Beginnings and Endings

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2024-01-01 10:58

By Carolyn Yeager

IT'S SAID THAT EVERY ENDING MARKS A NEW BEGINNING. That helps, because while I've been grappling with how (and even whether!) to say I'm ending this website in a post I had already titled  '2023 Wrap Up', the New Year has arrived and pushed me into 2024 before I got it posted.

I began last years posts (only 10 of them!) with a New Year resolution to stop or improve my growing problem with procrastination. I had meant to end this year with a confession that I admit defeat in that resolve and, furthermore, I realize it can only get worse from here.

It's not that I haven't been getting the message that it's time for me to bow out, but I've procrastinated on that also! Thankfully the Buddha quote solves my anxiety over not being in the right order. has been online in one form or another since 2007. In 2023, that means 16 years. I'm happy to report that I don't disavow any ot it's content, as my beliefs and general outlook has remained consistent. I have learned that turning around a vast monolith like The Holocaust Fable and the Myth of the Evil Hun (German, that is) of two very popularized World Wars, is a task that takes more than a few websites, a slew of truth-telling books, and the best efforts of thousands of intelligent, well-meaning earthlings. After all, that small slice of humanity is up against the Organized Modern MEDIA, behind which stand certain governmental entities and their front organizations—a financial hierarchy of the wealthiest corporations, families and individuals whose allegiance is to maintaining that hierarchy.

After years of opposing all this, I've come to believe that only a bona fide “awakening” that jolts the mind out of its complacency can bring about a permanent altering of perspective or point of view. No matter how many facts are arrayed against it, the only real cure for Holocaust belief is to awaken from it! That's because it's a trance induced by fiat, where questioning is not allowed. It's presented, and taken, as a fact of life. But, like bowling pins, when a key holocaustian 'pin' in one's mind gets tumbled over, causing instability in the rest, a rapid unwinding of the entire patchwork of belief can occur. This is  often called an "aha moment."

This “aha moment” is associated by many with Zen Buddhism (when the last veil of Maya falls away), and also termed an epiphany—a sudden insight or intuitive understanding. Experience teaches us that believers can hear solid arguments for years without their being accepted by the truly stuck mind, while a trivial, or very personal association of thoughts coming together in a certain way in a receptive mind can bring down an entire mental structure in moments.

The 'Holocaust' should be seen as all or nothing. That's what the aha-moment shows us—not a piecemeal “yes” to this part, "no” to that part and “maybe” to the rest. That only helps to keep it alive. What's needed to to see it as a whole; then the complete ridiculousness of the entire elaborate structure becomes apparent. This is also called Gestalt – a German concept not well translated to other languages. As said before, the 'Holocaust' keeps growing new octopus arms in order to survive. The more complex it can claim to be, the more easily one part can hide from the other in endless disputes over details. It will die only from lack of the attention that created it, not as I once envisioned and hoped in a noisy collapse accompanied by a lynching party! I see now why that cannot be. It must be starved to death, not fed. That doesn't mean totally ignoring it either but certainly only approaching it in the most effective, strategic ways.

It is a criminal conspiracy, let's not forget. [see my articles under World Jewish Congress]

May this brief, parting message bear fruit among those who yearn to come to the end of this massive beast that has plagued the world for over a hundred yearsl. It has has bred war after war, and unimaginable suffering. My thanks and appreciation to all who have followed this site over the years, and contributed to it. I'm honored to have been a part of the Truth Movement of the 21st century with such an array of amazing, talented people. Since in reality we are only One, we can only progress together. But still, each one must examine himself, not his neighbor. That's what I'm working on. My very best wishes to one and all.

P.S. My three wesites will remain online, but as "read only." That will happen within the month, I expect.


I've been away forawhile and just looked in again last week. I'm sad to see you stop, but thanks for being an island of truthful, substantiated information in an ocean of lies. Best wishes,

Thank you for your tireless work to expose the truth!
My aha moment came some time ago by reading several brave researchers like you:
Wm. Grimstad, Arthur Butz, David Irving, Institute for Historical Review, and many more. 

You were part of my early awakening.
Your postings, articles, interviews.
Brought awareness to the lies.
And revealed truths unknown.
I am sure I am not only one.
And I have in turn.
Passed it on.
Popular I am not.
But I have noticed.
That the tide has turned.
Fare thee well.

So very much appreciated, Sir H. Thank you.

