The Heretics's Hour: The Conquered Germans

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-03-09 01:34

March 9, 2015

Carolyn looks at two items that arose in the news this past week that illustrate the continuing inabllity of Germans to assert their rights to respect and equal treatment 70 years after the war.

One is a new book on the rape of German women by U.S. troops during and after WWII; the other is the bullying of the German Federation of Expellees by the Polish and Czech governments into giving up all claims of compensation for the loss of their supposedly universal “right of return.”

She ends on a note of discouragement as to the likelihood of a future world that she would want to live in.

Image: Ex-president of the Federation of Expellees Erica Steinbach speaks with the new president Bernd Fabritius. Enlarge


Just a correction. William the Conquer and his freemasonry Norman conquest was funded by the Jews to bring them back into Britain, and today the people are dominated by the Jewish-Norman Judao-masonic axis which mostly form the elites, even though that axis was not fully achieved until traitor Oliver Cromwell was funded by Jewish bankers in Amsterdam, Holland, to create a brutal civil war and to return the Jews after King Edward I had forced them out:
Cromwell then employed state processes to murder King Charles II and institute modern increasingly Marxist Judao-social parliamentary democracy on behalf of the Jews as a means for the Jews to gradually take over the nation and ensure that they would never be expelled again by any king.
At the top of British power are the House of Rothschild and their coterie of banker/corporate relations and beneath that the largely Norman aristocracy and the German immigrant Judao-Saxon Saxe-Coburg royal family who are not related to the earlier English kings and have a part lineage to the House of David.
Carolyn, It a slur and a defamation spread on the internet which you have unwittingly picked up that Britain is Jewish and the British people have interbred seamlessly with the Jews. The Jews have NEVER stopped being Jewish in Britain and although at the highest level the aristocratic families saved their fortunes by marrying American Jewish heiresses, the lumpen masses of the people did not interbreed with the Jews. Britain's parliament, corporations, media and businesses are crammed with Marrano Jews with English names and a pretence to Christianity but they all firmly remain JEWS. The British working or lower class which was historically until recent decades the largest class, almost never interbred with anyone, even white foreigners, because it would have been totally unacceptable in a people who the Jews could have categorized as deeply 'racist' and xenophobic. Such interbreeding on any scale with non-whites is historically new and perhaps only dates from a small beginning in the mid last century in some inner-city areas to the Jewish promoted miscegenation we see today in all the white lands.
The British people may be under Jewish occupation both financially, morally and politically but they are not Jews, they are mainly Angles, Saxons, Celts and Danes, and every Britain who wakes up and cares to look knows exactly who the Jew is among them, you don't have to dig very far to find their true allegiances.
It is the wish of the core of British nationalism to expel the Jewish parasite in all his forms and then expel his third-world imports. The Jewsmedia-promoted matrix mindset of the modern Britain is as Jewish as the mindset of the modern German or white American, but faced with the coming collapse of Multiculturalism and the Jewish trans-European economic and liberal system it is hoped all Europeans will awake and take back their lands.


I specifically said the common people were against the Jews becoming citizens, and even forced a reversal of that. Some Jews DID convert to Christianity and changed their names, mixing in with the Church and people. When I said: "they became regular British folk in time, and very wealthy ones too" ... I didn't mean the common Britons but that these Jews were then considered to be British.

Today's Britons may be under occupation, true, but they are not waking up. They are as devoted as ever, for example, to their Royal Family ... those Germans who changed their name to Windsor without the rather slow-witted Britons catching on. We shouldn't go overboard in expecting great things from the people, because, as AH said, "the people" as a mass cannot do anything, nor can they decide anything.

