The Heretics' Hour: Update to Taking Stock, pt 2

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May 25, 2015

Obese doctor of health and nutrition, and darling of RBN and GCN, Bill Deagle meets with writer Bill Ryan in his Colorado home in 2008.

Carolyn does a follow-up on Wayne Prante's "Truth and Justice for Germans Society," and asks whether his past associations with frauds like Dr. Bill Deagle have compromised him. Main topics are:

  • Prante's  strange and accidental Board of Directors (only four other than himself, including the auditor);
  • On this Deanna Spingola show he says he is a long-time listener to RBN (since its inception in 2004) and Alex Jones;
  • Wayne's heavy-handed personality revealed in his Public Notice against Tim White;
  • "I love David Icke";
  • Scam artist Bill Deagle is a hero and genius to Wayne;
  • Is Wayne Prante in it for the money?

Bill Deagle links:,, [with Kevin Barrett -4th video down: Clay&Iron],


The beauty of starting an exclusive organzation like the one Rodney Martin has or Mark Weber inherited is that it becomes a honeytrap for some rich well-meaning person or persons (one deep-pocket is enough to make the task worthwhile) to be flattered and wined and dined and made central to an institution which practically no-one else but themselves knows about. A much better way to make substantial donations, even incur a legacy than a site simply relying on advertising or heavily pressured donations.
But it is not only those seeking to personally profit who can waste people's time and money and misplace their well-meant efforts. We live in an age of the internet and yet the highly funded Ingrid Zundel Library has yet to go onto the web. You would imagine that Ingrid would care to share and to promote Ernst's great work on revisionism along with microfilm of his large collection of books and documents and indeed use the big donations to grow the library into a center for revisionism rather than a hut in the snow observed only by reindeer. Especially as the IHR is currently amazingly and almost unbelievably deeply more concerned with Roosevelts trousers in their ongoing vital collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum on fashion and presumably the effect of rising hemlines on American political history:

Endzog, the IHR you linked to is not the same one that Mark Weber runs. It ends in "Review" while the one in London ends in "Research."  But you are right that starting a non-profit is the best way to get large donations, since it is tax-deductable. A man sent me $100 recently and told me that if I were a 501c3, he would send 10 times that amount. It's not something I'm going to do, though. It's complicated.

A friend just informed me that Bill Deagle, the Christian, admits to being of Jewish descent in an interview he conducted with Tex Marrs in Jan. 2014.

@2min10sec Deagle says: "Oh yeah, I'm a descendant on the Lebanese side from Cohens and I know that from our family line." Interesting, eh?

I honestly don't care much for past mistakes. Nobody is perfect and most never heard the whole truth until they themselves actively researched NS. 
My concern is, Wayne's vicious hatred for White Nationalism. I do know White Nationalism doesn't work but I take a WN European Union over the mass invasion of non-Whites any day! 
If the TJGS represents Germans and citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany though, who is a German then is the question. If you'd replace all Germans with Turks and Somalis, would they all be Germans if they have German papers? 
It seems they would for someone who hates WN with a passion. 

that public comments are not available at either J4G or TJGS websites. But you could ask your question here and see if it is even posted:

At TJGS all one can do is write a message that will be kept private.

It seems to me the entire thrust is to break through the Allied biased narrative about Germany in world history, with the greatest interest on WWII. During that time, all Germans were White. Since the sites only deal with the historical perspective, the question of race in Germany today doesn't come up.

I asked Wayne this question. Still waiting for an answer. It might take a while. That's ok. I'm sure he won't ignore me. He never did in the past and we emailed quite a bit. 
A German by etymology is a blood related brother/sister and member of any German tribe, which in itself is a biological term for a subrace.
Hitler stated in an interview in 1923 that for National Socialists, race and state are the same. The state is a social construct. Before the year 800, there was no German state, yet Magna Germania was populated by German tribes. 
Hence, a non-German cannot be a German, even if a traitor or occupation state government issues him or her German papers or if he or she speaks any of the German languages. 

A. True Ott is another fake doctor who says he got a Ph.D in Nutrition at the non-existent "American College" in Washington DC.* He sells what he calls "Mother Earth Minerals" at this website, overpriced and useless.

He is also a friend of Jeff Rense and all the "medical" crowd that used to be so big at RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) dispensing advice and selling products to the gullible. As we know, Germans tend to be gullible ... there are jokes about it.

