Rodney Martin - Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude?

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-10-09 01:47

This is the latest photograph of Rodney Martin, from his website, which is where I got it. Though showing him considerably aged from his previous pictures, Martin said on his Friday, Oct. 3rd radio program that he was 46 years old. He seems to consider this "old" since he blamed his overweight on age, calling it "age-related." 

Forty-six is not old by any measure, but the face looking at us from this picture does look old. It also looks strangely Amerindian to my eyes. Also here. Could it be his mother was not a Scot after all? Although, Rodney is not in the best of health and some people age faster than others.

On the same Oct. 3 radio program (at 67m55s), I heard Martin tell his guest (a double PhD) that he (Martin) graduated from college "summa cum laude" and Phi Beta Kappa, adding that he is not some idiot that just fell off the turnip truck.

The Porterville Recorder interview of 2007 reported that Martin was a graduate of William Jewel University.

The 1993 graduate of William Jewell University was awarded the Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson Congressional Fellowships, and was a congressional intern for Arizona Rep. Ed Pastor during that time.

As far as I know, Martin has never stated directly anywhere that he is a graduate of this institution - only what appeared in this interview ... and he claims they were wrong about so many things. Also there is one William Jewel College in Liberty, MO and another one listed in Ofallon, IL (maybe a branch?).

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This explains summa cum laude:

Latin honors typically come in three varieties, representing three primary levels of achievement. Cum laude, which means “with honor,” is the first and most basic distinction; next comes magna cum laude, which translates to “with great honor.” Both are considered quite prestigious and praiseworthy, but neither quite approaches the “summa” distinction in either value or rarity. The highest honor distinction is, in most cases, reserved for those who are truly unmatched in academic pursuits. These students typically graduate at the very top of their classes.

Since each university sets its own standards, and since these standards may vary widely it is possible for the same level of Latin honors conferred by different institutions to represent contrasting levels of academic achievement.

In other words, William Jewel may not have had rigorous standards in order to graduate it's best students with cum laude honors. Since Rodney can't spell or write worth a darn, it's kind of hard to imagine, but it could be true since in the 1980s/90s that was not considered so important. If he got the Truman and Johnson Congressional Fellowships, that could have done it. Plus Rodney was probably very active in extra-curriculars.

Bigger questions regarding Phi Beta Kappa

When it comes to Phi Beta Kappa, it gets more difficult to believe.

Doing a little checking, I discovered that this college, William Jewel in Liberty, MO, was not a member of Phi Beta Kappa in 1993 when Rodney graduated, and is still not a member. It didn't apply for membership until 2007:

Email Newsletter for Alumni and friends    Nov. 2007 (cut and paste link into window)

At its regularly scheduled October meeting, the William Jewell College Board of Trustees approved a strategic plan aimed at charting the course of the college for the next 10 years.

"We have invested two years and involved over 200 stakeholders in the development of this plan," said Dr. David Sallee. "It is designed to take the college to a new level among national liberal arts colleges."

William Jewell plans to move toward membership in the nation's most prestigious national academic organization, Phi Beta Kappa; double its present endowment of $86 million; shift its athletic programs to National Collegiate Athletic Association membership from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics; and raise its admission standards to the level of the best liberal arts colleges in the country.

"Being selected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa is a long and rigorous process, but one that yields great benefits," according to Sallee. "That process could take the full length of this ten-year plan. However, institutions are often known by the company they keep, and Phi Beta Kappa is the best 'company' in the country."

I looked at all the chapters at a Phi Beta Kappa website and there was no William Jewel College or University listed there. So where did his award come from?

Do you really have one of these, Rodney? If so, maybe you could show it to us, along with the certificate on parchment that probably came with it.

I think it's strange that Martin didn't add the information about his college and his high academic honors on his Metapedia page or in his ANA-ANN biography. Such an oversight. Although maybe he's just making things up again, as when he put Dr. in front of his name on his Metapedia page. Unless it is he doesn't want his alma mater to find out what he's up to these days? There is talk in some circles that he leads a double life.