Carolyn, we are all in the same boat. Both the British and the Germans. During the last football World Cup which Germany won there was not one single antisemitic or pro-Reich incident reported among the millions of German fans. We are all under the spell of the Big Jew Lies.  If you look into the history you will find King Edward VIII loved and supported Adolf Hitler and the British people admired the Reich. After Edward was overthrown by the Zionist gang including Churchill on the flimsy excuse of his marriage to a divorcee (Charles is married to one) and his brother George the corrupt 33rd degree Judaeo-mason took the crown, he, the new king and his queen visited the East End of London (after Germany had bombed it in reprisal for the Dresden and Cologne Holocaust) and the indigenous people, in a state of war with an invasion of Jewish immigrants, booed them. Before the war a massive Hegelian thought-control propaganda campaign was launched against the Reich by the British Jews who owned the economy and the parliament, most notably Victor Rothschild. Geobbels' counterpart 'British' propaganda chief was Jew Sefton Delmer:
The Jew was never accepted in Britain by any class until the age of television, a Jewish scam in which few pople today even realize that the actors, comedians, playwrights and plays were and remain invariably Jews. The people had been conditioned since the war never to ask anymore "Who is a Jew." Before then Jews were not even allowed into most gentlemen's clubs or golf clubs and did not even marry into the aristocracy unless they brought a huge financial dowry. It would have been a disgrace in society for a middle-class person to marry a Jew. What I am simply saying was that there is a conspiracy type myth being perpetuated on the Internet that the British are seamlessly inbred with Jews and the people are Jewish. Yes, at the top there are numerous Marrano Jews with English names who pretend to Christianity but it was always a pretence, they never became either British or Christian and you can identify them with ease if you are awake. Britain has proud German roots:
Proportionatly there are probably as many Germans as Britains who are waking up or conversly asleep and I do realize the laws are worse in Germany but we bear in mind that all genuine white nationalists regard Adolf Hitler as the single greatest leader of the white races in history, that prize will never be contested or taken from Germany. But it is in Britain alone of every white nation today that a new force of youth are at last naming the Jew and we shall see how that turns out:
And if I missheard you or made this little criticism be assured and let all who read me be assured that you are the most important intellectual voice for our people, the one who most clearly in my mind comprehends and practically represents the message of our Fuhrer, who is the Fuhrer of all white people in all white nations, and I urge all white nationalists to listen carefully and with consideration to what you have to say on your shows and to act upon it, and most importantly to start to publically name the Jew, and if they are intellectuals with websites or who write for websites to greatly increase their efforts to expose the Holohoax. Time is running out.

In 1990, Germany did not accept the new border with Poland. The FRG merely stated that it won't lay claim on Germany's Eastern territories for all future (to administer them for the Western occupiers). In other words, Russia gave up its occupation of Central Germany (GDR) which was handed over to the Western occupation zone and merged into the FRG, while Russia's German Eastern zone, administered by Poland and Russia herself, remained Russian occupation zone within Germany.  
FRG's Foreign Minister Genscher proclaimed at the 4+2 Agreement, that a peace treaty is not sought after.  The Polish Foreign Minister, who attended the 4+2 Talks as observer, complained that the 4+2 Agreement therefore does not secure Polish borders. 
German citizenship law also states that any German in the 1937 borders is entitled to it. Poland complained about that as well. 
Until a peace treaty with Germany/German Reich is signed, all regulations enforced by the Allies, in which form whatsoever, are temporary. They can shuffle their occupation zones around or have 3rd party states like Poland have certain German lands administer for them, but only the German Reich itself can give up territory, nobody else. 

You mentioned historian Anthony Beevor in your podcast. I am three-fourths of the way though his very popular Stalingrad. Hitler is mentioned  in every chapter. The comments are consistently negative. Hitler is a coward and utterly selfish. He is not concerned with the soldiers in combat. He is both a poor tactician and strategist. Beevor follows the teaching of the Jews that Hitler must be allowed no victories. As a member of the British establishment he is in lockstep with the Jews. His colleague Max Hastings has praised his book. Hastings is married to a Jew and I tried to determine if Beevor has some concrete tie with the Jews. As you pointed out the British upper class is heavily intermarried with the Jews. I am not surprised that Beevor has downplayed the rape of German women by the Allied troops in the aftermath of WW2.

