Why I support the AfD

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-11-23 19:53

AfD leaders hold a news conference with a generally hostile press.

By Carolyn Yeager

GERMANY NEEDS TO CHANGE. That is, the political philosophy that governs Germany needs to change. The current philosophy is internationalist and guided by remembrance of WWII “crimes”, especially the Holocaust slander. The change I want to see is to a pro-German Germany, a more nationalist Germany. The new party Alternative for Germany (AfD), described as populist, can bring about this change in an unobjectionable way. Yes, the Jews will scream, the left will scream, the communists will scream – but since AfD has no connection with Nazism, since it rejects any return to National Socialism, the party is not in any way 'unconstitutional' … unless and until being pro-German (or even being German!) becomes unconstitutional.

Because the AfD is not extreme in any of its views, because they welcome Jews and support Israel (but not in the fanatical way the CDU and SPD do) … because of this they are “respectable” enough to have achieved something like a stable 15% of the vote nationwide, and are represented in every state parliament in Germany. This is something the older, far right National Democratic Party (NPD) has never come close to. The current leadership of the AfD is intelligent and capable, particularly (in my opinion) Alexander Gauland and Joerg Meuthen. I also think Alice Weidel is very effective. I am encouraged that the party did not expel Bjorn Hoecke (left) of Thuringia, which was demanded by the Jews and Leftists simply for his expression of some of his heartfelt beliefs about what Germany means to him. Those like Bjorn are exactly whom I want to see able to express themselves more freely in German life.

Change has to start somewhere, and it has to have staying power. It's no good if it's here today, gone tomorrow. Some of the desirable changes I think an AfD majority in Berlin would facilitate are the following:

a) Less censorship; greater freedom for public discussion of the Third Reich era;.

b) Relaxation of the enforced guilt that all German-blooded people are expected to embrace for all eternity.

c) Allow discussion of the proper interpretation of Volksverhetzung in the German criminal code in English meaning “incitement of the masses” or “incitement to hatred.”

d) Allow the current financial support and special laws for all Jews, Jewish organizations and structures, educational costs of rabbis, and aid to the state of Israel to be commented on and questioned in a calm, respectful way, same as for Christian and Muslim clergy and places of worship. This is something taxpayers should have a say in.

Currently in Germany, questioning or expressing doubt about the absolute truth of all details of the so-called Holocaust, as determined by the war crimes trials that took place in Nuremberg in the latter 1940's, is against the law. Likewise, anything less than 100% disapproval of National Socialism and the showing of N-S symbols is punished under the same law. There is no possiblity of historical debate; debate is criminalized. This is not democracy, and it is not 'adult' behavior either. This needs to change for Germany to join the rest of Europe as a 'grown up' country, rather than being held in an apologetic stance as a moral inferior.

Changes of this type won't take place in a sudden jolt, but can only happen gradually. I am okay with that, but I do want it to start as soon as possible. I think the best hope for this moderation in law and social practice to actually win out is for Germans to vote the AfD party into power. It's not impossible.


"Gradual change" is the mantra of the weak and deluded. When has that ever worked? Let's look at the Fascist movement. Salazar in Portugal came to power via a bloodless military coup; Franco by a blood soaked one. Neither were "gradual"; neither by winning a majority. Hitler was "voted" into power with 1/3 of the vote and appointed by a not-yet-coopted leader, Hindenberg. Hitler's movement was on the verge of collapse months before. Mussolini's Blackshirts fought the Communists and maintained greater order in Italian society and, thus, Mussolini won the support of the King. NO VOTING. Not gradualism, but sudden "shocks" a la Hegel...Germans need to prepare their "shocks" by daring to speak openly, be it in "samizdat" or publicly and be organized to meet the police, if necessary. Their problem is not having firearms. Revolutionaries of the past; guerilla warriors of the past used their opponents as "mobile re-supply". If the immigrants in Europe can prevent the police entering certain neighborhoods, surely Europe's finest can, too. Your article has too much of the air of begging and pleading. Not an enviable trait among men. "The great issues of the day are settled by iron and blood."---Bismark

Where is a Franco? Where is a Mussolini? Where is a Hitler today? You? Times and technologies have changed, but you're still thinking in Militia terms.

"Gradual change" is how the USA has been transformed in my lifetime -- for the worse. Yes, tactics you mention were used here and there, but it was not a violent takeover of the elected government. It was not guns and explosives. It was not even centered around one man, but around 'social change.'  The support of the people is needed. The latest nationwide poll gives the AfD 16%! They keep creeping up higher -- gradually.

