The Heretics' Hour: The Cult of the Individual

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-03-30 23:52

March 30, 2015

The horrifying crash of a Germanwings airliner by a stressed-out co-pilot shows us what the result can be for upholding individual rights over national or community rights. The Third Reich upheld the good of the community over the individual; in reaction, Germany now holds individual "rights" sancrosanct, and the community be damned.

Carolyn also remarks on another kind of crash at The Daily Stormer, with the "departure" of a top writer over disagreements to do with its new positioning as a place for men to talk to each other without women bothering them.

Image: Andreas Lubitz smiling for a selfie - why did no one report him? Enlarge


Here is the condolence E-book for the students and teachers from the town Haltern am See. 
Lufthansa CEO said this catastrophe is the worst since its inception. He also implied that Lufthansa exists only since 1945, but that is not true of course. I bet there is a worse catastrophe in Lufthansa's legacy during the war or before. We know Polish Flak shot Lufthansa planes on their way to East-Prussia but I don't know if they shot one down. 


I am glad you spoke up for women in Monday's broadcast. I was raised as a racist by both my mother and father. My mother used to say that Negroes had low morals, they were hostile, not very bright and lazy. When the 90s came around and with it political correctness my father changed his tune. He claimed that blacks could equal the intelligence and performance of whites with sufficient educational support. He wanted me to watch Monday Night Football on Talmudvision every week and talk about it at work so that my co-workers would know that I was not a racist. He was a successful but a go along to get along kind of guy. My mother did not change her tune with the changing times. I say God bless her for her moral courage. And I say God bless you for your moral courage. How many scaredycat men would do what you are doing! 

"As the reader is probably aware, I have made the decision to go full-Nazi on the feminist issue."

In the comments to this short article he writes: "It’s good this all happened like this. I am going full hardcore." 

'Hardcore' is a better word for him than "Nazi." He never defines himself as "National Socialist" because he knows he's not. Or one hopes he knows it. But "Nazi" doesn't have any precise meaning so Anglin is comfortable with that.

One thing I didn't bring up against Anglin in this show is the hypocrisy of his preference for Russians (and Czar Putin) and Greeks, as he says himself, while he uses only images of Germans of the 1930's/40's SS and Wehrmacht on his Stormer articles. Why not pictures of Soviet troops from the 40's? Why not, since today's Russians think so highly of their Red Army from that time. Why not images of the Serbian army from the 90's; they are such great friends of his. Why only vintage Third Reich soldiers? This is typical dishonesty from Anglin. One can find tons more of it, too.

Funny how his commenters are saying I am stuck in the past of the Third Reich (yes, that has become my specialty), while they ignore how hung up Anglin is on this very period, himself. Yet, as I've said before, what Andrew actually knows about Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP you could put in a thimble.

I suggest (sorry for lecturing, haha) that AA switch from using the term "full-Nazi" to "full-hardcore." That fits him and what he's all about much better.

Thanks for pointing that out, I noticed it too. Going "full nazi" should mean, presumably, following Hitler as a model, which is clearly not what he is doing with embracing the "manosphere". I guess he's never heard of Axis Sally, either, or else he wouldn't mind female guests on his podcasts.

at summing up the amount of AA's knowledge of the German idea. I had a good chuckle over that one. So the kind of people that would now be attracted to his message could perhaps be counted among the many that could fit their knowledge of the German idea in a thimble as well. :D

What's worse is that he makes things up, and even lies (but his lies are mostly from using bad information w/o bothering to check it out -- and he doesn't check it out because he likes what it says). For example, in this article from March 30th:

he makes this statement:

And as you are aware, every major nationalist organization in Europe is now connected to the Kremlin, including the Golden Dawn, Jobbik, NPD and FN.

and he links to his own article which is info picked up from AFP-mainstream media to "prove" that those Euro party people attended. But did they and does that mean they are "now connected to the Kremlin"?

Was "every major nationalist organization" represented there? NO. Only a few. Nowhere have I seen published the name of anyone from Jobbik in attendance there. As far as I can determine, there was no Jobbik representation at all. Nor was anyone there from France's Front National.

Does Nick Griffin represent any nationalist organization in Britain? NO. Was Udo Voigt officially representing the NPD? NO, he was there representing himself. He is an MEP elected on the NPD share of the vote, but he is not any longer an officer of the NPD party organization.

