Meet David Jones, ANN's newest radio host, and his ex-ladyfriend, Claire Khaw

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Claire and Dave pose with guns in front of a Swastika flag and post the picture on the internet.

Update: 3-15, 5:00pm  Read at end of post

IN response to the addition on the White network of British nationalist host Paul Hickman, the AMERICAN Nationalist Network (Rodney Martin and Co.) has found itself a British host too. He is none other than the eccentric independent nationalist David Jones of Todmorton. Not only is Jones a penniless farm laborer, he is a race mixer too, as can be seen from many photos on the Internet.

David Baillie said of Jones on a recent radio program where Jones failed to appear because of "technical challenges": "He loves dogs. When you see a person relate to dogs like that, you know he's a real human being."

Claire with gun and Dave with ... is that a roach between his lips?

Here's a little background on Mr. Jones:

April 2012 

Dave Jones protecting his home? This is how to give the NSDAP a bad name.

"A Candidate in next month’s Calderdale Council elections has been arrested. David Jones was arrested by police on Friday in Todmorden on suspicion of election fraud. The 26-year-old was questioned and released on bail pending further inquiries.

Mr Jones is standing for the British People’s Party in the Todmorden ward of the council elections. He also stood last year for the same party in Todmorden. He was bottom of the poll, with 203 votes."

*   *    *    *

May 2012

Getting cozy before the fire in Dave's living quarters

"I find Hope Not Hates claim about me and Claire Khaw 'falling out' ridiculous. They take inferences and present them as facts, loaded with personal jibes against the target with no reference to the facts.
I have been referred to as a village idiot, a bore, a pub trawler and now they speculate as to my friendships.

"I did not attend the meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne because, working in agriculture, work had to come first. Being degenerate student types who never worked a day in their lives I don't expect Hope Not Hates support base to grasp that concept.

"I do not regret allowing Claire Khaw to campaign with me for one second. She and I find ourselves in agreement on the issue of feminism and family. Contrary to what Hope Not Hate say, our friendship and political co-operation is strong and I will be working with her in upcoming local elections and by-elections to make certain the anti-feminist message is heard loud and clear."

Also in May 2012


See a lot of pictures here

November 2012

A Friend's Quarrel on Facebook: David accuses Clair of betrayal

Excerpts follow, but the whole page is worth reading.

Claire Khaw (quoting what David Jones said about her):
"By battening onto nationalists and patriots and then knifing them in the back because they are poor because your only connection to nationalism, is money/status obsessed high Toryism and worshipping Law & Monarchy."

Claire Khaw: So to say that you should do something more productive than losing elections again and again with no hope of winning because of the innate and ineradicable snobbery of the typical voter is "knifing you in the back", is it?

David Jones: if you believed in an eye for an eye you wouldn't have knifed me in the back, you are nothing but a backstabber who moved onto her next political hobby horse, defendind peados and dumbasses who pay the tv liscence fee.

Claire KhawI only pointed out that no one will ever vote for a poor man who remains poor. It is the Truth.

I have also said that you would serve your cause better by getting a job that pays you enough so that you do not have to tell me that you spent your last 3p sending me an SMS that you had lost the election, and even then it was an incomplete message.

Claire Khaw: (quoting) "you are a backstabber who accepted my hospitality and friendship and then treated me like shit"

I seem to remember it was you who was repeatedly asking that I come from London to Todmorden to support you in your last two elections. How have I treated you "like shit"?

Claire Khaw (quoting what Dave Jones said about her) "Jimmy Saville is more important to you"

Jimmy Savile is more important to me than what?

Claire Khaw (quoting what Dave Jones said about her) "if you believed in an eye for an eye you wouldn't have knifed me in the back, you are nothing but a backstabber who moved onto her next political hobby horse, defendind peados and dumbasses who pay the tv liscence fee."

How have I knifed you in the back? This term implies a betrayal of some kind. TO WHOM have I betrayed you?

David JonesI must have spend £100 ringing you in the past, it was a bad week. A text which I sent to ensure you at least rung given that I had let you write some of my leaflet. And waited until 2am to brief you of everything... But you were typically selfish and since then have hurled nothing but insults and abuse my way, you were acepted as a guest in my home, I spend my last £25 on you guys (I was between work) and you have just fucking used me. After I stood up for you all this time, you betray me to your prejudices of poor people not having a right to be in politics (we wouldn't even have the vote if you had your way)

Claire Khaw: (quoting) "you've called me a loser that can't afford 3p to send a text"

Am I not allowed to point out the truth? You did lose the election, and you couldn't afford the 3p to send a complete text. You then asked me to ring you because you had no credit on your phone. If that is not loser behaviour, I don't know what is.

I did not actually call you a retard. I said you were "typing like a retard" and had been for a few days. I knew you couldn't afford to replace it [his keyboard -cy] and it was very irritating. And also very depressing.

