Saturday Afternoon: Race, Ethnicity and Ideology

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-10-25 18:33

The Russian Federation is a multi-ethnic state with the 2nd largest number of immigrants in the world, after the U.S. But it represents "Freedom", according to "the Saker" and Alexandr Dugin. Freedom for whom?

Oct. 25, 2014

Carolyn Yeager goes beyond the reality of Race to the further distinction of Ethnicity and how that leads to various Ideologies. 1hr57min.

  • The Hitler view of the healthy state and the Putin view do not coincide;

  • The ethnicities of Europe and their distinct cultures cause discomfort to Globalists, WN's and to Putinists;
  • The concept of "Novorossia" appears to be just another way to expand territorial control;
  • Callous disregard for Russian boy-fighters recruited online described by mother of dead son;
  • The Saker blog is criticized for promoting East-West division and obviously dishonest fund-raising tactics;   
  • I forgot to talk about the "Zombie Nazi Invasion" video created by a Russian rights group to warn about the dangers of racism and xenophobia. Don't miss it!


Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.
Wesley Clark, US-born Jewish former NATO general, 1999.

Some time ago I posted several comments on the Saker's blog and can vouche that Saker takes a very dim view of ideas of race and ideologies of racial separation, etc. Saker would always counter with egalitarian claims of the races being essentially "all the same", although he would make exceptions for certain "bad" groups like Wahabbi Muslims.
The blogger known as "Niqnaq" who was banned from The Saker's blog for expressing negative views about Putin, has stated that in his oppinion, the Saker is a mouth piece of the Kremlin who will always come out in defence of the Putin government. Although Niqnaq is vehemently anti-fascist and finds racialist views distasteful and IMO is on the wrong track in many areas, he is excellent in reading between the political lines and in calling out the subversive nature of the Russians.
This and as you mention, Saker's promotion of East-West division leads me once again to mention the thoughts and opinions of Christopher Jon Bjerknes who has made some very bold claims about the infiltration of Communist Russia (he still calls them "KGB") into the Western alternative media (of which The Saker is definitely a part of).
Jon Bjerknes, who's blog unfortunatly is currently dormant believes that despite endless Putin worship in the alternative media and Puttin's apparent resistance to "Anglo-Zionist" American aggression, is actually himself a Communist and has been running endless anti-American propaganda as part of a Communist strategy to pursuade American dissidents to overthrow their own State.
Bjerknes' unspoken assumption is that the American State, as massively infiltrated by traitors as it is, still offers far more protection to American citizen than if it didn't exist, and I think this is correct.
Bjerknes has written far too many short articles that justify this position than I can possibly hope to find on short notice, but here is a good one that discusses the tactics and common themes put out by the likes of the Saker to undermine the West.

Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, the only British territories occupied by German troops during the war.

Yes, it eventually came back to me. I was remembering that Poldi Wenger had mentioned Jersey or Guernsey in one of his letters home. Turned out to be Guernsey, here:

9 October 1942: These two photographs, taken during yesterday‘s mission show Dartmouth in the evening time, where I attacked a number of landing craft and damaged several with my wingman. We attacked the area – as you can see from the second picture -- flying very low altitude. There was no flak.

It was quite a different story this morning. This time, we went further south of Dartmouth towards Salcombe. Our target this time was landing craft and I sank two of them. (We‘ve sunk a total of 6 of them). Apart from that, we destroyed a stone bridge and a building. We didn’t have the usual 500-kg bomb with us, for the first time, but, rather, four 50-kg bombs. But they weren’t asleep at the anti-aircraft batteries today. There was a lot of lead flying around. During our flight back we got into a dog fight with two Spitfires, who were kind enough to accompany us all the way to the middle of the Channel. Then I landed on the former English island, Guernsey. It’s quite a beautiful country and we’d really like to have time to see it without so much excitement.

I'm using this as an opportunity to advertise this series and get more people to read it, although one of the installments (Ukraine-Bessarabia, 1944) has almost 19,000 views already. With another couple thousand it could get onto the "Most Popular Articles" list. That would make me happy. The others are not doing that well.