So the only thing true about that statement is that a couple of guys from Golden Dawn were there but it doesn't seem like they spoke. Jared Taylor from the US did speak, his trip was fully paid for by the Kremlin, but AA has NEVER mentioned him as one of the right-wingers there.

Andrew just makes it up. And people say he's such a good writer. Embarassed He has said often he wanted to be a fiction writer when he was in his teens. Well, he achieved his goal. Laughing

Just one other thing I'll mention - his use of "the Ukraine" which was determined to be incorrect since 1990 or so. It's Ukraine, an independent country exactly as is Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ukrainians have their own  recognized language and history. AA listens to Russian imperialist propaganda and repeats it and ignores the other side entirely.

There is also another trick AA likes to use. He wants to be seen as fair minded and open to suggestions to keep commenters coming back, when in reality he's already made up his mind and thus, by his own admission, any further discussion on the matter would be fruitless. People make passionate, legitimate and valid arguments against his stance but he simply dismisses them as nothing. He reminds me a lot of "Jim" in this respect. You, Ms. Yeager, do so well in keeping your site in order and the comments section mostly to the point. It really demonstrates how much more quality should be valued than mere quantity.
As AA's site goes under because of his own ill-conceived positions, sites like yours will become more relevant to the serious thinking minority.

"Full-hardcore" is a description of intensity, not of substance. Please explain what substance you mean.
I don't think Andrew Anglin's description of the basic psychological differences between men and women is wrong, though he expresses himself in too crude terms. I think the best way to mend the relation between men and women should be through dialogue and  not through one sided accusations. Neither Marxist feminism nor primitive machismo is the solution.

I didn't use the word substance, you did, so why ask me what I mean by it?

I'm saying Andrew is misusing the "Nazi brand" since he really has no connection to it. IMO, Andrew has no core, but is attracted to those who do and copies them. He has never done anything but copy, from day one. He has no substance in the political sense.

The last part of the program was the most interesting. 
There is nothing new in the view amoungst some in the 'right wing' with regards to women. You find this messege coming out more often than not mainly from the dumb which have been stupid enough to have been swayed by police intellegence services to make everything look as dumb as them. A good example of this can be seen in South Africa in the following trial:
The Boeremag dreamed of using the huge Armscor building in Pretoria as a sort of breeding farm for "a new (Afrikaner) nation", the city's High Court heard on Tuesday.
The main witness Tom Voster was a police undercover operative in the matter but this is usually how counter intellegence operates. They target the dumb who would beleive in this sort of thing. Locking up woman and breeding a new nation.
In order to archive this sort of stupidity you would need to get people into the thinking that women should follow and not lead. You will note that one of those arrested was a medical doctor so stupidity does not mean you have not finished school or have a low IQ either. Counter intelligence targets a certain type of person based on a belief system. 
Those in the 'right wing' you will note are also easily swayed by women. When I heard that the guy had lived in the Phillipines I simply rolled my eyes. These types look for subservient women. Reminds me of a story of a BNP member who was married to a Filipina and saw nothing wrong with it. 
The complete movement globally of ethnic nationalism is clearly in my view being steered in a direction where it would never become mainstream and hence never a danger to those in charge. 

Was the Daily Stormer under attack by radical feminists who wanted to take it over?  Were outspoken women at the Daily Stormer attempting to hijack the site for their own interests?  Where was this insidious threat?  Now we see articles from Andrew regarding re-establishing masculinity; why, was it lost somewhere?  What's next? All boy campouts with Jack Donovan and prayer sessions with the Promise Keepers?  What a bunch of nonsense; only someone questioning their own masculinity would listen to this tripe.  It is foolish not to utilize all the resources we have at our disposal including the many contributions women can offer.  Andrew should concentrate on bringing white men and women together for solidarity, procreation purposes, and creating strong family structures.  Women are not a threat to our survival, they are the key to it.

As an avid FORMER  supporter and promoter of the Daily Stormer website,
I will no longer read or forward his material due to his anti-female position
and the crude comments about women that he and his followers record. One
of his commenters called me a moron, idiot and my statement was shit.
That is mild compared to other derogatives for women such as slut and whore.
Carolyn, I could make a long list of my involement in dissident activities,
but it still would be meaningless to the DS and its male only followers most of
whom probably accomplish little for our race except type complaints on their
computer. Women such as yourself, Sylvia Stolz, Chris Miller and others have
done much to awaken our people.  Action is courage even by the fair sex.

