The Heretics' Hour: The Anti-Germans & the "Holocaust"

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-10-12 21:05

Oct. 12, 2015

Anti-Deutsch march at Dresden Anniversary with sign that says "Thank you, Bomber Harris." They usually also carry Israeli and American flags.

Carolyn looks at Germans and Germany tonight in a shorter than usual program. It's long enough, however, to cover these topics:

  • Trouble in Europe - who's to blame;
  • The mayoral election in Vienna disappoints, but is still a good showing for Heinz-Christian Strache;
  • Donald Trump says all the right things, making running for U.S. president seem efforless;
  • Germany is the heart of White Europe and the heart needs help;
  • A detailed look at the “Anti-Germans” and their dependence on the straight Holohoax story;
  • White Nationalists need to wake up and do something productive.  46min


I am still having a hard time to listen the podcasts. I cleared the history, but 5 minutes or so into the radio podcast it starts from begining again, even if I click to download, it doesn't work. I have no issues with other radio podcats from different sites. Any suggestions? 
Thank you for your time

No, I don't have any more suggestions. There have been times n the past when I had that problem, but clearing everything fixed it ... or just shutting down and starting again.. It's possible that something you have is not compatible with these players. I just heard from another regular listener who is having the same problem. He uses Safari.

My site works best with Firefox and Chrome. But the majority of my program downloads are with Explorer.

Maybe a reader or two will have a suggestion.

If you save it to your computer, you can listen to it. Right-Click on the download link. 

Hey Markus, Thank you for the follow up, it is working now.

Thank you so much for the follow up, once I save into the computer, it works great, I truly appreciate your help. Now I can enjoy your podcast to the full extent.
Keep up the great work, your knowledge, passion, courage and most of all your german patriotism makes you very special. 

I thought I had already suggested that to you.

But I looked back and I got my left and right backwards again. I wrote: "You can always left click on download and "save link as" to your computer and listen to them that way."

In any case, here's another solution for using the player. Click on the title of the program to go to the "program page." The page with the comments. That will pre-load the audio and should eliminate the problem. In other words, don't listen to the player on the front page.

I'm afraid that the kosher populists of Europe would not do anything against the migration allthough they won all the votes. 

I listened to this podcast a couple days ago, Carolyn, so forgive me if I'm paraphrasing you- but I believe at one point you conjured up in this fantastic broadcast the mental image of Germany as the "heart of Europe". And from what we've been seeing lately, and really ever since the end of WWII, is that the heart of Europe is being ripped out by the ragged claws of You-Know-Who. 
A lot of what you said in this podcast again meshed with my own observations. Since the Nuremburg Trials we've seen cultural-marxism wash like a filthy sea over the culture and minds of Europeans and Westerners in general. And if you look at the nations which have suffered most horribly from this poison, it is the Nordic states- self-flagellation and white guilt are now the most beloved national pasttimes in Germany and Sweden. Their whole cultures now are defined by this deformed, self-hating mindset. Most of the other Nordic states are no better, and those which have managed to retain some sense of respect for their old values, history, or customs (Holland, Denmark, and the UK- if you count that last nation as Nordic, which I do) have suffered probably the worst brunt of non-white immigration and Islamisation.
This to me is all deliberate. All genuine nationalists know that the European races are all admirable peoples, but by their own blood and tradition they are all still separate & distinctive. The Nordic states are those which I think the Jew and his gentile collaborators regard as the greatest threat. All European peoples have their own strengths and have made their own invaluable contributions to Western culture, but in many respects the Nordics are the natural leaders- they are the best-organised, naturally clean and efficient, excellent engineers and fair-minded businessmen, moderate and level-headed in temperament, yet also great warriors and statesmen. It is the Nordics who played the greatest part in spreading Western influence throughout the world (via the British Empire); and who produced the highest form of state yet, one based purely on European (in particular Nordic-European) values in their most perfectly-realised idealised form- National Socialist Germany. It is the Nordics, the Germanics in particular, who came closest to toppling Jewish power. They are the ones the Jew fears most.
Everything you spelled out in your broadcast only confirms this perception to me. The irrational, terrifying views of the 'anti-Deutsches' group are what our Masters hope to make mainstream, although perhaps in a more moderately-presented package. Many, many whites already harbour the perception that whiteness is naturally shameful, either on a pop-culture level ("we're just not as cool as blacks") or on a political-historical level (via the lie that we 'invented' racism, imperialism, the holohoax, and that these are intrinsic to our identity as Whites- no other races possess these 'faults'). The Nordic states have been sinking down into this well of self-loathing for a long, long time. It is why they are so cowed, why Germans are so afraid to protest the mass invasion of their nation, why the Swedes stupidly and happily welcome as many Arab rapists into their country as wish to come, and why those countries in particular seem to so cheerfully and unquestioningly swallow ultra-PC multiculti ideals that even Americans or Australians or Canadians quietly raise timid, vocal objections to. This is all deliberate. Wiping out the heart of Europe will wipe out the natural leaders of Europe. And when the Nordics are finally gone, bred out or reduced to a silently chained minority, then no matter how noble and passionate and idealistic the remaining nationalist Latins and Balts and Slavs in Europe may be, their capacity to fight back effectively will have been severely compromised. Europe won't likely recover.
Ripping out the heart of Europe will be the death of the rest of Europe. The people doing the ripping know this. It's deliberate. Your view that the Europeans are too stupid or cowed or just plain passionless enough to vote (or even fight!) their way out of this mess is probably accurate, but I still hold out hope that it changes. It has to; if it doesn't, Europe is done for. The cradle of the White race gone- not a world I'd like to live in.

