Rodney Martin lies to Carolyn Yeager on Spingola radio show

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-10-27 13:59

I made a call into "Spingola and Friends" less than an hour ago (around 12:10 Central), to ask a burning question of Rodney Martin, the guest speaker. But Martin refused to answer my simple question.

My question (beginning at 1hour17min): Please state what college or university you graduated from.

His answer: Silence

Deanna expects him to answer and appears uncertain as to why he doesn't. She asks me why I want to know. I tell her "because Mr. Martin said recently that he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, but he has never said, and seemingly won't say, what school he graduated from.

He finally said it was posted on his Facebook page. I said I did not have a Facebook account so why not just say now on this program. He starts arguing.

Deanna asked if it was on his ana-ann website; he said yes. I countered NO, I had looked. I just looked again now, at 12:30 pm Central time, and it is NOT there, not anywhere on that site.

Rodney Martin lied about graduating Phi Beta Kappa. He also said he graduated summa cum laude at the same time. Is that true? Did Martin actually graduate from college? If not, why does he say he did? If he did, why does he hide the name of the school?

My answer: Rodney Martin is a habitual liar. Please see my blogpost to learn the background on this. Martin is so comfortable with lying that he has no trouble telling more lies to cover up his first lies, and continuing on as if nothing has happened. In other words, being caught red-handed with his lies doesn't even faze him. Wow.

After I hung up, I heard Martin characterize my call as "attacking him" when I simply asked a legitimate question of a "public figure" based on his own statement on his own radio program. Think about that.

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Here are two "bios" of RM at as of showtime Monday, Oct.27, 2014. His college is not mentioned, and never has been:

Executive committee:

ANA/ANN Chairman Rodney Martin is an American Ethno-Nationalist, political activist, Historian and Researcher.

Rodney Martin descends from German and Scottish families.  He was raised by very traditional fraternal German grandparents who raised him from birth. Martin’s German family were East Prussians from Elbing and Marienburg.  His maternal family, hails from Duns, Scotland.      Martin prides himself on having researched his family history to 1710 and says his family history remains a “work in progress as long as he can continue to find accurate records”.   Chairman Martin is considered by many to be a prolific debater and speaker on behalf of European Ethno Nationalism and on behalf of Germany both inside and outside the “Ethno Nationalist Movement”.  He is especially respected by many Germans, around the globe who view him as an advocate for German History and traditions.  He and his wife have been targets of opposition and attacks for their opposition to miscegenation by Jewish Activists in his hometown. Martin has replied to these attacks by responding, "I like every normal person want my grandchildren to look like me, I just say it openly." 

 Rodney Martin has been married to his wife Peggy for 20 years.  His wife is of German and Irish ethnicity. They met while Martin was briefly training at the U.S. Army Base at Ft. Lewis in Washington State before his deployment to Somalia.  Rodney and Peggy Martin are parents of 5 children, which are all home schooled.  They have also been foster parents to 11 other White children from disadvantaged families.  Martin and his wife used to routinely provide their home for White children who become homeless due to economics or due to abuse or poor choices by their own parents.

 Chairman Martin’s “Work Horse” efforts have not gone unnoticed by Movement heavyweights such as Mark Weber, Thomas Goodrich, David Duke, Norman Lowell, and Deanna Spingola.    

According to Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historic Review, Rodney Martin has  coined a term, which Weber says he and others have begun using, “it’s the Culture Stupid”, a  play on the 1992 Presidential theme used against George HW Bush.  According to Martin, “the economy is an easy fix, but when your Culture is corrupted, everything else is easy to destroy, thus we have to restore our Culture”.  Martin also refers to the United States as ‘Weimar America” in his writings and various Radio appearances and broadcast making comparison of the United States to the Weimar Republic. Martin is quoted as saying that “the Weimar Republic was the blueprint for what Jewish Marxists would later do in Europe and the United States, both economically and culturally.

   Author Thomas Goodrich, famous for his book “Hellstorm, the Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1948, has said “Rodney Martin is a National Treasure because of his in-depth knowledge of history and his research and knowledge of original source material”.

Dr. David Duke praised Martin in an interview on November 22, 2013, saying, he (Duke) was very impressed by Martin’s intellectual knowledge and abilities and that “it was great to verbally shake hands with such a dedicated Human Rights Activist” as Martin.  On December 28, 2013, Norman Lowell commented on his forum, "Rodney Martin, what an articulate man".

 Spingola Speaks Host, Deanna Spingola often praises the detail of Martin’s original source research and his devotion to Real History.  

Chairman Martin is also regular commentator on PRESSTV.

Chairman Martin retired in 2009 from his professional services firm which provided land development, government relations and professional contracted management and administrative services. He also served for a time on the staff of a U.S. Congressman assigned to Military and Veteran Issues.   He ran for various local offices on what he called “Nationalist & Populist" Platforms as well as Law & Order.  He proposed tough anti-drug proposals, and local ordinances that would all but remove pedophiles from City limits.  He also was often quoted as saying that all most all of the most pressing problems were caused by demographics. Martin’s entire family participated in his various political campaigns. 