And welcome! The three women whom you named are all German (you probably are too) and try to always speak the truth. That's not the case at the Daily Stormer, which had the goal of mass readership right from the beginning. This will always lower the quality of the average reader.

Right now it is a phenomenon, but it will eventually fizzle out because Andrew won't be able to stay interested unless he can keep reinventing it. Women should just stay away, but we see some silly gals are now posting comments arguing with guys about the value of women in the movement. Really silly! They should just leave those guys alone and let them do their thing ... and see where it goes.

Right into the ground, is my guess. But I don't say that gleefully. I really wish they could/would do something helpful, but a 'Troll Army' is not a real army - it's just make-believe.

LOL, The Daily Mail on Tuesday, March 31st repeated what I argued on March 30th about Germany's strict individual privacy laws being a reaction to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich ... except they of course had it backwards as to who were the real spys.

The American-led Allied Control Council took charge and initiated all these laws and absolute dictatorial control over all aspects of German life, not the German people. German communists were put in place to carry out the complete eradication of National-Socialism and National-Socialists.

But, according to The Daily Mail, it was the "Nazis" who were invading the privacy of their citizens, not the Americans who hunted down and violated the human rights of every last one of those they suspected. Look at the number of innocent people in prison today for what are "thought crimes" reported by (Juden) spys. What a mostrous pile of lies we live under. From the article:

How the Nazis led to killer co-pilot being allowed to fly: Suicidal thoughts were kept from bosses by German privacy laws brought in after WWII

Strict German privacy laws which prevented doctors treating Andreas Lubitz from telling his airline about his 'suicidal tendencies' were introduced in response to Nazi rule. 

Draconian legislation was initially brought in after World War Two to prevent a repeat of government spying during the Nazi era and subsequently the Stasi secret police in East Germany.

But not totaly we have a real WHITE WOMEN problem are enemys now this. So he is off but what can we say that would correct his problem and deal with a very real problem correctly. Young Single women are the worse they can get pregant by any thing other than a white man and they openly act out against white men for carring about the White race. Make a social statement get pregnant by a negro that shit is getting people killled. These broads can couse a man size problem that no women can solve. And if I try to piss on me right white women. Lets talk about this man size problem the whit race is in.
How many women visit this site or comment other than Carolyn. I know it is very few. They are just not there. I have very real in the street experiance I discovered that if she is not in the presents of her own white child dont bother talking to her about the white community and whats good for all partys concerned. After all she is a women and she can plege alligance to other women Blacks jews mexicans asian lesbians. You know feminism and get dogy treets from the jews. Those treets are called PRIVILGES care about the White comunity lose your priviliges that is what it is coming down too.  I can say more I just pray that this gets posted. It is on the mark.

I fail to see what the legit problem was when Crimson Tide co-hosted that radio show for the DS..... this is suppose to be the trigger for the recent descent of the Daily Stormer.  Anglin seems to have been lately viewing  a lot of the 'mens lib' type vidoes and I think he sees an opportunity to merge those groups into Stormers. I personally think the Daily Stormer is a big mess right now, Ive lett coments to that effect on occassion.   The low road approach wont lead anywhere good, and now he's overtly dismissive of white women. etc. . Like you said, its just entertainment right now.
Seems like to me he's never had a stable girlfriend relationship and feels burned or rejected.
He can still salvage things a bit if he were to actually have discussions about real NS ideology using original documents, and as a side bar he should have a top ten type list of why the Holocasut is a myth, so every new reader instantly gets infomred about that issue. He commented back to me that he didnt have the time for such a sidebar. Pity. 

I finally listened to that program too and I didn't hear a "lecture" from Crimson Tide at all. It was a pretty good program, far better than the ones with Andrew and Sven. 

One of the most unappealing of Anglin's statements of late is that all women must be taught to keep quiet when men are speaking. Sounds like St. Paul in the bible! Women have nothing to say, only to obey. How many women do you think are going to go along with this? And who are the men that must be so respected -- these anonymous nobodies who make up the majority of his comment sections? This is nothing like N-S and you're wrong to think DS can host discussions about real N-S ideology because people there lie through their teeth and there is no one to keep them honest, since Andrew is one of them. Sven is one of the most dishonest people I know when it comes to making things up. Everything DS does along the lines of N-S only demeans and degrades it. My wish is that he would leave it alone.

