The Heretics's Hour: Greek and Russian Disconnect from Reality

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-03-22 18:07

March 23-2015

Notice to listeners:  The first 8 minutes sound like I'm in an echo chamber, but then it clears up. Not to worry, the whole program is not like that.

  • Carolyn speaks to the way the (Jewish-American, leftist) media portrays Greece vis a vis Germany. And why tying “Grexit” to euro zone failure, thus to EU failure, is a lie;
  • Who attended Sunday's first “Russian International Conservative Forum” in St. Petersburg, sponsored by the Rodina nationalist party? It was openly billed as a gathering to “defend the interests of Russia” in the ongoing occupation-dispute over Crimea and Ukraine, so there were very few antifa protestors.

Image: Latest cover of Der Spiegel magazine says, "How Europeans look at the Germans - the German Superiority." Enlarge


Hi Carolyn,
The sound quality was terrible with an echo. Can't imagine why.
I have reported your site to microsoft as being safe. You can expect the enemy to put these inconveniences along the way!

I recorded it with Audacity wihich works great but I obviously don't know everything I need to know. I paused after that first 8 minutes, thinking I could just pick it up again, but it didn't work that way. It started up again on a new track. Trying to figure out what to do, I ended up with several tracks going, and didn't know anymore which was which.

Anyway, to my relief Audacity put it all together for me when I exported the finished show, but when I uploaded it I found that two tracks were playing in that first 8 minutes. No time to do anything about it. But beyond that, I would have to re-record that segment and paste it in there like I've done with the music. But I don't think it's worth it. It's listenable, just kind of a shock at first.

I need more lessons, lol.

Thank you very much for reporting to Microsoft that my site shouldn't be flagged for "safety" reasons. I posted this hoping that some others, having seen it, will do the same.

OOps just read the warning above! Sorry.

Another great show!
I couldn't agree with you more on the Russian forum Carolyn. It's really refreshing that at least someone out there is pointing out the obvious. 
It's becoming more obvious each day that this is the emergence of a faux right movement and not the real deal. Anyone who is vocal in claiming otherwise is supporting the establishment narrative IMHO.
That these groups have cited "discontent" with NATO agression in Ukraine gives it away right off the bat given what I think is a credible argument by Joel Skousen and a few others about the lack of evidence of any NATO intervention in Ukraine or a Western backed coup in Kiev.
During the Soviet era, ethnic Russian populations were allegedly relocated into the soviet satellite states so that post-Soviet Union government could justify retaking them years after Communism had supposedly ended by fabricating stories of persecution against ethnic Russians.
Should we expect to see an increasing level Russian agression in the Baltic states next?
Your comment that Russia is a spying operation masquerading as a country is too true for words!

I read the article and looked at it as being the writings of a liberal who is confused. They say everyone is equal in the EU however expect Germany to be more generous. Then state that Germany must take the lead role then complains that Germany is dictating to everyone. How do you lead without dictating rules?

You should watch this, explains by a high ranking how the west betrayed Ukraine again and again, forcing them not to fire back, not to respond, not giving them imagery, nothing, only orders not to respond, because it would be "provocation" and to let the western leaders deal with it. Very good talk, and detailed.

Good work as usual, Carolyn.
I notice that Greek Jewry is getting in on the reparations act:
What's Greek for 'chutzpah'?

you might want to tag your mp3s as a podcast. Otherwise, mp3-players don´t put the mp3 files in the podcast folder. HAC doesn´t tag his podcast-mp3s either and they land in some music folder. I think it is the genre tag.

Interesting reading.

"Ties between Europe's far-right and Russia became a little more concrete on Sunday, when radical right-wing party Rodina ("Motherland"), the organizer of the forum, adopted a resolution on the creation of a permanent committee to coordinate Russia's and Europe's conservative political forces."

How does a "radical right-wing party" in Russia, supposedly not in favor with Putin, have the money to pay the air fare and hotel for "more than 30 ultranationalist commentators and the leaders of radical right-wing parties" and organizations? 

Jared Taylor said his trip was paid for by the organizers, so all the rest must have been too. No wonder these "leaders" were so willing to go.

"The forum's speakers echoed the Russian state narrative on the pervasiveness of an ill-defined "fascism" in Europe. [...]

"My family died because of the Nazis. Russians died too," Scottish pro-life activist Jim Dowson said as he flipped through his PowerPoint presentation featuring the image of a bare-chested Putin on horseback. "How dare you called me a Nazi. The EU are Nazis."

And ...

"Former British National Party leader Nick Griffin, who is currently building a social media program he said could counter "American and liberal war propaganda," told The Moscow Times that his participation in the International Russian Conservative Forum marked his third visit to Russia.

"I would very much like to develop a business relationship, mutually beneficial, between myself, my social media operation and Russia," Griffin said. "This is not the same, in any way, as politicians being bought, which is usually done under the counter, behind the scenes."

That's good to know, Nick, since your being bought is exactly what I was thinking.

The EU will not be allowed to fail not because it has ever been in the interests of Europe or makes any economic or political sense whatsover for the people, but because it is part of the Jewish one world project.
As to Germany  the EU has echoes of Weimar in that for some reason no one understands the EU has two parliaments; one in France and one in Belgium, surely almost doubling the cost of the burocracy especially as the whole parliament and it's staff has to move between the two. Could this nonsense be simply a caculated insult to Germany who as the largest economy should surely have hosted one of the parliaments?
As to part-Jewish Merkel, if I as a non-German am heartily and visceraly sickened by her gratitious grovelling to the Jews and the enemies of the Reich what must Germans feel when she spits on the Reich before foreigners who never lose an opportunity to show their hatred for Germans even while enjoying German hospitality and favours? As to these endless commerations for any excuse whatsover across Europe for the second world war, some of which Merkel traitorously takes part in, which are nothing more than opportunities to kick the German people in the face, if I as a non-German are outraged every time they occur then what do Germans feel?