Wayne Prante Exposed

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by Carolyn Yeager

Here's an enlightening video made in 2010 that I downloaded from youtube. It featues Wayne Prante giving a talk on “false flag” deceptions in modern history, while selling some of his alternative health dvd's at the same time.

It turns out Wayne has been in the alternative "truth" movement for quite awhile - he's not at all new to it - and he's an old hand at setting up websites to meet any need. He's been on a first name basis with people like Dr. Bill Deagle, who was making a fortune selling bird flu cures and "high quality" respirator masks starting in 2005 and beyond. Wayne reveals that he was an obsessive listener to the Genesis Communications Network (GCN) and the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) during the heyday of the Swine Flu and Bird Flu fear campaigns. [Remember that?] He says that he listened to Bill Deagle's radio show every day from noon to 3pm on GCN and was a regular caller. So Wayne did not have a job in 2005 or since, nor does he seem to have much of a work history at all.

Some interesting highlights you don't want to miss. And be sure to watch his eyes [which are more easily seen when full screen at youtube]:

At 20min:  “In WWII, we have the Reichs-Teig (sounds like) Fire … Reiscchtaag (sounds like) … I speak German by the way. It's believed now to have been set by Hitler's own people to blame on the Communists. It enabled him to, basically, set fire to the constitution and remove the rights and liberties with popular support. Uh, a number of others were carried out, too, under Hitler's reign."

Well, it looks like we've got another 'Rodney Martin' here. In 2010, Wayne Prante had not yet discovered what a good guy Hitler was. He hadn't yet listened to Deanna Spingola on RBN; she didn't start until Oct. 2010. So what about his German parents that he tells us about ... just like Rodney talks about his grandparents? They told them as children all about the good life in the 3rd Reich, right?

At 53min: “I also have another website, it's Canadians for Health Freedom.org. - am working closely with Dee Nicholson in Toronto, with Roxanne (points to her), and a number of other people and we're right on top of this issue.

As well as at falseflagflu.com (taken down) with regard to the vaccines. Also look at labvirus.com …. by a friend of mine, Alex Studor in San Francisco who is blogging for Bill Deagle and ___ (he names several other men who are part of this profitable operation).

At 58min: "I'm active on this issue. We need to get this information out to others. I've got this 3-DVD set, I'm asking for $5 each, or three for ten bucks, and I've also got another one there, I'm going to have to put them into some sleeves. You can also get them from me through the website, okay, just contact me, give me your address, and send me ten, fifteen bucks or whatever. I'll send them to you. Thank you very much.

*    *     *

We can see that Prante is always selling stuff. At Justice4Germans he has a Book Store that sells selected titles  through Amazon.com, which takes care of the presentation and all the shipping details, etc., but Prante gets a share of the profit for each book, for hosting it at his site. He writes:

You can help support my website [whch is a free Wordpress site that doesn't cost him a dime], my research and my efforts [he mostly posts other people's work] to shed light on the truth ... [blah, blah, blah] ... by purchasing related books through my Amazon affiliate store.

He does real well with donations, too, and has a gift for getting money out of people.  We know now he's had a lot of practice.




Thank you for bringing Wayne to light in this confusing age of truth.
In his video with Brian Ruhe (just recently posted), Wayne stated when he was in school he stood up in class to defend against the propaganda that was being taught. Yet he clearly is very clueless about German history in the video you just posted. Believing the 'false flag' event.
A while back I saw some videos on a channel VIA trutube.tv showing what his actions were on social media.
I believe that the user of these videos caught on and is showing what a person Wayne is. 
Remember, for him it is all about production and money!
Thanks for enlightening the world about Wayne.

I had not seen this video, or any like it, but I had been aware that some other people were questioning "Wayne from Canada." Until I saw Wayne on video, I could not pin down why I was so uncomfortable with him. But seeing this 2010 vid, after also watching the recent one with Brian Ruhe, has made all the difference.