This idea of Russia v. USA is simply a divide and rule strategy by the Power which is Rothschild. The ultimate World Power comes from the City of London where resides the Rothschild Power which controls most of the world's money. The City of London (Rothschild and Freemasonry) rules America not in a hands on way, but only if it has to as a last resort. The State of Israel was created by "London".  Eustace Mullins was the protege of Ezra Pound and his research revealed that the Rockefellers probably now the most powerful American family, were the agents of Rothschild and funded by them, back in the Nineteenth Century and so the Rockefeller wealth derived from Rothschild. The Rockefeller allegiance has to be to Rothschild. I don't believe that Rockefellers ( JP Morgan-Chase Bank and Standard Oil for starters) are entirely independent now from Rothschild. Ask yourself why did Henry Poulson (Treasury Secretary and ex Goldman Sachs) have to fly over to London every 2 weeks during the financial crisis in 2008?  The financial crisis "ended" with a taxpayer-funded bank bailout instigated by Poulson.  Didn't the crisis originate in the US with Mortgage Backed Securities. Why should "London" have to be consulted all the time? 
Then also have a look at the Russian crest. It is identical with that of the Rothschilds. I think it is naive to believe that communism in Russia ended when the wall came down. Soviet style bolshevism was unproductive and Russia had been tapped out. Everything that could be taken out of Russia (stolen) had already been stolen, and it was time that the Russian economy should be making regular payments from the sweat of the Russian people and the exploitation of her resources. A communist economy simply does not work. The transition from communism to Putinism had to be planned. Whether ruled by Bolsheviks or Putin, the underlying Power and Control remains the same.
The above is backed up by a lot of circumstantial evidence. There is no smoke without fire.
The greatest fear of the established World order would be a revival of the Third Reich. The Third Reich had the "nerve" to kick out the Rothschilds and instigate its own cenral bank and that could never be allowed!  I have always believed the Third Reich was dead, but that is not necessarily the case. You can crush a country, but not an idea which is backed by truth. A Rothschild World Order is slavery and has to be well hidden from the masses.

I wrote this elsewhere in response to the linked report on the Azov battallion, I am reproducing it here:
The Azov by word and deed are enemies of the EU/NATO. That some Jew oligarch funded paramilitaries to protect his interests doesnt entail that the resulting paramilitaries share his interests. The "Novorussians" they are fighting are natbol/neo-soviet imperialists, who only live in Eastern Ukraine because of Soviet demographic imperialism (i.e. white genocide) such as the suppression of Ukrainian language and culture and the subsidization of Russian immigrants into Ukraine. This on top of the Holodomor that killed 10 million Ukrainians, orchestrated by USSR under Stalin by his Jewish lackeys like Lazar Kaganovich. The Russian "separatists" don't just want to take the two eastern provinces, but half the country, conveniently cutting Ukraine off from the sea (a death sentence for an economically stagnant post-war nation). The "separatists" are supported by Russian soldiers in the form of ethnic mongols, Buryats and Kazakhs, as well as Ramzan Kadyrovs Chechens (so no, it's not all "whites fighting whites").

As if the entire "nation" of "Novorussia," a totally grassroots and organic initiative (that sprang up out of nowhere in the past 2 years) won't just be folded into the Neo-Soviet empire like Crimea. Duginists and Eurasianists lie through their teeth that Putin is pro-nationalist, when he is anything but. Modern Russian "patriotism" is focused on nostalgia for the Soviet Union. True Russian Nationalists are locked up, and Putin, the "white savior," just made Holocaust Revision illegal. On May 1st Russians line the streets with their Red Hammer & Sickle flags. Ukrainians destroy statues of Lenin, Russian "nationalists" of the Novorussian/Dugin/Putin stripe revere them. Communist militants from Spain, ETA, Italy, and France have all flocked to fight for the Novorussians the same way true European Nationalists have volunteered to fight for Ukraine. The lies of the Duginists and National Bolshevisks that the Novorussians and Putin are representatives of white Nationalism and Traditionalism, instead of Neo-Soviet imperialism and Islamic Multiculturalism have unfortunately been swallowed whole by a huge section of the current Nationalist/Traditionalist/Alternative Right.
Azov have more than reputiated the Atlantacist West and Global Jewry. Their fight is not against the Russian people or true Russian nationalists (who would never support the USSR and who Putin throws in jail) but with Bolsheviks, Communists, and assorted Turco-Muslim ethnic groups who do the Tsars bidding against their racial enemies just like they always have. Their fight is not for the "west" or "Jewry" as Eastern propagandists claim, but for their nation, for their race, and for Europe.
The seeds of the future of Europe are being sowed in Ukraine. Heil Azov! Hail Victory!