Whites need to transform the terrain

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January 5, 2015

The new sex scandal involving the Prince and the sex slave, all enmeshed in unsavory Jewish company, like the Madam in the background pictured here, brings up a connection for Carolyn to the medical concept that "the terrain is everything; the germ is nothing." 1hr50m

  • An alkaline pH means plenty of oxygen, which bad stuff cannot survive in;
  • Likewise, Jews cannot survive in a truly clean, morally strict environment, which is the only way to get rid of them now;
  • Robert Maxwell (and his daughter Ghislaine) offers a typical view of how Jews are accepted and feted by Gentile elites;
  • Calling willing Whites "victims of Jews" is the wrong approach;
  • The debate on whether Hitler read the work of or took some of his ideas from Nietzsche should finally come to an end;
  • The Dutch libel accusing innocent German troops of killing civilians in Amsterdam on May 6, 1945 is finally corrected - it was the Dutch Civil Forces who were in the wrong;
  • David Duke was as wrong to say "I believe there were terrible atrocities" (meaning by the Germans) as to say "I believe in the quote quote holy Holocaust." The first leads to the second, and is not true anyway.

Image: The Prince, the sex slave and the Jewish madam at the London home of Jeffrey Epstein in 2001. Enlarge


I do apologize for forgetting that I have to manually open the comments when I convert a newsletter post to a story post. My bad ... but there is really just too much to remember.

Hadding Scott informed me that Otto Dietrich wrote his memoir while in Allied captivity after the war. So checking it out, I learned more bad news about Dietrich which Finn did not disclose and which makes Dietrich a questionalble source of information about the Fuhrer.

It turns out that Dietrich's book is sharply critical of Hitler personally and strongly denounces the alleged crimes committed in the name of "Nazism."

The first part of the book contains assessments by Dietrich about his character, his reflections on Hitler as a politician and as a soldier, and his critique of his leadership.

The second part (Scenes from Hitler's Life) describes Dietrich's first-hand oberservations of Hitler's daily activities before and during the war. The question that arises, as with the books of Albert Speer, is when did Otto Dietrich first become critical of Adolf Hitler - before or after the losing of the war? Before or after finding himself charged as a war criminal at Nuremberg?

There is also this: Dietrich was not in Hitler's "inner circle" and often did not truly know of Hitler's whereabouts. Hitler fired him after an argument towards the end of the war. 

Dietrich was not the friend of the Fuehrer that I had assumed he was. I knew that he and Goebbels knocked heads often, but Hitler apparently found him a competent Press Chief and was satisfied. Maybe he liked having someone with some opposing views to Goebbels.