He comes across as an amateur con-man who will attach himself to whatever "movement" is currently appealing to the good-hearted, gullible people from whom he makes his living. He says that in 2011 Deanna Spingola and her guests (I would have been prime among them in the beginning!) opened up hs eyes to what he had no idea about before. He saw a new direction for himself just when his previous gig was drying up (9/11 and  global health threats/vaccines). He saw a future for himself in Third Reich revisionism -- and he found a German underground-type film and translated/narrated it in English, then gave off the impression that the whole thing was his own creation! This is the kind of blurring of the lines that is typical with him.

Another thing I've noticed is that he pronounces his name Pran-tay, not Pran-tuh, which is the German pronounciation. Did his parents say it this way?

I'm now wondering why Deanna has specifically helped to promote all these phonies: Veronica Clark, Rodney Martin, Zion Crime Factory, Wayne Prante and others.

Thank you for making people aware of some inconsistencies in his claims.  I noticed that he is also involved in a new website now called Truth and Justice for Germans Society which is asking for membership fees to join. If you are genuine then you have nothing to hide.  Someone asking for donations should at least provide people with their real name, genuine details and set up a proper donations account. I was skeptical about what he claims and the details he provides about himself including the name Wayne Prante. I also noticed that he goes by another name Martin Mueller. All of my family are 100% German and I am first generation born here. My family spoke German in our home and so I am bilingual.  I even have my doubts about his claim to be fluent in German.  Unfortunately, there appear to be opportunists who latch onto the Revisionist arena too, probably because they've noticed the lucrative way that some Jewish people have milked the holocaust. 

i chatted with him in FB in German. He lived in Hannover in the 1990s. He and his buddies, tho, later turned on me and blocked me.

I was going to correct myself on this since yesterday I saw some writing by him in German ... on his Donations page. From that, I have to assume he speaks it too. Not being on Facebook, I'm at a disadvantage I guess. I'm slowly discovering more about him.

So what was he doing in Hannover and why doesn't he want to talk about it? He seems a bit paranoid about protecting his privacy while at the same time he gives interviews and seeks attention and leadership roles. Who are his buddies?

What a total goof; his shifty eyes and werewolf-like cranium are bad enough but his speech runs in circles with vague generalizations, wildly flips from topic to topic, and presents a wave of schizophrenic ramblings.  Ridiculous. 

Wayne appeared some years ago, and at that time there were not many advocates for Germans on FB or any where else. I, being such an advocate, naturally was interested in Wayne. However, as i had contact with Wayne, one person who seems to know Wayne personally attacked me (i forget why and his name). Then Wayne blocked me also. As i said, i had chatted with Wayne in German (no delays, natural) and he told me he had lived in Hannover where his family comes from. He did not say what he did there. Yea, there are questions about Wayne, but remember Canada makes one paranoid in this matter.

"Yea, there are questions about Wayne, but remember Canada makes one paranoid in this matter."

True indeed, Canada has some pretty harsh "hate" laws that could explain the many disclaimers in the ABOUT section of J4G and some of his reticence to speak in any detail. He's very worried about getting the "wrong" people in there ... like me, haha. And you too, since you were blocked.

Well, heck, as Markus said, he's done a lot of good so far. A whole lot of people feel comfortable with him. Even if he's wrong about some things [Rodney Martin and Veronica Clark stand out!], he is doing some good. People trust him.

It occurs to me. williamjoyce, that you got blocked because you revealed in one way or another that you had racialist views. According to reports from other people, Wayne has blocked all openly pro-White people from his FB page. They're also not welcome at J4G website either. He is afraid of being called racist, for he now makes the point that he is not.

Do you think it's a prudent position on his part? Or is he too paranoid?

yea, i´d forgotten that. His knowing "splitting the sky" probably blinds him to the fact that migrant mongoloids ("indians") genocided the first migrants/settlers - Whites - to the Americas. People often confuse genocide and atrocity. The mongoloid migrants genocided the Whites in the Americas, i.e. wiped them out. Later, 1500, the Europeans arrived and there were atrocities on both sides, but there are probably more "indians" now as there were in 1492 (3-10 million in 1492).

