The Rodney Martin Problem: "Where's the Evidence?"

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-02-06 07:41

By Carolyn Yeager

Left: Rodney Martin (2008?) and Elie Wiesel (right) - two con men.

Just like Elie Wiesel, of whom we ask, “Where’s the Tattoo?,” and whose tales of sadistic treatment at the hands of the “Nazis” have been totally discredited by me and many others, Rodney Martin supplies no evidence for the numerous, fanciful claims that continue to pour out of his mouth and pen in an effort to revenge himself on this writer for telling the truth, and on everything, everyone I am, or have ever been, associated with.

Just yesterday, on February 5th, Rodney posted the following on the Facebook page of David Rottweiller Jones, a British White activist. It led me to not only respond with the below, but to do a more thorough search through the archives on Rodney Martin at the Porterville Recorder (Calif) newspaper [Rodney's home town]. It’s amazing what has been sitting in there all this time. But I will begin in an orderly fashion with some very basic responses to what Rodney wrote on David Jones’ Facebook page. Rodney’s words are in black text, my comments are in blue.

* * *

RM: Sorry David, but I have to reply to this idiot Paul. These are all FACTS.

1. Paul Hickman broadcasts on a Network with a person who is engaged in Jew race-mixing,

Attach a name to “a person.” (One of Martin’s hallmarks is not to name people he talks about.)

2. Another Co-Host of Paul’s on his Network uses a fake name, and is on record as saying “Jews are NOT a Race”, “Jews did not create Communism” and is on record standing up for a convicted pedophile (Jews are notorious in defending Pedophilia)

Name this “other Co-Host”. Why leave people guessing? And quote his statements in context; otherwise you are not credible.

3. Has the Grand Ole Queen of Paul’s Network posted a photo of her Ex Husband, Theodore Kahant, a Jew, who was born in a Jewish suburb of NY City and whom she married in Palm Beach, Fl, a notorious Jew City, where he resided and died? By the way, Mr. Kahant’s family appears in Jewish Gen.

Name the “suburb of NY City” where so-called Theodore Kahant was born.

Give a single address in Palm Beach, FL where “Mr. Kahant” resided and died.

Post the information (with working link) that you refer to from Jewish Gen on “Mr. Kahant’s family.”

Without any of these specifics, you have nothing except your own gossip-mongering.

4. The “Cherokee matter”, i.e. the newspaper article which it was based was discredited and was shown to be discredited by many WN in the USA, who has seen me and my wife attacked in that same Newspaper for being “Nazis”, and for being “opposed to race-mixing” Interesting that my wife and I would be attacked in that newspaper for being opposed to race-mixing isn’t it? I might remind you that Hitler said those who rely on newspapers are simpletons, what does this say about Paul and his Network Drama Queen?

The newspaper article is here. Nowhere does it say it was ever discredited. No one, including Rodney Martin, has ever shown that it was discredited. It still reads: “He has been married to his wife Peggy, an Eastern Cherokee, for 12 years.”

Name the “WN’s in the USA who have “shown [it] to be discredited” as you put it. State what they said or did to discredit it. Without any of this, you have no credibility.

5. Many WN and Revisionists have met my wife and I before she became ill, including David Irving for one, and know she is a White, Redhead, German/Irish woman with very strong racial views.

Name some of these “many WN and Revisionists.” Why mention David Irving, unless you can get him to speak on your behalf? Without naming the people and providing their statements with their endorsements, you have nothing.

6. The Alexia ratings Paul cites is NOT for my Radio Network, but rather for my Research Website which is designed only for a limited audience, i.e for those who follow my research work. By the way, Alexia ratings can be artificially inflated.

Which of these two is your “Research Website?” This one: at 8.5 million rank or this one: at 3 million rank?

To be believable, you must explain how all those people’s sites that are light-years ahead of yours are “artificially inflating” their numbers. Without further explanation backed with evidence, your mere words mean nothing.

7. I posted an announcement that I would be speaking at this years FreedomPalooza to support Paul Topete who has been attacked for denying the Holocaust Fraud. I noted that my wife and family would be in attendance and I invited everyone to attend and meet me and my family (IN-PERSON).

“FreedomPalooza” is a music festival in Pennsylvania advertised for this summer. To expect people to wait several more months, then travel a long distance at substantial expense to attend something they don’t want to attend otherwise, and at the risk your wife might not be in attendance after all – as she might get ‘sick’ and have to miss it* – is the height of lunacy, and an insult to the people to whom you owe evidence to prove what you say. By not performing the simple act of posting a wedding picture of you and your wife on your ‘Research Website’, you have no credibility.

*Is it not reckless to continually repeat that you are caring for your very sick wife at home and at the same time promise she will be well enough to travel to Pennsylvannia in June-July and hang out for a few days among crowds of people, ready to greet them?

By the way, the “attack” on Paul Topete, was written in 2010 – four year ago! – so he should not still need “support” because of it. I have also been “attacked,” (as you call it) in print, as a holocaust-denier by the ADL, and the SPLC. You have not. Wonder why they passed you by? In any case, it is no big deal.


RM: Also of note, Paul’s Network is quick to attack WN Activists based on discredited newspaper articles* because “she does not like my style, but the real reason is because I refused to allow [Ms. Yeager] to appear on my Network a week prior to her attack, you see, she herself was wanting to appear on David Baillie’s Show** on our Network and I said no because she wanted to use our Network as a platform to attack other Whites, so I guess my Network was good enough for [Ms. Yeager] to appear on.

* You have yet to show them to be discredited, remember?

** To prove such a self-serving interpretation, you need to present a statement from David Baillie, along with Andrew Anglin, Scott Roberts and Mike Delaney, who were all a part of this ridiculous episode , and publish them to prove “Ms. Yeager wanted to attack other Whites.” I have every one of the emails involved, and I can publish them if necessary. Would you like me to do that? Without corroborating evidence for your interpretation, you have nothing.

RM: Finally, I might add, I was told that the Queen of Paul’s Kosher Network announced the Listenership on a recent broadcast, if that number announced is correct, our Listenership exceeds Paul’s Network by far and we have only been on the air less than 12 months and our web site has only been up 60 days and is NOT the web site Paul referenced.

In spite of “what you were told,” on this broadcast I did not say anything about listenership, but only about website visits and pages viewed. Therefore, you cannot even know from what I said that “our listenership exceeds Paul’s Network by far,” can you? You fail in Logic 101.

Again, you must publish proof of your listenership and be specific about where it is coming from and exactly what you are referring to … if you are making claims about it. Without doing that, your mere words are empty air and only demonstrate that you are a con-man.

This is Part 1. To be continued … the best is yet to come.