Circular reasoning and the Holocaust

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By Carolyn Yeager, February 2019

YOU CANNOT PROVE THAT GOD EXISTS BY LOGIC. You also cannot prove that 6 million (or even 2 million) Jews were 'exterminated' by the Hitler regime by the current 'logic' being used.

Here's how circular reasoning works. The statement followed by the reason:

'Whatever is less dense than water will float, because such objects won't sink in water.'

Although the argument is deductively valid, it does not prove the statement because the conclusion is not distinct from the original statement. 'Floating' and 'not sinking' are the same. Likewise:

'Jews are being exterminated by the Nazis, because we have (unconfirmed) reports that Nazis are exterminaing Jews.'

The conclusion is not distinct from the statement.

How the Jewish 'Holocaust' is based on circular reasoning

On the World Jewish Congress (WJC) website under HISTORY, this has long been written:

“It was the World Jewish Congress that, in 1942, alerted the free world to the Nazi Holocaust and pressed US and British leaders to take urgent action in the historic ‘Riegner Telegram’ sent by then WJC Secretary General Gerhart Riegner.”

In the new written history of the World Jewish Congress published in 2016, it's claimed that “The World Jewish Congress discovered and reported the existence of the extermination plan.” But, in fact, nothing was discovered. They're referring to the telegram written by Gerhart Riegner in June 1942, in which he 'reported' that he was told by an unnamed “Jewish journalist” about a nameless German businessman who said he had learned of a plan being discussed in Fuehrer headquarters to exterminate, possibly by gassing with prussic acid, as many as 3 to 4 million Jews who were first being deported to the East.

At this time, these rumors about Zyklon B (prussic acid crystals), which was used in German prison and work camps to disinfect clothing and barracks, had been floating around in Polish circles.

To say the gas might be used to kill prisoners in addition to killing lice was not a far stretch of the imagination. And so the rumors were presented as fact, since this was the best they had with which to hope to condemn the Germans.

Can this really be the origin of today's powerful Holocaust Industry?

New Book

The new history published in 2016 is given the official blessing with a forward by WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, and edited by Menachem Z. Rosensaft, General Counsel. The book contains a chapter titled “The World Jewish Congress during World War II” written by Gregory J. Wallance. I found it very interesting because it emphasizes and confirms the energetic role played by the WJC in fashioning the Holocaust, as they see it.

The WJC is obviously proud of its role, which it portrays as essential, as critical, to the uncovering of the “Nazi plot” to exterminate all the Jews of Europe. In this new history, Wallance flatly states:

“The World Jewish Congress discovered and reported the existence of the extermination plan; mobilized public opinion for action, especially in the United States and Great Britain; pressured Allied governments to issue war crimes warnings; persuaded neutral countries and the International Red Cross to rescue Jews; lobbied for a war crimes tribunal. (my underlining -cy)

He also wrote: “These efforts were often undermined by callous, often anti-Semitic, career diplomats in the US State Department.” Translated: The professionals in the State Department, which was not a hotbed of Jews at the time, rightly saw through the bogus claims coming from the WJC. Breckinridge Long was an assistant secretary of state over the European affairs section who believed in following the strict immigration laws in force at the time. He was dismissive of the Jewish claims from people like Rabbi Stephen Wise and Gerhart Riegner.

The same initial rejection took place at the British Foreign Office. They received a similar telegram on August 10, held it for a week before passing it on to Samuel Sidney Silverman, to whom it was directed, a Jewish member of the Parliament and chairman of the World Jewish Congress 'British Section', with the disclaimer that “we have no information bearing on or confirming this story.”

But as we know, Jews are not easily dissuaded. On August 28, Silverman cabled Rabbi Wise in New York with the news. Wise decided to go above Breckinridge Long and contacted Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles, whom Wise considered sympathetic to the plight of European Jewry. Welles asked Wise “not to release the telegram until an attempt had been made to confirm it.” That investigation by American diplomats in Switzerland took several months.

During that time, Riegner and his allies continued trying to find more sources of information--such as from Red Cross workers--to reinforce credibility of 'the plan.' All they came up with was evidence of deportations. Their idea was to portray the deportation of Jews eastward as part of the final extermination plan. It appears that in order to appease Wise, Sumner Welles accepted that the deportations were reason enough to conclude that the Jews were in danger of extermination.

In November, after a sympathetic, but not conclusive, meeting with Welles, Wise charged ahead and called a press conference in Washington (left). He told reporters that the State Dept had confirmed reports of a Nazi “extermination plan” to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe. The next day, back in New York, he convened a meeting of Jewish leaders to plan a campaign to send telegrams to 500 newspapers requesting editorials on the “Nazi scheme;” invite hundreds of prominent non-Jews to issue statements of condemnation; hold a national day of mourning (!); and seek a meeting with President Roosevelt.

