Today's Germany is run by Stalinists

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Among the thousands who demonstrated in Chemnitz last week, some carried this very explicit sign. No message could be more deplorable to the majority parties.

By Carolyn Yeager

UPDATE 9/7 - Well, golly gee. Germany's top federal domestic security chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, has stated that reports that right-wing "extremists" were chasing down non-Germans during demonstrations in Chemnitz cannot be verified.

"I share the scepticism towards media reports of right-wing extremists chasing down [foreigners] in Chemnitz," Hans-Georg Maaßen told Bild.

A video that was shared online claimed to show far-right protesters chasing after people who looked non-German.  Maaßen said: "There is no evidence to suggest that the video of this alleged incident circulating online is authentic."

Yet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and also her Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, seized on the footage as showing targeted harassment.

"We have video footage showing that there was targeted harassment, that there was rioting, that there was hate on the streets, and that has no place under our rule of law," said Merkel.

But Maassen has now concluded, "There is good reason to believe that this is deliberate misinformation, possibly to distract the public from the murder in Chemnitz."

Now some members of Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) as well as the German Federation of Journalists (DJV) have called for Maassen to provide evidence for his claim of "misinformation".

What now, Angela? See here and here.

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THE SURPRISINGLY LARGE DEMONSTRATIONS OCCURRING IN CHEMNITZ last week, in Germany's eastern Saxony state, has roiled the state and federal governments and riled the police and media kings. In response, they have brought out all their Stalinist tactics to put out the flame and control the news coverage. Chancellor Angela Merkel came out with blanket condemnation of “hate on the streets,” referring not to the murderers of an innocent German-Cuban citizen but to those who were protesting it. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced, "Let us not be intimidated by a mob of punching hooligans … hate should not have free rein anywhere in our country," also referring to those demonstrators, not to the Antifa who opposed them. Only interior minister Horst Seehofer, whose party is facing elections this month, expressed sympathy for the knife attack victim before condeming “violence or violent riots.”

The most vocal apparatchik in the governing coalition is foreign minster Heiko Maas. Possibly since he was Justice minister in the previous administration, he can't stay out of domestic affairs. He wants to crack down on Germans who are protesting against the strict enforcement of multiracialism and multiculturalism for Germans who don't want it, and who have taken to shouting Wir sind das Volk (We are the people), a phrase that is now considered subversive.

Don't let Heiko Maas' wimpy demeanor fool you. He is a real Stalin dictator within; however without Stalin's power. Too bad for him.

Minister Maas gave an interview to the Bild an Sonntag (Bild on Sunday) newspaper published today.

In it, he makes clear that when people like him use the word “democracy” they mean race-mixing and open borders—a big welcome for foreigners to abuse the welfare system and completely change the culture in what used to be a nation of similar folk based on common ancestry and language.

Times, they are a'changing. The old ways are out—the new ways are in.

Since this change has never been presented for what it really is, using the Bolshevik-Communist practice of forced takeover, arrests and heavy propaganda to change the society, Democracy is nothing but a LIE and a SCAM for disarming a united people for total control over them. Heiko Maas hates the German people and makes that very clear in his statements. Here are some of the things he said to the Bild reporter, as translated by

"Unfortunately, a complacency has spread within our society that we have to overcome. We have to get up off the sofa and speak up. The years of being in this discursive coma vigil must come to an end."

Unfortunately the coma he refers to is one of not fighting against “racism” and not defending his brand of “democracy.” He said his generation (born 1966) took “freedom and the rule of law and democracy” for granted because they didn't have to fight for it.

"We must stand up to the right-wing extremists. We can't duck away. We must come out against neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. Only then will Germany's reputation not be permanently marred by xenophobic crimes." 

The governing coalition and the Chemniz city officials are making a big thing of “Germany's reputation” in the world. It has always done/used this when the voice on the right begins to grow strong; the heavily indoctrinated German public is very sensitive to this. It works this way: first the Germans experienced extreme privation during the 1940's and 50's; then they were allowed to produce the “economic miracle” that brought them to prosperity again. Now they are threatened with losing that (via boycotts, sanctions, etc) if they misbehave once again, as they did in the 1930's. So far this has worked, but will it continue?

 "If the Hitler salute is made on our streets today once again, it is a disgrace to our country,"

Another thing the complicit media do is to prominently display an image with two men from the crowds raising their arms (only one of which look like an intended “Nazi salute”) and from that give voice to the fear of Nazis infiltrating or leading the demonstration. This gives Maas the opportunity to say that “his European colleagues had very often queried him about the right-wing marches in Chemnitz.” To which he agreed that Germany was “rightly subjected” to particular scrutiny when it came to xenophobia, right-wing extremism and racism.”

