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Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-10-23 15:25

Six of the 26 Orthodox Jews arrested for substantial welfare fraud during the June-July sweep by the New Jersey Ocean County prosecutor's office. Don't you think these people should be in Israel?

ON SUNDAY, OCT. 22, I HAD THE PLEASURE of speaking with John Friend again on his Realist Report podcast. We discussed the situation in Lakewood, New Jersey (see my posts for Oct. 19 and Oct. 21 on this page) and how it is a prime example of the way Orthodox Jews living in White democratic societies subsidize their traditional life of male religious study by cheating our generous welfare programs.

The recent elections in Germany and Austria came up for some explanation as to how they are adding momentum to the political move toward the right and anti-immigration in Europe. We also had a lively conversation about Richard Spencer's latest appearance at the University of Florida and the "Alt-Right" in general. From there, we moved to Mark Weber (who declined to be a guest on John's podcast) and to Kevin MacDonald. So much to say,  so little time. But I think it is a good program and hope you will listen. 1h17m


I'm looking forward to purchasing your new book, Carolyn.  
I purchased "Merchants of Sin" at Lulu based on John Friend's recommendation.  
I've not been so happy about Austria's young Sebastian Kurz once I learned:
"Austria’s New Leader Sebastian Kurz Vows ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Antisemitism"

Well, remember that's the Jewish Algemeiner's slant and actual propaganda/news the Jews present - that all governments everywhere see antisemitism as a big problem. Naturally, they all say they are against it, but it is not their top priority as the Jews want it to appear. The top priority is immigration and policies of the EU.

I think the purpose of reading the Jewish press is only to see their slant on things, what they're promoting, but not to take that slant seriously as an issue.

Remember too, that Sebastian Kurz is not "our" guy -- Strache is. If Kurz forms his government with the FPOe, that will be a big step forward. The Jews are trying to prevent that.

Your response was very helpful. Carolyn.  For me, you're always at least one step ahead and can separate the chaff from the wheat pretty quickly.

Please keep up these broadcasts with Mr Friend, I've listened to them all.
You made some interesting comments on Spencer. His ideas consist only of old white nationalist talking points, which have been watered down somewhat. For example, he doesn't tackle Holocaust Revisionism whereas even David Duke wrote a chapter on the subject (in his autobiography 'My Awakening') replete with maps.
Having said that, he has been applauded by all and sundry for  this back and forth with Turkish-German journalist at the Florida rally. Here he goes into the subject of German anti-freedom of speech laws, Mein Kampf, WWII, America's occupation of Germany ... The journalist  is quite stunned, he's never heard anything like this before.
It goes for 18 minutes. I have to hand it to Spencer for this one...

Thanks for the video - I hadn't seen it. Yes, he did a very good job here, but I can still find some things to quibble about. He didn't raise the slightest question mark about the holocaust as a reality, although I can accept that under the circumstances. But when he said 'millions of people died in WWII", then 'a lot of Germans died', then 'millions of Russians died' ... it came across to me as minimizing German suffering and once again maximizing Slavic suffering. In fact, many millions of ethnic Germans died (I think at least 15 million), second only to the Soviet Union.

I think Spencer is definitely a Slavophile. His outlook is that the West, and NATO, are the bad guys and the Eastern bloc, and Russia, are the good guys. A problem with that is that they all have the same take on WWII - they accept the Jewish narrative that Germany was the villian. This is the historical problem that we can't slide over. We end up with totally brainwashed Germans like that reporter.

I also noticed Spencer holding his cigar. That is supposed to look masculine. I read something recently (here) about Spencer and his whole crowd, including Greg Johnson, as forming a kind of homosexual Maennerbund controlled by Jews. Perhaps nonsense, but the male bonding is not, nor the homosexual traits that I see in Spencer. When the German reporter said that Hitler "killed the disabled and homosexuals" (which he did not*), there was not a flicker of response from Spencer.

*Severely retarded, both physically and mentally, and the incurably insane should not be classified as "disabled." It is more than misleading. And homosexuals were never "killed." Also Eugenics must be clearly distinguished from Euthanasia, which it is usually not, on purpose. They start by mentioning "eugenics" and move into talk of "killing their own people."

Ezio Maiolini sent one of my Lakewood articles to his mailing list and one woman sent him the following, which he shared with me:

Ezio, from my cousin who lives in NJ

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Subject: Re: Fwd: Fw: Lakewood's woes a reminder that Jews always
create chaos in Gentile societies and bring no benefit | Carolyn

I have had the misfortune to be in Lakewood a few times. It is to be
avoided at all costs. The residents are rude, walk out into traffic
and dare you to hit them, break in line in check out lines.....well
you get the idea.