“That afternoon Wise held another press conference where he explained his purpose in disclosing the reports was 'to win the support of a Christian world* so that its leaders may intervene and protest the horrible treatment of Jews in Hitler's Europe.'” In response to Wise's press conference, state dept officials insisted to reporters that Wise's report was unconfirmed. But we know to whom the media pays more attention.

[*Jews know they need Europeans' assistance to get anywhere; they can't succeed without it. Jews know this, but we don't. Acting together, we could easily end their great run of good fortune.]

A week later, on Dec. 2, 1942 a national day of mourning and prayer was held in the US and 29 foreign countries. I can confidently say it was a strictly Jewish event. In NYC half a million Jewish union members stopped work for ten minutes in their work places, causing some non-Jews to join in. On Dec. 8, Wise and other Jewish leaders met with the President; they brought with them an “extermination” report [see memorandum]. Roosevelt promised he would issue a war crimes declaration against the 'Nazis'. Thus came into being the joint US-British declaration titled “German Policy of Extermination of the Jewish Race,” released on December 17, 1942, that vowed to carry out war crimes prosecutions against the responsible German officials. The key word here is 'responsible', meaning that after the war those who were actually found responsible for such crimes would be prosecuted. It was a generalized accusation directed at rumors, not proven facts.

In six months, from June to December 1942, the World Jewish Congress went from an invented telegram created in the mind of Geneva Secretary Gerhart Riegner, to a joint declaration by the two most powerful Western wartime leaders acknowleging German extermination of the Jewish Race. With no hard evidence, just by putting out sensationalized, but anonymous 'reports' and then later using, or confusing, the reports as the results. "We know they did this mass murder because they said earlier that they wanted to do it" -- that sort of thing.

A new telegram—“6,000 Jews Killed Daily”

“In early 1943, Gerhart Riegner provided another report to the American diplomats in Switzerland, also in the form of a telegram. Dated Jan 19, he asked that they transmit it to the State Department for delivery to Rabbi Wise. It described the acceleration of the alleged Nazi plan, claiming: '6,000 Jews killed daily at a single location in Poland … required, before execution, to strip themselves of all their clothing, which is then sent to Germany.' The telegram also emphasized the ongoing horror in Transnistria, a part of Ukraine: '130,000 (Romanian) Jews were deported to Transnistria … approximately 60,000 (had already died) … 70,000 are starving … living conditions indescribable.' ”

The diplomats in Switzerland transmitted the telegram to the State Department in a cable sent on January 21, 1943. On Feb. 9, the Division of European Affairs delivered a copy of the telegram to Rabbi Wise. The release of this report coincided with the plans by the WJC, and other Jewish groups, to hold mass protest rallies to pressure the State Dept. to carry out a rescue. On Feb. 10, the European Division at State sent a cable to the American diplomats in Switzerland specifically referencing Riegner's cable of Jan. 21, instructing the diplomats to stop transmitting any more reports from Riegner: "In the future we would suggest that you do not accept reports submitted to you to be transmitted to private persons in the United States." It was an imposition on the State Department's secure communications/cable network that it needed for its own use, along with the information being useless and a nuisance.

This type of hearsay and even fabricated numbers and horror stories coming from a war zone, is the extent of the 'proof' of a German plan and policy to exterminate Jews by the millions. It all comes down to “because we said so.” Even in 1944, the War Refugee Board Report that WJC had a big hand in, was merely unproven testimony from three alleged escapees who were at first anonymous. Influential Zionist rabbis wrote much of what appeared as the testimony of the two young Slovakians. It is the same circular logic—statements are asserted as true because they come from alleged “eye-witnesses” or because they are found in the WRB Report.

Stop and think

If there were any reliable evidence of a Nazi plan to exterminate Jews, we can be sure the World Jewish Congress would have jumped at it and utilized it. But all they have, after 70 years, is still their own self-originated claims from anonymous sources--hearsay (which is unacceptable in legitimate courtrooms) and circular reasoning (containing no evidence, and evidence is necessary for finding someone guilty in legitimate courtrooms). Yet the information from these reports was offered into evidence at the Nuremberg Tribunal because of the Jewish control of that process and the heavy participation of the World Jewish Congress.

Test it out for yourself and see if you can find anything of real evidentiary value in any of these reports. I have completed reading Part One (365 pages) of Mattogno's The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories and I have not found anything I consider solid except for what the Commando Reports (held by Russian Communists in secret for 50 years) contain. But how much can we believe these reports?  There is no physical, forensic evidence, except for the Soviet slaughter of Polish officers and elites known as the Katyn Massacre, and some lesser massacres against Germans. It should make one stop and think.