White Nationalism


It's legal for anybody to put Dr. in front of his name. Dr. Demento, Dr. Hook, Dr. John, Dr. Pepper. What I think might get somebody into trouble is to put M.D. after your name. Putting Ph.D. after your name might be legal if you are not using it to defraud anybody. I am not sure.

Of course I'm not bringing up any question of illegality, but of morality and credibility. I think it's helpful to make this distinction.

I would say that putting Dr. in front of Rodney Martin's name on a permanent biographical Internet page like Metapedia was intending to defraud, although not to the extent of criminal but in the sense of presenting him as something he wasn't. It was not used as a cute or catchy way to give himself a distinct persona.

Why would one put PhD after ones name if not to fool people? It may not be illegal, but certainly would be dishonest.

What we're dealing with is shysters and assorted fools gumming up any type of "fringe" movement. What about the ANA not being registered anywhere according to S.E. Ronin (I'm not endorsing him), nor has the World View Foundations. It's not a real Foundation. Nothing is real with Rodney Martin.

I added to the article above the time mark wherein Martin makes the statement about his academic honors to his PhD guest. It begins at 67 min. 55 sec. "By the way, I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, so I'm not some idiot that fell off the turnip truck. I also was a military officer."

I think the latter is due to his being in ROTC throughout high school and college. Of course, there is no available record of all this so there's no way to check it out for sure.

At the 60 min. mark, Rodney turns away from David Cole whom he had previously embraced. He says, "I went to the IHR meeting and listened to his public speech and listened to him afterward and let me tell you, a lot of people got suckered at that meeting."  Yes, Rodney was one of those. He had his picture taken with Cole and wrote that Cole would probably be a guest on his radio show in the near future, thinking he had a real audience-grabber in Cole. That Cole was a Jew who had "returned to the fold" did not sway him then. He had more to say about Cole and revisionism at 62 min., where he mimics what others had the courage to say first and he did not.

Martin's instincts are far more political than racial, or respecting of truth. He set out to make his career in government; now he is anti-government. A genuine shift? I don't know, which is why I watch him pretty closely.

Listen to these two clowns go on in the first 15 minutes or so, with the same old lies about me Rodney been using all along -- in spite of it all being answered long ago.

I simply request that he explain how he could graduate with Phi Beta Kappa honors from a college that is not a Phi Beta Kappa member. But he doesn't do it. Instead he shows an alleged PBK key to David Baillie over skype video and that supposedly takes care of the matter.
Anybody can buy one of those keys

This actually adds conviction that he is NOT Phi Beta Kappa. I am sure he is not. If he were, he would be able to speak about it intelligently. Instead he goes into defensive mode and starts attacking. Ratta-tat-tat-tat go the guns. It's always been the same when Rodney is asked to explain some inconsistency in his story. He can't do it. He goes into a kind of panic.

Did he mention the college he graduated from? Did he say what he did in his college career to merit this honor? Has he ever mentioned it before?  No, because the rules are ...

Only by choosing to attend a Phi Beta Kappa college or university can you aspire to membership in this selective organization.

William Jewel College does NOT have a PBK chapter. The PBK Society selects the schools it wants to go into. Only the chapter at the school can select undergraduates for membership. Period. So where could Martin have received his PBKmembership if not from the college he supposedly graduated from, and when? All this is basic information but he offers zero, zilch, nada. Instead, he spins, attacks and distracts.

The verdict remains: He is lying. Rodney Martin is not able to stop himself from lying. And Davd Baillie helps him to do it. David Baillie is an enabler for Rodney Martin when he really should be expecting Rodney to answer the questions that are raised, not pretend like he doesn't hear them.

Carolyn, nice detective work as always.  Working in law enforcement myself I would say you have a good eye for detecting the criminal element.

I'm waiting with baited breath to see whether RM tells us WHERE he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. I have no problem if he did.

question, where exactly is Rodney's personal facebook?
Also whatever happened to Chris J Borsella?
P.S. Carolyn it's called male pattern baldness. it can come on at younger ages too.