He not only knows Splitting the Sky, but calls him his brother. He seems to be making him loom larger and larger in his life, more influential. As STS supposedly wanted to help "his people," Wayne now speaks of Germans as "my people," and he makes statements like "On behalf of the German people, I demand  ... (whatever)." He has appointed himself the leader.

Carolyn Yeagers' blog May 27, 2105
I am Brian Ruhe and I work closely with Wayne Prante. I am the Secretary of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society at www.tjgs.ca . I have read all of he comments here and I have watched the video here. I think the basic message you have about Wayne is wrong, inaccurate and mistaken. I meet with Wayne and talk to him over the phone every two or three days. I am his closest associate in our TJGS society.
Our common enemy, Jewish supremacy or Jewish power, want to create division and infighting among us to divide and conquer. Please bear that in mind. Coincidentally, I first discovered Carolyn Yeager's website last week and sent her a very friendly introduction email, stating how my views in support of Adolf Hitler very much are in harmony with hers.
Being new to Carolyn Yeager, I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt because she writes that she wants to investigate who, in our cause are sincere and who are not. I am impressed with Carolyn's website and I do agree with her views on history and the world. As for Wayne, I am hoping that Carolyn made an honest mistake, as we all do.
Responding to the points made by Carolyn and others in the comments section, I have met Wayne's mother and it is true that his family is German. He speaks German. Growing up he was aware of the German side of the story but as Wayne told me this week, he didn't know everything, he still doesn't and he's learning. When this video was made in 2009 Wayne didn't know that the Reichstag fire probably was not caused by Hitler. I didn't know myself until this year. An honest mistake, so what? We're subject to misinformation. Wayne doesn't believe that now.
Wayne conducts himself honestly and honourably. I found Wayne because of his translation into English of "Hitler's War, What Historians Neglect to Mention". He doesn't falsely claim to have produced it. He translated it. I know Wayne and he and I don't have much money at all. We're just getting by. Wayne has volunteered endless hours on projects like that video. He gets some donations, not much, for all the work he has done. It is unfair to pick over minor points about Wayne as he is devoting his life as a truth seeker.
Wayne really does know his stuff about the truth about National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler. The idea the he is making money unfairly off of such an unpopular subject is illogical. If Wayne wanted to make money why would he pick such a subject?! He and I sincerely care about the truth and we both are at risk in Canada to speak this truth. Canada does have draconian hate speech laws which Americans are spared and either of us could be the next one charged with a "hate crime" just for standing up for Adolf Hitler and exposing Jewish power.
Give Wayne a break.
The comment about David Icke from the video was followed by his doubts about Icke. This is such a trivial point, why was it raised at all?
Comments about Wayne eyes, or head and hair are silly and subjective. So what?
Selling products during a talk or at the end of a video is commonplace. So what? It's hard to earn a living and devote countless hours to any truth cause. Wayne also shows a wide range of knowledge. I like this video of Wayne. So he has been on some doctor's blog who is discredited. People go to all kinds of blogs and YouTube videos to get information, and intellectual freedom allows us to look where we want. Again, a minor point. Why go into these meaningless details. Wayne worked in Germany for years at regular jobs. Big deal. He's a German Canadian. I think I've said enough. I don't want to take up too much of your time reading this.
In conclusion, I will give Carolyn Yeager the benefit of the doubt, as I wrote. I feel we should be more supportive of each other and not criticize where it is not due. We have the breathtaking power of Jewish supremacy against us in every aspect of our society so let's please focus on winning this war.
-Brian Ruhe  May 27, 2015

I sincerely appreciate that you have written a comment here, and thanks for honestly saying you only "discovered" my website last week! LOL You failed to say that after you sent me a very friendly email, I replied to you with a friendly email of my own. You didn't respond to it because I mentioned the radio show I had just posted, talking about you and Wayne. So I understood that you were shocked by that and needed to consult and create some kind of a plan. You should listen carefully to my latest "Update" which contains answers to some of the things you bring up here.

