Angela Merkel calls her own constituents "vile" for not wanting to race-mix Germany

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-08-25 00:43

Is this not a grotesque image? The soft and squishy twin 'puppets' - communist French President Hollande and globalist Chancellor Merkel - are "leading Europe" in developing "a unified system for the right to asylum." The Right to Asylum?? Who voted on that right?

The Merkel-Hollande press conference took place Monday because the two "leaders" are caught in a total bind due to their professed dogma that Europe is an open, multiculural continent. Well, a lot of folks are taking them up on that this summer. But many EU countries don't want to be open and multicultural. So things are not going too smoothly.

Earlier, Merkel over-reacted to criticism from the left for not dealing forcefully enough against the anti-migrant sentiment in her country.

Her spokesman put out a statement that "Berlin would not stand for hostility against the newcomers." The Newcomers! "The chancellor and the entire government condemn the violent rampages and the aggressively xenophobic atmosphere in the strongest terms."

Well, tough titty. The chancellor and the government are out of step with the German people. The German people don't want to bail out Greece for the third time either. But there again, Angie knows best and she wants Germans to be compassionate.

Through her spokesman, she said:

It is vile how right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis try to spread their hollow, hateful messages. Those who act like the aggressors of Heidenau place themselves far outside the law.

It is shameful to see citizens, even families with children, joining the protests to back this horrific sentiment". 

Germany is a compassionate country  and will not allow refugees to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fuelled loud mouths.

All asylum-seekers, regardless of whether their claims would ultimately be approved, deserved to be treated with "dignity and respect".

A large percentage of the asylum-seekers come from Serbia and Kosovo. When did they decide their lives were in danger? The damn Kosovo Muslims insisted on having their own independent country and now they are running away from it, preferring to live in Germany! Well, the Serbs are doing the same thing. They are just as much of a problem for Germans as are the Syrians and other Africans. They have no right to force themselves into another country because "they want a better life."

Merkel does not have the backbone to stand up against pressure from the left (and from above) insisting she speak out on aggression against refugees by angry citizens in Heidenau on Friday and Saturday night. Critics  took to social media using the Twitter hashtags #Merkelschweigt (Silent Merkel) and #Merkelsagtwas (Merkel, say something).

Merkel`s vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel (a Social Democrat), visited Heidenau on Monday and said Germany should not cede "a single millimetre to this right-wing radical mob". That doesn't sound very compassionate toward his own German people. He reserves his compassion for foreigners.

However, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, of Merkel's own party, thinks the same, saying the demonstrators in Heidenau did not represent mainstream German opinion. 

"Germany today is a country that is open to the world and -- even in light of the most recent events in Saxony, I stand by it -- a tolerant, culturally rich, diverse country."

Culturally rich, yes ... but soon to be only multi-culturally rich. The German folk need to fight back. God give them the strength.


Shocking words from Merkel and her subordinates.

One of the visiting govt. ministers to Heidenau said, "This is not the country we want."  Who is we? obviously not the people.

I read it but when I went to look for it later, it apparently had been removed ... realizing what it revealed. That it's not the country YOU want, you the German people, but the country WE want, we the puppet masters, that we will have. We will continue to enforce an anti-nationalist, anti-German, pro-mixed-race country.

I just sent an email to Chancellor Merkel telling her what I thought of her anti-German speech and behavior. Is it really her place to define what a German is? Instead of listening to Germans tell her how and what they feel and want?  Send it to:

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HEIDENAU, Germany (Reuters) - Dozens of protesters shouted at Chancellor Angela Merkel and waved placards with the slogan "traitor" on Wednesday when she visited an eastern German town where anti-refugee protests erupted into violence at the weekend.


With almost daily attacks on asylum shelters, politicians have warned of rising hostility toward foreigners.

Overnight, a suspected arsonist tried to set fire to an empty shelter in Leipzig and police in the town of Parchim arrested two men for breaking into a shelter wielding a knife.

Migrants at the Heidenau shelter told Reuters they hope to go to towns in western Germany where they believe life is easier for asylum seekers.

They know all the angles before they come. They know where life is best. And the people of Eastern Germany know that these people scare easily and will go somewhere else. It is really necessary to make them feel unwelcome. It works!

Earlier on Wednesday her [Merkel's] cabinet approved plans to double funding for municipalities this year to 1 billion euros and the amount available in the longer run is likely to increase.

A spokesman for the interior ministry confirmed that under new guidelines, refugees from Syria are now allowed to stay in Germany regardless of which country they entered the EU by.

Under EU rules migrants have to request asylum in the country where they enter the bloc but the flood of asylum seekers has prompted lawmakers to criticize that.

As Merkel met asylum seekers, police and politicians in Heidenau, about 50 protesters booed and waved signs saying "Volksverraeter" (traitor), a slogan adopted by the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement earlier this year.

"We are the mob," some yelled, referring to a description of the drunken far-right militants responsible for the violence by Merkel's deputy Sigmar Gabriel.

On Tuesday, Gabriel's Social Democrats (SPD), who share power with Merkel's conservative, evacuated their headquarters after a bomb threat they said was linked to Gabriel's visit to Heidenau.

            What Angela Merkel is doing, allowing these invaders to settle in Germany, is criminal.  The internet is filled with rumors that she is owned and operated by her Jewish masters.   They have given her numerous awards for her servitude to her Jewish masters.
            People need to protest in all these countries, demand a total ban on immigration, vote for rightist parties that promise to ban immigration and deport these aliens and reverse this criminal act of permitting the invaders to stay, institute binding superseding national referenda, get out of EU and use their armies to repel these invasions.   They need to do this soon, as death is at the door.

The German people need to stop apologising for that one decade and a half of their history. The Nationalist Socialist era was a consequence of what was done to Germany after WW1. By all means, accept refugees, but keep control of the situation. Don't keep bending over because you were once guilty of over-reacting to being on the receiving end of a punishment for a crime you did not commit (being blamed for causing WW1).

Germany did not commit the "crime" of causing WW2 either. You say Germany "over-reacted" to the dictate of Versaille. How so? Britain and America knew from the beginning it was too harsh and couldn't last, but France insisted on it and was allowed to have its revenge. In order to survive, Germany finally had to free itself by itself, and this you call over-reacting? The territorial problems with Poland and Czechoslovakia were part of the Versaille Treaty, we should try to remember ... although most want to forget and see it as aggression on Hitler's part.

It's not just the German people who need to stop accepting the false "Nuremberg Tribunal" history of WW2. All European people need to stop - including you and me, Bernie. You must know it is constantly, constantly brought up by whomever wants a convenient way to attack Germany, for whatever reason. And it's always brought up by the Jews, too.  Why not ask the Jews to stop? It does no good to tell the Germans to stop apologizing as long as they are seen to have been the inhuman criminals they're portrayed to be.

Germany should not accept more than a small number of refugees because Germany is a small nation (the size of Montana). These refugees are from a totaly different culture than what Germany is and these cultures have formed over thousands of years. They cannot adjust to each other in a short period of time such as even a couple of generations. The refugee crisis is a product of the JewSA anyway, and that can be proven far better than can the idea that Germany is responsible for WW2.