News from Europe: Macron doubles down on 'hate speech' laws; Austrian 'holo-denier' released from prison

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2019-03-05 15:33

Wolfgang Froelich appears to be leaving prison in this photo credited to Bild: Kein Anbieter/Daniel Schreiner. It looks like he is holding a bag (with his belongings) in his left hand, while friends and family await him on the other side of the door. Congratulations Wolfgang!

By Carolyn Yeager

EMMANUEL MACRON IS AT IT AGAIN—trying to lead Europe into a bright new globalist-friendly, German-funded future.

Macron's new “idea” includes more protection against hate speech. Deutsch Welle wrote approvingly: “Among his wide-ranging suggestions were enhanced protection against hate speech, greater control of EU borders and immigration, and a nationally adjusted European minimum wage –  ideas that went down well with most German politicians.” All except for AfD's Alexander Gauland, that is. Gauland is quoted as saying:

"Concerning Macron's demand for a Europe-wide basic level of social security, it's clear who will pay: Germany. We don't need constant suggestions about how to expand the EU, but how to scale it back to its sensible core as an economic union. Then Mr. Macron will finally have time again to solve France's problems."

A pretty good Fox News article quotes Macron this way:

“Nationalist retrenchment offers nothing; it is rejection without an alternative,” Macron warns in the letter, published in 22 languages and in newspapers across Europe. “And this trap threatens the whole of Europe: the anger mongers, backed by fake news, promise anything and everything.” […]

“We need to rethink the Schengen area: all those who want to be part of it should comply with obligations of responsibility (stringent border controls) and solidarity (one asylum policy with the same acceptance and refusal rules). […]

“We cannot let nationalists without solutions exploit the people’s anger. We cannot sleepwalk through a diminished Europe,” Macron says. “We cannot become ensconced in business as usual and wishful thinking.”

It's popular to call Nationalists “sleepwalkers”. One theory about WWI is that the world leaders “sleepwalked” into war, unaware of what they were doing and bringing on. Not true! [This Fox article doesn't mention the 'hate speech' phrases by Macron—wonder why? It's because 'hate speech' laws are created by and for Jews, whom Fox vigorously defends.]

On AfD's website, Gauland didn't mention the 'hate speech' clause either. He wrote:

"The bigger the problems in France, the more Macron [becomes] the world statesman. Instead of always creating new visions for the EU and making suggestions to other states, Mr Macron should first take care of France. […]

In view of Macron's demand for the introduction of a Europe-wide basic social security system , it quickly becomes clear who will pay the whole thing back: Germany."


Wolfgang Froelich released from jail!

From Gerd Ittner, the Austria Today news media reports (translated):

An academic well known in judicial circles had to go back to the dock in Krems today: Holocaust denier Wolfgang F. was declared insane and went home.

For the seventh time, graduate engineer Wolfgang F. (67) had to go to the dock. The well-read man had already spent 13 years in prison; only one year ago he was imprisoned for several years.

Again and again he had written to national councillors, judges and ministers from the cell and spread his confused theses. Content: The gas chambers in Mauthausen (in Austria) could have been established only after the war. In his megalomania. the man obviously wanted to change the European understanding of history.

His lawyer Wolfgang Blaschitz had already pleaded insanity in the previous year, but in March 2018 the verdict was: four years in prison. But Blaschitz filed all appeals, a trial took place again today. Wolfgang F. had to answer before a jury senate.

The expert opinions played an important role here: one expert considers the accused to be sane, another expert also to be sane. A "senior expert" did not consider him to be sane. Defender Wolfgang Blaschitz [showed the court] his client is not a dangerous criminal. He could not be convicted because he was not accountable. However, there was also no dangerousness to justify his incarceration. The Republic must "endure" that someone spreads his [unpopular] scientific opinion, said the lawyer.

The jury considered the defendant to be insane (8:0 votes). However, the 67-year-old was not sent to an institution, but was retained and allowed to go home. The public prosecutor's office filed for appeal and nullity - so the verdict is not final.

By the way, the 67-year-old promised to stop writing the letters once and for all. (Lie)

So who is really insane? Those who question the 'Holocaust' on scientific grounds, or the society that forces belief in something unscientific on political grounds?


Great news, Carolyn!  Thank you for the update.  Wishing Wolfgang and his family well.

Who votes for the AfD?

... there is also no direct connection between AfD support and employment status and income.

"Neither in the middle, nor the top and bottom of the income hierarchy can a particularly high number of AfD supporters be found."

According to the study, people who believe that Germany was made better by the presence of immigrants have an 80 percent lower chance of voting for the AfD than people who don't. Moreover, participants who were worried about immigration were 4.6 times as likely to support the far-right.

Therefore, the report concludes, "it is misguided to see the losers of society behind the AfD. The AfD sympathizers have worries about immigration, particularly refugees, and are mainly concerned that they will somehow culturally undermine Germany.

Of course refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa culturally undermine western countries. The evidence is everywhere, unless you love chaos.

Among Macron's fundamental reforms for the EU:

All states should take part in a "Conference for Europe" by the end of the year, to propose far-reaching changes to the bloc's political system and to urge European citizens not to back far-right nationalist parties.

Just think! You're called a "European citizen" rather than a citizen of your country, your national homeland. That is out. What Macron (a spokesman for the internationalists) is touting is ethnic socialism, where the richest (Germany) will be paying for the poorest in order to equalize Europeans.

In Germany, only the AfD stands against this ... and maybe the small "Business Party" (FDP).