Right now, Brian, l will only answer some of the easiest issues you have brought up.

Brian: "[Wayne] didn't know ... the Reichstag fire was not caused by Hitler. I didn't know myself until this year."

This year is not half over yet, so you just learned this in the past 5 months? This doesn't speak well for you when you say further on, "Wayne really does know his stuff about the truth about National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler."  How would you know? 

Brian: "The comment about David Icke from the video was followed by his doubts about Icke." 

You are wrrong, it was not. @14:50 Wayne said, "I don't agree with everything he says but he explains things marvelously." Goes on to give an example. That is NOT expressing doubts. Then you call this a trivial point that should not have been raised by me. Hmm, why not ask Wayne why he raised such a trivial point? Being as Icke is widely considered to be disinfo (as I myself have written, since Icke promotes many ideas that Hitler was working for Germany's enemies - ideas which I'm sure Wayne entertained at that time), and Wayne was listening to and promoting other disinfo agents during his 9/11 activism (like Webster Tarpley whom he mentions favorably), this is an important point rather than trivial.

Brian: "So he has been on some doctor's blog who is discredited. People go to all kinds of blogs and YouTube videos to get information, and intellectual freedom allows us to look where we want. Again, a minor point."

You have it wrong again, Brian, and you are really exposing your ignorance here ... or your cupidity. Wayne, by his own words, for years listened to Bill Deagle everyday from noon to 3pm, regularly called into his show and was even a guest on a number of occasions. If this started in 2005, Wayne was only 50 yrs old, not retirement age. Deagle was very well known in the Patriot community and radio (RBN, GCN) and even at that time many said he was a charlatan taking advantage of the "Health Scare Movement" to sell a lot of worthless products. Wayne had to know that and chose to ignore rather than investigate it.

Brian: "Wayne worked in Germany for years at regular jobs."

What kind of jobs? Was he working in his professional capacity as a Peace Officer or private investigator? You see, I have this fantastic idea that he might have been employed by the FRG as a security agent, snooping on right-wing political groups in Germany, such as the NPD and suspicious individuals. Considering his stated profession, is that so far-fetched?

I'm sure you have good intentions, Brian. But I'm not sure about Wayne. I think he needs to give out more information and be willing to answer reasonable questions.

Another point, Wayne Prante uses the Facebook name Martin Meuller because he didn't want members of his family being harassed and bothered. This was before he came out more publicly but now uses his real name on our TJGS.ca website. He was avoiding harassment and was caring and considerate towards his own family members.

Wayne has a tendancy to use and over-use the word 'NAZI'. Usually in a mocking way. Then on his recent video, he said calling someone a NAZI is like calling a black person a 'n-word'.
On one of his little dates with Deanna Spingola, he was referring to kids at school calling him a 'nazi', so Wayne stated 'Mommy, what is a nazi?' (in the discussion with Deanna.)
Now, reading a post from 2009 posted by a 'white indian' friend: Arthur Topham (I state 'white indian' because in one of his talks with Deanna, Wayne states he feels like a 'white indian.' )
Wayne Prante states: 'It is YOU sir, the JDL, and other political Zionist groups in this country, who are acting like WWII Nazis.'
As you can see, Wayne calls the Prime Minister of Canada a 'nazi'. How odd? "eh".
But this is from a guy (Wayne) WHO KNOWS IT ALL and went on a journey and had great parents who know everything about Germany, National Socialism etc. So why is Wayne using the word 'nazi' constantly and referring to the Canadian Prime Minister (..a WWII nazi).
There is oodles of information on Wayne Prante, it is quite funny. But it is all water under the bridge, while he collects the dough from his dough-nations and fees from deceived individuals he may get his car fixed once and for all. I bet you it is his suspension (chuckle).