There is a commenter named "Mike" who said this yesterday: 

"It irks me that non-germanics try to bastardize NS with their foreign ideas."

That's my gripe too, and I've said it many times. Particularly Slavs want to take over and re-invent National-Socialism. Greeks too. They think of it as a generic brand that can be interpreted to fit their own national characteristics, or can be universally applied. That would be fine if they actually created something in time and space, and lived it out to prove that their people are capable of it.

To me the whole program was about the same thing, the rootlessness of the modern white in societies, whether all across central Europe or in the once 90% white United States where the Jew has seized control of all our lives and uses his media control to dictate quite a lot of our thoughts and behaviours and has done so since the second world war.
Most older whites were born with their idenity while most young whites are seeking to recover it.
Historically the white races were distinguished for a celebration of character and aspired always upwards towards the ideal of the person and especially the political and religious leader, who was the sum total of all morality, bravery, virtue and grace. It is in this light we can guess the enormous stature of Adolf Hitler in the eyes of the common people of central Europe including England before they were re-framed and brainwashed about him by the Jewish press in order to facilitate the second world war and after that war to facilitate this cancerous Jewish peace that we are deteriorating under.
We have lost that glorious ambition, our white youth aspire to the most transitory and nebulous flights of fashion and for the ability to entirely consume their own natural self and racial identity in order to conform to cultural Marxist precepts and Marxist moralities laid before them by education and media and which differ so greatly from the morality and values of our ancestors. 
The Jew has cut these roots and one can only fear for the future when people raised on an inate state of personal selfishness and a disregard for others, unless perhaps those who are high up on the list of victimhood with the Jews at the top and the minorities just below, will consider the lives of others especially whites dispensible, and we will have more such air crashes and the like. I would suggest that it would have been impossible that such a thing could have happened before say the 1960s.
Although for other reasons as well, Andrew is a person without a center, seemingly without roots, perhaps even in race, and so like a drowing man he is ever trying to reach out for some solid identity he can grasp, but these changing identities which parade before us on Stormer seem to evade him because they are only grasped and gradually slip away having little substance beyond a fleeting power of immigination.
His condition is made worse by the rootlesness of our modern society where both white males and females are failing each other without either side fully knowing why and with both sides believing firmly that they are in the right. All because our race is under a state of planned confusion and destruction by our Jewish occupiers.
In the case of Stormer which I never visit now and which bans it's visitors from posting links to my site, it is my sense that the reader comes away all stirred up, angry and ready to fight but having been given as little a sense of direction in how to practically do that as it's own editor posesses.

to learn that DS doesn't allow links to your site. I thought they allowed everyone and everything. You must have said mean things about Andrew. That's what I am guilty of, but then I am a big meanie, everyone knows that.

"Historically the white races were distinguished for a celebration of character and aspired always upwards towards the ideal of the person ..."

That's how it was with me. How simple it was in those days when the entire Western world was White and my challenge in life was to try to become what was my ideal. My ideal was never to become a Mother Theresa type but lay always in the art world and in spiritual evolution. Those were the two things that I thought were the highest attainment. Funny though, that the Jewish control and distortion was already there, but I didn't know it. It certainly affected me. It's better when we know it.

It is all because of an article I wrote a year ago ago which is read almost every day by Stormer readers and which I would love to take down but on the rare occasions I visit DS I see it still remains true. Yes, I so much agree with you about not only art but our literature, architecture, our formerly law-abiding, peaceful, cultured nations with their wonderful cuisines, customs and dress where you could go out without locking your doors. I fear the European without the European vision is only half the person. This incidentally is the article:

They have the Flight Recorder now.

If people are not going to believe that anyone in authority is honest, then there is nothing one can say. A larger conspiracy can always be dreamed up.