Rightly subjected! To Maas, his fellow Germans cannot be trusted among Europeans, which is the mantra of all the political parties except the NPD and the AfD. This is why the Germans are so angry. It is not they who are untrustworthy, but those who have taken control of their country and are turning it into a place where they will soon not fit in or belong. They're angry because they've been robbed.

Hatred toward the controlled press

Der Spiegel today had an article about the particular fury expressed at journalists covering the demonstrations.

The hatred against the press was unprecedented at the demonstration on Saturday in Chemnitz, reported reporters. Journalists were mobbed, prevented from filming and sometimes even injured.
Also journalists were repeatedly insulted, hindered in their work and attacked. "Again and again the crowd chanted 'lying press'," reports SPIEGEL ONLINE reporter Max Holscher. "Some called 'journalist's fagot'."

It was particularly difficult and sometimes dangerous for those journalists who were traveling with cameras. A recording of the MDR shows, for example, how the reporters are displaced and prevented from filming. Journalists tweets follow:

An example of how journalists at # c0109 from the camp of #AfD event attendees [were] hindered from reporting. Police had to intervene and protect the reporters.
17:19 - 1 Sep 2018

Florian Harms
Incomprehensible. @PoliceiSaxony why do not you manage to protect journalists like our reporter from this mob? What else has to happen so that you can handle such situations? # Chemnitz # Chemnitz0109

Jan-Henrik Wiebe
Earlier, I was attacked by neo-Nazis, yes, so you have to call them. Mikro is gone, luckily I'm fine. Police were again overwhelmed. Water cannon was temporarily enclosed. #Chemnitz # c0109

According to one employee, an MDR team even went into an ambush: the reporters wanted to film the demonstration from an apartment building and rang the bell at the residents. One finally pretended not to have a problem with out recording and let them in. When the journalists recorded some scenes from the balcony, a man suddenly went to the team, destroying the camera and shoving one of the staff down the stairs. He injured his hand.

Pascale Müller
Have recently spoken with André Berthold of Team MDR who were just attacked on the edge of the demo. Full video @BuzzFeedNewsDE # Chemnitz # C0109

The incident involving the camera team in #Chemnitz of the MDR is being investigated by the police. Classification is not possible until the final examination. # C0109
10:57 - Sep. 1 2018

Also the editorial director of the ARD program "Monitor", Georg Restle, tweeted:
George Restle
The night in #Chemnitz: When filming the crime scene in the city center, our camera team was assaulted by right-wing extremists and could just get to safety.
Never before have I experienced so much hatred of media as this weekend in Chemnitz.
01:44 - 2 Sep 2018

The ZDF reporter Michael Bewerunge also speaks of a "very, very aggressive atmosphere towards the press," as he "has not yet experienced". Discussions with the demonstrators were hardly possible.

This is confirmed by SPIEGEL ONLINE video reporter Martin Jäschke: "If you want to talk to people, they usually wave you off, they laugh you out or you get stupid slogans and we were beaten several times against the camera this evening." As long as he was recognizable as a journalist, he had felt as a target for open malice and hostility and certainly felt safe only where the police had been in the vicinity.

This is why the establishment is reacting as harshly as it is. The fury is building and the right has been emboldened. Since it's been held down for 70 years, there is quite a lot of steam built up. The pendulum is moving.


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This two-minute YouTube clip has gone viral. It shows a crowd of ordinary Germans from Chemnitz arguing with a left-wing reporter:
Reporters and leftists get a much needed reality check in Chemnitz by the "Nazis"
This reminds me very much of PEGIDA, except that there are more people on board this time, and they are more angry.
Like PEGIDA, ordinary folk make up the majority of the protestors, but one shouldn't discount the 'Neo-Nazi' presence as well. In this clip of one of the marches, some of the protestors chant, 'We are the Adolf Hitler hooligans!', which is a variant on a German football club chant. (That's according to this 4Chan thread ). The other marchers just laugh. The populists didn't turn on the 'Neo-Nazis' and demand that they be excluded. And this is what frightens the German media, and the politicians.
You are a 100% right on the Stalinism angle. The German establishment wants a new Bolshevism. As one 4Chan poster puts it, 'I see secular, Islamic-framed Brazil with a socialist elite (kind of Ba'ath) for the West'. In other words, something very much like what Jeremy Corbyn wants for Britain. The new German state shall, in addition to being multi-culti, have close ties to Iran and Russia, and shall be Duginist and Eurasianist. A little Islamic fundamentalism mixed in with Arab secular socialism and Tom Metzger-style Third Positionist anti-capitalism. Which is why I tell nationalists not to support Russia and Iran's actions in Syria, as Syria is part of the future you chose. Die Linke's Sahra Wagenknecht, who is a half-Iranian commie, wants to be the German Jeremy Corbyn.
As to where the Jews stand on the New Bolshevism: they are divided. The Zionist Jews oppose Corbyn, the communist Jews support him. 
Suffice to say, all Holocaust Revisionism, all traces of 'Neo-Nazism' real or imagined, shall continue to be banned in the New Germany, just as they are in Russia now. 