Wayne didn't see the light about the real nature of the "nazis" until Deanna Spingola burst upon the scene in Sept. 2010 with her world-shattering "Spingola Speaks" radio broadcast on the honorable Republic Broadcasing Network, thanks to the perspicacity of that great American patriot, John Stadtmiller ... let us all bend a knee.

In March 2009, when Wayne seemed to be at the height of his 9/11 activism fame, he was in line with all the other 9/11 Truthers in seeing the Nazis as the ultimate of political evil. But by 2011, he was a new man.

However as you point out, what about what his parents taught him?  And how he stood up in his Junior high school class and refuted the bad things they were saying about "his people" in WWII? Well, I did notice that when he went through the whole spiel with Brian about his parents answering his and his siblings questions during Sunday dinners, Wayne never gave out one word or detail about WHAT they said -- even though he claimed it made such a deep impression on him, even to this day. "It made me who I am," he said.

What did, Wayne?

It is just confusing at times because of the contradictions and it doesn't come across as being very professional.  
1. In the about page section of his blog he states:
"I am tired of Anti-Germanism and self-hating Germans..... The term Natzi and all of its sinister connotations is a further insult to those who are no longer here to defend themselves, their ideology and actions. It is a term coined by the enemies of National Socialism as a perjorative slur. They called themselves the "NSDAP" and that is the term I shall use. Anyone posting comments is asked to respect this as well."
2. In 2009 Wayne produced a documentary which is available online that is called "Documentary: Splitting the Sky vs Bush: Civil Resistance in the 21st Century"  In this film he specifically put in a picture of Bush with a distinct Hitler mustache and hair style and refers to this as "Evil" and "Fat Fucking Evil Head". This is the same film where they are calling Bush a war criminal.  Also in the film he implies that Bush is evil by stating that his ancestor Senator Prescott Bush was a Nazi Financer.
The items pointed out in his documentary in 2 above are contradictory to what he later states in his about page in 1 above.  It just comes across as not being very professional.  It gives the impression that he adjusts the terms he uses to suit the cause that he has decided to pursue at the time. It seems to suggest that he is fine with using the term evil "Nazi" depending who his audience is at the time.

I think the more damning statement he wrote when he started his J4G blog in Oct. 2012 is this:

"And I am sick and tired of the absurd and ever-growing volume of lies being manufactured, told and sold to this day about Hitler, National Socialism, WWII, and Germany."

When only 3 years earlier, in 2009, he released his documentary film that had the picture of GW Bush with Hitler haircut and mustache, as a war criminal! I can understand the learning curve, but this is too short of a time to justify him saying "I am sick and tired of ..." as if he had been putting up with it for a long, long time.

He also wrote at the end of this piece:

Thank you dad and mom for speaking the truth, for telling me the real history of WWII that you luckily survived, for teaching me about propaganda, the value of reading, thinking for myself, asking questions, speaking out, and standing up for truth and justice, and for setting an example for me to follow. I challenged their “history” when I was a teenager in school, based on what you told me, and continue to do so now.

If he challenged that history then, he certainly stopped doing so later, at least during his years involved with 9/11 activists (who were for the most part anti-Hitler, anti-nazi, and pro-Jewish). So was he going along to get along? Which part of his life is he telling lies about? All he actually says is that his parents taught him "the real history of WWII." No details about that real history.

There was never a time in my life, NEVER, that I, Carolyn, would have used a picture of Bush portrayed as Hitler. I never, ever disparaged Hitler because I knew my paternal grandfather, when a US citizen, supported Hitler as the right leader for the German nation. He agreed with Hitler's policies. He only gave up on that after Pearl Harbor. So I know that if Wayne were the "son of N-S Germany" he says he is, he could never have done or said the anti-nazi things he did, unless he is a cowardly fink.

Also noted:

In his very first post on 10-12-12, he wrote:

“why do most members of the so-called ‘alternative media’ all agree with the ‘mainstream version’ of Hitler and WWII?”  Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Webster Tarpley, Eric Jon Phelps, David Icke, just to name a few.