Too bad German-hater Communist Pole traitor Angela Merkel was not on the plane!  
Re Yahoo News: How can I trust them! All the mainstream reporters are prostitutes. Could they have checked the recording so fast? It’s a procedure and there would be many people involved and it is Easter holiday. Where are the German investigators? It’s a German airline! It seems possible to me that the Israeli’s shot at this plane by their henchmen, the French, because just recently the Israelis announced in their paper that Germany should be bombed with atomic bombs. The Germans demonstrated to have peace with Russia. Then… maybe the co-pilot moved the plane down because he was shot at…the box was blackened and burned? From what? The orange box burned into a black color box? Was the plane on fire? From what? Was this “suicidal” pilot picked for this flight so he can be accused? The French are the enemies of the Germans by their choice, and I do not believe their “authorities” without an investigation. The “authorities” they call them, make assumptions but then these assumptions have to be proven in court. I’d like to see a lengthy investigation first. I have also researched on the internet quite a bit what is the easiest way to commit suicide in case of an invasion but am not suicidal. Many people have suicidal spells but are normal functioning beings. A suicidal person does not usually murder others unless he is doing it for political reasons. Lots of questions in my head…

Wow, I guess. But you don't seem to seek the answers to your questions, either. You just want to keep asking them.

It was said early on that the orange outer casing for the flight data recording "black box" was knocked open and the contents missing. So this is what was just found. It's been published, even pictures. See here and here.

The German investigators from Dusseldorf are in France working alongside the French investigators, as well as in Dusseldorf. The deaths took place in French territory so they are in charge, by international law, of determining the cause.

I agree, though, that this is not a normal suicide; it is a mass murder committed by a kamikazee pilot.

Do you have any expertise in plane crash investigations? Do you think the whole world wants to destroy Germany and Germans? You should give your head a rest for awhile because you are spinning suspicions based on reading crap on the internet.

Enjoying the Beatings?

Now this is the subject line of discussion that got off track due some folks in house arguing over that non related subject matter. So thank you and I hope that people who come here can and do read through all the silly arguing over the genders between us white-folk; just so they can get to your post. I some how made it to your most valuble post.
And for the record, I not only believe the French are lying, I'm assured agter your post and that if we white-folk on Planet Earth let this drop off like jewmania wants it to; and since they control the mass of the media on the planet; we whtie-folk will never find the truty. Those same SHRatz slaughter all those good white-folk using the same kind of lies and deception through a colossal effort to those who wanted something better than them destroyed. And white-folk are going to argue and point finger over concerning another subject is a BIG distraction. And those SHRat jews love that!! They control the money and the media and all through Usury. Our friends here forget that Hitler was really fighting about Usury for those SHRatz forefathers. They are our enemy! And they did this, because they run the world. 
And hopefully my opinion get's posted!
Thanks again Teutonica!

Since neither one of you makes a sensible argument for whatever it is you believe, I will not be accepting any more comments from you. Sorry.

If you want to write "posts" about this I suggest you do so at Teutonica's website: Or some other site that speaks your language.

P.S. If your idea is to help Germany/Germans, why not take on the Greeks who are behaving exactly as the Jew toward Germany? I have a feeling you're not prepared to do that.

Let me say that the video failed to mention what happens if a pilot or someone on the inside locks the door manually. Then the system shown in the video cannot override it. That is what Lubitz did.

Look Carolyn,
Everyone only has a piece of the information, though you act as if you are the best informed. Perhaps you are, perhaps you are not. I do not read mainstream - I read German underground news, and my contribution was from a German History Professor who gives different voices an option to speak on his blog. I sent what seemed to me the best information opening up for debate. I did not ask you the questions and I did not expect you to do the researach. These were retorical questions.  After all, if we can only have one opinion, then it is just like in Germany were we are abused for saying something other than mainstream. Now, you are accusing me of not making any sense, when in fact several of your posters went totally off the subject. But you liked what they said, so that was "good." You did not like what I said, because you have a set opinion, so what I said is "bad." In addition you are putting me down and rejecting me simply for wanting to contribute to a discussion. Frankly working with you, I have noticed, is like walkign a minefield. One never knows if one get whacked over the head. I wanted to contribute to this airplane crash because it was a German plane. I do not desire to do anymore postings at your place because it is just doo dangerous so kicking me out does not hurt me. I feel bad now, I am hurt, I am greatly disappointed that someone who claims to care about the Germans is actually so mean to a German who has live through some of what she is sharing. I do not know what it is with you, but Carolyn you have been mean to me several times. What is it that bugs you that you have to be so mean???

Look Teutonica,

You are all wet in almost everything you say on this subject, so what kind of "debate" can come from that? I don't have the time to indulge someone who brings "Jim Stone" type information to my site unless it can be quickly rebutted, but if no one else does so, then I feel required to ... and as I said, I don't have the time for it.

If you want to use underground information, then go to underground sites with it.  Please try reading the mainstream news along with the underground news; that will give you a balanced picture of what is happening. Then you will be welcome to comment here. All best to you. Innocent


Yes, I admit to arrogance. It seems justified.