Wayne's fourth post on Justice4Germans (Oct. 13, 2012) consisted of a reading by Ott of “Behind Communism” by Frank Britton. We can figure from this that Wayne was still attached to Dr. Deagle and Dr. Ott when he started his blog. Ott has quite a charismatic voice, perfect for the church pulpit.

But at some point, probably fairly recently, Wayne added a note to this post.

NOTE  I generally do not subscribe to the views of True Ott, however I found this reading and his commentary useful.

On the contrary, in the 9/11-FalseFlagFlu video I posted here, Wayne spends about 10 minutes of his 55 min. talk reading something written by A. True Ott. @48min:

Lab-created virus. This is something by Dr. A. True Ott, a gentleman who I follow his research a lot. I think he's a brilliant researcher. He doesn't get everything right (waves his hand), nobody does, but uh he explains it this way: All the modern pandemics are caused by vaccine needles(?). As this author has repeatedly declared during many public radio interviews, the deadly 1918 influenza pandemic was the direct result of live-virus contaminated Typhus fever vaccines mandatorily given to the US and Allied military personnel during WWI. During that era, viruses were not even discovered yet, but they were doing vaccines even back in the 1800, by the way. And what he says is: during that era the viruses were not discovered yet and diseases were thought to be bacterial only. These deadly typhus fever vaccines were manufactured by John D Rockefeller's research labs in Chinese pharma-factories. The vaccine seed stock consisted of viruses harvested from human typhoid fever patients cross-injected into swine herds to create increased C stock and then injected into chicken and turkey eggs for further incubation of the pathogens. This final harvested vaccine material was then injected into hundreds of millions of human beings. The result was a massive pandemic that claimed the lives of up to 50 million people. In 1918 the bio-pandemic was an honest mistake, the result of a combination of very bad vaccine and gross ignorance about virus and disease they cause. However the continued denial of these facts and a subsequent reverse engineering of a killer virus in uh Fort Dietrich Labs (look that up!) is inexcusable and constitutes a veritable crime against humanity. …

And so on it went, there was more. Does Wayne know whether any of this is true or not? Of course not, but he passes it on anyway. And can you imagine saying: "up to 50 million people died"? With no low number, it can mean any number - how about 5? Think about it.

Anyway, this shows us that he doesn't want anyone at J4G to think he approves of Dr True Ott any more than he approves of Dr Bill Deagle, but he does. More lack of candour.

* There is an American University in Wash. DC (I think its a dumb-dumb school and probably a recruiting-training location for infiltrators of various kinds), but Ott says "American College" because he did not get a Ph.D from American University. This is the same trick Rodney Martin pulled with his attendance at the Reserve Officer Training School at William Jewell CollegeHe said he graduated from William Jewell University which doesn't exist.

During that one year off that Wayne Prante was 'gone'.
He was doing this stuff, selling gold or karatbars

 Amazing that you found this, Petr.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Wayne Linuxguy!

He's into everything!

This is a free Jew-gle account. I called the 800 number (866-668-9001) and it was Wayne's voice on the other end asking me to leave a message. It's a live business and he is the owner. Look at this:

"The company was officially founded on April 15th, 2014 and our website was launched on May 15th, 2014"  (during his "off" time from J4G because of health & family problems)

Here is a video he put up on youtube that demonstrates his computer expertise:

On his Linuxguy you tube channel, up until 8 months ago [Oct. 2014?] he was only showing videos convincing viewers to buy gold because the world was coming to an end, but then he quit that and went German.

Deanna Spingola is one of the 9 people in his circle.

Hello Carolyn, the Linux computer business website seemed a little odd to me. The first line of the home page says its a "legally registered business", before it even describes the business's purpose, which is apparently to help people use the Linux PC operating system. Normally some legal registration would be assumed (eg LLC, corp, etc), so unless a field has a problem with unregistered operators, there's no reason to say this so prominently...perhaps its to reassure potential customers.  But what I found more odd was that the business doesn't accept credit cards or paypal, only CODs or the gold Karatbars that Wayne sells. The site says this is because the business is a startup, but if someone is running a start-up, wouldn't they want to make things as convenient as possible, to bring in new business? In 2015, who pays for stuff in gold bars?
I wonder if Wayne is promoting this site to J4G or TJFG people. Linux would be potentially appealing because its not associated with a big Jewish influenced company like Microsoft, and is perceived as more private and secure. However, if someone wanted to collect information on people, having access to their computer's operating system would be a great way to do it. Installing or servicing that system could provide a way in.  I'm not saying this is neccessarily the case with Wayne, but its just something people have to be careful about in general, who they give access to their computers and hardware. Based on the Google+ page, it seems he's marketing to people wary of the government and mainstream news, people afraid we will have some sort of Weimar-like meltdown and will need gold.  