But he doesn't inform his readers that he was a part of this himself and these are men whom he not so long ago followed and highly admired. Not important, you say? But it's an ommision designed to prevent knowledge of his past. While such a rapid reinvention of himself is not impossible, some explanation is surely necessary.

can be found here: http://splittingthesky.blogspot.com/2009/05/documentary-splitting-sky-vs...

I'm watching it. Yes, there is a political cartoon clip included in this documentary by Prante and it does show the GW Bush image with Hitler hair and mustache, while using the description "his fat, fucking evil head." That is clearly against his current rules that he put in place in 2011.

He also used a quote from Albert Einstein in the film.

Hi Carolyn,
I have read the above article and the following comments. I am a follower of Wayne Prante and find his website Justice For Germans a valuable and unique database of information about the history of The Third Reich. Actually, there is not another site that covers the topic with such accuracy, historical depth, a balanced perspective and with good referencing. Indeed, there is little on the site that could be considered an outlandish or eccentric view which could be refuted by those who wish to tarnish revisionism as a cultish fringe conspiracy theory movement.
I am puzzled why you would create so much speculation and derision towards one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals in a movement such as revisionism which creates so much hostility in the general mainstream community. Wayne is a tireless worker and advocate of ‘the truth’ and presents his material on the Justice4German’s page in a comprehensive way. It is a vast treasure trove of information for those seeking truth or wanting to flesh out what they already know.
In the time I’ve followed Wayne my own learning on the subject has increased in leaps and bounds. Wayne’s knowledge on the subject is exceptional and I’ve been privileged to have benefited from his research skills when I posed a question to him personally regarding some misinformation on Wikipedia about Adolf Hitler.
So I ask you, given that revisionism is a hazardous subject to present to the masses, and with such few people involved, why would you set about to discredit him and create division in what is a small community in a hostile and conditioned world? We need every man and woman we can get to get the message out, in a unified chorus so that it might seep into the mainstream. To resort to an attack on a fellow peer, on such superficial faux pas in the past, who, mostly shares your take on history, is aggressive and unsavory. If more people in revisionism resorted to attacking their fellow peers it would jeapordise revisionism. At best, it could create factions in an already small, fringe movement and at worst extinct the movement from the growing discredit brought onto other individuals involved in revisionism.
This is a time to consolidate and support, not divide and conquer.
In regards specifically, to your allegation that Wayne’s information is imperfect because of comments he made about the Reichstag several years ago I would like to point out the obvious to you; none of us, not Wanye Prante, not Dennis Wise, not Doctor Robert Faurisson and not yourself, were born into a world with accurate objective and non-political information about the true history of World War 2 and the Third Reich. We were all born into a world where we were saturated with the mythology conditioned into us by the western victors and the media giants who are vested in the elite communities that benefited from the war and from the eventual outcome of it.
This means our knowledge based took a swift departure from the mainstream at some point in time which evolved over time. During that process of discovery and learning, we face the difficult task of separating fact from fiction, myth from fact, allied propaganda from what really happened. Wayne would have undergone a similar evolution of understanding during his transformation, and I speculate, like the rest of us, spoke up on the subject fervently before his knowledge base reached a critical wholeness. If your argument were that he is contradicting himself with words said in the present I could somewhat understand your position, but you are comparing what he is espousing now with what he was espousing several years ago.
Notwithstanding this, there is still no proof that the Reichstag fire was caused by communists and not started by the National Socialists. There are no references in the archive that can make the truth indisputable. It may be the fact that Wayne Prante has a fairly conservative approach to his research and won’t engage in speculative ‘conspiracy theory’ type conjecture that he was reserved on the issue of the Reichstag fire, for the simple fact that there has never been a smoking gun found to put the question, of who started the fire, beyond doubt.
Carolyn, we function in a brutal, judgemental and persecuted  area called revisionism. Why would you try and discredit and bring into ill repute, one of the most valuable members of this community? Do you think revisionism would be better served by the loss of Wayne Prante's exceptional website and fountain of knowledge called Justice4Germans?
Wouldn’t it be more constructive to revisionism to galvanise the movement by unifying the voices, rather than dividing them with cynical barbs from words said years ago to generate doubt in the minds of those who still subscribe to the mainstream?
I suggest you continue fighting the good fight, listening to all the voices who bring something of merit on the subject, encouraging unity and strength in revisionism and preserving and protecting the reputation of those who have contributed in a fundamental way.  