You have fought the good fight.
let it be written, let it be done.
Best wishes

Very Dear Carolyn, first wish you the Happiest of New Year's, but so sad to hear you will be leaving us. I have enjoyed every letter you sent and just checked one of my G-mail File Folders and have everyone back to 5/18/2019! I will treasure them forever as the content sadly is still relevant with the damn zionists lying forever with all their WWII BS which anyone who even makes a circuitous check into the facts would know the truth immediately. One of the best was Ernst Zündel who by chance became friendly with his wife Ingrid Rimland-Zundel in Tennessee. We often exchanged emails and my brother Gordon and I did all we could (letters to Gov. Petitions etc.) and still consider it a disgraceful action by the RCMP and FBI to get him deported to Canada and then Germany to be tried! Sickening!
Not to get off-track, I am very disappointed that your excellent reportage is ending for the moment I hope you will enjoy life to the full. Of course, I will look forward to anything you decide to venture forth with in the future. Again wishing 2024 will be an excellent, wonderful year for you.
With All The Best,
Just for the record:
HOWARD ALEXANDER STAFFORD (Proudly German, Scots heritage)
OCALA, FLORIDA 34483-6838
N.B. The Canada on my Homepage is we were born in Toronto, Canada but always felt better in USA!

You touch my heart, Howard. While I aim to wish all people well, I will never stop loving my own kinfolk more deeply. I do think it's the reason for my quickly developing such a passion for this subject. I need not apologize for that to God, as I happily give all others the same right. [Ernst Zundel's family and both sides of mine originate in the same area of Germany - the southwest corner of the state of Baden, close to the French-German border - I feel like we are relatives.]

I guess it's why I detest "Globalism" and the earlier "World Communism" and Marxism so much. The flowering of the various nations is a beautiful sight to behold and seems to me to be the ultimate evolutionary goal on earth. We should stop there and each nation work to improve itself, focusing especially on it's tolerance for the others (particularly its neighbors, lol). I know the forces that undermine that and they are formiddable, but trying to become all alike is not the answer. It's impossible too.

If opportunities arise, I may write comments on other sites, most likely Unz Review bc that offers the best opportunities. Possibly The Occidental Observer, or I might find some new ones. I am too curious to "drop out" altogether.

All the best, you good man.

