Interesting facts about Vladimir Putin

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-05-06 17:12

Putin before his face-lift, looking pretty droopy.

Putin divorced his wife and is currently in a relationship with a much younger women.

Putin only had two children – daughters. No son to carry on the name.

Putin allowed one of his two daughters to marry a full-blood Korean. Maybe he couldn’t have stopped her, but he gave the union his blessing.

Putin keeps his own ancestry private – his lineage past his parents is unknown to the Russian people.

Putin is estimated to be worth one billion dollars and to have built a mansion for personal use on the Black Sea via associates.

Putin concerns himself with his image to the voters as a “real man” – minimizing his short stature in comparison to taller men and posing for arranged pictures with wild animals and riding horseback shirtless.

Putin is 5’7” tall. Some insiders say he is only 5’5” and wears lifts in his shoes.

Putin gets Botox injections in his cheeks, and has had facial surgery, thought he is only 61 years old (born in 1952).

“Experts claim that Mr Putin’s dramatic transformation is due to a number of procedures including a facelift, cheek-fillers, a brow-lift, removal of bags under his eyes and Botox.”

“But Jan Stanek, one of the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons, said: ‘I have no doubt at all that he has had quite a bit of surgery.
‘Unfortunately, it has made him look a little odd.
‘By lifting the brow so much it has a feminising effect, which is not what you want.’

Michael Prager, a leading Harley Street cosmetic surgeon, said: ‘He has perhaps had a little bit too much work to the eyes because he has what we call “fish eyes” or “dead eyes”.
‘They look empty because he is unable to express his emotions through his eyes, because the muscles have been paralysed.’–just-plenty-sleep.html#ixzz2yq4fjQAF

Vladimir Putin in June 2000 (left) and December 2011 (right) after facelift and Botox injections. The rather extensive work around his eyes have left them noticeably smaller and more Asian-looking. You can also see that implants have accentuated his cheekbones.

More pictures ...

Left: Putin's official portrait on Jan. 1, 1998 in his position as Federal Security Service (FSB) Director. Right: Time magazine cover in 2013, but the photo used is from earlier. The eyes are the same, and the bags. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Another pre-facelift photo: Putin never wears glasses, so he is probaby wearing blue colored contact lenses to emphasize his blue eyes.

Putin and John Kerry: A modern-day David and Goliath. Putin, who might be 5'7" to Kerry's 6'4", looks ike a miniature person. Post face-lift.

The diminutive Putin meets with President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. 22 Feb. 2008. Pre-facelift, the eyes are still normal size.

Putin welcomes U.S. President Obama to the G20 Summit in 2013. Post facelift.




The two pictures of "Putin", are actually pictures of two different men.

There is a german youtube video called "Die doppelganger des russischen prasidenten(doubles of russian president)", I advise everyone to look at it. In the video it is being explained that plastic surgery can not be the reason "for the difference", because after every plastic surgery of the scale that would be needed to account for such massive difference that we see in "Putin", the patient would need to rest in a hospital for several weeks. But this did not happen with "Putin".

I would agree that because of the unusual structure of face, of the "new Putin", the "new Putin" most likely, went through plastic surgery, but the reason why the "new Putin" went through it, is because he wasn't Putin at all! That is the "new Putin" went through plastic surgery because the imposter wanted to look like Putin.

The biggest evidence for my claim is presisely the difference between the eyes of the "two Putins". Putin in the first picture, has strikingly blue eyes, while the Putin in the second picture has grey eyes!

You can not change the colour of the eyes with plastic surgery.                                           Obviously, we are dealing here with two different men.  

The picture at the top is definitely Putin. The picture on bottom right is also definitely Putin. The picture on bottom left is almost certainly Putin, but could be researched some more.

Where you are wrong:

It is NOT necessary to "rest in hospital for several weeks" after the very ordinary surgeries Putin underwent. You might require 4-5 days at home and then would probably wear sunglasses for a little while.

He probably had the work done sometime in 2011.

Putin's eye color simply looks different in different photographs, as everyone's does.

Your "evidence" is false and you are a mad conspiracy theorist.

So, what happened to the "old" Putin? Was he kidnapped or killed? What's the deal? And why?

What about the squiggly vein he has on the side of his left temple? That would be hard to replicate in the "new" Putin.

I have yet to find any evidense of his daughter marrying the Korean guy. Both Putin and the father of the Korean say that it is a lie. Perhaps you can link the article and photos.

I took it from this Telegraph article:

And here's more I just found on Business Insider.

If she did or didn't marry her long time Korean boyfriend, we would never know because her whereabouts are completely unknown and no one knows what she even looks like! She was taking "Oriental Studies" and is very likely living in Korea.

There are denials but I think it's just as likely to be true as not. Putin is an extreme secrecy freak.

This is a bit more recent, but it's certainly not the final word.

This man signed a bill that outlaws "the rehabilitation of -Nazism-" aka the truth about Hitler, WW2 and National Socialism. Meanwhile he criminalizes criticism of the Red Army!

Carolyn, I spare you and your readership the pictures I researched of the Red Army raping German but also Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish etc women.

Hail Putin! Hail the Red Army. Kill the Nazis. Have the German woman as your spoil. 

The Putinphiles have some explaining to do. I've read some of the weird justifications why Putin is acting this way, also by some of your readers here. Then I guess France, Canada, Austria, Germany and a dozen other countries are totally opposing the Jewish narrative but have only enacted laws to punish revisionists because they are so smart or whatever. Putin-followers are delusional. 

Israel inaugurates Red Army memorial. Putin reinserts the bad Nazi narrative. 

Also interesting to hear the old vereran saying -If the Red Army hadn't saved Europe from the Nazis, there would be no Jews left and Europe would be worth nothing-.

Excellent observations about Putin. I think the extensive plastic surgery can allow one to draw some conclusions about a man's true character, and his values. And certainly his daughter marrying a Korean is open and shut regarding any naive beliefs that Putin is truly race-concious, as if his toadying to the jews and publicly defending them left any doubt.

We have to remember that all concerned deny that they married ... except the daughter, who is not heard from at all. Probaby they didn't. But at least she and the Korean dated for 10 years. I guess that counts for something. And she majored in Oriental Studies.

Perhaps you should think about rephrasing some of the content of that article, especially the statements that deprecatingly speak about his height. Statements such as "looks like a miniature person" and "diminutive Putin". A lot of people could be offended reading this deprecating language about shorter individuals. Thank you.

I don't worry about offending people by telling the truth. That's silly.