Hi Anthony,

You are a master of writing an impassioned petition without saying anything beyond well-phrased platitudes. One thing you said:

To resort to an attack on a fellow peer, on such superficial faux pas in the past, who, mostly shares your take on history, is aggressive and unsavory.

I invite Wayne to tell us about his past. In what he has said there is a lot missing. You admit he made faux pas? Does he think so? He said he was close friends and worked with Bill Deagle for 4-5 years, and he didn't notice anything wrong?

How did he support himself during the past 15 years when it doesn't seem that he was working at a paying job? That is all this is about. You can write all the letters of commendation you want, it doesn't answer those questions.

 Carolyn raises many questions that do not get answered.
In fact, the answers she gets(as well as us all) is in the history of Wayne. If he stated something in the past, it was said for a reason, right?
Anthony uses a term called 'division' which is similar to calling someone a racist when he/she talks about European/White history and pride. These people that follow Wayne Prante like a god, tend to play the 'divison' card all the time. When people like Carolyn ask questions that are not answered, Carolyn is told she causes 'divison'. In fact, she is investigating and trying to solve the puzzle of this mysterious man.
As well Anthony, if YOU cared about German history, you would KNOW it by digging deep and researching. You are being spoon-fed by an unknown man who has a deceptive background.
Let me add something very comical, I bet many will laugh, chuckle and even shake their heads. Here is a really funny clip of Deanna Spingola and Wayne Prante pretending to cry at the end of her show. You can tell it is fake and forced .
Go to interview #10 called :  Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps: A Deliberate Policy of Extermination.
Click on the PLAY button. Go to the time 1:19:00 and listen until the end.
Carolyn, that link about 'splitting the sky' is a good one. There was also a video out there that 'splitting the sky' admitted killing a man with his bare hands. Now Wayne Prante is associated with a murderer. But the conspiracy world said that Splitting the Sky slipped and fell accidently! Just what was promised in a prophecy by Splitting the Sky. I think it was the malt liquor to be honest.
My final comment is that Wayne is nipping at holocaust history, which I know he wont have the fortitude to go all the way and publicly admit it didnt happen. Even though deep down inside he probably wants to get arrested for publicity. Aint going to happen! I believe where he lives in Canada it is illegal to deny or bring it public.

Wayne Prante expresses his admiration for "Dr" A. True Ott. True Ott is another fake doctor who says he got a Ph.D in Nutrition at the non-existent "American College" in Washington DC.* He sells what he calls "Mother Earth Minerals" at this website, overpriced and useless.

He is also a friend of Jeff Rense and all the "medical" crowd that used to be so big at RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) dispensing advice and selling products to the gullible. As we know, Germans tend to be gullible ... there are jokes about it.

Wayne's fourth post on Justice4Germans (Oct. 13, 2012) consisted of a reading by Ott of “Behind Communism” by Frank Britton. We can figure from this that Wayne was still attached to Dr. Deagle and Dr. Ott when he started his blog. Ott has quite a charismatic voice, perfect for the church pulpit.

But at some point, probably fairly recently, Wayne added a note to this post.

NOTE  I generally do not subscribe to the views of True Ott, however I found this reading and his commentary useful.

