Ukranians and others;
  • Migration west to east since 12th century brought commerce, culture and new creativity into the eastern regions;
  • Influence of Holy Roman Empire on German national character;
  • And more.

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The Heretics' Hour: Interview with Joe Rizoli

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November 15, 2010

After some updates and holo-hoax news in the first half-hour, Carolyn talks with Joe Rizoli of Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement. Topics include:
  • Romanian Chief Prosecutor: “We can’t confirm that they are Jews” in the so-called mass grave found by Elie Wiesel Institute;
  • Framingham, Mass. woman who was “saved” by Oskar Schindler as a teenager is still telling her story to school kids;
  • U.S. Military buys into new anti-genocide program that features sending officers on week-long trips to Auschwitz;
  • Joe Rizoli tells of the latest developments of Jewish criminality in his hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts.

Picture: Talented Joe with his video editing equipment                                                     

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The Heretics' Hour: Elie Wiesel, Alan Hart and Truth in History

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November 8, 2010

Carolyn looks at a Zionist and an anti-Zionist … but doesn’t find much difference between them. Topics include:

  • Press releases masquerading as news, as in: Wiesel Holocaust Institute in Romania finds 16 bodies in grave – says they’re Jews;
  • Alan Hart masquerading as a truth-teller, as in: his book explaining the difference between Judaism and Zionism;
  • Hart’s call for Jews to become the “light unto nations” because we need them to be masquerading as Truth in History.

 Enlarge Truth cartoon

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The Heretics' Hour: Devastated Germany, 1946-52

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November 1, 2010

Dr. Andreas Wesserle, a Carpathian German expellee, remembers the struggle to survive in a devastated post-war Germany. Topics include:

  • School took place without teachers, textbooks or electricity;
  • Food rations miniscule —pickled mutton, anyone?
  • Cramped barracks housing with no toilets or running water lasted for years;
  • Substitution of Deutschmark for Reichsmark wiped-out average Germans;
  • Nation’s manufacturing equipment carted off by Brits, French, Russians;
  • Millions died, mainly of starvation and exposure.

Photo caption (above right): Frankfurt, Germany: As a truckload of decayed food enters the main garbage disposal area in Frankfurt, destitute Germans clamber over it, trying to find some edibles to supplement their meager diet. Much of the waste comes from the U.S. Army cold storage plant in the city. Since these people have no valuables or money with which to trade in the black market, they have to root like animals. [Credit: U.S. Army Signal Corp Photo from Acme – 12/15/47]   Enlarge.

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The Heretics' Hour: Dr. Andreas Wesserle on the German Holocaust - 1944-46

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October 25, 2010

Special two-hour program! Topics include:

  • History of the region & persecution of minorities;
  • Arrival of the partisans; terrorism in German Slovakia;
  • Saved by an SS police detachment, move to Prague;
  • American bombs and violence by Czechs;
  • Flight to the new German border;
  • Life as refugees in Bavaria. 

Andreas Wesserle emigrated to the U.S. with his parents in 1952, to Chicago and then Milwaukee. He began college at North Park University, then to Marquette, Univ. of Wisconsin and Southern Ill. Univ., eventually earning four degrees: in Political Science, History, Sociology, and Urban Planning. He taught Political Science, History and History of US Foreign Policy at seven universities in this country and in Europe, including the Univ. of Munich. He’s the author of many hundreds of publications and commentaries. He lives today with his wife in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The Heretics' Hour: Interview with Dr. Andreas Wesserle (in 2nd half)

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October 18, 2010

Topics include:
  • Elie Wiesel Cons The World sends letters to Boston University;
  • Completion of Sobibór summary: thousands of Dutch and French Jews sent there showed up later in Ukraine and Lithuania;
  • Andreas Wesserle describes his teaching career and some of his writings since emigrating to the United States from war-torn, refugee-filled West Germany with his parents in 1952. Born in Prague, his family were members of the Karpatendeutsche community in Slovakia and experienced the tyranny of the partisans in Sept. 1944.

To purchase Dr. Wesserle’s booklet on the Slovakian Germans, illustrated, written in German, about $9, email RFP Publications.

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The Heretics' Hour: Sobibor - Death Camp or Deportation Center?

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October 11, 2010

Topics include:
  • Russian historian speaks out on lack of German peace treaty from WWII;
  • Ursula Haverbeck found guilty of Volksverhetzung in Munich;
  • New book Sobibór shows John Demjanjuk could not have brought about the deaths of 29,000 persons—no more than 10,000 died there!
  • No “gassing building” found—only a wooden “dressing” barracks.

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The Heretics' Hour : Günter Deckert from Germany

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October 4, 2010

Günter Deckert gives Carolyn his views on current issues. Topics include:
  • Revisionists still going to jail – the latest, Gerd Honsik in Austria;
  • A closer look at alien immigration problems in Germany;
  • Shultze-Rhonhof’s book Der Krieg, der viele Väter hatte (“The War Which Had Many Fathers”);
  • German Supreme Court upholds right to publish a Politically Incorrect book;
  • End of WWI reparations payments comes as a surprise to most;
  • U.S. deliberately infected Guatemalan mental patients with syphilis to test penicillin, from 1946-48.

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The Heretics' Hour: Revisionism News

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September 27, 2010

  Carolyn Yeager discusses:
  • SPLC “HateWatch” discovers Carolyn’s book;
  • History for the masses: Marvel Comics WWII heroes;
  • David Irving jumps into hot water again;
  • Questions and answers on the Sept. 1, 1939 bombing of Wieluń, Poland;
  • Contents of the August Zuerst!, new right-wing German newsmagazine;
  • Letter from a listener.

Image: The October 2010 cover of Zuerst! magazine

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The Heretics' Hour: Interview with Dr. Rudolf Pueschel

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September 20, 2010

Dr. Pueschel is a writer, translator and publisher of books and papers on contemporary history and human rights, in particular Czech-German relations and the expulsion of ethnic Germans following WWII. Topics include:
  • Benes Decrees legalized violent expulsion of Sudeten Germans from Bohemia and Moravia before Yalta;
  • Recently released video (now censored and removed from Youtube) from May 1945 shows roundup and murder of Germans in Prague;
  • Pueschel’s translation of Sidonia Dedina’s book Edvard Benes – The Liquidator;
  • Federation of Expellees led by Erika Steinbach is in conflict with Expeller Nations that seek to control the information;
  • More on Sarrazin book; German govt. repression of political right; German people will awaken.

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