Ursula Haverbeck loses appeal, gets longer sentence of two years prison

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2017-09-01 13:59

Dangrous criminal 88-year-old Ursula Haverbeck in court again where she was sentenced to two years imprisonment without parole for calling the holohoax a lie in Germany.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE BEAUTIFUL AND COURAGEOUS URSULA HAVERBECK, NOW 88 YEARS OLD, received an increased sentence of 2 years by the appeals court she applied to after her 10 month sentence from a Verdun district court last November.

In the Verdun court, she was found guilty of holocaust denial and incitement. On Monday, August 29 the appeals court found her guilty of eight counts of “inciting the German people to holocaust denial” and gave her an even longer two years in prison without parole. It's like she was punished for bothering the court with her appeal, and a warning given to others not to follow her example. Yet we know the Jews cost the German people millions upon millions of euros with their endless legal actions brought against elderly former SS members who happened to be assigned to work at a camp during WWII.

It's also true that the German people don't get any news about Haverbeck's “denial claims” anyway, so it's not possible they could become “incited” by her. It's a news blackout in Germany for anything remotely revisionist; even the Internet is censored. As I understand it, her articles were only published in a LOCAL newspaper Stimme des Reiches (Voices of the Reich), read by very few who are already sympathetic. I cannot even find any mention of this verdict in the German news, and only one story from the UK.

The whole set-up in Germany is a farce, acting as if Ursula Haverbeck is a genuine threat to the constitution – a constitution that was given to the FRG by the Americans, NOT ever approved by a referendum of the German people. Conditions in Germany are similar to George Orwell's novel 1984, where massive brainwashing is the order of the day. Jews are elevated to high positions of cultural authority from whence they make pronouncements on what is and is not allowed.

Germany is a very sick society today. Ursula Haverbeck is a brave voice for intellectual freedom who will not be silenced, and that is her only crime.


We can only expect absurd injustice from the (Jewish controlled) "German" courts, now  even punishing for appealing.
BTW, have you heard of the "discovery" Jewish scientists made that trauma of parents can be passed on to their children's genes ? There is an article in The Guardian, August 21, 2015 : "Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes". That "discovery" was made by a research team at New York's Mount Sinai hospital led by a certain  Rachel Yehuda.... It is clear why this timely "discovery" was made by these Jews. Holocaust survivors are dying out, so their reparations racket threatens to end. They will now continue to demand "reparations" for the next generations. These people have no shame.

Crazy! Only the jews.

''Holocaust survivors are dying out...''
Not a chance. New ones will be discovered/invented ad nauseam. These people don't know when to stop their sickening whining and search for pity. Incredible!

Hope her health is good while she is there and that she's treated decently. Hope she makes it to the other side and can communitcate again large scale when she gets out.

I hope people will use this outrage to take the issue to the resistant one, more, time.  2 YEARS.  For an opinion.  For an 88-year-old. 

What a bunch of left-wing garbage.

Oh, but communism is the new establishment, don'cha know.

Do those judges have the remotest feeling of guilt? And they let in real terrorists by the thousands!?

Poor Germany! Poor German people! Let this be a lesson to USers. We have already lost control of our foreign policy to AIPAC/Israel.

The sadism of the Thought Police is beyond all belief.  I fought against the Nazis in WW2, but these people are just as bad.  And they don't even know how to spell.  
'Denier' is a measurement of the thickness of a fiber, as in nylon stockings.  If they want to persecute someone for having 'Wrong Thoughts', it should be spelt 'denyer'.  

I've heard from two people in Germany via email saying Ursula is not in prison at this time. Of course, I did not say she was, only that she was sentenced. So it remains to be seen when, if she is actually placed in a jail cell. I've always said they would be afraid to do it because of the bad publicity. But people should be informed of what is going on with her so make sure it gets passed around everywhere.

Ah! Some respite, then. Let's hope that this fine lady avoids any internment.
Mut, Ursula, unsere Gedanken sind bei euch!

Ursula Haverbeck is not in prison. She has appealed the parasites sentence. In fact, the parasites are not the monolithic construct that they want us to believe that they are. Many Jews are now a little nervous about the degree and the pace of the irriversable awakening, and playing this as an all or nothing excercise is beginning to look like the Jews will have to content themselves with nothing in the end. Nothing would be OK compared with the retribution coming their way as the last of the zombies figure this out.   Just like 9-11 opened the door to the hollow-hoax, the fake "Holocaust" opened the door to the entire WW1 and WW2 history, as well as what the Jews have been doing under the guise of "communism" etc etc. 

Does anyone have a contact address to whom one can write and protest such a disgraceful action? Or indeed a contact for the lady herself?

What you can do is write to the German Embassy in Washington DC, and also to various German Consulates in cities across the US. Look them up on the Internet, they are easy to find. You can also write to the Office of the Justice Minister in Germany, and even to Angela Merkel herself. I have done that. It's all available on the Internet.

In respons on the question if anyone know how to get in contact or send a postcart, letter. I'm not going to hand anyone anyones adres, but i would sugest you take a look at het website, witch is unfortunatly down (19-12-17). I think she loves recieving mail because she published her adres on her website. I did send her a postcard for christmas a view weeks ago myself.