On the contrary, in the 9/11-FalseFlagFlu video I posted here, Wayne spends about 10 minutes of his 55 min. talk reading something written by A. True Ott. @48min:

Lab-created virus. This is something by Dr. A. True Ott, a gentleman who I follow his research a lot. I think he's a brilliant researcher. He doesn't get everything right (waves his hand), nobody does, but uh he explains it this way: All the modern pandemics are caused by vaccine needles(?). As this author has repeatedly declared during many public radio interviews, the deadly 1918 influenza pandemic was the direct result of live-virus contaminated Typhus fever vaccines mandatorily given to the US and Allied military personnel during WWI. During that era, viruses were not even discovered yet, but they were doing vaccines even back in the 1800, by the way. And what he says is: during that era the viruses were not discovered yet and diseases were thought to be bacterial only. These deadly typhus fever vaccines were manufactured by John D Rockefeller's research labs in Chinese pharma-factories. The vaccine seed stock consisted of viruses harvested from human typhoid fever patients cross-injected into swine herds to create increased C stock and then injected into chicken and turkey eggs for further incubation of the pathogens. This final harvested vaccine material was then injected into hundreds of millions of human beings. The result was a massive pandemic that claimed the lives of up to 50 million people. In 1918 the bio-pandemic was an honest mistake, the result of a combination of very bad vaccine and gross ignorance about virus and disease they cause. However the continued denial of these facts and a subsequent reverse engineering of a killer virus in uh Fort Dietrich Labs (look that up!) is inexcusable and constitutes a veritable crime against humanity. …

And so on it went, there was more. Does Wayne know whether any of this is true or not? Of course not, but he passes it on anyway. And can you imagine saying: "up to 50 million people died"? With no low number, it can mean any number - how about 5? Think about it.

Anyway, this shows us that he doesn't want anyone at J4G to think he approves of Dr True Ott any more than that he approves of Dr Bill Deagle, but he does. More lack of candour.

* There is an American University in Wash. DC (I think its a dumb-dumb school and probably a recruiting-training location for infiltrators of one kind or another), but Ott says "American College" because he did not get a Ph.D from American University. This is the same trick Rodney Martin pulled with his attendance at the Reserve Officer Training School at William Jewell CollegeHe said he graduated from William Jewell University which doesn't exist.

I'd just like to say one thing your all missing is that the J4G site has a lot of good information in a easy organized way. I learned a lot of truth on it and that site and the watching of TGSNT was what brought me into this whole truth/revisionist movement. So maybe rather than fight amoungst us we should be looking at the good being done/presented rather than the flaws.

You don't find it strange that the website, along with the Facebook and Twitter pages, for Justice for Germans stopped suddenly in June 2015? Even more striking, 'The Truth and Justice for Germans Society' came to a screeching halt also.

I think his motive was money (Hitler sells, that has always been known) and he made up a lot of stories that weren't true to embellish his past. That doesn't mean he couldn't put together a good website -- he could and he did. He had a backgound in creating websites.

I wonder if Wayne and Deanna still talk?

Wayne's motive could not possibly be money. How can you present any logic to back that up? I am the Secretary of the Truth and Justice for German Scoiety. I told Wayne a few months ago that the 'Donate' button on the TJGS webiste is so small that people can hardly find it. I suggesgted making it stand out more since he deserve more dnations for his work.
Wayne is so sensitive to the completely unfair criticism that Carolyn Yeager or others put on him that he kept it small. I said don't worry about it.

Wayne's motive could not possibly be money. How can you present any logic to back that up?

If Wayne's motive could not possibly be money, why did he post a recruitment for his readers to join his "gold buying" Ponzi scheme on Nov. 18, 2014?


After two years of running Justice for Germans, he had a large following who liked and trusted him. So he tries to get them into a Ponzi scheme in which he will make money off them but they won't make any money -- they're too far down on the totem pole.

Is Wayne getting wealthy now with his Karetbars business? Is that why he dropped J4G again ... for the second time? Or has he moved on to something else? I think there's plenty of logic behind the money angle.

But I'm curious to know if you are saying the T&JGS is operating? There are members paying dues? There are donations? What is the program that is being carried out? What is being accomplished? Nothing, that's what. The site is exactly the same as it was a year ago. It's a scam ... or a pipe dream. It's absolutely reminiscent of Rodney Martin's American Nationalist Association and you should know what happened to that.

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