Hungary's Orban announces "ethnic homogeneity" is key to economic success, while Jews keep using “antisemitism” to push multiculturalism

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-03-01 19:47

Investigation carried out at Jewish Community Center in Southern Nevada. It's now reported that President Trump told some state attorneys-general in a meeting yesterday that "it's possible" these incidents could be false flags. Wow, go Trump!!

By Carolyn Yeager

FUNNY HOW THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS EVERYWHERE playing up the “latest wave of anti-Semitism.” I'm seeing it wherever I look, from liberal to conservative news sites - the stories get big play. Could it be because of the continuing success of populist themes and populist politicians?

I think so.

Today I was interested in a speech given by Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban before the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Budapest. He won headlines by saying "ethnic homogeneity" was key in fostering economic success and that "too much mixing causes trouble."

With a record-low unemployment rate of just 4%, EU member Hungary could face a labor shortage, but still Orban says Hungary's government "cannot risk changing the fundamental ethnic character of the country. That would not enhance the value of the country but downgrade it instead, and toss it into chaos."

This reminds me of Steve Bannon's remarks at the recent CPAC annual meeting to the effect that the Trump administration did not see the USA as 'an economy in a global marketplace,' but as a 'nation with an economy' (and with a culture and a reason for being). See the difference?

Orban is an admirer of President Donald Trump and a vehement critic of the EU's migrant quota policy, calling the wave of mainly Muslim migrants arriving in Europe a threat to the continent's cultural and religious heritage. The Hungarian government is building a second line of barbed-wire fencing along its border with Serbia to keep out migrants. It also has border fencing with other neighbors.

The globalist answer to any labor shortage is to bring in foreign labor. In this way, the national ethnic population gets watered down as these workers remain and have children who are now born in the new country. As the demography shifts, particularly with the younger generations, the culture shifts as well. For this reason Orban said:

"I would not like to see the country drift toward a situation where lower-skilled work would only be carried out by foreigners. We ourselves have to do the work required to keep our country going, from scrubbing toilets to nuclear science."

This is reminiscent of the National-Socialist view in 1930's Germany, before the demands of war made the use of foreign labor necessary. Is this why Jews are always pushing the US into war? Jews don't like non-Jews to have closed societies, so they work hard to force themselves into every nation from where they can then lobby to relax immigration laws and spread propaganda about the “benefits” of liberalism and multiculturalism.

Tried and True Method

Jews use the tried and true method of decrying “anti-Semitism” to help them achieve their aims. Their latest challenge is the rising popularity of Donald Trump, now President Trump, and the more anti-immigration elements of the Republican Party. How to keep the Washington politicians under control? Appeal to the dangers inherent in a return of the 1930's!

Today, even at The Hill, there was a version of this Jewish storyline in which “a string of new bomb threats [are] targeting Jewish community centers and schools nationwide.” However, further down in the article it was admitted that all 11 threats on the centers “were later determined to be hoaxes.”

The unnecessary fear-mongering came from Paul Goldenberg, described as the national director of Secure Community Network, a homeland security initiative centering on the Jewish Community. I would interpret this to mean that Goldenberg runs a business that is hired by a Jewish community center, paid for by the US Dept of Homeland Security, that has access to and a working relationship with the FBI. In sum, taxpayers pick up the bill for “securing” the safety of Jewish citizens - because of their constant screaming about anti-Semitism which never turns out to harm a single Jew.

It isn't just the Jews who scream, but all the progressive, black, muslim, mexican, minority camps who don't like President Trump's populism are screaming along with the Jews. And that is why our president had to condemn anti-Semitism by name at the beginning of his address to both chambers of Congress last night. Or maybe it was daughter Ivanka, who reportedly helped edit the speech, who lobbied for that addition. Same difference.

The rest of us, we White folks who identify as White, the silent majority, better learn to scream back.


Please Carolyn, take a closer look at Orban's face!  He's a totally corrupt gypsy who has,until now, sold 40K Hungarian(readEU) passports to mostly Arab millionaires. It's a well known fact that Hungarians are very proud of their Turanic-Turkish heritage. The Jobbik party fully embraces Hungary's Asiatic heritage. 

Orban is not a gypsy. It's okay for people to be proud of their heritage. Orban is for people sticking to their heritage and not mixing it up.

I'd very much like to know what is your heritage and what are you proud of.

Vandals not responsible for dozens of tipped graves at Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, management says

Sunday, March 5, 2017, 3:01 PM

Police and the general manager of a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn said that 42 fallen headstones were not caused by vandals, saying Sunday that the memorials had naturally tipped over due to age — though some elected officials were calling for an investigation, anyway.

“It definitely was not vandalism,” Marisa Tarantino, general manager of the Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway in Midwood, told reporters.

“The older sections, as the stones wear, they do fall over or are unstable,” she continued. “What we do is we lay them across the grave to keep them memorialized rather than taking (them) away.”

A police spokesman agreed.

But later Sunday, a trio of officials stood outside the 100-acre property, demanding an investigation.

“Nobody wants to jump to conclusions,” said state Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “In light of everything going on in the country, we wanted to see what this was all about.

“There are many tombstones that clearly have been pushed over, clearly vandalized,” he added. “We are not talking about tombstones that are naturally lying down. There are some of those. All you gotta do is walk in there and see that something is just not right.”

(They won't give up.)

What a sick pup you are. More than 100 bomb threats called in to JCCs and Jewish schools around the country and you support Trump's ridiculous assertion that these are false flags. They've already arrested two people for some of these crimes, and more are probably coming. I don't know what is wrong with people like you. Why don't you spend your time helping out needy people instead of devoting all this time to vilifying Jews? Is this what you want to be remembered for in your life?

What a dishonest pup you are. The only arrest I've found is the one I wrote about in the third comment above - Juan Thompson, the hoaxer.

If you have more, link to the news stories about it. And answer the question: WHY haven't they made any arrests after so much time has passed??!!