“Germany marks 75th Anniversary” of corrupt Nuremberg Tribunals, but whose trials were they?

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2020-11-20 16:21

Note the flags behind the "distinguished" members of the International Military Tribunal in 1946 as they read their verdicts of death to the "Nazi" leaders on trial in the Nurembrg Palace of JusticeI can see the flags of Britain, the United States, and France. It was their courtroom, no longer a German courtroom.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE HEADLINES ON ALL THE DUTIFULLY PLACED NEWS STORIES  marking the 75th anniversary of the opening day of what's known as the Nuremberg Military Tribunals are identical on this November 20, 2020: “Germany marks 75th anniversary of landmark Nuremberg trials”. The reason they are identical is because only one article was written, by the Associated Press (AP) and, as usual, just picked up and run by everyone else. There is no diversity in the coverage.

The thing to notice is that “Germany marks” this historical event, not the governments that actually put on the spectacle and supplied all the personnel to carry it out for a period of almost a year (218 trial days). These four governments were the UK, US, France & Russia--who today want nothing to do with it!! (Thus the headline “Germany marks”.)

That there's no objection to every news outlet carrying the same AP article is evidence, as if it were needed, that there is only one narrative allowed anyway.

But as a matter of truth, it was not a “German” event at all; Germans were only the helpless pawns. It was fully a production of the above named nations: the British, Americans, French and Russians AGAINST Germany as a sovereign nation andevery one of its German nationals. There is no reason for Germans to mark this event except that they are still ruled by the “Big Four” victors who want them to mark it. So they do. Any authentic Germany that still exists within the territory cannot openly object.

These “Big Four,” following their victory, morphed into the United Nations (begun in San Francisco, USA, by the way, and later housed in New York City) followed by the many, mostly Jewish-organized-and-run, international law and justice-type organizations that today proliferate on our planet.

The various 'trials' (put in quotes because they followed neither American nor British rules of trial law) were conducted partly to cover up the massive theft of intellectual and real property against the German nation (read 'nation' as 'people'). Another reason was to eliminate the National Socialist leadership before they could tell their side of the story—which they were not permitted to do during the trials. Another, and related, was to get it into the history books that Germany was the sole responsible villian for the final world war death count, estimated at 70-80 million people.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier dutifully addressesd the nation today from the historic Courtroom 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, to mark the 75th anniversary. Prior to his speech, a commemorative event (appropriately scaled down because of coronavirus restrictions) was held in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice with politicians and 'experts' speaking in video messages. 

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The Flags tell the story. Flags of Great Britain, the United States, Russia and France stand in front of the palace of justice in Nuremberg, Germany, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of the landmark Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, in what is now seen as the birthplace of a new era of international law (please substitute "international rule" -cy).  (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)


Surely, November 18th of 1945, should be noted as a day of shame by the "big four"! Of course, the usual suspects, America, England, Russia, and France, are held in the highest esteem for carrying out "justice" against the evil "Nazis"! I have only read of some of the waffen SS who were tortured, imprisoned, and then hanged, or in Joachim Peiper's case, was murdered in his house in France by communists on July 14th of 1976 when they burned his house down at 1:00 A.M.! We must convince the world of these truths, so that Germans will finally receive some justice! This is a great article, Carolyn, and I appreciate your ability to write such an important article with such clarity and such historical discernment! Thank you, once again, for all of your efforts!

This was not a trial but an act of vengence, carried out by members of four nations and a group of internationalists who were, ar least, equally guilty and in some cases more so. This was an event where justice acted under the heading of hypocracy, abandoned the rules of evidence, introduced torture as a means of interview and entered the gutter. It should be remembered by the four nations responsible by hanging their heads in shame.

Found a cache of Allied war crime trial documents at Archive.Org a few days ago, many of the documents are faded and illegible.
Among these is a real gem: a declassified Allied 'Nazi Occupied Europe' manual from October 1944. It contains a wealth of information. Allied intelligence on the Third Reich was excellent, first-class; here we have plenty of maps, tables, demographic and organisation membership data. Most importantly, there are no references to the gassing of the Jews (or Poles)! None! There is a little bit of atrocity propaganda, and of course the book seethes with hatred against Germans, but it shows that the Allies didn't lie to themselves (for the most part) in their own internal documents.
To get an idea of the dry factuality of the book, see these passages on Germans in the Banat. (PDF is here).
Reading it all, I stand in awe at the feats of organisation these people (the Germans) achieved, and in such a short time. I think that it's important, in these times, when nothing but electoral fraud and covid dominates our thoughts, to look at the good and put an ideal before ourselves.
PS, you will remember, from your 'Fatherland' series, that the Germans in WWI made a concession towards the end of war and gave Poles their own state (for which the Germans have never received credit for, from the Poles or anyone else). In what is a case of history repeating itself, a chapter in the handbook, 'Appeasement before Downfall' details some major concessions made to the Poles in 1944 as the Red Army closed in. I found this passage amusing:

In April, [Hans] Frank ordered more measures of appeasement, He raised the salaries of Polish and Ukrainian officials and employees ; he increased the cigarette ration for Poles from 80 to 120 per month...

Give over those cigarettes, Herr Frank!
I love these old books.

Please stop calling the staged proceedings at Nuremberg "tribunals". These events were Soviet-style SHOW TRIALS not "tribunals". It's high time we cease using the same terminology used by our enemies. From now on, whenever the subject comes up, make sure you refer to them as what they actually were: the Nuremberg SHOW TRIALS.