On a single day in mid-April 1945, three women in Neustadt were raped by British soldiers. A senior British Army chaplain following the troops reported that there was a "good deal of rape going on." He then added that "those who suffer [rape] have probably deserved it."   [Clive Emsley, 2013, by Oxford Univ. Press]

The attempted rape of two local girls at gunpoint in the village of Oyle, near Nienburg, ended in the death of one of the girls when, whether intentionally or not, one of the soldiers discharged his gun, hitting her in the neck. [Clive Longdon, To the victor, the spoils] This one can be imagined: the soldier had his gun at the girl's neck to force her into compliance, and it went off. -cy

*      *        *

According to Perry Biddiscombe, the French committed 385 rapes in the Constance area; 600 in Bruchsal; and 500 in Freudenstadt" 

The soldiers of France indulged in an orgy of rape in the Höfingen District near Leonberg. [Jill Stephenson, 2006, London]

*      *      *

Also the point I failed to make re Elizabeth Heineman, and also re Sander and Johr, is whether the story of the rape of German women during the war should have meaning as a universal story of male violence against women, or a particular meaning of German women being violated and abused by the enemies of Nazi Germany. I ascribe to the latter, most definitely. The first meaning is another attempt to minimize the historical context of the German experience.

In the final weeks of the war, between 9 February and 9 May, several hundred thousand (minimum 250,000) German refugees fled across the Baltic Sea, fleeing the advancing Soviet Army. For the most part, the refugees were from East Prussia and Pomerania. Many of the refugees were women, children, or elderly. Many were malnourished, exhausted, anxious or seriously ill. A third of the refugees were younger than 15 years old.

When they landed, they found themselves stranded in putative freedom and at the start of a new martyrdom. The refugees were interned in hundreds of camps from Copenhagen to Jutland [by Danish authorities, ostensibly for their safety], placed behind barbed wire and guarded by heavily armed overseers. The largest camp was located in Oksboll, on the west coast of Jutland, and had 37,000 detainees.

Nutrition was terrible, medical care was miserable. In 1945 alone, more than 13,000 people died, among them some 7,000 children under five. According to Lylloff's research, more German refugees died in Danish camps, "than Danes did during the entire war." Kirsten Lylloff, a long-time senior physician and department head of immunology in Hilerod near Copenhagen, examined 6,200 death certificates and 6,500 grave stones. The result: A dissertation ("Children or enemies?") and a crushing verdict on members of her own profession: "What kind of monsters masquerading as human beings were those Danish doctors of 1945?" she asks.

Lylloff discovered that the Danish Association of Doctors had decided in March 1945 that German refugees would not receive any medical care. That same month the Red Cross refused to take any action, according to the newspaper "Politiken," because public sentiment was "against the Germans." The result: 80% of the small children that landed on Denmark's shores did not survive the following months.  (This adds up to nearly 70,000 little German children. -cy)

They either starved or were unable to fight infections due to extreme malnutrition. Detailed medical reports don't exist. All that's left are endless rows of sad grey grave stones.

P.S. That screwball Christian Lindtner is a Dane:

Not to demonize Danes here, but some things need to be pointed out.

You are absolutely right Carolyn,
The Danes had the most benevolent and luxury occupation in the history of humanity. Their administrations functioned throughout the occupation, they earned tons on money on export of food, weapons and pretty much everything to the starving Germany. They even earned money building bunkers and other defense infrastructure on the coast of North Sea. The King was seen taking rides on his bloody horse in public parks throughout the war. And their "thank you" was as you described. Every word of it is true. They needed to position themselves on the right side of history at the end of the war. Germans could not enforce anything then and Dönitz counted on the Dane's humanity. Today they accept millions of brown "refugees" and give them everything. That's life! 

I appreciate this confirmation from somebody who is close to the situation.

Carolyn I really enjoyed the show; it is a very timely topic and like usual you always having me thinking outside of the box.

for voicing your appreciation. Makes me feel good. Smile