And maybe I'll add that I've never known you to do anything other than blame people ... mostly for injuring you either directly or indirectly.

He locked the door from the inside and it cannot be overriden? That is REDICULOUS OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. Just think about it! These mainstream media liars are punishing Germany for demonstrating against a war with Russia.  This is most likely a terrorist act against the Germans. This is what I see in it. Of course, this is only by intuition and I could be wrong. But none of us here on this blog is an expert. You yourself are not part of the examination team, so all you do is take information from others and make your conclusions, so you are in no better position than most of us!

What you have written here is REDICULOUS OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. You are making a fool of yourself and you're not helping the image of Germans either, which is what you are so passionate about. You need to write a biography of yourself so we can know where you're coming from.  I don't see anything like that on your website.

Your mental attitude is that anyone can say anything and it is just as good as what anyone else says. Yes?

Let's say on an AA flight, the Pilot goes to the toilet. The Co-pilot locked the door from the inside, as you claim.  The Co-Pilot has a heart attack. The pilot can not go into the cockpit to take over the plane unless he gets a crowbar or what ever. Right? What kind of "security" system is that? From what the Lufthansa pilot says (link I sent you but you did not listen to or it did nto matter) the door into the cockpit can be unlocked from the cabin. He ought to know better than you.

You start right out, as you did before, comparing "apples and oranges." AA (American Airlines) is under US aviation regulations; Lufthansa is under European ones. Did you not even read that in the US two people must be in the cockpit at all times, but not on European airlines? So your scenario cannot occur on AA flights, since 2001.

In Europe, when the plane is in cruising mode, it has been okay for one of the pilots to leave the cockpit for a short time. As I already said (did you not read what I wrote?), the remaining pilot has to manually lock the door from the inside to override the secret entry code for those outside. This is obviously for defense against terrorists who "supposedly" entered the cockpit during the 9/11 flights. But if the remaining pilot has a heart attack, he is not going to be locking people out of the cabin. And he would probably have time to set off some kind of alarm.

It's also unlikely that a pilot who appears fine will suddenly have a heart attack that totally disables him in the course of 3-5 min.

Do you see now how it works? All this has been explained in the mainstream media, but of course they only lie about EVERYTHING so only reading selected "underground" sources and watching "underground" videos is the only way to know the truth. Yes? And your intuition, which is what you're solely using here.

That interview with the pilot you recommended took place prior to all of the information we have now, so I would say it was dated. He was someone who just wanted more information. It amazes me how only hours after this crash news the conspiracy addicts were already spinning suspicious webs. Immediately everything the regular media said was a lie! That is not intelligence at work.

Global statements and global attacks about me that's what you do over an issue of an airline crash. This is what people do in the mainstream media who want to destroy the reputation of others whose opinions are a threat to them. In that way you are just like the mainstream media types. You do not work with people, you destroy them. Something is eating you. You ought to figure out what that is and get rid of it. Then you can let people have freedom of speech. It's the only way to get to the bottom of an issue. Farewell Carolyn!

Thanks for all your advice, so lavish you were that I didn't publish it all. But I think you cannot say you didn't get to speak your mind here. You did, but it's just that your mind is so illogical.

Nor is willfully ignoring the known and published facts in order to hold to an erroneous view for political reasons. This is what Teutonica is doing, and this is what the Holocausters and the 9/11 believers do too. But free speech means all relevant information has to be taken into account. Information, not theories.

What Teutonica and Jon do is start with theories and then select information to fit them. Jon is now writing to me that I am "Semitic" and a "spinster" for believing anything coming out of mainstream media.

I wonder what they think about the mainstream reports coming out now about the 2010 Polish airplane crash in Smolensk? They won't believe it? In this case it's the Russians who have withheld the information up till now.

Good show Carolyn, especially your comments about the Daily Stormer. I agree that Andre is trying to create some kind of male community, but he is going about it the wrong way. The only thing I disagreed with you about was the history of "jus primae noctis", the idea that feudal lords could rape peasant women before their weddings. This is a myth we see in Hollywood movies, but there is no evidence for it. I think its promoted to make medieval times, when Jews were persecuted by all Europeans, seem like an evil "dark age." I'm sure you can imagine the revolts that would have happened if some lord actually tried this, or what the church would have said. But I agree with your point. Andre thinks he can elevate himself by lowering women to what HE thinks of as medieval status. He is deluded and wrong to try, and he will hurt our movement if he continues like this. He thinks he has a following because he has many site visitors, but most visit to read the news and comments, not for his ideas.
I also wanted to let you know that i can now visit the site again, I had sent you an email regarding that. I was about to check my own internet security to see if it was somehow the problem, but I was able to visit today. Anyway, take care and please keep up the good work.