If I may have a last word. Establishing a purpose reveals the meaning of tactics to achieve gestalt. What does the GASACAUST SLANDER mean to the British?
The GASACAUST serves GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS (google it). This is true whether Britain is a covert Jewish state or not.
Gasacaust censorship is enforced by states invented and imposed on European nations by Britain and the United States, aka, NATO.
Its purpose is the genocide of Germans. (See Nicolas Kollerstrom's How Britain Initated Both World Wars). He explains that in war soldier fights soldier, while diplomats work to restore peace. In genocide, soldier attacks civilians (firebombings, starving POWS, ethnic cleansing, mass rape of little girls), while ignoring peace initiatives (Rudolf Hess). The gasacaust is a tactic of genocide by impugning the existence of Germans, as such, to prepare and justify their sterilization, de-industrialization, and extinction. It is state-backed psychological warfare on civilians by British and American governments. These governments have the total support of Britains and Americans of all ethnic groups.
Genocide of Germans fulfills Britain's PERMANENT domination of middle east oil, and thereby secures its aim of world domination revealed by Cecil Rhodes. "Control the oil, control the industrial nations." -Kissinger
By such domination, Britain can deny Europe (Germany industry) access to its own oil energy, turning Europe into a continent of "dwarfs" (Goering). Britain's blowing up the Nordic pipelines, by its proxy Biden and their Rhodes scholars, continues this genocide to deny Germans energy and industrial modern life.
See F. William Engdahls's CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo American Oil Politics. (free pdf at  Engdahl shows that the Kaiser and the Ottoman Sultan wanted to peacefully develop the oil of Otto-Germania with a Berlin-to-Baghdad railroad. Germany was to get 20km on either side of the railroad it built and financed to drill for oil. To prevent its completion, the war in the Balkans was suddenly started by the assassination arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand. Who did it? All three regimes involved in the B2B railroad were destroyed by WWI. Britain ended up with a Mandate from Heaven to control the oil ever since.
Israel serves to secure that domination. "If Israel didn't exist, we would have to invent one."  - Joe Biden
That is why Israel is where it is. It serves British purposes.
Britain was genocidal against the Irish (see Irish Holocaust by Fogarty).
Britain was genocidal against the Boers.
Britain was genocidal before and after Hitler, with the genocidal wars and policies on Arabs, Indians, and East Asians. One tactic of GBG is to pit a nation against itself. That's what Pakistan, "Poland," Northern Ireland, North Korea, and Israel all serve to do. Britain backed the South, lost to the Union, and recaptured the US with the Rhodes Mafia, bringing the US to its side for the world wars.
The gasacaust is a tactic of a larger pattern of repeated genocide by the British empire and its Anglo-American offspring that want to impose an English Mafia on the world--a rules-based system of central banking colonies that they control and can exempt themselves from.
There is a dynamic between the WASPS and the Jews, where Jews serve power, but are not their own state power. As Carroll Quigley said, "the Anglo-American establishment will work with the communist network."
British Fabians and Rhodes Mafia brought Bolshevism to power. (See Prolonging the Agony by MacGregor and Docherty). Kerensky's masonic father taught Lenin high school from the same obscure Russian town. Masonry answers to the British royal family (Duke of Kent presently). Bolshevism is a British regime change operation with Jews as the face. Whites (aka Britons) engage in crypsis, hiding behind the Jewish face, giving Britain "plausible deniablity." Britain is the real evil empire. Like PUT-IN, Lenin was installed. Russia fell into his lap with virtually no effort. British agents did all the heavy lifting. The Beatles were a tribute band to the Bolsheviks and served as voice of a British Invasion of America, hitting US television, the same week as the JFK assassination.
Today's Big Jews are British court Jews.
Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky were Fabians ("Stalin is the arch-Fabian of Europe." -Fabian George Bernard Shaw) who were directly helped by Sidney Webb of the King's Privy Council. Lenin is credited with translating Webb's book Industrial Democracy. Soros has Privy Councillor Lord Malloch Brown on his Open Society Board of Trustees. The Queen knighted Simon Peres, Alan Greenspan, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, Mugabe, Mandela, all villains who are NEVER addressed as BRITISH AGENTS by Anglo-conservatives, libertarians, or white nationalists.
Who stops people from questioning the gasacaust? Who doesn't want us to see how certain Jews run the world FOR British world domination. If we saw that, we would see everything. How do Jews have power?  
Jewish power is a function of British-American power. Israel is a function of that power. Centuries before, Jewish power was a function of Catholic power. Once Christendom collapsed, Jews were running for a new protector to serve, Britain. Jews hop from empire to empire to be SAVOYVAS.
Those who want to challenge the gasacaust must see its PURPOSE as a tactic of Britain's strategy for British world domination. This is a testible thesis. If Britain collapses, the gasacaust collapses.
That gets you the big picture gestalt. If the gasacaust is a tactic of genocide, all the fabricated and absurd claims make sense. The show trials make sense. The lack of affidavits make sense. The censorship makes sense. The tasteless ugly gasacaust monuments make sense. No one would have to fabricate evidence, if it was a historical fact. It is a "political fact" that "justifies" Britains genocide of Germans. That is its purpose. Without the German scapegoat, the blood of 100 million people is on the hands of the British.
Instead of debunking the minitae (which is certainly important), we must understand its genocidal purpose and intent at a state level. That's that "Aha!"
Hollywood is a tool of the CIA, which like the ISI of Pakistan which "sheltered" bin Laden, was started by the British. Gasacaust documentaries are pushed by the regime schools to enforce a tenuous political victory over Germans, which is unstable, since British encirclement and genocide of Germans is obviously wrong and precedes any anti-Jew policies in Germany. Genocide born of oil greed, being the aim of the world wars, would vindicate Germans, entirely. Jan Lamprecht wrote, "A victor must be seen as the good guy or else the victory is subject to reversal."
The gasacaust is an existential necessity to genocidal Britain.  
That is why the concept of GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS is critical. It gives us British state intent from Cecil Rhodes onwards. Thus, you must challenge the power of Britons in the world to defeat the gasacaust.
Britains are the whites. Whites are less than 10 percent of the US population. (Hackett Fischer of Albion's Seed stated it was less than 20% in 1989.) Madison Grant sensed that whites (Britons) lost their majority 120 years ago. If blacks ran America, the gascaust would go up in smoke because the gasacaust is a tool of white supremacy, as surprising as, that may sound. Just stick with Benjamin Franklin's authoritative statement on what is white. 
"The English make up the principle body of white people in the world," wrote Benjamin Franklin. Fair-skin non-Britons were SWARTHY. "Swedes, Spaniards, Italians, Russians are swarthy as are Germans." White is not about a skin-race, but whether you served the power of Albion, Weissland, Whiteland. Who comes from Whiteland? Whites. Salter's 2023 book Anglophobia uses this white nationalist conceptual trickery. White is just an ethnic euphemism for the English and loyalists to British power. White nationalism can't help non-Britons. That's why LEADING white nationalists "step over" the gasacaust.  The fate of Germans is not their concern, which is why white nationalism has nothing to offer, non-Britons. Nor does it serve British-Americans who are lead to believe they are some kind of ethnic majority.
Jewish power is a function of British-American power. Israel is a function of that power and serves that power, as was communism. As such, "Jews look white to me," said Jared Taylor. Germans are not white per Franklin. Use peach instead. The white race is white because it bleeds everyone else white. 
Centuries ago, Jewish power was a function of Catholic power, but once Christendom collapsed, Jews were running for a new protector to serve. Jews hop from empire to empire to be SAVOYVAS.
The job of the court Jew is to collect the taxes and take the hate ("anti-semitism"), so the king doesn't have to. In return, the Jew gets power, privilege, and PROTECTION. Today, Jews can claim to be victims and are protected by British. That's the scam. The good thing is that 90 percent of the public is non-white. That is why Congress has less than 20 percent approval. The legitimacy of the USG and the gasacaust slander stands on a chop stick.  The wide public knowledge of this fact will cause a political revolution.
The British and American regimes want Germans dead. They let the Jews do the cultural killing, while they do the military killing. The GASACAUST knocks out two birds with one stone, Germans and Catholicism. These are the proximate arch-enemies of British world domination.
Unfortunately, Hitler was an Anglophile, as were his assassins! Like the Aztecs who thought the Spanish gold hunters were the return of their white gods, Hitler refused to believe in the reality of British aggression, its quest for genocide of Germans, and act accordingly. He refused to comprehend that the Soviet Union was a Jew-ridden BRITISH-PROXY regime, which had the total support of the Anglos.
The genocide of Europeans is a function of white supremacy, Europeans being its greatest victims. That's why it is so important that blacks take the spotlight. We must be brave enough to learn that from history.
As you say, you need the big picture.
What is the purpose of the GASACAUST SLANDER?
To achieve PERMANENT British world domination.

