British Lady Renouf questioned by German police after speech in Dresden

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-02-19 11:05

Rally in Dresden. Gerd Ittner (left), rally organizer, stands by Lady Michele Renouf (center) at the podium with her translator Nikolai Nerling (known as the "Volkslehrer") after giving a strong speech outlining British support and sympathy with fellow German dissidents.

Watch the video of Renouf's speech here.

On Saturday. a rally was held in Dresden, Germany in memory of the victims of the February 1945 firebombing of the architecturally-renowned central city that was filled with refugees at the time.

In an impromptu speech, translated on the spot by a German friend, Lady Michele Renouf, with Gerd Ittner, one of the rally's organizers standing next to her, stated that the "wicked" British war government "deliberately hoped to kill as many as 900,000 German civilians" with their three day bombing schedule, aided by the Americans.

The first of three waves of RAF bombers came after dark on February 13, with both explosive and fire bombs, creating a violent firestorm, followed with phosphorous bombs that burn even in water. The next day the American bombers came to target the already tortured people who were not yet dead and to interrupt the rescue operations. Even on the morning of the 15th, more planes showed up in the sky and bombed and strafed the people on the ground who were trying to move about and save themselves, or look for their loved ones. It was an ugly, ugly action - the most depraved of the entire war.

But German policy is to downplay what happened in Dresden because Germans cannot be seen as victims in this war, as determined by the Allied "International" War Crimes Tribunal held in Nuremberg in 1946.

The rally held by German patriots was allowed, but watched closely by Dresden authorities for any "holocaust denial" which is against the law in Germany. Apparently, Lady Renouf was questioned by police after the event was shut down early by them because she said, "the only Holocaust perpetrated in Europe was against German civilians." This comes dangerously close to "holocaust denial" in the minds of the lawless German legal system, whose guiding principle supporting their thought-control is "Truth is no defense".

My thinking is that what Lady Renouf said can be defended on the grounds that "holocaust" means destruction by burning (fire) and the purported Jewish holocaust does not meet that definition. Dresden and Hamburg, however, certainly do.

UPDATE 2/20: Gerhard Ittner sent out a report that stated the following.

I, Gerhard Ittner, who had been organizing this rally in Dresden, was not even allowed to speak there. The police and the authorities had ordered already a week before the event that I - a "very dangerous holocaust-denier" and "anti-semite" - must not be allowed to speak in Dresden. 

After the speech of M.R. the police ordered the rally to be ended. This meant Alfred Schaefer, Roland Wuttke, Richard Edmonds, Dagmar Brenne, Henry Hafenmayer and others could not give their speeches in Dresden.

So after all the work of organizing a rally, and for a very major remembrance event, only one person got to speak before they quickly shut it all down. This is becoming a regular occurrance. Free Speech, where  art thou?


That was a pretty impressive and courageous speech Lady Renouf gave.  Thanks, Carolyn, for bringing attention to her ideas. She quite vocally stands with the German people and the victims of the Dresden bombing and stands as well with the White race.  

Yes, I thought that was the boldest part - the White race. You are right, very impressive performance from her. A real champion.

She is over 70 years old now. You wouldn't know it.

I'm really amazed with the courage of this woman. I've seen her in other speeches and she is a lucid revisionist. And I agree, she is a beatiful woman that seems several years younger.Thank you carolyn for rescue this great speech, I haven't seen it anyware.

You could just envision the progenitors of the Great Lie hiding incognito... biting their lower lips... anxiously anticipating a tiny sliver of truth to be uttered by Lady Renouf.  The holohoax that they have so successfully wielded as a shield to their lies and unjust actions for the past 50 years is now really beginning to unravel.  It is a euphoric sight to see.