You are not German but a member of a revolutionary-minded ethnic group. Hitler himself decided against 'bloody revolution' after the failure of the 1923 putsch which landed him in prison, and went the way of elections. It took him 10 years of sustained effort but he did reach his goal. And held it.

The German people have been through a lot, and they're constantly reminded of it too. After '45, they were mostly ready to pull back, lay low and let others decide and run things. I don't blame them one bit. Now they have to be conjoled into taking up their inevitable leadership role in Europe -- without apology, without carrying a burden of guilt and shame which is all fake news, a media creation, anyway.

I want Brexit to go through, however it manages to do so. Then Europe can be free of that horrible dominating power of the UK. Then Germany must take its rightful place at the head of Europe -- who else? There is no one else, in terms of countries. Self-determination is fine, but equality is a fairy tale. The time for parties like the CDU and SPD is over, and obviously the voters are knowing it. I just hope the men of the Reich still have it in them -- certainly no one else does.

The BIG and ONLY point is: we in the West (Holland in my case) owe the German People our highest treasure: our Freedom. Archliar Franklin Delano Roosevelt had given (..) Europe (..) to his big friend in big crimes Uncle Joe Stalin. See 'FDR - The Other Side of the Coin' R. - Hamilton Fish p.66.
The freedom-loving French will be shocked by FDR's postwar plans for France. They do not even once refer to De Gaulle!
President Roosevelt proceeded to say,
We should not overlook the magnificent economic achievement of Russia... Their finances are sound. It is natural that the European countries will have to go tremendous changes in order to adapt to Russia. The European people (which includes France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway and of course our wartime enemies Germany and Italy) will simply have to endure the Russian domination in the hope that in ten or twenty years they will be able to live well with the Russians.
This statement of FDR's is shameful: it proposes betrayal of the freedom of France and other western European nations.
Quotes from Memorandum in The Cardinal Spellman Story by Reverend Robert Gannon.
In short: this all is nothing but a Paradigm Shift of the clearest quality. Dominated by Russia means send to the Gulag and enduring the NKVD torture chambers. Germany's 'Weisung 21' medio december 1940 prevented all this incredible horror facts. It is Germany that payed and still is paying the highest price imaginable for our freedom. Heard to the amounr of even 18.000 billion.....  Time for repay and financial and moral 'Wiedergutmachung'.
Nobody deserves this more than they do. History constantly proves this time and time again.

German resistance is going on, but it is not always reported on by the German mainstream media.

Germans are waking up:


And you know because this Russian is telling you so in English? I don't think there's anyone who didn't know about Chemnitz - it was highly reported on.

AfD Federal Spokesman Alexander Gauland is now warning against the UN "Global Pact for Refugees' that is up for a vote soon. It's the twin to the 'Migration Pact' that will have it's final vote in mid-December. He says "the United Nations wants to distribute more than 60 million refugees to the countries through resettlement programs through fixed quotas."

The argument that signing the pact entails no legal obligation is deceptive because "we know how it will work in Germany: The federal government will, as always in refugee policy, interpret the treaty as generously as possible and to the detriment of Germany."

It is absurd to believe that a goverment that has not been interested in how many foreigners have come to Germany in the past three years would suddenly insist on complying with immigration quotas. In the end, Merkel will again simply shrug in the face of the expected many new arrivals and say, 'Now they are just here'.

Alice Weidel states that "1.7 million foreigners claiming protection in Germany were registered at the end of 2017 - 83,000 or 5% more than at the end of 2016. ... Of those whose application was rejected, almost all remain in Germany and continue to receive social benefits. ... this (announces) that almost anyone who makes it to Germany can look forward to a long life supplied by the German taxpayer. ... Yet our Federal Government cannot think of anything better than to join the Migration and Refugee Pacts ... this can only be seen as a deliberate destruction of the German welfare state. The longer [Merkel] officiates, the greater and ultimately irreparable is the damage she causes."

I agree with the article.  No one can tell exactly how AFD will behave, just as no one could have predicted the American Republican Party would become a party of leftists, taken over by (((Neo-Cons))), but AFD is the only party tha might bring those changes.  In the meantime, being the only party that opposes the slow genocide of Germans thru immigration and many other policies is more than enough reason to support them.
I would like Germans to become aware that the destruction of the German people was discussed during WW II already with the current policies suggested by peope like the Harvard anthropologist Ernest Hooton in a 1943 paper.