David Duke has made some quality writings and videos - many of which were new information to me at the time I came across them and have very impressive view counts - so I'm not trying to bash him, but I just read some of The Secret Behind Communism, and the way he talks you'd think the worst thing about Jews is that they're racists. He calls them racist at just about every opportunity possible and it got tiresome just skimming the book. I'll still buy it because he presents information well and concise, and covers a lot in the book, but he really could've used a lot more citations. It's like "Well that's probably true but I would have assumed so anyway and I still have to look it up to have the citations I feel the need to present if sharing the information with someone else."
But I digress, he really hammers home the "racist" thing when talking about Jews, as usual. I don't know why it surprised me, I suppose it's a result of me taking in a lot since the last time I looked at much of his stuff. I believe he'd do the right things regarding steps to resolve the race problem if he had the political power to do so, but you've convinced me that it's better to cut right through the popular perception of the term racist and not shy away from the term (though when the word is brought against you by, say, a journalist, I think it's wise to ask what they think it means and state what it does actually mean, since so many think it means hating people of other races), and the whole thing contributes to him coming across as a bit of a BS'er oftentimes. I can especially see the power of the term racist losing credibility with the comments to all the hypocritical media coverage and treatment of racially polarizing issues of the last two years, not just little pockets of resistance, but numbers like 10-1 against the leftist slant of the article in many instances, and sometimes like 60-0. People particularly spot and dislike the double standards. The left is really off the rails on their propaganda lately, and I don't expect the behavior of non-whites or the media coverage to get any better.
*     *      *
I certainly hate everyone in the English royal family on principle, and have no sympathy for any of our enemies getting legitimately ensnared legally, so I hope the worst for him. I did notice a tremendous proportion of ignorant comments on the matter at a male dominated message board along the lines of "I thought every girl wanted to be a princess." that really made them sound ignorant of females, especially any who were aware of the prince's creepy behavior this woman spoke of. I was surprised hardly anyone was interested in making the only half-decent case I could see for his side, that being the age of consent in England being 16, and this girl was 17. Of course that is not old enough for any sort of sex work and the prince had to know she was a prostitute, considering the madam, but when you look at the girl she's not someone that would make one wonder if she's old enough; she looks very young adult. Oh well, hard luck for him, and a lesson to all of us men regarding age verification. Of course if he had any inkling this Jewess madam was involved in any sexual slavery he should really have the book thrown at him.
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I fully agree about the need to transform the terrain, but it's a massive undertaking that I don't think should take place at the expense of properly disseminating all relevant information regarding various racial problems. I know that's not exactly what you said, but it came across that way. In light of the ever more blatant race and media problems and the nature of the internet generally, I think the conditions for educating people with the type of information that has thus far failed to gain traction since WWI are better than ever, but I also agree that it's not enough on it's own and that the proportion of focus within the so-called movement is skewed too much toward talking about enemies and their crimes compared to shall we say, positive European propaganda. I have projects in the works on both fronts. The challenge in this regard is that such positive European propaganda has the megalith of the corporate entertainment business on the other side, and more or less this is a battle for the hearts and minds of the lemmings (25-40% of them the target in my opinion, to go along with the 8-10% relatively capable of thinking for themselves). The media megalith is unbeatable in the realms of quantity and reach, though very beatable in terms of quality and common sense. To use another of Dr. Pierce's favorite turns of phrase, simply put you're saying we need to show people a better way than "If it feels good, do it." but this is incredibly difficult because, as you recently made much more clear to me, virtually everyone is strongest motivated by selfish interest, so the million dollar question is "How do you get a hundred million people in both the US and Europe off the philosophy 'If it feels good, do it.' by convincing them it is in their best interest?" I think a viable answer is "By having their favorite entertainment and entertainers tell them so while also walking the walk." So there needs to be pro-European-values music (aside from viking metal), (web) TV shows, and movies along with ingenious, innovative marketing for these products - internet and otherwise - on top of exhausting all conventional marketing means, and a good/great deal of the participants in these creative works need to be particularly well-read, intelligent, and informed on the issues to properly exploit the interview opportunities that present themselves on highly visible controlled media sources. To take it a bit further, ideally many of these creators and performers would be under contract to an intelligently run company that must approve all interviews with unapproved sources so that we can keep the idiots from putting turds in the punch bowl with disastrous interviews as much as possible. Certainly whether to even give time of day to a controlled media source is a point of debate, but I think they can be outfoxed with regularity.
As for purging myself of vices of various stripes, I've made progress, and you're quite inspirational in this field. I'll be cutting out more bad influences this year and spending my time much better. It's only the social networking that is virtually impossible for me to get rid of.

Brett, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I made some spacing changes for easier readability. Hope you don't mind. I'm glad you said the following so I can clear it up:

I fully agree about the need to transform the terrain, but it's a massive undertaking that I don't think should take place at the expense of properly disseminating all relevant information regarding various racial problems. I know that's not exactly what you said, but it came across that way.

I was not saying to forego education about the Jewish Problem, but to recognize that our people and our culture has its own weaknesses, one of which is being fully engrossed and engaged with the Jew. The approved social belief system doesn't recognize Jews as a single entity or united force but chooses to see them as individuals. David Duke writing about what Bolshevik Jews did in Russia doesn't make people dislike the Jews of today. We easily separate and compartmentalize all that.

I am saying that this education will never reach most of the people because they seek peace and safety most of all, plus entertainment and vicarious enjoyment. So while it takes both methods, the education method will never work without cleaning up the terrain, and keeping it that way. Making that the norm.

The misconception is in thinking that if we "get rid of the Jew" that we will also get rid of our desire and/or weakness for what the Jew offers us. But if that doesn't change, the Jew just comes back. I think you are saying this too. Since I am less and less fond of Christianity, I don't suggest that route ... because I couldn't go that way myself.

you're saying we need to show people a better way than "If it feels good, do it."

What I suggest DOES feel good, but it's just a different feeling than when one is satisfying addictions. Bringing about mental, moral, physical health leaves one feeling calm, without nervousness and bad moods, which can feel boring and too tame to people who are used to excitement and constant "getting out of trouble." There are still plenty of exciting, risk-taking adventures young people, and people with that sort of personality, can get involved with. But if you see a Jew standing anywhere behind it, walk away! That's where the education would come in.

