A word on recent Jewish censorship

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2022-02-06 14:23

Germar Rudolf writes on the CODOH web site dated 1/27/2022:

“[i]n early 2022, when Germany and Israel ganged up to make the General Assembly of the United Nations pass another* resolution appealing to all nations of the world “to reject without any reservation” and “to take active measures to combat” any unwanted skeptical research into the National-Socialists’ persecution of the Jews, and the popular social-media chatter resulting from it. This resolution passed without a vote on January 20, 2022"

*the 2nd – the first was passed on November 1, 2005 [The UN Decides a Universal Ban on Revisionism by Robert Faurisson, 17 November 2005. Following this resolution being adopted without a vote (by “unanimous consent” after a voice vote, done to prevent anyone from the embarrassment or political difficulty of having their vote officially recorded. In other words, completely fake).

"On January 24, the company we used up to that point in time to have our books printed, distributed and mailed to our customers, Lightning Source, which is a subsidiary of the almighty Ingram Content Group, suspended all our books. We could not even place any orders for our own customers. A day later, all books were available again for us to place individual orders for our own customers, but all books had been removed from distribution through Ingram, which basically has a monopoly on book distribution in the U.S. Asked what the reason was for this action, we received the following email on January 26: 

“Dear Publisher,

Please be advised that due to recent complaints of your titles from retailers we are providing notice to terminate your account effective March 7, 2022, as outlined in our agreement under section 6b (page12).

During this time your titles will only be available for short-run ordering.


Catalog Integrity Team”

That Section 6b reads succinctly:

“b) Termination for Convenience. Publisher may terminate this Agreement without cause by giving the other Party forty-five (45) days written notice. Lightning Source may terminate this agreement with or without cause, immediately upon written notice to Publisher.”

To this I merely responded, without having heard back from them since:

“This is peculiar. No retailer is forced to sell or even offer our books, if they don’t like them, so why would they complain?

Is there any way of letting us know what the contents of those complaints were?””

More from GR at the CODOH link above.


This censorship originates from the powerful Jewish Lobby, which is a miniscule minority of the human population with an inordinate, not to say extortionate, amount of wealth and ownership married to bondedness and chutzpah. It seems to be this combination that strikes fear in the emotions and minds of Jews and non-Jews alike. Since biblical times, this fear has existed wherever Jews have been a strong and/or threatening presence.

The story of Jewish innocence is a fraud. Those who are not perpetrators or accusers, are silent observers. They who purport to be friends of White and Western civilization, never take a strong stand against the most damaging Jewish narratives of history; they only remain silent or very mildly rebuke their racial brethren on specific grounds. That's why I condemn Jews as a group.

I'd like to recommend a new article by a non-Jew on a different topic, but which has some memorable lines that resonate with this topic.  Alfred de Zayas is not only highly intelligent and educated, but is something of an elder statesman & diplomat in U.S. and UN affairs. He does his very best (if not THE best) to tell the truth in spite of those contraints. He was an acquaintence of my TAWTW writing partner, Wilhelm L. Kriessmann.

De Zayas wrote some essential books about the criminal treatment of Germans by the Allies both during and following WWII, and he wrote them first, leaving others to copy from them (such as Thomas Goodrich of Hellstorm fame – a fame undeserved since all he did was to copy from the real researchers, which also included Ralph Franklin Keeling and even John Sack. I wonder, does he credit them?). Look up de Zayas for all his publications and go to “Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau” under my “Radio Archives.”

The article is “NATO as Religion,” January 24, 2022 at Counterpunch.org. The excerpts:

“Worse than merely an illegal war, [the Iraq War based on non-existant WMD) was the most serious violation of the Nuremberg Principles since the Nuremberg Trials – a veritable revolt against international law. Not only the US but the so-called “coalition of the willing,” 43 States ostensibly committed to the UN Charter and to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, deliberately assaulted the international rule of law.”

“As a historian – not only a jurist – I acknowledge that we may be losing the battle for truth. It is quite probable that in thirty, fifty, eighty years, NATO’s propaganda will emerge as the accepted historical truth — solidly cemented and repeated in history books. This is partly because most historians, like lawyers, are pens for hire.”

“As Julius Caesar wrote in his “De bello civile” – quae volumus, ea credimus libenter.  What we want to believe, we believe – in other words, mundus vult decepi – the world actually wants to be deceived.”

“At the end of the day we understand that neither Huntington nor Fukuyama got the 21st century right – Orwell did.”



You are right, those Jews who sit by and say nothing are just as guilty as those who bear false witness against the German people.   They could care less about the commandment not to lie.  For the Jew, the lie has become the truth.  
And because they will probably succeed in closing down free speech in America, too, I think the end will be a nuclear war.  How many people would defend the Jews if it meant preventing a real holocaust?  Thus, they walk right into the fire.  I think.

A British company telling Americans what they can't read, prompted by an appendage of the British empire, the UN. This is how Cecil Rhodes would do it.
The racist anti-Germanism of British institutions never ends, but at least, we know they need to do this, otherwise, they would collapse under their own evil for the undisputed holocausts of Hamburg and Hiroshima.

I was new to this topic in 2013 or so.  Watching everything up to the youtube purge just makes me a denier.  Now whoopi says something completely benign and shocks the world.  Dont call me a revisionist. Start with denier then throw everything at me. Freedom speech is dead in Anerica.

It's still in the Constitution so it can be revived - it's not dead. Work in a contructive fashion, not with a defeatist attitude. Name the real culprits and vote for the best person(s) - like I do. Don't live in Blue states or counties, only purple or red. Let your legislators know what you care about - the Jews sure do.