I only just began to look at this website and it is too bad that I did not come to it sooner. Thanks for all of your hard work to enlighten the people still benighted by this massive psyop called the holocaust. It does take patient work by intelligent and well informed people to free others from a lifetime of miseducation. Bravo Carolyn Yeager. I'm sure that you have made a difference. 

Thank you!

This is the year that Trump becomes President to get "rid of the Swamp". He won't ! He is a Reptile. Loves Israel and even now states he is a Jew.  The first warning was when he introduced a "Holocaust Survivor" into his SOU address to Congress. He says he saved millions of lives with his promotion of the vaccine. 
Trump will not make America great. He will be the final nail in the coffin.

Although we will never meet, your website and your work -- and you -- have been very important to me on my journey from incurious nihilism to racial consciousness and far, far beyond.  God bless you and keep you, my dear Sister.  

Dear Astrid (and Catherine and Barbara, comments 1 & 2), I appreciate your words so much, as you have all contributed to this site for a long time. It always pleases me especially when gals speak out--I  think it frightens the Holo Industry more bc they count on women to be more shy and reticent, more easily manageable. I don't mean shrieking, but if all the women who doubted and/or disliked the H. narrative would speak up in unison, it would be deafening. Someone should start a website devoted to female revisionists that solicited their views & experiences. I think it would be very popular -- and not 'sexist'. Who cares about those labels anyway.

I have been a follower of this site since its inception, although I rarely, if ever, commented. I was once very hard on you over a stupid issue, so I am sorry.
You have done a service for everyone!

I'm saddened by this news, as I only discovered your website about a month ago and quickly signed up for the newsletter (and bought your new book). It almost feels like it's ending before it began since I'm so new here. But I understand that all good things must come to an end at some time. I'm grateful for all this info you have for us and that you'll keep the websites up. It would be a tragedy for them to go down! In fact, if there's any danger of (((them))) taking down your sites, it would be nice to have all the content available as a download, maybe in a zip file or something. I still have A LOT to read here! And of the course, the enemy of truth always seeks to destroy and erase the truth. But 16 years is a great run, and again I thank you for all you've written here ... I'll be digging in for quite a while!