I myself wouldn't make too much of the Linux pages. I think Wayne just takes advantage of the free webpages and websites (like wordpress, facebook, google, etc.) to make some extra income for himself. whether through donations or selling some service or product. He's into a lot of different things, isn't he? Even though his flegling Linux business is local, he puts up Internet pages for it just because it's free and he might get a few customers that way.  [Linux is a great system, it must be said.]

He has always used Paypal for J4G so he doesn't have any moral qualms about that. But yes, I think he has the Dr Bill Deagle outlook on life.

I don't think he's trying to collect information on people but is basically on the lookout for ways to make money for himself. Look at the J4G site - it's a stock Wordpress banner that doesn't have anything to do with Germany and that anyone can use (and some do) - he didn't even bother to design a special banner for it. So I think he just put it up to see how it would go and it took off right away. Why mess with success?

Funny thing about the gold, though, is that Adolf Hitler and National-Socialism was anti-Gold. Gold is Jewish ... and international. Usury started with Gold! But Wayne says: "I have long understand the problem of Fiat Currency and Usury, and the value of owning gold as a hedge against inflation." Actually gold is unstable - its only benefit is that it cannot go down to zero, it's always going to be worth something, and it's appealing to the eye. People start to salivate when they see it, lol.

That's a good point Carolyn, I didn't realize the NS were anti-gold, but it makes sense why. I always see commercials for shows about "Nazi gold", and they sicken me because most of them are bragging about how the Allies looted Germany. You're right about the Jewish obsession with gold. The Discovery channel is filled with shows about degenerates trying to get rich off it. Its pushed as a safe investment in patriot circles, but as you said, its unstable. I think the Jewish investment banks manipulate the gold market for profit, like alot of things.
I agree about Wayne, he is into alot of things! I think you're probably right that he's not collecting information, but that its another project / side business of his. I feel silly after reading your comment about the J4G banner, because when I visited the site I was wondering if it was a picture of a famous place in Germany, that German people would know. I couldn't see the connection, but now I know there is none!

I do not participate in Google circle, whatever that is. I rarely, if ever join groups as I am not group-oriented by choice. As far as Dr. Deagle - he is a unique person who makes a lot of very strange claims. People who are seeking information on health would be better to acquire such help from someone who actually looks healthy instead of someone who simply sells health products. I have not appeared on his program since about 2010. Thankfully, the things that I have learned in the last five years would, by choice, compel me to decline an invitation to be on his program.

I gave the link: Your name is there. That's all I know. Wayne is using Google+, so maybe he added your name. I have no idea how these things work, but I know you won't find my name on any of their pages.

Well, in 2010 you were happy to be Dr. Deagle's special guest once a month without asking any questions about him. The products he sells don't make anyone healthy -- they can't. So he's a quack and a crook, like how many others you once were happy to participate with. Wayne Prante recently spoke respectfully of Bill Deagle on your program, and you didn't say anything. How is one to know you didn't agree with him?

Deanna, I'm told Dr. Deagle was a guest on one of your programs last year,  but he was using another name. A caller recognized his distinctive voice and he admitted he was Deagle. I don't have time to listen to a bunch a programs to discover if I hear his voice. Can you corroborate or deny this please? Thanks a lot.

I have notes on every program that I have ever conducted. I have never had Bill Deagle on a radio program. I did have A. True Ott on a Spingola Special on Monday, November 19, 2012. Perhaps the person who supplied this information might also supply you with the date of the alleged program as proof. With regards to my short association with Deagle - many of us have been associated with people, at one time or another, with whom we no longer associate. My spending one hour a month on Deagle's radio show up until 2010 did not make us friends and it was not an endorsement of his ideaology or the items that he sold. The last time that I spoke to him was the last time that I was on his radio program. Further, I do not owe anyone an explanation or an apology for my accepting his invitation to be on his program. My appearance on his program is no more incriminating than others who have more recently interacted on radio programs with people/hosts with even more questionable characters.
Regarding Wayne's invitation to join his Google Circle - I declined that invitation as evidenced by the fact that I did not supply any information and am not part of his circle and have no idea what that involves. . I am not sure what the point of this is. Further, Wayne is a grown man. He is free to select his friends, acquaintances and to establish whatever affiliations he wishes. I did not invite him on the program to talk about these choices nor did I vet his selection of said people any more than I would invite anyone else for that reason. I have people on my program to discuss their ideas and am not responsible for their choices, their behavior or anything else. I pick my fights and I am certainly not going to spend my time challenging him on his association with Deagle. I have frequently stated that I do not endorse every statement that my guests utter on my program.    