Rodney Martin and his family live just north of Los Angeles. Martin is an avid reader and classical music fan. Martin says he spends his Sunday afternoons listening to music on LP’s.  He also collects military antiques and has a collection original German firearms and rare books.  Martin also enjoys flying, skydiving, shooting, boxing, hunting, and deep sea fishing. Martin says he is also very fond of “quiet time” with his wife and a glass of German wine and an occasional fine cigar.

Contact Chairman Martin at: [email protected]


World View Conversations

            Fridays 7PM ET

Rodney Martin is an American Ethno-Nationalist political activist historian and researcher who identifies as a National Socialist in terms of his worldview.  Martin is quoted as saying, “National Socialism is the only successful form of Ethno Nationalism”.   He qualifies this statement by saying, “National Socialist Germany was the most successful Ethno-Nationalist system, it did not fail like the Soviet Union and as the United States has failed, it was crushed by the combined forces of Jewish Communism and Jewish Capitalism”. 

Martin is the Editor and Director of World View Foundations,  In addition to his own writings, the writings of such authors such as “Karl Radl, Tom Sunic, and Karl Gharst are regularly posted on Martin’s site.    Martin is also the Chairman of the Board of the American Nationalist Association (ANA) and the American Nationalist Network, (ANN) both of which he founded in 2013.  Martin’s Friday Interview Show, titled “World View Conversations is the cornerstone of the Network, Martin has interviewed such Nationalist luminaries and Thinkers as Dr. David Duke, Dr.Tom Sunic, Deanna Spingola, Dr. Kevin McDonald and many others from around the globe.      Martin has been active in political, revisionist and Ethno Nationalist efforts and is known to get along well with many personalities in the Ethno Nationalist Movement that often clash with one another.  Martin is talked about widely in the blogosphere, as a person who is able to transcend the negative stereotypes associated with “White Nationalism”, a term he rejects. 

 Martin serves as the Chairman of ANA and ANN. Martin hosts the premier interview Show, “World View Conversations".Martin has interviewed such luminaries as the Co-founder of the Golden Dawn, David Duke, Tom Sunic, USS Liberty survivors, Dr. William Pierce's brother, sanders Pierce, and many others.

Contact Rodney at: [email protected]


News, White Nationalism


Martin's response was pathetic, as was the flaccid, non-committal  behavior of the host, Deanna Spingola. She invited  him on her show and, having vouched for his authority, she  should have insisted that he  answer the request to  identify the school at  which he received his much vaunted Phi Beta Kappa status.   How pathetic.  

Mrs. Yeager, you tore that goofball apart. I should feel ashamed (heheheh) since Mr. Rodney is a male . 

you asked him to name the school from where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and at the end of the show he said that he never claimed he earned a PHD!
it got too icky for deanna to deal with so she promptly put her head in the sand, and failed to correct rodney...
rodney the "we need unity" guy, who then refers to stormfront and dailystormer as stormdrain and the dailystoner, respectively
which is astounding because he praises david duke and at the same time belittles stormfront, which is don blacks website
duke and black are best of friends and share the same world view
nothing is too mutually exclusive for rodney...
this guy is nothing but trouble!
you've done a good job weeding him out

Thanks. Phi Beta Kappa goes only to undergraduates; has nothing to do with PhD's.

Rodney has listed the U. of Arizona on his Facebook page, but doesn't say that he graduated from there. I doubt that he did, but it will take further perseverance to really find out because he doesn't make anything plain. He has "mentioned" three schools but at ony one of them could he have gotten a PBK, and only if he graduated.

IMO, the reason he would not say on the program is because then he wouldn't have any deniability to say he was misunderstood. It's really a bad joke, isn't it.

you wrote in the post above:
"After I hung up, I heard Martin characterize my call as "attacking him" when I simply asked a legitimate question of a "public figure" based on his own statement on his own radio program."
lol, it's akin to jews screaming "anti-semite!" when they're criticized because they have no defence

Martin is from Yuma, Arizona, which is like Hell on Earth. In contrast, where I lived in Mexico was like Paradise on earth. I suppose Yuma has more Mexicans of the worst sort, as a border town. In 2010, 54.8% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Anyway, the Yuma Sun has as many articles on Martin as the Porterville Recorder has, and they go back earlier. Here is one from 2004; at the end it reads:

Martin, [pictured at right] a former Democrat who calls himself a strong civil libertarian and third-party advocate, said he is running as a Libertarian because the Democratic Party no longer represents his political ideals.

"We need a stronger third party movement as a check-and-balance on the two major parties because they both have been disingenuous," he said.

A 32-year resident, Martin returned to Yuma after college to raise his family. In addition to serving in U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor's Yuma and Washington D.C. offices as a Lyndon B. Johnson congressional intern [Pastor was super-liberal and pro-immigration], he served a brief stint as a communication intern for the city working to extend the 2 percent hospitality tax - a tax in retrospect Martin said should not have been extended. From there he went on to serve on the city's planning and zoning commission.