You're welcome. Sorry I took so long to reply. The spacing correction is no problem. I got a bit of a chuckle out of it as I scrolled my way to your reply. It does help with the readability. I take the idea of a sentence/paragraph being a "complete" thought/topic more literally than most others, often at any cost of commas in a sentence or lines in a paragraph. I do try to keep them from going too long, haha.
I'm not a fan of Christianity myself. I like the pre-Christian European mythology and sagas. I'm still not very well read in this area. I just very recently started to earnestly dive in. Aside from detailed commentaries I've read by others over the years, from what I've read first-hand recently I already see they're a treasure trove of highest quality stories, none of which have ever gotten a proper treatment on the screen, if any treatment at all. Within these we find many stellar moral ideas that - even if impractical in a densely populated modern state - display keen insight into natural law.
Many people love to entertain themselves with a fine, well presented (or even not so much) story of this genre, as exhibited by the massive success of the movies based on Tolkien's mythology based books, as well as perverse TV shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings. Hate to sound cliche, of course there's other things one could do than just retelling fairy tales and sagas to have stories with good messages and display characters of role model qualities, but it's what I like and for myself it's hard to imagine better ideological/moral templates for pro-European entertainment. Of course more recent times do not lack great, little known stories of honorable people to tell either, whether it's the person or their honorable status being little known. Modern and future-set fiction can be just as powerful as well and get across the same take-home messages as the aforementioned tales which occupy various points on the spectrum of fiction and real history. These could stir people by showing what the future can be, what the present could have been, and so on. We've seen how entertainment on the screen has an almost magical ability to mold the surrounding the world to it. There are few limits to these possibilities when enough people buy in.
Your elaboration regarding the individual best-interest in scuttling the creed of "If it feels good, do it" is very much on the mark, and are good points to hit on. Going beyond that, the individualism-run-wild situation also extends to malevolent and inconsiderate selfishness in a variety of other ways, but your response largely addresses this as well. It does feel good to do good for others or strengthen your community, but of course people don't care much about their community when they feel like they're not really part of one and that the society itself is completely wrecked, so it becomes all about "getting mine". But of course that's where showing people what a better way looks like comes in.
P.S. You have the most difficult CAPTCHA on Earth. haha

This is one of your most interesting podcasts, bringing in a concept that I had never thought about. That is the one of cleaning up the terrain. If you don't like your external reality and wish to change it, then since you are the nearest thing to the rest of the universe, it makes sense to work on yourself first. Then avoid unclean terrain in your social circle and stop being a victim.
But whether we like it or not, we are all victims of Jews including a lot of Jews themselves. We have to use their debt money. If you have savings, these lose their store of value and so you are robbed if you keep it all in cash. (If you have no savings you are already a victim one way or another.)  Fiat currency, whether it be the Dollar or Pound or whatever, loses purchasing power. The value of the currencies themselves also moves violently relative to one another due to the manipulations of the Jew banking system. So what can you invest in just so that your savings maintain value. Nothing! The alternatives are Real Estate which makes you a sitting target: you can't just sell your real estate at the drop of a hat. The Stock Market?  That is manipulation by Jew banks overseen by Jew regulators and approved of by Jewish controlled governments, and why should one have to take on risk just to keep the purchasing power of what you have?  When the top Jews decide to crash the market they usually do it at the most opportune time to screw the maximum number of goy. Gold?  That is even more manipulated most obviously, but nothing is ever done about it. Wall Street hates gold because if it goes up relative to the Dollar, everyone questions the Dollar. The top regulators for Wall Street who are supposed to prevent criminality are all Jews (eg Gensler, Schapiro) and they turn a blind eye to it because it is Jew banks that are doing the criminal activity. The Central Banks also, are all run by Jews or their stooges,
Usury (Jewsury) is the problem. You can say to yourself, "I am not going to be involved in Usury. Neither a borrower or a lender be!" Well the money you use is debt. Are you going to keep it under the bed? Realistically you cannot avoid using banks if you wish to carry on in your daily life. The only way out is to become a monk in the Himalayas and even then you will still be affected !
If you think you can avoid being a victim of Jews you are kidding yourself. I don't care who you are!

