Belgium activists speak to thousands gathered in Dresden today

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-12-07 13:53

The scene in the Theaterplatz on the evening of December 7, 2015.

Live stream of today's PEGIDA rally

It is good weather in Dresden - windless and ten degrees plus. Christmas music plays. The visit of Belgians is not only from the two guest speakers, Filip Dewinter and Anke van Dermeersch of the Party “Vlaams Belang”. There is also seen a "We are the people" banner in Flemish.

6:45 Lutz Bachmann opened the rally:

"First of all, warm greetings to our patriotic brothers and sisters in France," he congratulates Marine Le Pen and the National Front for their "historic victory". That was a very clear signal, and the German press is foaming with rage. Therefore, the Front National will now be reviled - and with it their voters. This "30 percent of our neighbors occupied by right-wing" would now be labeled "right-wing". The ARD  had managed eleven times to accommodate the word right-wing in a three-minute report. "But there's the brown mob of the week!" said Bachmann.

6:50  Bachmann read a mainstream summary about which parties have benefited from the refugee crisis.
“Here we are surrounded "by evil Nazis", Merkel will probably soon warn that this bacillus will jump to Germany,” said Bachmann. The bacillus is: Reason, national consciousness, culture and desire for freedom.

Bachmann launches a sweeping attack against the state media and the Turkey-Syria non-reporting. The system media "vera ****** us little citizens" because there is no other word for it, he says about the oil trade of Erdogan with IS, which was proved by Putin, but was hushed by Germany's major media.

About the current development, he says: "Let us stand up for peace and against a foreign deployment of the Bundeswehr. We have neither the right nor the duty to other people to go to war," said Bachmann. Germany also has not the obligation to provide "weapons to the supposedly good side".

7:00 Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang is at the mic. He speaks German and has immediately the approval of demonstrators and many hands applaud him.

"Border closure is not about the people you hate outside the limit, but the people you love within the limits."

Islam is a religion of conquest which seeks to destroy democracy and to build a comprehensive Sharia dictatorship. There is no doubt that Islam has the intention to capture Europe.

"Europe is committing suicide not only in the demographic area - but we do not dare even to stand for the values ​​of our country. Dear friends, radical Islam has declared war on us - not the other day, but since 14 centuries."

He called the Koran a "license to kill", because it calls openly to fight against the infidels. The Koran should be the literal word of God - but is read as a military manual.

"The Koran itself is the problem of who sows the Koran, will reap jihad," says Dewinter.

Islam aspires to absolute world domination and moderate Islam does not exist.

He hands the mic to Anke van Dermeersch, who is not only a Senator, but also president of the association "Women against Islamization".

7:15 Anke van Dermeersch speaks mainly about the women and the fact that it has stimulated a burqa ban. The headscarf and the burqa are the symbols that slave is the only role that Islam concedes to women.

"Whore or slave - but I want neither the one nor the other. As a woman I want to be treated with respect and not as a utensil. (...) As a woman I want to love my children, protect them, and not be a reproduction machine for jihadists. "

"Women create new life, we will give Europe new life, which is why we are fighting against the current asylum policy, multiculturalism and mass immigration, especially against Islamization," says van Dermeersch.

7:20 "We are the people and: own people first" - Filip Dewinter finished his speech with the Dresden and Vlams Belang's own slogan in combination. He thanked the Dresdeners that they are so numerous and go on the road every week and put pressure on the policy.

Bachmann says thank you for the honor of the visit:

There is a 20-member delegation of Vlaams Belang in Dresden, including senators and MEPs. He goes with Filip Dewinter to the head of the march and opens the "walk".

Pegida and Vlams Belang of Belgium march together in Dresden on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015.

7:55 The music starts again. Part 2 will start in a few minutes. The walkers are now back on the Theatre Square.

[Observers report a peaceful stroll. The Theatre Square was full, the number of participants large but unknown. There were about 200 counter-demonstrators at Postplat.]

8:00  Lutz Bachmann opened part 2, which is a short organizational meeting. He does not want to keep them here too long because it's the Christmas season.

"The GEZ campaign is going well, we are no longer missing too many votes," said Bachmann. From the first of December we must now use a new list because ("which is clever ...") an amendment had been made.

This coming Sunday, 12-13-15, a community demonstration in Aachen is planned for 2 pm. The Dresden team will be there. There will also be a delegation of Vlaams Belang and Pegida Holland.
There will also be carols-singing either at the theater space or at another place.

Then Bachmann says: "Let's show our friends from Belgium what it looks like when a completely filled space sings the national anthem." Ramona leads the singing The demonstrators have their flashlights and cell phones lit up.

He asks again for "a tremendous applause" for the Belgians and announces that there will be a return visit to Antwerp.

Bachmann invites Dresden to come to the next event. (Last week, there were less because of bad weather.)

"It's five to twelve, the madman in Berlin makes our country broken".

He declared the meeting closed.


City looks into ban on Pegida demos

Dresden. After the seditious speeches at the rally of asylum-hostile Pegida last Monday, Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) wants to get tougher.

Hilbert has commissioned a meeting on Tuesday to examine possible approaches. It will be analyzed whether the Assembly Act can be applied in this case, whether tougher conditions or even a ban on Pegida demonstrations are possible

Police are investigating charges of incitement because speakers on Monday [this would be the Flemish guests from Vlams Belang] compared Islam with the disease AIDS, the Koran was referred to as a license to kill, the wearing of headscarves by Islamic women equated with wearing the Jewish star and more. In a Pegida Pendant police found a prohibited blackjacks (whatever that means?).

In Germany it's hardly possible to say anything in opposition to the communist, pro-Islamic rule!