Another example of circular reasoning in regard to the Holocaust is the idea that at the Wannsee conference the term "resettlement"(Umsiedlung) was code for "extermination", because it was already assumed that the Wannsee conference was about extermination. Then the use of such "code terms" is adduced as "proof" that the Wannsee conference was indeed about extermination.

And the Wannsee conference was in 1942 also, in January, the year we are mainly talking about here. This was the year the holocaust narrative was 'set'. 

What a good point that they decide some word is code for something else; then whenever that "code word" appears, it is considered proof of what they've decided it stands for. As you point out, that is not evidence of anything. It is just trickery.

There were two very interesting claims announced by Stephen S. Wise in Novemebr 1942 that I did not see mentioned here.
(1) He said that Jewish corpses were being used for industrial production of soap.
(2) He said that the number of Jews in Axis Europe, and at risk, was 4 million --  which would make the 6 million figure impossible. Presumably the WJC would be in as good a position as anyone to know the Jewish population of a given region.

Great. This news article is about Wise's first press conference in Washington, after his meeting with Sumner Welles. Look how he lies, saying that Hitler's 'extermination plan' and carrying out that plan WAS CONFIRMED by State ... when it wasn't. If he were not a prominent Jew he would have gotten in trouble for lying about that, but Jews do not get in trouble. Everything Jews do is tolerated. That's the "special treatment for Jews" I was trying to turn into a campaign or meme about a year ago.

The article quotes Wise as saying outrageous things, such as doctors' injecting Jews, 100 per hour per doctor, with deadly substance, but I didn't see anything about turning Jews into soap. And the question comes up: How did they dispose of all those bodies? I suppose some intelligent newspaper people did ask themselves that question.

Maybe that's why this article is NOT a featured item, but somewhat buried on page five.

Okay, sorry. This is the one that talks about making Jews into "soap fats and fertilizer."
Again it says that the number of Jews in Axis Europe is estimated at 4 million.

I talked about circular reasoning in my article for CODOH about David Irving a few years ago. Specifically, I pointed out that the destruction of the Aktion Reinhardt camps would only look like an attempt to cover up a crime, and thus appear as evidence of that crime, if the crime has already been assumed.
You see a lot of circular reasoning about the alleged war-criminals. Any reaction that they give toward the accusations against them can be interpreted as evidence of being either guilt-ridden or incapable of guilt. Either way, they are guilty!

The average person when presented with the idea of "the ashes of the dead" might think in terms of the the grey material in a barbacue pit or an ash tray. But the fact is cremated remains are an entirely different product. Heavy and solid they resemble coarse sand with bits of teeth and bone. An adult male of average height is reduced to 6 Lbs of ashes; a female 4 Lbs. So 6 million dead comes out to about 15,000 tons of cremains. I don't know how much that would be by volume, but it should be an easy to locate and identify mass.

The evidence against the assumption of a Holocaust is overwhelming.
The problem is, there never was a specific Holocaust claimed by the Jews. To argue that matter means to be sent by them into a spiritual treadmill. Objective arguments can only convince thoughtful gentiles. If this is not achieved in sufficient numbers, then the Jews may have won their struggle for global dominance for good.

Yes, I agree with you. The most powerful weapon Jews have come  up with is the belief in "Hate." That if you disagree with their fables of extreme suffering and atrocities, you are guilty of "Hate." The use of that word in this context is becoming more common, more acceptable to the general public through the media. It always works that way.

But basically, this is a political problem and we must change the dominant political powers. Our people need to get away from being just obsessed with the Jews and realize they have to vote in more open-ended, freedom-minded individuals. Never a Jew! Immigration is a huge problem, but so also is freedom of expression/speech. Unfortunately, there are not enough of us.

In all these ways, Trump gets a good mark, without making himself a bigger target than he already is. In Germany, vote AfD!

I have been doing a lot of wide ranging reading on the issue of the "6m" including some observations by Frank H. Hankins a very emminent demographer back in the 1950s. Although it was only a positional statment and not a conclusion, the general thrust was that as we can't be certain of the starting point we can't be certain as to the end.
My analogy is that if I make a jigsaw puzzle I start with a picture with edges and of known size, I lose a few pieces from the middle and have a hole, the size of which is defined by the original less the missing.
In the 1940s events we don't know for certain (even the Auschwitz authorities are history revisionists) the size of the hole, but the rest of the jigsaw is nonetheless defined by the size of something we don't know in order to defend the unknown size of the hole.