Phi Beta Kappa National Member Services says "no record of Rodney Martin"

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2014-10-31 12:19

The Phi Beta Kappa controversy continues to percolate with the discovery that both Univ. of Arizona and Phi Beta Kappa National Office secretaries say they can find no record of Rodney Martin applying for or registering for membership in the academic society.

On Oct. 29th, Vanessa Garrison, Secretary of the Alpha of Arizona Chapter at the University of Arizona wrote to me that she had sent my request for information about Rodney Martin to Doris Lawrence, Member Services at the National Office for Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Ms. Lawrence replied that she "could not find any record of Rodney Martin registering to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa."

I have removed the actual email from Ms. Garrison, at her request, although I still have it in case anyone demands to see it for proof. I am pretty confident that Martin's name will not be found on any list after further searching. The reason is because Martin has still refused to state WHERE he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. This is the crux of the matter. 

Did Martin graduate at all?

His "timeline of my entire life, available to all" as he stated on Deanna Spingola's Oct. 27th radio show turns out to be what you see on this screen shot of his infamous Facebook page. " Notice he writes:

Studies: Southern California Military Academy:

This school closed down in 1987. It served classes from kindergarten through 9th grade. It was for children and pre-high school.

University of Arizona:

Obviously Martin did not graduate from here and he does not say when and for how long he attended.

Reserve Officer Training School at William Jewell College, Alumni

The only reference I could find about this is here (scroll down):

Army ROTC programs are available at William Jewell College. Reserve Officers' Training Corps commissioning programs typically imply elective classes in addition to required college curriculum, possible funding for your tuition, and an obligation to serve upon graduation.

It is important to keep in mind that enrolling in a ROTC course does not commit you to serve unless you have received a ROTC scholarship, grant, or any other funding.

Based on the college crime data, William Jewell College seems to be a relatively unsafe school. Read the details in the Campus Crime report for this college.

The Reserve Officer Training School is not even mentioned at the college website. It's possible this program is run by the U.S. Governement/Military using space and facilities on this campus. For Martin to add "Alumni" can simply mean he completed the program, i.e. graduated from this particular program, not that he is a graduate of William Jewell College in a standard Bachelor's Degree program. So does Rodney Martin actually have a degree in anything? If so, what is it? Only he can tell us.

Also remember that William Jewell College is not a member school of Phi Beta Kappa and does not have a chapter on campus. So if this is his only graduation, he probably did not "graduate PBK" from here.

Rodney's cat and mouse game(s)

Martin continues to claim that he has disclosed information that he has NOT disclosed at all. It seems clear he is not what he is pretending to be, education-wise. And how important is it? I do not care if he graduated from college, or even went to college at all. It doesn't mean he's a better or worse person, a dumber or smarter person. I DO care that he lies so much, which reveals to me that he is in a gigantic state of denial, and has character deficiencies. Habitual lying is a negative indicator for placing trust in someone.

Rodney Martin, come clean about your education record, with exact dates, and programs you actually completed, plus which school you graduated "Phi Beta Kappa." If not, the cloud around you will just get darker because this is not too much to ask from you.

David Baillie, rouse yourself from your servile state (you are a textbook co-dependent personality; it reveals itself in every relationship you have) and ask yourself some of the right questions. At least, expect your associate Martin to answer common questions without all the dramatic reluctance and running away.


White Nationalism


Rodney Martin was born with a different first and last name. I know him personally. He told me he went by Rodney Martin throughout his life but only legally changed it as an adult. If this is true, it may make it difficult to trace his background. Of course, he may have lied about his name change too. 

I think you may be someone who worked with him in Porterville at The Recorder newspaper. I have wanted to ask the name of his "German grandparents" but I knew he would not answer or he would say 'Martin," the same as his. But if he wants to talk about ancestry, he should give the full names of his father and mother, and those grandparents who raised him.

The Yuma Sun newspaper said matter of factly that he was a 32-year resident of Yuma in 2004. What were his Bund-loving German grandparents doing living in Yuma, Arizona? Kind of odd, wouldn't you say? And they raised him to go after a U.S. military career?

I basically called him an op about a year ago after he shilled with Spingola using personal slander and fake concern about the victim's families to support the OCT government claim to that staged event. The fact that Spingola overlooked his non-answer shows how they all support each other against us! Clark never called out anyone over the psyop against the Sandy Hook hoaxers, none of them did and basically why I called the whole movement co-opted
The fact he just legally became Martin supports my idea that worrying about ppl with aliases is a waste of time since you can alias a real name quite easily.  Don't think I haven't noticed his obsessions with other ppl hiding their ID.  Finally, I'll be honest, all this arguing about whether someone has a non-white wife, or is 100% pure white that you guys spend hours doing is childish and  has nothing to do with removing the Jew tyrants from power, without which none of your dreams have any chance at all in coming true.
Now that my lecture is over, Carolyn, thanks for the info, I read all your stuff on Rodney  and he appears to be an infiltrator or a psychopathic hustler- later
By the way, you called it early how VK and Martin would join up. They are definitely supporting each other  I knew he had some issues but I really didn't know he has as many as he's got. I have never been close to WNs so much of the history I am just becoming acquainted with. What concererned me more than anything was the 2007 statement about diversity tolerance which  reminds me of Andrew doing a 180. Say whatever your targets like to hear.

Yes, Carolyn, but Rodney makes an important point about Theo Kahant. We do need to get a little more information about his racial background. You definitely want to clear up the accusation of Rassenschande a.s.a.p.

Who is Theo Kahant? I don't know him. Rodney Martin told so many lies in his recent program that I am going to write about it.