That's just what I was thinking. A zip would be good to make certain, but wish to see it ensured intact as a live website indefinitely into the future.
I hope, Carolyn, your'e in a position and able to arrange that (especially in light of what happened to Ernst Zuendel's website - disgraceful) because this is one of the most informative - with all the many radio shows - and the most entertaining I think.
Best in you future pursuits, Bruce

Thanks for all the work. 

Been a long time since Ive written anything here. We may have had our disagreements but I salute you and your heroic effort to save our people. The seed  you planted will bear fruit-  have no doubt .  Take care. 

Yes, it's been a long while, but I recognized your name immediately. I don't remember the disagreements.

Thank you for all your hard work and persistence over the years, Carolyn.  You were a really good teacher, and I'll always be grateful to you for giving me a solid foundation in historical understanding of events, from understanding the truth of and falsehoods surrounding Hitler and his efforts to the Holocaust.  I couldn't have grown without your knowledge and ability to communicate.

Dear Carolyn,
Best of luck to you and to any future endeavors. Most of all, thank you for your courage and for speaking truth to power. I learned a lot from you. Honestly, you and William Finck have impacted my views the most over the past 5-10 years. You helped wake me up. I thank you for that. 

You are a beautiful angelic woman of off this world intelligence.

Sorry to hear you're closing up shop.   You made so many great contributions to the movement and to me personally.  It was on your podcast that I made my debut in 2012.  I met people in your listeners who were great sources of inspiration and confidence, such as John Beattie, the Canadian with whom I became friends.  After doing several of your shows I was asked  to  be  a co-host on Stormfront Radio where I appeared for many years until the show was ended.  I also appeared on David Duke's show and many others. I owe my "career" in pro-White broadcasting to you in no small measure.   You were always so strong and unwavering.   You are a great voice in a great cause.  Best.  

Thanks Don, & Wil & Alvin, Joey, Bakerman, Bruce, Rex and B-man for the nice things you've said! Every comment means a lot to me. The landscape has changed quite a bit since I entered this territory in 2005, and our exciting Truth movement has attracted quite a few infiltrators, phonies and incompetents along the way. I believe I can tell the difference between the real and fake, so thank you all for being among those who've trusted me and continue to do so.

Don, you're a natural talk show personality, and I and others recognized it right away. You were an asset to any program you took part in; the listeners always wanted you back.

I like that you called me "unwavering," because that's how I see myself, though some call me stubborn and "know it all." Sometimes even "controlled opposition," lol

May truth prevail going forward. We've done our part.

Yvonne SCHLEITER (Robert Faurisson's sister) sent a message on 1-2-2024 using the contact form at

Dear Carolyn, My brother, Dr Robert Faurisson, used to appreciate very much your work and so did I.
I am sorry you have to stop but am pleased that your work will stay online because I just love the way you write.
I wish you a Happy New Year.

