In Memoriam: Hans Krampe 1943-2014

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-12-22 12:47

Hans Krampe admired this City Hall in Nauen, East Germany, where he grew up, and wanted to use it as a picture representing himself. It was built around 1885.

It is with deep sadness that I learned only today that Hans Krampe, the gifted German emigre to British Columbia, Canada, has passed on. While he was with us, he was a force for uncompromising truth about Third Reich Germany and Germany's role in World War II.

Hans was a typical German liberal thinker who came upon the truth about his homeland late in life, which was probably a hard blow. I too didn't learn the truth until late in life and my reaction is to be very angry about it. We are angry about what was withheld from us, and have no patience with its continuance.

I believe I first came in contact with Hans through reading something by him at Arthur Topham's website, Radical Press. Arthur was a guest on one of my earlest The Heretics' Hour programs in March 2010:

Hans and Arthur were neighbors in Quesnel, BC and Hans had begun contributing, both editorially and financially, to a physical newspaper Arthur started in 1998. Hans and I began corresponding and he agreed to come on my radio program and tell about his interesting childhood history in East Germany. This is the program from March 21, 2011:

This led to his coming back the following week on March 28 to discuss his recent article at Radical Press about the shameful treatment of Grossadmiral Karl Dönetz by the Nuremburg Tribunal:

We stayed in touch and the following year Hans became embroiled in the controversy about the Bomber Command memorial monument that was finally being unveiled in London, against the protests of the Mayor of Dresden and the German people in general. On July 9th, 2012, I published Hans' email that utilized a letter to the editor by Walter Ruthard, which was written in response to an editorial in the Daily Mail by Peter Hitchens.

He was then going to appear on my next "Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn" program, along with a very lovely British woman named Judith, to have a civil discussion of the appropriateness of the RAF monument. Hans missed that show of July 14, 2012 due to his mixing up the time of the afternoon show with a night show, so we had to go ahead without him.

After that, I still communicated with Hans at times, and read and enjoyed his email debates (and told him so). I disapproved of his association with Veronica Clark, and told him that, too. Nothing was held back between Hans and me. We talked at length about a painful gall bladder problem he had (he successfully removed a large stone through natural methods he found on the Internet) during a time I was assisting him to donate $500 to the Einsatzgruppen 'revisionist book fund' I was spearheading. Hans was truly generous in helping out financially - I know that he helped Arthur Topham quite a bit.

Because he lived alone in a rural setting without close "next door neighbors", he died alone and was discovered some days later lying on his bed. According to Canadian friends, as related on the Justice4Germans blog, he had warning signals that something was wrong, but took that so-common attitude that "hopefully" it was a passing thing. I'm only speculating, but it may be that he didn't feel he had enough to live for. Hans Krampe is another victim of the destructive Allied victory over Germany in 1945, and the takeover of the eastern part of Germany by Stalin's communist regime, resulting in the division of Germany into East and West. He is one with the millions of other German victims who are still deprived of recognition because of the evil, fake Jewish "Holocaust" that everyone is forced to believe in.

For Hans and all these millions of Germans, and also every German person living from 1945 up to and including the present time, we continue to fight for Truth for Germany. In doing so, watch out that you don't fall for those who bring only partial knowledge. Be discriminating.

Thank you, Hans, for all that you did. Godspeed for your next time around :-) - from your friend and comrade, Carolyn


Pity he died before he could see his people free. Rest in Peace. I guess he woke up late in life just like most of us. My damascus moment came watching a video on Youtube about Ernst Zündel. That is when the other shoe dropped.