Is the Holocaust losing its pizazz?

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-01-15 02:28

This image is familiar to everyone and doesn't need to be explained. But why should we believe what we do about it? It's really quite pedestrian in itself.

By Carolyn Yeager

IS IT JUST ME OR IS the “Holocaust” losing its pizazz.

It seems that what's been coming out lately as new holocaust and antisemitism stories are dull and recycled.

I do know the World Jewish Congress is using the same schtick for this year's International Holocaust Remembrance Day, coming up in less than two weeks now on January 27th, that they used last year: the “I remember” campaign. Take a look at this promotional picture they put out for it – does it stir your blood in any way?

Haha, I didn't think so. I think everybody, even the Jews, are bored with it. I'm so bored with this winter weather already that I don't want to look at more depressing images like these ladies and one man with their signs. I think that probably no one really wants to remember the holocaust anymore. It burst into the general consciousness in the 1970's fueled by Hollywood and now, only 50 years later, it's already more effort than it's worth to keep it there. Most would rather forget it but the Jewish ruling elite believes they cannot allow that – they will force it down our throats and into our eyes and ears … forever, they say. We must NEVER forget. Never is a long time and I don't think these Jews can manage that.

For instance, they're going to have a very tough time keeping Monika Schaefer in prison in Munich, Germany. Everyone can plainly see that Monika is a nice, friendly Canadian lady who has very good reason not to believe in the Holocaust atrocity tale. She is German-born of nice German parents, whom she came to irrationally blame for not doing enough to stop the "holocaust" back in Germany. She believed lies about her parents for many years of her life but finally broke free. Once you break free you cannot go back. Who thinks it's good to teach children to believe lies about their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles? Well, apparently these activist Jews do. Their position must be, “It's either them or us, and we don't want it to be us.” But I don't think Monika has any intention of harming the Jews, so they don't have the right to persecute her in all the sneaky ways that they have over the years.

I ask: Why should these Jews get away with insisting that all ethnic European people put Jewish tales and Jewish “good” ahead of our own people's “good.” And I think more Europeans are coming to see it that way, too. You can only force sackcloth and ashes on people for so long because everything gets old. The time will come for every person when they will say, “Okay, enough of this; I'm ready to move on to something else.”

I think that time is coming … or has come. The way these things work is that the old slides into the new in a rather imperceptible process until the new can be seen more distinctly than the old. And then we people say, “Wow, look what just happened! I never thought I'd see it. And suddenly it's a reality.” But it wasn't sudden. It was happening, but slowly, and usually only becomes a perceptible reality in conjunction with some trigger event occuring.

I think this is happening with the Holocaust now. I've always been like a barometer of what's becoming dominant in society. I'm out ahead of the curve, but not so far that the rest aren't coming up close behind me. I feel this could be a shockingly upsetting year. It is starting out that way. I'm glad I'm alive and awake to be a part of it.


In On Liberty, J. S. Mill wrote:

... even if the received opinion be not only true, but the whole truth; unless it is suffered to be, and actually is, vigorously and earnestly contested, it will, by most of those who receive it, be held in the manner of a prejudice, with little comprehension or feeling of its rational grounds.

... and so it is.

MADE A MEME...for my next article.
It's a play on who the "survivors" really are. It would be great to get it out there to give the Jews grief.

Hello Carolyn, I hope your feelings about the "holocaust" become a reality, but I'm not so optimistic. Yes, the still free internet is helping us all to discover the truth, and the more and more stereotyped characterization of the "nazis" on the media is reaching the limit of ridicule, but the zionist power is becoming greater day by day, it controls the EE.UU. and a lot more of important countries. The laws imposing the holocaust lies are advancing like a cancer, and I know a lot of people that sucumb on the constant hammering of the propaganda and become defenders of the combo jews/zionism/Israel even only by political correctness, and the rest self limits on his opinions by fear...Hope all this changes for the good.