Dear Carolyn Yeager,
Your articles and conversations are of a substantial nature and testify to thorough research and deep thinking, they convey numerous far-reaching insights; the lively exchange of ideas by readers and listeners, the often fierce and heated discussions, provide valuable food for thought. You, Carolyn Yeager, have conveyed a holistic perspective and never lost your sense of humor despite your seriousness.
Probably well over 60 percent of your works are of timeless quality and will endure long-term. Authors who are ahead of their time expect the largest audience in the future, when the time is ripe, when the revolution of consciousness will take place and humanity will question and demand knowledge. To see through a life-determining lie will result in a wildfire, no area of life will remain unquestioned, everything will then be subjected to a revision and will inevitably result in the collapse of one's own world view; some would also consider it a declaration of intellectual bankruptcy to have to admit to not having questioned, many who begin to suspect something are afraid of this step and yet this path is inevitable.
According to various authors, all ages as well as our incarnations are to take place simultaneously and in parallel, always bringing forth new probabilities, there is even said to be a cultural exchange between the eras on an inner level. You, Carolyn, and so many of your conversation partners, guests and readers from the Anglosphere and elsewhere have been instrumental in restoring the reputation of the German peoples, standing at the forefront of historical research. Beyond that, you have given a stage to the culture and works of a time only seemingly past, creating a bridge to our era.
All the struggle for truth also reads like an exciting thriller. It would indeed be desirable if your complete works were also preserved in the form of a complete presentation, because also represents a window into another time: When people become aware of their ancestral heritage again, there will be a great interest and desire for relevant information and people will be inspired to search for entrances to the cultural epoch of their ancestors. Thank you for everything and good luck for your work and your goals in this and in your other incarnations!
Peter M. J.
auf Deutsch:
Carolyn Yeagers Beitrag zum Verständnis des Weltgeschehens
Sehr geehrte Carolyn Yeager,
Ihre Artikel und Gespräche sind von substantieller Beschaffenheit und zeugen von gründlicher Recherche und tiefgängigem Denken, sie vermitteln zahlreiche weitreichende Einsichten; der lebendige Gedankenaustausch durch Leser und Zuhörer, die oft heftigen und hitzigen Diskussionen, geben wertvolle Denkanstöße. Sie, Carolyn Yeager, haben eine ganzheitliche Perspektive vermittelt und bei aller Ernsthaftigkeit niemals Ihren Humor verloren.
Vermutlich weit über 60 Prozent Ihrer Werke sind von zeitloser Qualität und werden langfristigen Bestand haben. Autoren, die ihrer Zeit voraus sind erwartet das größte Publikum in der Zukunft, dann, wenn die Zeit reif ist, wenn die Bewußtseinsrevolution eintreten wird und die Menschheit hinterfragt und nach Wissen verlangen wird.
Eine lebensbestimmende Lüge zu durchschauen hat ein Lauffeuer zur Folge, kein Lebensbereich bleibt dann noch unhinterfragt, alles wird dann einer Revision unterzogen und hat unweigerlich den Zusammenbruch des eigenen Weltbildes zur Folge; manche würden es auch als intellektuelle Bankrotterklärung erachten sich eingestehen zu müssen, nicht hinterfragt zu haben, vor diesem Schritt fürchten sich viele die anfangen, etwas zu erahnen und doch ist dieser Weg unausweichlich.
Laut verschiedener Autoren sollen alle Zeitalter sowie unserere Inkarnationen gleichzeitig und parallel stattfinden, immer neue Wahrscheinlichkeiten hervorbringend, es soll sogar auf innerer Ebene ein kultureller Austausch zwischen den Zeitepochen stattfinden. Sie, Carolyn, und so viele Ihrer Gesprächspartner, Gäste und Leser der Anglosphäre und von anderswo haben entscheidend dazu beigetragen, das Ansehen der deutschen Völker wiederherzustellen, an vorderster Front der Geschichtsforschung stehend. Darüber hinausgehend haben Sie der Kultur und den Werken einer nur scheinbar vergangenen Zeit eine Bühne gegeben, eine Brücke zu unserer Zeitepoche geschaffen.
All das Ringen um Wahrheit liest sich zudem wie ein spannender Krimi. Es wäre in der Tat wünschenswert, wenn Ihr Gesamtwerk auch in Form der Gesamtpräsentation erhalten bliebe, denn stellt auch ein Fenster in eine andere Zeit dar: Wenn die Menschen sich ihres Ahnenerbes wieder bewußt werden, wird ein großes Interesse und Verlangen nach entsprechenden Informationen entstehen und die Menschen werden beseelt nach Zugängen zur Kulturepoche ihrer Ahnen suchen.
Danke für alles und weiterhin viel Erfolg für Ihr Schaffen, in dieser und in den anderen Ihrer Inkarnationen!
Peter M. J.

Dear Peter M.J., 

Thank you so much for your words. They are appreciated.

So much to say so I'll just keep it short and simple as I wipe the tear from my eye.
Your work will be missed. I've enjoyed all your articles, books, and shows. Take care Carolyn.

Well, best wishes if we don't meet again. 

Steven and Nick, Yes we've been on the same team for a long time. I'm more convinced than ever that it's the right team.

Thank you, Mrs. Yeager. I've learned a lot of reading your work all these years. Thank you for all.

Thank you for your work and truthfulness, Carolyn. I always considered your site to be an esoteric one.
And I can understand and relate to the procrastination. Mine is becoming acute and chronic and is only increasing with age. It can even ruin a life. Better to eject non-essentials, referring only to the extra work and obligation to crank out articles maintaining this site entails.
Best of luck. We're all going to need it in the coming months.
Thanks again.

Thank you for all your efforts Carolyn, your concerns and worries are understandable.
You have been a most valuable and needed addition to historical revisionism, your legacy will live on and be carried by others. God Bless you and best wishes