The Heretics' Hour: The problem with Hitler "scholars" and White Nationalist homos

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2013-08-05 18:57

August 5, 2013

Carolyn starts out by questioning “Karl Radl” as a person of integrity when it comes to his research on Jews, and goes on to question whether homosexuals can ever be a plus in a pro-White People’s movement. Some highlights:

  • There cannot be any truly scholarly work done on Hitler because the academic and political worlds must view him as evil from the start;
  • Karl Radl’s debunking of alleged occultism behind the Third Reich could have been taken from William Grimstad’s much earlier review of Goodrick-Clarke’s 1985 book The Occult Roots of Nazism;
  • In today’s White Nationalism there is little role for women, and who is responsible for that;
  • Letter from a concerned White woman about what she reads on the internet by White Nationalists;
  • Counter-Currents loses its managing editor and webmaster;
  • Do physical cowardice and hiding one’s identity hold back the White Racial movement;
  • William Finck exposes Christian Identity Pastor Eli James as a Jew named Joseph November.

Image: Hitler greets a Christian Bishop amidst Nat-Soc symbols.


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  1. code law

    August 6, 2013 at 3:12 am

    in Germany there was from the early 80´s till his death ( AIDS ) in the early 90´s Michael Kühnen, a popular neonazi-Leader. Eventually he outed himself and made a phony justification, that the national comrades should “enjoy each other” when there is no girlfriend at the moment! In reality however, there is no doubt that the two things are absolute incompatible….

  1. Markus

    August 6, 2013 at 3:13 am

    - Regarding occultism and the 3rd Reich. Most critics claim the occultism was evil, Radl says it was insignificant. Occult simply means hidden. The Vril society (women involved) and Waffen SS Black Sun simply searched for “hidden” energy sources. Instead of explosion based engines, they investigated implosion energy sources under Schauberger. So, I’d say there was occultism, but it wasn’t evil, just hidden mysteries of the universe that also relate to pre-Christian Aryan Ahnenerbe (Germany’s origin in the world’s great civilizations of Sumer, Atlantis etc). Germany’s enemies made this topic part of their atrocity propaganda narrative and distort it with their typical bias fantasies.

    - Related to the Vril vehicles, Foo Fighters and Haunebu implosion flying discs, I’d like to point out that this year on December 17th, the ship Schwabenland left Hamburg to claim New-Swabia for the German Reich, which is not part of the Allied SHAEF occupation statute in the borders of 1937. So, Dec. 17th is a great day to celebrate 75 years New-Swabia 1938-2013.

    - I found a very good German Reichsclub in Berlin that meets once every 2 weeks to talk about the Reichsprotectorate Neuschwabenland and related topics. They believe the UN is still at war with the German Reich because New-Swabia is undefeated. Youtube: Peter Schmidt/Axel Stoll Neu-Schwabenland Treffen for German speakers.

    - ‘Hitler’s British Girl’ docu regarding Hitler’s alleged love affair with Unity Mitford.

    - Regarding “Neo-Nazi gays”: In NS Germany, there was a brotherhood spirit and men groomed themselves and looked awesome with their Hugo Boss uniforms. This attracts today’s homos. Back then, close relationships among German men were in the spirit of Männerbund. Helping each other shave or sharing the same cup may appear homosexual to homos, but this was not gay but simply volkisch. Love for one’s race as a family. Every loving father and son or close brothers behave like this too and they are not queers.

    - Regarding women in the White Nationalist movement, I believe the Daily Stormer is preparing less hardcore propaganda for women and children (and less extreme men), which is very good to cater to the concerns of the women’s concerns listed in the letter to Carolyn. Women also have an advantage to spread the gospel of National Socialism, as they get away with more when they speak up, imo, and attract even more women and less extreme men to listen. Women should be encouraged to take leadership positions therefore, at least among themselves.

  1. John M

    August 6, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Good comments on Weber. Yes his copy and paste ‘news and comment’..all news and no comment, he is even too lazy to do that. The IHR received in 2012 $131,585 in donations by the silly people, of which, nothing was done with this donation money. No books have been published in many years, Weber uses the “internet excuse” for not producing, that doesn’t stop Willis Carto producing a magazine and newspaper, and printing and publishing books in paper form, yes that does take work!

    Look at this link and see how much money is donated and wasted by Weber – it is truly scandalous.

  1. Konrad Rhodes

    August 10, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Dear Carolyn,
    Great show! I really don’t have much to add ever by commenting but you read that e-mail from the nice young lady and what she said was right. Particularly the abuse of women by men particularly men beating on women which is absolutely a HUGE problem among white young blue collar people and I know from having heard about it from others I have worked with over the past ten years. “Its none of my business” is the attitude most take. Most people are herdlings, the masses are asses. Basically that’s true but I cannot help caring even if when I reflect on it I realize that very often the woman being beaten is not much better than the man doing it, not always the case of course but often. But STILL it is so terribly wrong that I get enraged even hearing about it. Where is the woman’s father? brothers? cousins? In my family we would probably murder the guy if he even tried it with our sisters or cousins! And I am not trying to say something to get your site in trouble I am just being honest. While I think as White people we do have a heritage and identity to be proud of racially we have serious serious problems particularly with the men. But personally I am primarily focused on the true Aryans and try not to think or worry too much about the mass of White people, but again, they are still my people. Your show “Are White men Hooked on Weakness?” was great and really delved into this. Why would any woman want to be with 90 percent of the online White Nationalists? Most I have ever seen on here are perpetual loners and virgins or worse, veiled queers! Seriously not trying to be rude and vulgar but they are mostly worthless and talk down on women so bad because they have no experience at all to draw from and no appreciation of the complimentary differences between men and women that divide and at the same time unite us in marriage and on a larger scale as a people.
    I have tried to form a unit here in East Iowa, the Midwest generally, and network . You know how many of these great online White Nationalists have responded? Five! in six months and none of them are in the Midwest! One is in England! So these are the “men” we are working with here!
    If you allow me I will put it out there to anyone interested in networking and hopefully forming a real unit, dare I say an order, locally in my area who is reading, please contact me at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do and if you are not close by we can still network because if I know someone where you are maybe that will be able to help you form a network and unit in the REAL WORLD where you are!
    Hope all is well Carolyn and I appreciate your work and your shows and Tan for this great network and Hadding who is always the serious intellect but has a great sense of humor and does good impressions.
    Take Care

  1. Carolyn

    August 11, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Thanks Konrad, for the vote of confidence. Your comments are always appreciated.