Martin later served as planning director and tribal administrator for the Cocopah Nation. Since leaving that position in 1998, Martin has operated his own consulting firm specializing in community and economic development, and intergovernmental relations.

In 2002 Martin was appointed by then-Gov. Jane Hull to the Arizona Commission for Indian Affairs. He also serves on the International Boundary and Water Commission's Colorado River Citizen's Forum for Yuma and Imperial counties.

It was in 2007 that he took up his new duties as Administrator of the Tula River Indian Tribe, that we are familiar with, and moved to Portervile.

Martin was seeking a political career and lucrative contacts, therefore he would have had an information/bio sheet to hand to interviewers, news persons, etc. They would take this type of personal info from what he had given them. Same with the Porterville Recorder.

This article says he was 34-yrs-old in 2004, making him 44 now. Yet he recently said he was 46 yrs-old. Is Rodney Martin having trouble keeping his age straight?

As I see it, he was unsuccessful in his political aspirations in two cities, Yuma and Porterville CA, and turned to White Nationalism via his interest in German and Third Reich history. He is still trying very hard to make a name for himself, but failing.

A great find, that 2004 article from a Yuma paper.  Rodney Martin reminds me of another, albeit far more successful Democrat whose  biolgraphy is full of gaps, inconsistencies and blank c spots:  Barack Obama.
I studied Obama's background in detail including his two (ghost written) books, biographies, and such public records as I could find, including newspapers stories and even  the immigration file of his Kenyan  "father" Barack Obama Sr.  Both of Obama's books are full of inconsistences about his background.  His two books even contradict each other on biolgraphical facts.  Moreover, his father's immigration file reveals that Obana Sr. used two birth dates, one in 1934 and another in 1936.   
In August 1962, one year after the birth of Obama Jr., Obana Sr's Application for Visa extension did NOT  list Obama Jr. as one of his children. That 1962 Application listed  as his only child, "Roy Obama", a child by Obana Sr's Kenyan wife.  
Now we have Rodney Martin who doesn't know his own college alma matter, and who is vague and evasive about many details of his life.  How interesting that as recently as 2004 he was  "Libertarian".  Wow.  To listen to his denunciations of sex, drugs,  pornography and rock  & roll you would think those were life long convictions rather than recently taken for the sake of expediencey.  I have always felt that this guy is very creepy.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but there is something disturbing about his perpetual anger, rage and ranting against other WN's and his absolutely insufferable arrogance.   Now, it's becoming more clear.  He's not just psychologically unbalanced, but a calculated liar and fraud as well.   He is   unstable and unreliable.  Not a credible WHITE leader or advocate.

what strikes me as odd is the age when his 1st autobiography was published
i've never know a 35 year old to write his memoirs - even for an aspiring politician
was his life's acheivements so remarkable that only a book could do it justice? (lol)
here's an article you may find interesting:

today on the 2nd hour of don black's radio show, a caller gave an incoherent run down of your exchange with martin on the spingola show - black's ranting response was annoying, as are so many of his rants - don advo put in a good word for you right at the very end (after black stopped ranting!!!) and summed up martin in one word: "inconsequential", lol

Don Black gave some reasons why he "doesn't do Carolyn Yeager" but I would like to state that I have never asked Mr. Black to come on any program of mine, nor have I ever written to him or spoken to him.

Like David Duke, whom I have also never invited on my program, they are just not figures I can relate to. I also can't relate to using Jeff Rense's network to do radio, which play Jeff Rense advertising spots. I'm sure part of Mr. Black's hostility toward me is sourced in the two programs in which I criticized David Duke's approach to things.

But I have nothing against Stormfront. I myself stay away from forums though. They're addictive and I try to keep my addictions to a minimum. Smile

BTW, that caller was none other than RUSS, the infamous troublemaker who loves to incite conflict and distrust between radio hosts. To make it all more fun for himself. But Russ also gets "hurt" because Internet figures that he stalks don't love him enough, nor give him the attenion he craves.

you, duke and black do valuable work

Wow. Rodney does look Amerindian in that pic.

That's it, you stay on the fraud Rotney Mahtin's butt, Scott Roberts stays on the mutatant midget fraud Andrea Anglin's butt, and maybe we will finally get rid of them both.

Brace yourself Carolyn, an attack is coming from the ANN shortly.

Deanna Spingola sucked in that show. She should have asked Martin that fundamental, simple question directly hereself. Martin by the way just took part in the most underhand assassination of Joshua Bonehill on a show where he gave Mr Bonehill two hours to defend himself against Drew of Renegade radio's allegations against him for being a Jew asset for publically attacking the Jews, then cut the show to 90 minutes and without informing Mr. Bonehill, then brought on a totally unknown for any past accomplishemnt or even attack by antifa (in the UK) stooge 'British nationaist' and gave him a half an hour to defame Bonehill without even one detailed allegation against him and with Bonehill off the air and unable to defend himself. Martin is a rat and a clever rat at that.

Deanna hosted some interesting people in the past but she started to lose focus
and this was one of those times where she could have eliminated this guy which she had on many times. Credibility comes down to the simple truth a child could understand.