A new direction for America, and for me, personally

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-11-13 11:15

Donald Trump gives a victory speech at around 3 am on November 9th, surrounded by his family and top aides/surrogates. Congratulations, Mr. President-elect!!!!!! photo credit: Just Jared

Hello friends,

It's nice to be back. You may have noticed I have not posted anything anywhere since Oct. 23. But I want to begin this post by acknowledging my total elation at the election of Donald Trump, which I see as the greatest gift I could possibly receive. What a relief – and for the next four years I'll have the pleasure of watching this man act in our interests to reverse the terrible decisions and actions that have been put into place in our country. Yes, now I feel it is my country and I'm proud to be an American – not something I have particularly felt much during my lifetime.

The reason I've not posted stems from an accident that befell me while innocently taking an afternoon walk on Oct. 24. My right foot went unexpectedly into a pretty deep ditch, I lost my balance and fell forward onto a concrete patch in front some mailboxes. I pulled myself out, praying I was okay, but could not move my leg. I was taken by rescue squad to our local hospital where it was determined my right hip was fractured. Wouldn't you know – the dreaded broken hip! I was not a happy camper. I spent exactly two weeks in the hospital, for which I have only the highest praise for the great care they gave me and for handling all the details with Medicare for covering it. The majority of time I was in the Acute Rehab Unit on the third floor where things kept getting better and better. All the rooms in this hospital are single rooms and I watched Fox News on the television all day every day. And I voted! … absentee from the hospital room. I was not going to be deprived of my vote for Trump.

Today I've been at home for exactly one week, on a Home Health program where the therapists and nurses come here a couple times a week. I'm making great progress; am now practicing walking with a cane – indoors, of course. They tell me I'll be driving in one more week but I find that hard to believe. After this next week I'll be going out for out-patient therapy to continue my rehabilitation.

I feel right now that I won't ever be doing as much work as I've done even right before this happened, and that wasn't a whole lot. At my age, I need to practice “be here now,” be conscious of what I'm doing – not have my mind racing ahead about what I should write, getting angry and feeling pressure to do something to expose these terrible liberals and Jews. Fortunately, we have a lot of good writers fighting the good fight and most of all, for the next four years, Donald Trump is in the White House with a Republican House and Senate! I believe in Trump, I trust him, and I'm confident he will do what he said. Hallelujah. I deserve a rest.

My websites will always remain up; I have made provision for that. And after I have made a full recovery, I'm sure I'll have the energy to be posting again, but I just don't think it will be with the regularity of the past. Or I may mainly post stories and commentary that I think are valuable, rather than write so much myself. We'll see. Thank you to those who have been so faithful to my work and those who have written to me asking if I am alright because they noticed my absence. I appreciate it, you guys.

Right now, I recommend Hadding Scott's new blog post titled “Don't Celebrate Too Much Yet.” I'm a fan of Hadding's writing. 

Talk to you again soon.  -Carolyn


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How could a German blooded lady like you just get away with voting and winning the easy way! Germans must always suffer more than others into achieving victory, it's a fact you didn't prove wrong. My most sincere wishes for your healing and congratulations for having contributed (in such a tough situation!) into giving an hope to the White Race.Hope you'll be well and kickin' again soon.
A reader

I am very sorry to hear about your broken hip. May you have a very speedy recovery and return to work quickly. We need people who will write the truth regardless of how many may oppose it and you. The truth shall prevail. Warmest regards.

Sorry to hear about your accident and glad that you are making a recovery.
Thank you for all the work that you have done. Your work has brought about many more researchers and writers.

Sorry to hear about your accident. You have done excellent work for many years.

Heal fast, and well.
It's a damn shame when who's in the White House is SO IMPORTANT. If government were smaller and less-invasive, it wouldn't matter so much and we could all be friends no matter WHOM we happened to favor (if anyone) for the office.
As it is, Trump will do little to ameliorate this problem, nor would - or could - ANYONE who could gain election to the office (note what happened to Gary Johnson). Clinton would have done as badly or worse in office as Trump, and perhaps (we'll never know) would have involved the US in more and more wars, at home as well as abroad.
In any case, it's going to be awful. Much as it has been, only more-so.

Gary Johnson. Give me a break, Jett.

JR is a Libertarian. I remember his comment on TOO objecting to my reference to "Ron Paul’s genuine and enthusiastic (if ideologically wrongheaded) grassroots movement" in the 2012 essay where I outlined what later became Donald Trump's platform.
From the national-socialist perspective there is nothing more wrongheaded than a group of libertarians who think that they represent the interests of ordinary people. E. Michael Jones, from the perspective of Catholic Social Thought, says the same. Trump shows the potential finally to free the American majority from this Reaganite delusion.

I am sorry to hear abour your mishap and happry to hear you are recovering in good cheer. Also thank you for Hadding Scott's new blog, I like him a lot. 

Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Yes, Trump was an great victory, but he faces the obstacle of a traitorous Congress and, of course the Oligarchs, who are mostly Jews. While he doesn't focus on the Jews, Paul Craig Roberts has some good articles like this one. As I tell my friends, we really need a Trump-Military coup; an Authoritarian gov't. Otherwise he will likely be blocked by that den of traitors we call the Congress. Wishing you a speedy recovery...http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/11/11/the-anti-trump-protesters-are...

My goodness, hate that you suffered that injury, but very glad to hear you are on the mend! Keep it up, dear Friend! You are a front line soldier, and we've got lots of battling still to do. We NEED you!
All the best, Carolyn.

Hey Ray,  Where is that CD of your songs? It hasn't come. I could use that right now.

Dear Carolyn . . . I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through, but I am elated to know that you are recovering!  You have always done great work, and I always looked forward to hearing you or reading your excellent posts. I think your views and positions have made a great contribution to getting the record straight on so many important issues. I believe your positions, especially on the critical importance of the revisionism of Holocaust history are central to breaking the intellectual and psychological snares that were laid for us. Keep up the good work (as a slower pace!).

Nice to hear from you Raymond, and to know you're still following me. Greetings to Roseanne ... or I might have that slightly wrong. I'm so bad with names.

Good day Carolyn,
from the Cape of good Hope I send my wishes for a fast and complete recovery.
Klaus Borgolte

and hope you get well soon!

Glad to hear your doing good and getting better, and as long as this is turned into a political discussion... well, hurray.

Glad to hear you're getting better Carolyn. If you're in the Huntsville AL area, I'd be happy to run errands for you.

You'll pull out of this and be stronger than ever.  Keep the faith.

Hello Carolyn, I hope you recovering well and are back on your feet soon enough! Pres. Elect Trump's victory is a great filip to all of us who care about America and the White race/world! I hope it inspires you to start broadcasting again, I really miss the White Network...
Once again, get well soon!!!
Kind regards from across the pond!

Ruht Wohl (rest well) Carolyn.
And enjoy this beautiful closing movement to Bach's St. John Passion.

Thanks friend. I just thoroughly enjoyed it while fixing my late lunch or early dinner, whichever. So very beautiful. I will play it more.

Dear Carolyn, very glad to hear that you are on the mend.  A great, pivotal victory has been won.  The jewisih media is in tatters (with the NYT begging its readers to give them another chance).  "Our" Congress has no cover for opposing Trump.  Soros' name is out and on the lips of many of the millions who voted for Trump.  The naming of the jew will gather pace and their lies will collapse.  Hoping you won't be away from your keyboard too much.    AJ

The same things I've been thinking, AJ.

Glad you are OK Carolyn. Was just checking your site one last time, before sending a skype message to see if you was alright.
It is great news about Trump. People for decades have said..."The Whites won't vote in their best interests until their backs are against the wall".
Brexit and Trump signall that time is here.
Best wishes
P.S If I have children/grandchildren they will learn much from your work

I'm glad you're thinking about children/grandchildren. Means to me you're doing well.

Next dragon to slay: electing Norbert Hofer on Dec. 3. I understand it's going well.

Your recovery is due to your indomitable spirit and will, aided by  your medical staff. No one is more consistant than you are in presenting facts. We look forward to your continued words of wisdom and truth. Eberhard

It means a lot to hear from you. And to know you're still hanging in there. Your life story is to me one of the very best I've relayed to my audience. So much credit is due you for bringing it to the public as you did. God bless you.

I thought you were dead.

That's what I thought people would be thinking, but I guess you were the only one. Most never noticed.

Dear Carolyn,
Sorry to hear that, but I guess Tuesday night's results gave a serious boost to your enthusiasm and will help your prompt recovery; watching them wrong and feeling us right was such a wonderful feeling, wasn't it?

Absolutely yes.

And the way the left is behaving, openly plotting to bring down the new president before he even takes office, is a powerful lesson to the middle class of this country about the left/democrats. Steve Bannon's role should include reminding Trump not to fall into the trap of wanting to be loved or liked by everybody. I think that might be a weakness of his, although his innate desire to win does counteract that.

I am happy you are making a good recovery.
You have done great work for the White race. Keep on fighting. We need you, Carolyn.

Thank you very, very much Carolyn, for your excellent work on behalf of the Revisionist case.
Surely you are one of the 4 Great Ladies in revisionism: Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck and Lady Renoiuf.
Great, that more and more honest women contribute to demolish this terrible and disgusting "Holocaust" Lie.

I was about to write to ask if you were Ok and then u surfaced.  Good to know that you have made plans to keep the site up and functioning in any event, but i hope you also have the site backed up, w/ at least two surrogates, in case some kind of interent purge removes the site (God forbid)...then the site can be re uploaded, shared one to one,  or even transcibed into written text,if necessary.  I  get a whole lot out of your podcasrs,from time to time I revisit and listen to some of them 2 or even 3 times.   Enjoy  your well deserved vacation Carolyn...

I hope you make a full recovery and have a Merry Christmas. Your historical work is crucial. 

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