The stabbing death of 15 yr. old Mia Valentin in Kandel, Germany by her 7-inch-blade-knife-wielding Afghan 'refugee' ex-boyfriend has resulted in only an 8.5 year prison sentence in a comfortable German jail. Abdul G., the murderer, claimed to be a minor  when the stabbing occurred but a medical assessment determined he was likely 17 to 20 years old at the time. He was tried as a juvenile, under which the maximum sentence he could have received was 10 years.

This Afghan of whom so much is unknown was put in a school with 15 year olds and encouraged to 'integrate' ... even though it's well-known  that the culture between the sexes in Afghanistan is quite different from the culture in Germany. When Mia breaks off the friendship that developed, his possessive jealousy leads him to have to kill her in order to revenge himself.

So the migrant is given all the benefit of the doubt and sympathy while the German girl is counted as collateral damage in the EU's purported responsibility to accept all "refugees." But Mia's family were fully invested in this liberal ideology too, and are complicit for allowing her to date this person to begin with.

There have been a lot of deaths by knife-stabbings in Germany since the 2015 influx of young Muslim men at the personal invitation of Angela Merkel who broke EU rules and laws in doing so. Knives were not used as weapons in Germany prior to this. But this is brushed off as unimportant in the larger scheme of showing compassion to those seeking a better life in a richer country!! It is really unbelievable that media-induced ideology could blind first-world people to such an extent. But it has.

I'm just reading about Der Spiegel's Chemnitz issue. The cover features the word 'Saxony' changing from white to brown -- get it?  It represents a Nazi takeover within the state. Inside, we're given a very interesting explanation by an "Afghan model" of how to understand the refugee men. Translated:

However, there is a voice of reason in this edition. It comes from the Afghan model Zohre Esmaeli. She explains the refugee to us. She explains misunderstandings, for example, that "Hartz IV" [state welfare program] in Arab countries means something like "salary", and in no way a temporary temporary help.

"Some believe that if they live at the expense of the" unbelievers, "God does not count them as sin." No sense of guilt, therefore, of social fraud by multiple identities, etc. Esmaeli continues, "If religion were really so important to these Muslim people, they [would go] to a neighboring country, not the land of the infidels.

"Love? It is bought with gifts. "When such men are left [dropped], there is often a problem." They lose face. "That's why the man has to retake the woman, restore his honor, often with terror on the phone or stalking." Or, as in Kandel, by murder.

Isn't this helpful? It's only to be expected. And we should be used to it by now.

...They know how incompatible the populations are, right from the get go.
Only the state media tells us it's all good:
"Statistically, migrants in Germany are not more criminal than the rest of the population — so why identify a person in terms of ethnic background?"
When's the last time you heard of a *ethnic* German stabbing his girlfriend to death 20+ times?  Are these people for real?  Browsing DW long enough makes me feel ill.
...And where are the parents in this sitution anyway?  My daughter "dates" an Afghan man in the first place over my dead body!
All in all, the migration crisis - it has to be said - is a brilliant tactical move by Zionists.
Germany rightly criticises the Zionist state with it's terror tactics against the local population, so they in turn send a few million (thanks to some crontrived wars) or so to Europe - to give them a taste of what they experience.
In turn the Jews in Europe experience renewed "anti-Semitism" (you don't say?) and some then make the move to Israel.  Quite the population transfer and no downside from their perspective, I suspect.
To say this is messed-up is really selling the situation short.
I just have a hard time seeing where this all goes.  *If* we wake up, do we just take it out on the local migrants (which is where this all seems to be going) or does someone finally actually pull back the curtain to see who is pulling the strings?
...And if that happens, what's to stop the USA from coming over a third time to tell us we're still doing it wrong?
Rock. Hard place.  Please forgive my cynicism.