Kevin Sommers is a bright young 20-year-old man with some fine ideas in this field as well. Perhaps you are familiar with him via his history of comments on the Daily Stormer, particularly when it was young. His appearances there have been few and far between in the last year aside from when he was getting set to launch his ill-fated white community forum whiteshadesociety.com. It was essentially a bunch of message boards, though it was to evolve as well, or maybe articles were simply to be posted as message board threads. In any case, the concept of the site featured a strong, you could even say primary focus on health-related matters, with an aim toward encouraging activism and creating culture outside the dominant anti-culture. Fan-type discussion various anti-culture elements was strongly frowned upon, if allowed at all. It was to have a pay structure, but with the opportunity for one to pay their dues via real-world activism or other demonstrable contribution to the cause. The various message boards within the site ran the gamut of various interests. It could have been a nice little gathering place.
Kevin states his primary motivation as being to save kids from going through the harrowing experiences he has, namely a sickly childhood whereupon he was brutally victimized in such a shocking manner by a procession of quack Jew doctors that it's a wonder he's still alive an non-vegetative. He was interviewed about this along with more exposition of his views on The Return of Tyr program at Renegade broadcasting back in July. http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/the-return-of-tyr-w-drew-7-1-14/
The inability of pro-white non-Christians and Christians to get along sunk Kevin's site in an embarrassing drama before it could really get off the ground. I actually have to cite the non-Christians first in this instance, as the membership of the site was very predominantly non-Christian, being endorsed by Varg Vikernes (on whose blog Kevin was a regular commenter who quickly caught my eye with his highly thoughtful soliloquies. Varg's music and infamy - in the sense that it lead us to spend time taking in his writings - was instrumental in waking up Kevin, as well as myself) and Renegade Broadcasting. I was in the midst of my "break" I told you of when all this went down, but I have a good enough grasp of what happened. Essentially it was the Varg devotees in particular that went bonkers over the very small Christian presence. In a blog post rescinding his support, Varg particularly decried the inclusion of Christians in a little tag line on the site describing who it was for. I think they went too far, throwing Kevin under the bus in this whole affair. Setting aside the lemming-like behavior of Varg's followers, what particularly took me back was how far Varg turned on Kevin over this. I was especially surprised considering that Varg has promoted David Duke on multiple occasions, posting his videos with statements like "David Duke says he's a Christian, but he speaks just like one of us." On another hand, if Kevin led Varg to believe his site wasn't to be anti-Christian, a fact he was open about with others prior to launch, then he shouldn't be too surprised by what happened.
I think Kevin's site could have done well to straighten out the thinking of many pro-white and potentially pro-white Christians over time, and I think that was Kevin's idea with the "big tent". I know all the religious drama around the Stormer a year ago opened his eyes to the futility of any movement where Christians have a large enough influence, and I saw little reason to think he changed his view from there. Should the tagline have specifically mentioned being inclusive to Christians, as if the religion is a reasonably healthy outlook? I dunno, I suppose not from the perspective of uncompromising truth. In any event, the reaction this spawned was over the top in my eyes. On the bright side, this whole episode was clearly instructive for Kevin as regards the (lack of) "white unity" question, as Kevin's parting words which are all that remains of whiteshadesociety.com enunciate.
Now Kevin has a blogsite at vergobret.com, continues to work on the launch of a white, "marriage oriented" dating website, Whiteshadedating, as well as a business of free speech web hosting, Whiteshadehosting.
I think he would make a good guest on your show, particularly considering your desire to return to the theme of this episode. Fair warning, Kevin is rather lukewarm on Hitler and the Third Reich. He's all in favor of us "straightening the record" regarding Hitler, he has told me, but at the same time lacks faith in our ability to cut through such a fortified link in the chain, so to speak. If it were up to him, I gather we'd just leave it alone, or basically segregate revisionism.

Is your name change supposed to be a joke relating to the current weather? I guess so.

I have to say I think the length of your comments is a bit inappropriate considering many people may not read them for that reason. I would encourage you not to think of writing letters to me since the time I have to reply is very limited. Hopefully some others will comment on it.

I don't care for Varg Vikernes, for the very reason he supports violent antipathy toward Christians. Those who side with him feel completely justified to insult and say the crudest quips to Christians. Of course Christians can be intolerable too. Religion should be off limits on forums.

White Nationalism is not a topic I want to be associated with anymore. I am 99.8% European (I just got my 23andMe first results!!) and feel strongly about the purity of the White race and protecting White homelands, so the subject comes up, but my major interest and "calling" is in 3rd Reich and WWII, including Holocaust, revisionism. I'm sure I will be revisiting the "terrain" theme though.

Right now, for the rest of this month, my focus is on holohoax. That's it. :-)

Yes, it's a joke. I meant to just use that name on the comment to the HTT show, as that was where you guys were talking about the weather, and got my wires crossed. Sorry for the excessive length of my comments, I won't comment at such length in the future. I'll have to take the 23andme challenge myself when I can put the money towards it. Your experience gives me faith in the relative accuracy.

I'll have more to say, probably in February, after I get more results. But what I got may be the total of the "racial and ethnic" part of the information. I am not surprised at the 99.8% European, but I am certainly pleased. I knew my forebears did not mix or mess around, and it looks like they lived for a long time in Southwestern Germany around the Rhine river. The largest percentage of my genetic makeup they call French German. I already knew my more immediate ancestors spoke a "Frankish-Swabian" dialect. The migration of some to Hungary between 1700 and 1900 was just a minor excursion that didn't change a thing, genetically.

