The Heretics' Hour: Women and Nationalism

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-05-05 18:31

May 5, 2014

Carolyn's guest is Margaret Huffstickler, a Germanophile and singer who tells us about the most popular song of WWII, Lili Marleen, and how English translations don't do it justice. We hear 3 versions of the song. Also discussed:

  • Is Putin "helping his people" by signing into law the punishment of 5-years imprisonment for denying the findings of the Nuremberg IMT in Russia;
  • Rialto Unified School District under fire for assigning a holocaust debate research paper to eigth-graders;
  • A closer look at the European Knights Project and its promotion of "national" nationalism for European states, while dismissing White Nationalism;
  • Famous and beloved women of great accomplishment who did not have children;
  • Rodney Martin's refusal to honor Fredrick Toben's request to remove his name from Rodney's ANA-ANN Board of Directors "Bio."


Don't know about Ukraine, but in Baltic states it's the bolshevik russians acting violent and ruling the crime charts. If you happen to be in one of their ghetto regions you might get beaten up just cause you don't speak russian, leave your car out there with your own national symbolics visible and it is likely that the car tires will be popped, or worse. These soviets are very similar to mexicans in US. Thus it's hard for me to belive that these kind of people need protection.

 Now think if the whole world would start to spread a lie that the mexicans in US are being opressed by right-wing extremists while it's the other way around? Mexico has the right to protect its people and send troops in? And since there are many mexicans in southern states you should just give those states to Mexico? That's the exact line that many ignorant people are pushing. They can always go back to their homeland, but they won't.

 Regarding to the Putin and Kremlin, they have funded bolshevik extremists in Europe for long time. Putin is sitting on his billions while average russian lives in poverty. The nonwhites have been flooding russia all along, some sources suggest that russia is only 40% white.

Thanks Margaret for joining Carlyn again. Always enjoy your conversations. 

As I understand Lili Marleen, it is meant to be a man thinking (even though Lale sang it) and Lili is an icon to which men can project their emotions toward their wifes or their dreaming of one. It is indeed an innocent song and it's a shame that foreign versions violated it. 

Lale Anderson got a nice memorial on the island Langeroog.