Why I will go out on election day and vote for Romney

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2012-10-11 16:51

By Carolyn Yeager

As someone who gave up on the U.S. electoral system in November 2004, and has only voted for third party candidates since -- even sitting out altogether the last primary election in Texas where I live -- I have decided that I will vote for the Republican candidate for President. This, when it takes place, will be the first time I have ever voted for a Republican for President! There is a first time for everything, so it's said.

Why have I made this decision to vote for someone I really don't like or trust, who doesn't share my politics, who I think will be bad for the country? In addition, my vote won't really make a difference anyway as I'm in a red state certain to give all it's electoral votes to Romney.

I am doing it in order to vote against Barack Obama. A vote for Romney is much more effective against Obama than a vote for any third party candidate who might be on the ballot in Texas. A vote for a write-in candidate is even more meaningless. In the past, I have done all of that, but my purpose then was to protest against the forced and staged two-party system in the United States. I wasn't voting primarily against one candidate, but against both candidates. Now my vote will be solely an objection to Obama getting a 2nd term. 

I'll be honest and tell anyone who wants to know that my #1 reason for voting against Obama is because he is a half-black man in the White House. I am a clear-cut racialist who sees miscegenation and even social race-mixing as the greatest threat to my race and my homelands that exists. There is nothing greater.

But I have other reasons, too. If this man who has been our president for four years had done a good job for my people (hard to imagine, I know), I might be doing differently now. I can't say for sure because he definitely has not done a good job. Therefore, my #2 reason to vote against Obama is that he is a practicing homosexual. Isn't it bad enough to have a black man in the White House, without his being a homosexual on top of it?! For those of you who think it hasn't been proved (like his fraudulent birth certificate), I suggest that it's because you don't think it matters that much. Or you don't want it to matter that much.

It matters.

(Pictured at right is Obama on the catwalk, or maybe the 'fairy walk' (above). Obama at a sport event sharing an intimate laugh (probably along with soft drugs) with his "body-man" Reggie Love (center). Obama not sharing an intimate kiss with wife Michelle (below).

Homosexuality is gaining ground by leaps and bounds in our societies today. It is working its way toward being acceptable even in mainstream politicians. And, as I have been writing and talking about for some months, "gays" are also becoming openly acceptable -- not only as members but as "leaders" -- in Pro-White, White advocacy and White Nationalist organizations, parties and movements.

The outcome of this trend is the lowering of our moral standards to rock bottom, since homosexuality is highly correlated with drug use, excessive and secret sexual encounters, and faked or no marriage and family life. This naturally leads to the further lowering of our birth rate, and the weakening and eventual demise of our race. Does that matter enough? Is feminism the cause of all this? Not on your life.

I know the arguments against Romney about allegiance to Israel, war with Iran, WWIII, the power of the Jews and all that. I already said I don't like Romney. But weighing it all in the balance, I prefer one of our own who we can properly critizice, correct, and even kick-out if necessary, to an alien of an enemy race. We can try to communicate with a white man with whom we have major disagreements in important areas, but we can't bridge the gap between the white and black races and cultures.

Greg Johnson, who dubs himself the founder and leader of "The North American New Right" has said (Spingola Speaks, RBN, 9/10/12) that he wants Obama to win so that it will be a black man who is blamed for the unavoidable disaster that is coming in the next four years, rather than a white man. I remember Joe Webb using the same logic four years ago, saying: Let Obama become president - then 'the people' will see how incompetent Blacks are. Did that happen? We have lots of incompetent black politicians but it doesn't stop us from getting more. Isn't it much more likely that Johnson wants Obama to remain in office because of his sexual orientation? Obama pushes the homosexual agenda and that is at the top of Johnson's list of concerns ... above race. Homosexuals don't see color when they spot a willing partner -- and drugs help blur the edges.

Black and homosexual - that's two strikes against Barack Obama. Add a third strike that he is an elitist Marxist and the verdict is clear - I will do what I can to retire this man.


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