But what can I say about a normal White man's racial background when there is nothing unusual about it? We separated 32 years ago!! After several years we completely stopped keeping in touch. It is all nonsense. I sent an email to a very old address I had for his brother back when Rodney started this but got no response, although it didn't come back to me. His sisters and brother are all older than me, and may be deceased. Like most American families, they didn't keep records of their ancestors.

I could post a photograph of him, but what is that going to prove.? He had light brown hair and very blue eyes. And it will drag his children and remaining family into my extremist political views which I'm sure they don't share. So I won't do it.

So what information do you want? I actually wrote quite a bit about them in comments at Destroy Zionism when RM's little helpers were making false statement there. Go look for it.

I think you might be Russ, so watch out, bud.

This person, steveW, uses and is a fraud. He might even be Martin Linsteadt.

1. do you know his original name?
2. do you know when he legally changed his name?
- was it before or after he enrolled in university?
answers to these questions will narrow down the field

the Southern California Military Academy closed down in 1987
i think young rodney is 40 years old
he would have been 13 in 1987, lol

Rodney says on his FB page he was born Feb. 1, 1970. That makes him 45 yrs old now.

He said only a couple of weeks ago that he is 46, in response to why he looks so old. If he's only 45, his terrible looks and fat, flabby physique are a real disgrace for a proud "White man." His wife is no older than that and a year ago suffered a major stroke and has been in a wheelchair, and rehospitalized at least once. During 2012 Rodney was hospitalized and underwent extensive testing and treatment for a bad heart. He told me at that time that heart disease ran in his family, other male members had been afflicted with it, some died early, but by knowing about it and taking advantage of modern medicine he could be fine.

He recently suggested on his own radio network that his overweight was partially due to "all the pills the doctors keep pumping into me" -- meaning he's on a lot of prescription drugs -- and has in the past week been complaining about a lung infection he's fighting -- probably with antibiotics. He is not the ideal of National-Socialist eugenics, is he? Perhaps in the Third Reich he and his wife would not have been allowed to marry and produce children. Just any kind of children are not an asset to a race and, if they need a lot of expensive medical care, are actually a detriment.

In 1987, Rodney was 17 years old. Sure he could have attended the Southern California Military Academy as a young teen. But it would have had to have been on a room and board basis since he was from Yuma, thus costing his grandparents a pretty penny. Another consideration is that, since the school has been closed for a long time now, there is no way to discover any information about him from it. 

that tidbit of information is no longer there.
on his last podcast, i thought he said he was 40...
i must have got my wires crossed somewhere, because i relistened and he didn't mention his age
grrrrrr i had to listen to "what say you" again (cringe) - anyone who says "what say you" you know instantly has a pretentious streak a mile wide, what say you... what say you (lol)

Or changing it all the time? Naturally, it figures. Someone with a Facebook account sent that screen shot to me, at my request. You should get another screen shot of it now, for comparison. When he says: "I have all this on Facebook" we know it doesn't mean a thing. What's there today may not be there tomorrow.

That's why he doesn't put any pertinent information of that nature on his ann site. He's a trickster, but also a transparent one (not that he wants to be - he's just a moron).

do you want me to email it to you?

This is a great example of how Rodney Martin removes and/or changes information/facts about himself when someone makes use of it to show his lies (or mental confusion?). Rodney thinks no one should notice his inaccurate and contradictory statements, and if they do they are "attacking" him. And he will retaliate!! (By telling lies about them, not truths.)

Only a few days ago (Friday, Oct. 29) his facebood page looked like this: a birthday cake icon and the date Feb. 1, 1970

Since the question of him misrepresenting his age came up in these comments, it now looks like this:  no b-day cake icon

This is why Martin has made Facebook his favored and only place of communicating online - because he can change his pages so easily. I guess Facebook is made for dummies and the technically-challenged can operate on it with ease. This is perfect for Martin. But why does he not want to be held to his actual age?

One only has to look at Rodney Martin's strange relationship with gas chamber enthusiast, indolent, fraudster, liar, Mark Weber. One remembers old Roders dissing Weber for the lazy indolent fraud that he is. Then doing a 360 and going right back into Webers arms. That shows a lot about Roders character or lack thereof.

Yes indeed, "Roders" (I like that) spoke against Mark Weber with me on the last show he did with me in 2011.

I wanted to talk about Weber and he agreed to do so just to be on my program. What I didn't know was that he remained on friendly terms with Mark Weber all along. That certainly did tell me about Rodney's lack of character.

How does he think he can get away with stuff like that? But I guess he has, most of the time. Not too many people will ever call anyone out; they just let it pass.

I just now saw it for the first time. This is Rodney Martin's style, friends. This is how he answers legitimate questions about himself, and the claims he makes about his education, background, etc.

Is he a grown man, ready to 'lead the White race to victory,' or is he a stunted individual, stuck in a juvenile mindset and over-compensating because of childhood issues?

I don't know the reason for his extreme over-reaction to questions directed to him that he doesn't like and doesn't want to answer, and I'm not going to play psychiatrist. I'm just going to say: His behavior sucks.

Turns out this Facebook page Rodney Martin put up (fraudulently) was created at the time of my blog post of July 2:

He's put a "join date" of July 1, so either he was able to back-date it or he anticipated that I would comment on his No-Show at the Freedom Palooza Festival. The last he posted anything on it was on July 14!

We have to then realize that while he was accepting condolences on his wife being hospitalized again, he had time to dream this FB page up. My, what grief does to a person ... not.

As usual, there was nothing in my post except the truth. But for Rodney, the truth about himself being told is what he fears the most, just like Dracula fearing the light. So he is unable to resist retaliating in the only way he knows.

Far be it from me to try to get this FB page taken down. It tells anybody who might look at it more about Rodney's character and personality than anything I could write.

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