"Hitler's Table Talk" Study Hour: Final Epidsode #56

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April 23, 2015

Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager bring you the final reading from the night of Nov. 29-30, 1944 between Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann.

Following this short reading, we discuss the general content of these Führer monologues that spanned 1941 to 1944. 1h56m. Discussion includes:

  • Hitler and Bormann agree on the "fatal relationship" between Communism and Christianity;
  • Ray gives a personal overview of the contents of Table Talk;
  • Carolyn describes how TT shifted her thinking about Hitler in a number of areas, but mainly Christianity;
  • Overview of Hitler's highly controversial criticisms of the Christian Churches in Germany and Christian doctrine;
  • Richard Carrier is the main source of the reports that Table Talk is untrustworthy and the Trevor-Roper edition translated by Cameron and Stevens is "not what Hitler actually said."
  • More controversial quotes from Hitler about "Russians, Slavs and Stalin" and "Race and Jews";
  • Where we are today considering the subjects addressed in Table Talk.

The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here


“Truthfully, in this age those with intellect have no courage and those with some modicum of physical courage have no intellect.” Jonathon Bowden British nationalist philosopher. In this sense the Fuhrer was a pefect moment.

BlutundBoden asked:

Concerning the recent final "Hitler's Table Talks" Study Hour episode, I wonder how in the first paragraph of what was read the first and last sentences could be so contradictory coming from someone like Hitler: "Jesus was most certainly not a Jew. The Jews would never have handed one of their own people to the Roman courts ; they would have condemned Him themselves. It is quite probable that a large number of the descendants of the Roman legionaries, mostly Gauls, were living in Galilee, and Jesus was probably one of them. His mother may well have been a Jewess."

I noticed that myself but just let it go, thinking maybe Hitler was being absent-minded. But, checking the German text I found some interesting things.


First, the "notetaker" for this last item was signed as Bormann himself. Written like this:


30. 11. 1944
Heim always signed himself H/ and from 1943 on the notetaker was Mü/Sg, Ad or Kn. ... not Heim. The dates were from 6-14-43 through 5-17-44. Only this last one in Nov. 1944 was signed by Bo/Lch.
This is it in German:
Bei einem Tee-
Gespräch am gestrigen Abend äußerte u. a. der Führer: Jesus war sicher
kein Jude, denn einen der ihren hätten die Juden nicht den Römern und dem römischen Gericht ausgeliefert, sondern selbst verurteilt. Vermutlich wohnten in Galiläa sehr viele Nachkommen römischer Legionäre (Gallier), und zu ihnen gehörte Jesus. Möglich, daß seine Mutter Jüdin war.

*         *         *
It does say, It is possible his mother was Jewish. Maybe it was an afterthought because Hitler was thinking in terms of Jesus having a Roman father and a local mother. Perhaps it was not as clear then that the Jews went solely by the mother. Maybe they did not know that. 
I can see it as an afterthought -- a comment -- without concerning himself about what he said before. After all, he was just chatting, and maybe distracted.

Carolyn; another absolutely great show!  I agree; the remark by Hitler about Jesus not being a Jew seemed rather flippant and was not to be taken too seriously.  His main point seemed to be to highlight Jewish ethnocentrism.  The shortcomings of dictation is that you don't get the verbal tone, speech delivery, and non-verbal cues; that is what made Ray and your imput so fascinating and pertinent.
This series is a great treasure and it will be revisited and utilized in the years to come.

Actually, Rick, Hitler maintained from 1921 on that he thought Christ was an Aryan because he opposed the Jews, and Hitler never backed away from that. We find him still saying it in 1943. I don't think he was flippant at all.

Yes, wouldn't it be incredible to have recordings of this with him speaking! I think he had a fantastically attractive voice - to say the least. When you hear him speak you know that he was all-man, and yet such a connoisseur of beauty and art.

Lets keep it up there is more to uncover. I believe that this web site would not be complete with out. Karl Marx Communist Manifesto read by Hadding Scott with comintary. It is only 38 or so pages long I have read it 3 times mininum. It will give the listener a better understanding about what National Socialism was opposing.

"As for the Christian concept of God, Hitler definitely rejected it in private conversations. That I know even though in the course of the years I heard only two or three pertinent remarks. Once he told me: Look at the head of Zeus! What nobility and exaltation there are in those features! About communion: It is primitively religious to crush one's God with one's teeth. He held against Gothic art that it symbolised everything dark and brain-beclouding. Later on he granted at least the impressiveness of the cathedral in Straßburg. When, in the course of these conversations, I ventured the opinion that one could not destroy the churches, but could merely attempt to fill them gradually with new people, he replied: That is a very wise thought! Fundamentally, as far as his attitude was concerned, Hitler had very definitely discounted churches and Christianity, although he fully acknowledged the importance of their initial appearance on earth, granted everyone the right to his own conviction, and supported the Wehrmacht in its religious and confessional demands. In fact, by setting up a Church Ministry and instituting a Protestant Bishop of the Reich, he even tried to give the strife-torn Evangelicals a chance to unite in one all-embracing social group. For this purpose he received in audience a delegation of Protestant bishops. Afterward he spoke of this meeting with utter contempt. You would think, he said at dinner one day, that these gentlemen would understand that an audience with the Reich Chancellor is in a way a rather solemn affair. Instead they came garbed in their clerical robes, most of which were already a bit tacky with age, and the thing that was of the greatest importance for them was -- their allowance! I'll say this much for the Catholics: if they had come, they would have been more dignified." -Alfred Rosenberg's Memoirs, pp. 90-91 - https://volkischpaganism.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/alfred-rosenberg-me...

Perhaps in todays standard of the definition Hitler was correct to say Jesus was not a Jew.
IF one reads the Bible KJV
HE us not a jew who is a Jew outwardly...
ROmans 2 28
COnsidering the caustic nature of the international Jews, Bolshevism etc... perhaps this is what he meant.

It is a common misconception that Marxisma and Christianity share common ground. They do not yet it is easy to fall into this. Christianity, if properly understood, it is important to cleave it from the Roman Western Heresy that the West struggles with - a product of the Roman Empire, and Jesuit horror. Orthodox Christianity, the unchanged Eastern Faith, owes little to the concerns of Rome and Marx. In fact it has a separate "Zip Code" and turf. It's "Communal" nature is not concerned with the material realm that Jews and Rome indulge themselve in. Even Thomas Merton could not suss this out and blended differnet Zip Codes into a messy oatmeal. Hitler being a Wester man and of ROMAN CATHOLIC origins also crossed these wires. It is so basic yet most men confuse two separate worlds and values. One world is of the flesh and soil, the other is not made of matter. National Socialism is of the soil and Christ is literally Anti-Matter. He made it clear how to relate to the soil to prepare oneself for the other Zip Code. One informs the other via Spiritual Spark that is inserted in our flesh but does not belong here. Borman was daft on this issue. Rome knew better but sold its soul to the dirt, power and lust, like the Jews did too, and became a Nightmare. Many see Rome/Jesuit "Christianity" as Christianity when it is a vile tool. It become natural to revile this but this is nothing short of confusion and leads one into heresy and an illusion where one loses their sould and humanity.  I hope this clears up somethings.

Haha, Not hardly. I see a problem when you get here:

He [Christ] made it clear how to relate to the soil [flesh] to prepare oneself for the other[anti-matter].

What is the purpose of having the "soil and flesh" if it is essentially 'bad' or of little value? Why put the "spiritual spark" into flesh only to say it doesn't belong there and will soon leave? What is the point, then, of occupying soil and flesh? You don't answer that.