The person who mentioned that to me only remembered it as 'last year' and said he was 99% but not 100% sure that it was Deagle. I accept what you say. If someone mentions that to me again, I'll tell them I checked into it and they're wrong. Although ... I can't imagine a more questionable character than 'Dr' Bill Deagle. If you're suggesting by "others" that I have interacted on radio programs with more questionable characters than Deagle, I wish you would name them. I am one of those people who believes in naming those whom I'm speaking about. Otherwise, I don't see what "others" have to do with it.

Deanna, you are exceedingly supportive, warm and emotionally involved with Wayne Prante on the many times he's been the guest on your program. The point of the  "circle" thing was just another instance of your support, although I believe you that you didn't add your name there. Still it's hard to accept your claim that you see him as just another guest you bring on to discuss his ideas. Your endorsement of him is total, and his of you. That's perfectly alright, but you should at least be willing to admit it. 

I attempt to be “supportive, warm and emotionally involved” with most of my guests, the majority of whom I have never met. I appreciate their work and their efforts. I applaud the work that Wayne has done on his web site, his passion for the German people, and his experiences growing up in an often negative, anti-German environment. Of course I do not totally endorse Wayne or any of my other guests because we are all individuals who share commonality on certain issues. That is why I invite people on my program – to present their ideas. Listeners may accept or reject those ideas. For goodness sake, I do not even totally endorse the opinions, proclivities or ideas of people with whom I actually and regularly associate, including family and friends. Even if I had a twin sister, which I do not, I would probably have different ideas, opinions, interests and certainly disagreements about ideology. We are not herd animals despite claims to the contrary – we are individuals.
Anyone may view and tabulate guest frequency of well over 1,000 programs by visiting my schedule page at There are several people that I have had on the program numerous times. That does not mean that I totally endorse their ideas about every issue or anything else that they are involved with. I receive email reminders from several radio hosts, including you, about their upcoming guests, individuals who cover topics that I might not have an interest in or that are questionable, fearmongering, distasteful, or perhaps disinformation. I am not singling you out, merely citing examples of why/how I select the guests and topics.

Pure cant, Deanna. Do you know what "cant" is?

I applaud the work that Wayne has done on his web site, his passion for the German people, and his experiences growing up in an often negative, anti-German environment.

What passion for the German people--the one he developed in 2011? Why is it that most of the people he likes best and prefers to associate with over his lifetime are NOT German? The person he says he loves and admires most of all is an Indian who hated 'Nazis' and George Bush ... but not Jews.

Did Wayne really grow up in an anti-German environment? No more than any other kid of full German heritage in Canada. He's creatring an impression, with the help of you and Brian, that he was seriously bullied, although he doesn't give any specific details. I don't think so. What kids haven't been through a little name-calling, for one reason or another? Experiences like this are what build character during youth. Oh! He was called a Nazi a few times? Well, later he called others "Nazi" and today he is calling  White Nationalists "neo-nazis." What is a neo-nazi if not a nazi?

I would say the extent of his discomfort was watching films and tv shows showing Germans as cold-hearted jerks responsible for war and brutality against everyone else. Join the club! How many millions of other kids and adults with German names and families felt the same discomfort. But we manage, and remain proud of our heritage. A little more honesty and less schmaltz from both of you would be appreciated.

Wayne uses J4G to promote his money-making schemes! Shocking. As soon as he returned from his 1 year layoff, he posted this on Nov. 18, 2014:

"Earlier this year I became an affiliate member of Karatbars International, a German company based in Stuttgart.

But if you want to earn greater commissions in perpetuity, you can acquire a affiliate package for as little as Euro 99.00 or $130.00 US which unlocks the door to a life time of earnings. [what Wayne did]

We simply acquire gold and refer others to the company, and they do the same. [...]  I invite my readers to also take advantage and secure your position now by registering your free account under my sponsorship. [he's recruiting -cy]

Finally, whether through participating in the Karatbars program, through making donations, purchasing books through my Amazon affiliate book store, or simply by sharing my posts and videos, etc  I thank you and wish you all a great Christmas holiday season!"


Company review:

This is pretty funny:

Is the owner Harald Seiz a Jew? He looks like it. Watch the videos.

Is this "German genius" really Jewish genius?

Carolyn, thank you so much your continuing constructive criticism. My best wishes to you in your work.

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