Well Fabio, it's a 'feeling', but in attempting to flesh it out, I'd say that this constant pushing for new legal safeguards for Jews can easily backfire. This "advance" you speak of can be the very thing that turns the people against them. It has happened throughout history, hasn't it? I think, too, what is most disturbing for the average person is the Jewish need for laws to protect belief in their narrative. That implies it can't stand on its own. So the more laws they pass, the more doubts people will have.

The Holocaust could also be seen as something like a fad. It was fashionable for 50-60 years ... it was something new ... but now it's getting old and its pushers are having a hard time keeping it fresh and meaningful. No one believes the number 6 million anymore, and this causes them to think about what these numbers mean - how many people that is - and the impossibility of the whole thing starts to dawn.

I can see this happening. But we have to keep doing what we're doing as a counterforce to what they're doing. Are you familiar with the website There will be some new material there next week to commemorate the revisionists who've done so much to bring sanity to the holocaust narrative. Make sure you check it out.

What are the chances of aggressive holocaust-denial laws being passed in the U.S.? Amazon removing "offensive-to-Jews" type books is not a good sign.

Yes Carolyn, in a normal world what you said should be clearly seen, but the inmense control the jews have on the media is overwelming, as is the brainwashing. I think the key factor is that the people starts to think for themselves and loose the fear of been acussed of "antisemtism" or even only been politically incorrect.I didn't know the site you posted, very interesting !!

Shame on you, Fabio, for not knowing the site I have had a permanent ad for it on this website for about 4 years now! At the moment the banner at the top is missing, but that should be fixed shortly.

Here is an example of it:

"Oskar Deutsch, president of the Jewish Community in Vienna said community officials would not attend the nation’s official Holocaust commemoration ceremony if lawmakers from the far-right Freedom Party are present."

“If there will be ministers there for the Freedom Party, and I’m sure there will be, I will not be able to shake their hands, so the Jewish community will not attend,” said Deutsch.

Please read this news story and consider that the Freedom Party won nearly 1/3 of the vote last year. But the small group of Jews are setting themselves against that large number of Austrians. How foolish!! Can't shake their hand?! I welcome things like this, just as I welcomed the furor about Donald Trump's “shithole” comment. Bring it on, Jews. They are forcing Whites to defend ourselves.

Yes, they are pushing too far, they are used to having all their whims fulfilled. Hope nobody cares about this extortion.Didn't know what the caveman of the white house has said, and don't surprise me, but it's a clear sign of double standard, what is bad for his country, is seems perfectly good for all europe. Are their bosses loosening his ties ?.

You put too much faith in conspiracies, Fabio. Donald Trump is not a caveman but a "stable genius." Yes, I think so.

The Jews boycotting the FPOe on Jan. 27th won't make any more impression that did the open letter asking other Europeans to boycott their ministers. FPOe has crossed the threshold of the popular vote and it is anti-democratic now to reject them. Same as with Trump. I like your line, Jews "are used to having all their whims fulfilled." Watch as they begin losing on that score.

Carolyn, It's not about conspiracies, I was really surprised by many campaign speeches of Trump, and I really believed that he was different, but then he won and then shown us that it's another zionist puppet. So much "America first", and as always it turns to be "Israel first", in facts and words.Not to mention all the misplaced attitudes for a president of his importance in the world.

I do not want to go on with this theme in this thread, but are you an American? If you got unrealistic hopes from watching the campaign, that is not Trump's failure. He said EVERYTHING he is doing now, including his friendship with Israel. But for us living here and understanding our different electoral system, we know all the good he has done and is continuing to do, against very strong opposition.

Trump is not a zionist puppet. That is so overly simplistic. And he is not a one-issue President. I continue to be extremely grateful that he is in office and will definitely vote for him again. Who else?