And I don't have any of that famous American-Indian blood that is so common and bragged about. There is no way I could, considering my 4 grandparents didn't step foot on this continent until after 1900.  Oh, and zero Ashkeanazi Jew !!! Zero African, too, and only one tenth of 1% East Asian, and same amount of unspecified unknown non-European. I'm as pure White as the driven snow in the Arctic!

No, say it ain't true, Charlie Jewliani has his hand stuck some where moving your lips.
"Abram pipmped his wife " , gee how intellectually dishonest can one be, but to parrot Jeliani is well, pretty sad. 
so long and good luck

I don't parrot Charlie Jewliani on anything. I don't listen to Charlie Jewliani, but I guess you do.

Maybe you're just in a bad mood.

Thank you for taking the time to address the thorny issue concerning the character flaws of our own people in relation to the Jewish Question. 
While the Jews clearly constitute a mortal threat to our very survival at this stage of the game, it must be acknowledged that our own moral weaknesses have ultimately permitted the Jews and their machinations to metastasize, like a cancerous tumor, throughout our body politic.
If we were a spiritually healthy people, the Jews would only be a peripheral concern, a mere thorn in our side instead of the life-threatening malignancy they now have become. 
Thus we have seen the debasement of our culture occur concomitantly with the collapse of our own moral values starting with our so-called "elite," who have worked tirelessly with the Jews over the past century to corrupt, loot and destroy our nation states, and ending with the common man's tacit embrace of degenerate behavior which permits the leadership stratum to remain steeped in subversion and crime. 
Ultimately, morally strong Aryans = weak, non influential Jews.  
However, I must disagree with you on two important points. 
First, I believe your use of the word 'germ' is too general a description and that a more appropriate analogy would be that of the Jew as an HIV-like virus that acts to paralyze the nation's immune system, thus exposing the host society to a vast array of deadly pathogens that it then feverishly promotes, such as pornography, homosexuality, feminism, multiculturalism, miscegenation, usury, open borders, free trade,  ad infinitum nauseam!    
The primary mechanism for suppressing the natural immune system of our body politic has been a virulent form of thought control known as "political correctness."  Indeed, kosher p.c. has been so effective that our overlords can now rely on the self-censorship qualities of the brainwashed public at large resulting in acquiescence and capitulation to their homicidal dictates. 
Even a healthy nation, once infected and thoroughly penetrated by this type of infection, must succumb to the maladies and the eventual death that awaits unless the Jew is identified, suppressed and expelled from the body politic. 
Was this not the great achievement of the National Socialist German Workers' Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler?
Second, contrary to what you asserted, the Jews do have the ability to survive in a morally uncontaminated environment, albeit in a dormant state of suspended animation, as was the case throughout European history until their predations came to the fore and they were then persecuted and expelled wholesale.  Microbiologists refer to this period in the life of a virus as the 'incubation period' which is the time between exposure to a viral infection and when symptoms first appear in the host.   Throughout history, our people responded to this agent of disease via nature's time-tested and proven prescription that dates back to the ancient Romans:  persecution and expulsion of the Jew. 
Here's a list of Jewish persecutions and expulsions courtesy of our ancestors over the past 2000 years:
Simply stated, the nature of the Jew is death and it's explicitly clear from history that nations, once penetrated by the Jews, either identify, persecute and expel them or eventually succumb to their infections and perish. 
Our choice as a people is simple:  persecution and expulsion of the Jew or death of our nation states and possibly the the destruction of the genetic stock that made Western Civilization possible.   Thus, my dictum, "morally strong Aryans = weak, non influential Jews" is contingent on the Aryan's refusal to countenance  the Jews' predations coupled with our willingness to dispatch justice in the form of two actions:  persecution and expulsion from the realm.  
Sadly, given that the persecution and expulsion option requires a fundamentally viable, life-affirming population coupled with a leadership caste not constrained by the inhibitions  of post-modern liberal institutions and death-worshipping ideologies,  it would appear that the collapse of the West, or at least a very large part of it, is likely to occur.  And yes, this includes Yankee-Judea, the late, great JewSA.  Let us hope Friedrich Nietzsche was correct and that which does not kill us [all] will make us stronger!
Scipio Americanus

The use of the word 'germ' comes from Claude Bernard's (1813-1878) famous statement:

Amidst a group of physicians and scientists, Claude Bernard made the statement: "The terrain is everything; the germ is nothing," and then drank down a glass of water filled with cholera.

At the time the debate was about Pasteur's germ theory, which held that germs can successfully invade and sicken healthy tissue.