Thank you for the kind words and for correcting me about the "right of the first night" of the local ruler and landowner. I took a look at this page  and it's pretty well documented.

I'm glad because I always thought that was over-the-top-outrageous and that's why I remembered it after reading about it probably only once. It just popped into my mind when recording the show; it wasn't something I had prepared to say. So much for what pops into my mind, haha!

As for Andre and Daily Stormer, it's the comments that drive the many visitors to check again and again. He know that and that's why he doesn't want to restrict the comments. I would bet that this whole "women are so inferior" thing will fade away in time and things will be back to normal there. But I actually agree that women can be a disruptive element among men who are planning/wanting to change society in a big way. This is in part due to male reaction (sexual) to women. But are these guys "men" and are they really going to do something? All out in the open like that? And whatever happened to the semi-private forum that was supposed to go up? Lets not forget that Andre has said more than once that he is not a leader, but just a guy with a website. That's his way of warning: Don't expect anything from me. He looks to Vladimir Putin for leadership.

Hi again Carolyn,
I just wanted to add that I saw on Amazon that Veronica Clark has a new book out on Poland and Germany. I was curious so I clicked on the listing, & it took me to her blog, where she was boasting about getting a 5 star review. The reviewer went on about how Clark was defending the Polish persecutions of German civilians (I'm guessing in 1939, because the book is supposed to be about Gleiwitz and the start of the war), and how great the book was. Clark also posted another 5 star review for a book on Hitler and Himmler, which praised her for explaining how Hitler believed Jews were superior to Germans, and proving how Hitler and Himmler were "monsters." So this is what she is teaching people in her books about Hitler and the National Socialists. If that's not bad enough, how can she defend the murder of women and kids? The Poles even killed German Catholic priests. If the review she posted is accurate, than she has hit an all-time low. It made me curious about what she actually wrote but I refuse to pay her a dime to read her lies.

Well, this is real news. This woman never stops and she won't stop. What has to stop is any support for her from every and any right-thinking White person  (mostly men) whether because of her pro-multicultural views or her unbounded ambition to push these views into the Hitler historiography. Plus she's a lousy and unethical "historian."

But the good news is that her Polish Chauvinism is in the ascendance and her N-S enthusiam has taken a dive. This should put her writing in a new perspective for those who used to admire her. I am proud to say I never praised her once in my life that I know of, athough I did acknowledge her first AH Research website. Any White man or woman who does not boycott her books and her radio interviews is a traitor to White survival and should be treated as such. She is spreading poison after gaining a reputation as a truth-teller about Adolf Hitler/Third Reich.

I'm with you, Mac, I don't want to buy the book. And I really don't want to be distracted by her either. Wonder if first-time-reviewer Rudolf Wells is a real person? Take a look at this page, compliments of Hadding Scott:

Funny Rudolf Wells reviewed the new Gleiwitz book first, and the next day he read and reviewed the Hitler-Himmler book! Both of these topics are things I have dealt with extensively :

Is this why she is pushing her work on these subjects together?

Well said Carolyn. Andre loves Putin despite the imprisonment of real Russian nationalists, demonizing of Hitler and Germany, and war against pro-German Ukrainian nationalists. He needs to wake up about the Eurasian paradise Putin is creating there.
You are absolutely right about Clark, its treason to buy from her, and we need to boycott and ignore her. Everything that comes out of her mouth has some kind of anti-German, anti-National Socialist, and anti-white spin and lie attached. This is not a one-off thing but a constant pattern. Anyone who defends her needs to listen to the kind of statements she is making now, not what she might have said in old interviews. Thanks to you and Hadding for pointing out that the glowing reviews are suspicious, I’m not surprised.
I appreciate genuine revisionists like you Carolyn. Your standing up for the truth makes an impact. I’m not German, but I love and admire the German people. That’s why Clark sets me off so much, because she claims to be about the truth, but really just defames them and all white people constantly. Take care,