The 1. problem for the FPÖ was that there were MASSIVE propaganda against them. Its insane - nearly every newspaper, tv-show, and other party is pro-massmagration and try to overwhelm everyone with their propaganda.
The 2. problem for the FPÖ was that in vienna live already sooo many people who are not german-austrians (like turks, arabs, eastern-europeans, etc.), who have in this destructive system the right to vote and they vote partys who are for massimmigration.
I am from Austria. Its a shame and very depressing how we lose EVERTHING.

1st problem - I suppose it can be likened to the pro-right demonstrations or rallies. If they bring out 10,000 people, the far left radicals bring out 20,000 to shout them down. Many more people agree with the right, but they are timid and don't want to be public about it. And that's because of what you say -- the newspapers and TV are all vocally left-wing.

2nd problem: I was just looking at the article from Deutsche Welle on the demonstrations in Cologne today, and it just casually called the PEGIDA organization folks "Dresden-based extremists." Why extremists? They are normal Germans.

The article also said Cologne was a: "city where one in three residents is considered to have a “migration background.” (This complicated demographic category means a person who was born abroad, has at least one parent who was, or has a parent who was born as a non-citizen within Germany.) I imagine in Vienna it is far more.

This losing is a result of the Nazi ban and the lies about WW2. The Holocaust lie. We have to bring that down, or we just keep losing until there really will be nothing left.

Yeah, people who tend to the political right side are not really a minority here, but the left side has much more financial, medial and social power! And they are - in my opinion - also pretty aggressive. However, the situation for right minded people is in Austria much better than in Germany... Austrians are also Germans and that we live in two different countries is the result of a historical fraud, but we are generelly more conservative, than the nordic Germans. Thats at least a little bit positive for someone who lives where i live.
Yes, in Vienna live at least 50% people with migration background. If i go outside, it feels often not like home anymore. Many immigrants live from the wealth of the German-austrians... However, they are not thankful and see them self as conquerers or something like that. They spit on the ground and make you just feel uncomfortable. But if we Germans are exterminated and vanished from our countries they will live again in a hell-hole -- they are just too stupid to recognize that yet!
If in Germany or Austria someone would publically say that the Holocaust is a lie, he or she would probably have to go in prison i think. If this person is someone who is famous - the media would try to lynch this person with a negative campaign. So, that will probably never be possible. But there are groups who stand up (like PEGIDA, Generation Identity) and protest against the mass-immigration. Its at least a little positive change - even if the now existing "democratic" system will dont get really changed here in a very short time.

Da  muss  man schon  wieder   vor  demselben Feind  gegenueber stehen. In ihrer schamenlosen ,  wohlfeilen  Beklidung des  provozierenden Verleumdung  und des anderens WOerter  die er selbst  angemasst  hatte, spricht  aber der  Feind   dieselben  Luege. Meine  Danken  dass, Frau  Jaeger diese gefinsterte  Aufwuehler  klar  zum Tag  gebracht  hat.
We  confront once  again   the  same  enemy . In a  cheap   confession of  provocative verbal assault and  slander  and  arrogating  to  himself words  of  others  he  speaks the  same  lies. My  gratitude  to  Mrs. Yeager , that  she  has  brought the  people  of perdition to light.