"Close the borders, immediately"

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-10-30 18:48

The former head of the Federal Displaced Persons, Erika Steinbach (CDU), head of the Human Rights Working Group of the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

In an interview with the Stuttgarter Zeitung on Oct. 28, Erika Steinbach said of the current migrant crisis that Germany has already crossed the line of how many refugees with which it could cope. It was noted that the old Federal Republic coped with 12 million displaced persons after the end of WWII.

Erika Steinbach: “These are two very different situations. I myself lived with my mother and my sister from 1945 to 1952 in shelters. So I know what that means. One of my first memory fragments is our room with two beds. We had a toilet bucket in the room, no heating, no stove. That was five years after the end of the war it was that way. Although, at that time Germans came to Germans. The former refugees were expelled by brute force in cattle cars or on death marches from their home in which they would have mostly liked to stay, despite all the distress. These displaced persons did not flee to a rich, "promised land" in order to be able to live better there. They were forced out to a similarly devastated, impoverished part of their own country, to people of their own ethnic group. Nevertheless, there were many aversions towards their own displaced compatriots. Back then they were bound to create solidarity, because it was their fellow countrymen who came, who were no more or less to blame for the Nazi regime, but were subjected to the same collective punishment.

But most migrants have not come against their will, but usually pay a lot of money to come straight to Germany. Therefore, a majority of the people voluntarily come to us because there is a better future, it is hoped, not because life and limb were in acute danger. That's a significant difference. I have repeatedly made clear in my speech: We must fight the refugee causes locally. It was long foreseeable that something was brewing in the Middle East. But too many have turned a blind eye. The European Union has failed, blatantly.”

*      *

“I appreciate the Chancellor. I like her human nature. She always gives each interlocutor his dignity. But in this refugee issue, I am decidedly in disagreement with the Chancellor.

"The Union (CDU) is not about to saw off the chancellor, certainly not on our own. But still, there is massive criticism of the policies of Merkel on this issue."

*       *

If we have our own country at heart, we must insist that this influx is stopped. Namely, as soon as possible, so that we can give the people who are already here humane care, at least insofar as they are able to integrate. It cannot continue that the Leipziger Messe Halle serves as accommodation, and all gyms, community centers and army barracks are occupied by refugees. What way to proceed is that? Many migrants also have very high expectations and misconceptions of Germany. There is quite undisguised disappointment with what they find in mass accommodation. What's not understandable for me, is the joyful accompaniment of the German economy to this mass immigration, because they hoped to resolve staff shortages.

"There are in the European Union twenty million unemployed people, most of them are young people under 25 years. Our primary responsibility must first apply to our own unemployment within the European Union. The rising unemployment figures for years now in our neighboring European countries are alarming. So within our own culture there is a huge labor pool available, which the German economy obviously ignored.”

*        *

What's bitter is that the sinking [CDU] poll numbers were so predictible. The refugee policy is wrong to most people, yes deemed threatening. [...] This policy also destroys trust in our law and in the legal community of the European Union. Hardly a country adheres to the jointly agreed relevant rules. Neither the Dublin Agreement nor the Schengen Agreement. Germany has already put its self-interest ahead of the obligation to abide by the agreed rules and agreements and thus again to help the stability of the European Union. Germany takes its humanitarian responsibilities very seriously, which I welcome. We may, however, not arbitrarily overturn law and rules and dramatically give the wrong signals to the detriment of our own country.”

*       *

It is necessary to close the borders, immediately. Otherwise the European Union will not wake up. As long as Germany willingly remains the catch basin of the greatest part of the refugees, nothing will really change in the foreseeable future. With dramatic effects on our country. The world is upside down in Europe. If we do not want to inflict massive damage to our democracy, this absurd European drama has to be completed by German initiative now. This means that we need a consistent border policy. Nothing else works!”


She's testing the waters. In reality, Merkel needs to be impeached and tried for treason and race aside, a Christian party should only lobby for Christians, no? 

400 criminal complaints have been received so far by the Federal Attorney General's office against Angela Merkel for high treason!

But according to authorities, they are not expected to get anywhere. Hmmm. It's up to her party to remove her, isn't it? She should be replaced with Schäuble.

No, I don't think Christians today are for themselves, but more for "tolerance" and openness to foreigners. This is what brings down civilizations, right?

