Joe Biden is running for a 2nd term so he can protect son Hunter

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2023-04-23 12:27

The love of a father for his son? Joe Biden with son Hunter. (courtesy N4MATION)

by Carolyn Yeager

JOE BIDEN KNOWS HIS CAMPAIGN for president will be an uphill battle this time around because of his age and failing ability to communicate. (Think of John Fetterman! It could happen to Joe too.) Even the sophisticated electoral cheating technologies semi-mastered by his Democrat party will probably not be sufficient to keep him in the White House. But running is the only way he can continue to protect his only surviving son, Hunter, from prison. Even if Joe loses in Nov. 2024, he will have extended the time of his protection to January 20, 2025. This gives Hunter's team of lawyers more time to try to arrange a plea agreement that will save Hunter from a felony charge and a prison term.

Biden is a family man -- in the sense of a Mafia Family. The family comes first, before the Democrat Party or the country, to the Bidens. They've depended on the income from the Biden 'influence-peddling' racket for many years, and are loathe to pay any penalty for it now. Think what open quibbling and finger-pointing could emerge from fringe family members to the press over this scandal!

This is how I see it and, being very close to him in age, I have watched Joe Biden's shenanigans take place over his career. At one time, I confess, he was one of my favorites in Washington. A very charming guy. But he's gotten too old to carry it off, and is too dumb to know when to quit. Plus, he got his family of addicts into this easy-wealth predicament; now it is only he who can hope to get them out. Good. He's getting his just desserts. I'm hoping it does him in. 


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Not just his son, Biden wants to front run, thwart and block investigations to protect himself.

At the time I wrote this, in April, it was prescient. Between then and now, all the proofs of his own criminal involvement have been revealed

I've known Joe Biden was a liar, plagerizer and not too bright since the 70s. That's why i wrote the posts I did when he horrifyingly won in 2020. The only reason he's taking it so calmly now is because he's senile. He may be impeached but he'll never go to jail or even be found guilty in a U.S. court of law. The "dignity of the office" must be upheld and all that. I realize now that he doesn't even care that much about his son, or his other family members. He is a cold-hearted asshole. But they're all in it together, so they all have to be protected, if possible.