Claire Khaw: (quoting)  "I must have spend £100 ringing you in the past"

It was not at my request that you rang me. It seems awfully petty to bring that up when I made two trips to Todmorden at your request, and spent much more than you did.

David JonesI am happy as a farm labourer, and to be a Town Councillor for the moment, I am not in it for the money. It doesn't change the fact that at my lowest ebb you gave me nothing but abuse, discouragement and insults. I am expected to win Stansfield. My own ward.

Claire Khaw: I don't hate poor whites, Dave. I think they have been let down by the Labour Party and by the government. If you really want to do something for your people, you enrich yourself, and then you would just walk into being councillor, but you refuse to do something as radical as getting a proper job that pays you a decent wage.
I think you should be discouraged. And I know your parents have tried to discourage you too.

Andy Kimbersounds like youre not the best of friends at the moment!!
I've never heard of a poor farmer, dave, you must be the first!

Claire Khaw:  Andy, Dave is not a farmer, he is an agricultural labourer. The lowest waged of the low-waged.

Andy Kimberright! I am sure i read a while ago that he described himself as a a farmer

Claire Khaw: He would be if he owned a farm or was a tenant farmer.

Andy Kimber: well, either way, he gets to drive a tractor!

Claire Khaw (quoting) "A text which I sent to ensure you at least rung given that I had let you write some of my leaflet. And waited until 2am to brief you of everything... But you were typically selfish"

I really did not see why I had to call you at my expense to commiserate with you, which was what you plainly expected and asked me to do more than once. The fact that you lost by such a large margin was depressing enough. Added to that you did not get what you predicted for yourself, which was 250-350 votes.

When you started pretending it was a good result that you had got 25% of the vote IN A TWO HORSE RACE I knew you were deluded. I therefore had nothing kind or true that I could say. Therefore, least said, soonest mended.

Claire Khaw: (quoting)  "I spend my last £25 on you guys"

I seem to remember that Jeff and I bought you a two course meal in return, and on the last occasion too. The first time we visited we bought you a meal, leafleted for you, but did not receive a meal for our trouble, not that we were expecting anything. How typically lower class of you to point this out. That is why you will never win, Dave. No one would vote for a peasant with a massive chip on his shoulder like you.

Added to that, to want to wash your dirty linen in public like this shows a singular lack of judgement and a total absence of self-control. I have not discussed this with anyone, not even Jeff. It is you who have chosen to bring this out in public, under the impression that doing so will do you credit.

To call me a backstabber is laughable, when you are the one who has committed hara kiri. I do not think you even know the meaning of that term, for I have done nothing underhanded at all.
back·stab [bak-stab]
verb (used with object), back·stabbed, back·stab·bing.
to attempt to discredit (a person) by underhanded means, as innuendo, accusation, or the like.

Claire Khaw: (quoting) "you betray me to your prejudices of poor people not having a right to be in politics (we wouldn't even have the vote if you had your way)."

I am saying you will never win an election because not enough people will ever vote for you to become councillor. When you told me that that was in fact UNPAID, I advised you to do something else, eg find something that pays you more than what you get so you can avoid having to scrabble around for 3p and asking people to ring you because you have no credit on your phone.

I have had enough of talking to people who say that sort of thing to me. People who say "Call me because I haven't got credit on my phone" are really to be avoided. I have already said that people who do not pay a minimum of tax should not have the vote, and stand by that.

If you wish to continue impoverishing yourself and expend your time and energy on a project that is futile, rather than getting a job that pays you enough to avoid the indignities that you have subjected yourself to because you do not wish to move out of Todmorden, then it is up to you.

I do not see how I can be said to have "betrayed" you by giving you well-meant advice and pointing out that people will never vote into office someone obviously lower class as well as living in what they would regard as abject poverty.

Claire KhawBy complaining about me here, after you yourself unfriended me, you have provided your enemies with the material to take the piss out of you. I am sorry that you cannot see that. You suffer from an utter lack of judgement in these matters when you cannot control your emotions.

David JonesFuck the 3p. Well I had no choice. You gave me no choice.

Claire Khaw:  Excuses, excuses.

David JonesYeah, at least I did something and am paying very dearly for it.

Claire Khaw: The other option would have been to keep quiet and go on the sabbatical you said you would go on. Nobody was expecting anything more from you.

Update: Everything in this post has been available on the Internet for some time - weeks and even months, without ever being questioned, denied or removed by Mr. David Jones. It is therefore public common knowledge. However, Jones has tried to retaliate by getting 2nd and 3rd hand information from Rodney Martin & Company, NOT found on the Internet and NOT found in any published sources, and posting it on his personal blog. The picture he gives of where I live is NOT my home, nor, by the way, is the one used by "Larry S(L)imes" on his fake facebook page. Jones does not know the first thing about me; I reject and deny everything he wrote and will write.

I am just sick of these clowns and fools thinking they can make fools of the rest of us. I believe someone needs to speak up about them; so far it's come down to me. 


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