Africans and Asians to overrun tiny German village

In early October, the mayor of Sumpte received an email informing him that his village of 102 people would have to take in 1,000 asylum seekers, partly in some empty office buildings.

[The mayor] said he realized that there was no point in trying to block the plan when, at the initial meeting, he asked Mr. Götz, the regional official in charge of finding places for migrants, whether Sumte had any choice. “You have two options,” he said he was told. “Yes, or yes.” Mr. Götz declined to be interviewed.


It's literally time for pitchforks now. What else can the villagers do? 

They're going along with it for now, at the behest of their mayor and some residents with old family lineages. AND BECAUSE THEY'RE AFRAID TO JOIN WITH THE RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS!

But the "refugees" haven't arrived yet, either. Read my next post.

On the edge of the demonstration of the Hamburg State Association of Alternative for Germany (AFD), there was a lot of noise but no violence.  Approximately 530 Demo participants stood against twice as many shouting counter-demonstraters who tried to drown out the speakers.

The AFD supporters who came mainly from the middle-class milieu and often had Germany flags. The other demonstrators were black-clad from the left, including autonomous, Antifa groups and trade unionists. Between them insults were exchanged. "We are the people" calls the AfD and were answered with "You are the problem," "Nazis out" or "Shut up". Even water cannon were in place, however did not need to be used.

Earlier the police had decreed that the AfD was not allowed to march a short distance through the city center, but had to remain in a stationary spot on Steintorplatz. After the demonstration, the police escorted the AfD supporters to a subway station.

The protest action under the slogan "Stop the counter policy failures! Asylum Chaos!" began with a speech of AfD Federal Chairman Frauke Petry on the Steintorplatz am Hauptbahnhof. Petry called for the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and said the federal government should limit the influx of refugees.

"We must defend ourselves against leftist anarchists and distinguish [ourselves?] from right spinners", Hamburg Chairman Bernd Baumann AFD had said beforehand. 



Angela Merkel's "welcome" to refugees, stating no limit would be placed on their entry into Germany, is given by the UN as the main reason for the increased migration-invasion into Europe during October. Thus, Angela Merkel is largely responsible for all the deaths at sea during October.

From Deutsche Wella:

More than 218,000 refugees and migrants arrived in Europe by sea in October, a United Nations official says. Germany's asylum policies have been cited as one of the reasons for the increase.

A record 218,394 people crossed the Mediterranean sea to seek refuge in Europe during last month alone, the UN's refugee agency said Monday.

"That makes it the highest total for any month to date and roughly the same as the entire total for 2014," UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said. UN figures indicate that all but 8,000 of October's arrivals landed in Greece. According to the agency, about 219,000 people fleeing war or poverty arrived by sea using smugglers' boats during 2014.

Another UNHCR spokesman said that the people on the move had been telling the agency's staff they feared Germany's immigration policies might soon become more restrictive and that's why they were rushing to Europe.

"The fact that Germany has had a very generous asylum policy has been part of the factors," UNHCR spokesman William Spindler told German news agency dpa.

How many more will die, including Germans, because the German chancellor has gone off the deep end, and no one will stop her? says I.


The end of October figures from the Ifo Institute (for economic research in Munich) presented the latest figures. According to it, 50% of the Syrian refugees do not even have basic educational skills, 16 per cent were even illiterate.

Only 7.8 per cent have university degrees, 24.5 percent only a primary school education, and 21.6 percent have completed secondary school.  Migrants originating from Afghanistan and Africa are even worse.

Today, Nov. 7th, author Sarrazin said in an interview:

"Everything I've written has become worse" (...)

"I did not say [how] to eliminate causes of flight, [because] we can not. I have talked about how we protect ourselves from the effects of conditions in other countries. That must be at the beginning.
But the [migrants] are already here! To which we must take care, now."

"It is a scandal of political incompetence and fantasy that thirty years after the first Schengen agreement the policy has not understood that internal border controls can only lessen if you can control the external borders effectively. And that is absolutely technically possible."

"Walls and fences are not bad, if you want to control borders. The Chinese empire developed its culture behind a 10,000-kilometer and 1,800-year-long wall. The Roman Empire successfully protected itself for more than 400 years against the Germans and other immigrants from the wilder parts with the Limes. All over the world have civilizations and cultures that were materially advanced, protected against uncontrolled immigration. (...)"