Carolyn I'm american but NOT north american. Trump spoke about the evil financial system in a way that left me open-mouthed, and there you have the Goldman-Sachs boys around him (as all presidents have sadly), he told the worst things about Hillary Clinton (a very disgusting person) and after the elections he said that he's a friend of them (both Hillary an Bill) and he diluted all the harsh critics and in the process forgot all about the horrific pizzagate. He retires the EE.UU. from the UNESCO because a supposed anti israeli bias (!!!), and without any consensus and againts all advices, he anounced the relocation of the EE.UU. embassy on Jerusalem !!, and what about the disproportionate number of zionist members in his cabinet ??. And the cherry in the pie it's his anti iranian rethoric that Israel likes so much, so I'm not surprised now for the Netanyahu happiness when trump won.This is the streght of the system, to put in offer two candidates apparently so opposed, but in the end so functionals to the real masters.With all respect, I think Carolyn that maybe you have put unrealistic hopes about Trump.And agree that all this is far of-topic.

All these things he SAID he would do during the campaign, except about Hillary.  I do not have unrealistic hopes about Trump, but YOU DID.

My "awakening" to the Holohoax came about after I learned of "Neo-Nazis" being sentenced to prison. I was curious what these monsters did to deserve a prison sentence. I found they were engineers and college professors. I then started researching what they said or wrote. Even the dullest minds will have to start asking questions about the prison sentences of Monica Schaefer and Oskar Groening.


Student leaders in UK to be taken to Auschwitz because of high antisemitism on campuses! The trips are to be arranged and conducted by the totally Jewish and rich "Holocaust Education Trust", but the British taxpayers will foot the bill.

"The project will be jointly funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education."

This is another example of No New Ideas. They keep doing this but obviously it's not working very well.

This is madness.Sometime someone should say ENOUGH !!

about the real problem. They also want to force-send those convicted of "antisemitism" crimes to a concentration camp museum.

Lawmakers passed measures designed to tackle anti-Semitism in Germany. An anti-Semitism commissioner is a cornerstone of the proposal, but critics insist the newly created post will be ineffective.

This is condensed and oversimplified but completely true: The "judgements" at Nuremburg formed a type of settlement for the post WW2 world, and were the foundation upon which treaties, alignments, boundaries and national agendas were established. In this way Nuremburg was similar to The Treaty of Westphalia, The Congress of Vienna, and Versailles Treaty. The chief ingredients of Nuremburg was German culpability and German depravity. The object was to cripple the country, disarm it and if possible carve it into pieces so that it would never threaten the Allies again.
The USA used Nuremburg to develop its concept of 'just war'; the Soviet Union used it to condemn bourgeois/capitalist society; the djooz initially grafted Nuremburg onto their 2,000 year old poysacushin by vicious, godless goys national narrative---but then used it to legitimise Israel, zionism and all of its barbarities.
Today few believe the crapola of 6mlyn lampshades and bars of soap, but the holohoax is officially maintained by governments in the same way that established religions formerly were. Because they do not want any further rehabilitation of Germany nor any close examination of present borders. But thank God, it is the hypocrisy of the djooz that is upsetting the applecart.         

I completely agree, and well said. What is "poysacushin"?

I have just finished an article about the Hangman at Nuremberg for the Jan27 Day of Commemoration Honoring the Revisionists Who Brought Sanity to the Auschwitz Death Camp Narrative. (  It will be posted  in a few days. The title: Nuremberg hangman was a U.S. Navy-diagnosed psychopath who slowly strangled top "Nazis"

Poysacushin is the New York Djoosh pronunciation of persecution.

That's a very poor spelling job for what you're trying to say. From now on, stick to straight English spelling.


Has the Holohoax lost its pizzazz? Lol. At the very least a young, intelligent mind might ask, "If the Notzees were so determined, serious and efficient to round up and gas and lampshade every djoo in die welt, then why are so many 100s of 1000s of these healthy, extremely prosperous and OLD people alive today???

Thanks Carolyne for this excellent piece. Understanding the purpose of the Holohoax is something that we are now beginning to comprehend, and this will help us deal with this monster in a way that it needs to be dealt with. 
The need to justify the most genocidal war ever on European soil, plus deflecting attention away from the HOLODOMOR and the tens of millions of White people who were brutally murdered by the Jews in the Soviet Union, that was the primary reason for the concocted "Holocaust". The money they extorted was gravey. A free bonus. 

All you need to know about the Holocaust is found in John 8:44.