The Heretics' Hour: Unexpected leaders bring hope

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-10-26 17:23

Oct. 26, 2015

Will Donald Trump be able to end the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton?

Carolyn is finding hope in Donald Trump and Lutz Bachmann during these difficult days of watching the contenders in the 2016 presidential election campaign in the US, and the free migration of a million-plus Arab and middle-eastern Muslims into Western Europe. Victor Orban also deserves a mention. Main topics:

  • Himmler's "Freedom Day" speech is being translated by Carlos Porter - please chip in your contribution;
  • Is Donald Trump just another "Jewish Show";
  • What did Trump really say about who shot down MH17;
  • Why have the PEGIDA demonstrations in Dresden clicked when elsewhere they struggle;
  • How German communities are abused by the force-dumping of foreigners into their care.


After the big 1st birthday celebration last week with, 20,000 participating, still 12,000 came out again today, and they seemed in high spirits. (I am just reading that Lutz B. is saying they thought it was 30,000 last week, and this week looks similar. But the Dresden police had announced several weeks ago that they will not give out crowd numbers anymore for PEGIDA.)

In contrast, only 1,200 of the "welcoming" lefties were there. They probably thought there would be far less PEGIDA "strollers" after last week's big turnout, but the strollers proved them wrong. 

Close by, three automobiles were badly burned, by arsonists it appears. It's being investigated.

... to assist in the process of bringing all the migrants who want to come into Germany!

The federal police union head warned of stretching the capacity of the federal police. Well, good, I hope the federal police are unable to carry out their functions. Bavaria's police can defend their borders, then. 

Merkel is becoming more unpopular. It's so clear she is an enemy of the German people. She and Jean-Claude Juncker, plus Hollande, are three of the worst. Of course, they have the most influence. But the rest of Europe's so-called leaders just go along, except for Hungary's Orban. I can't figure out what they're gaining, except they just have no ideas of their own; plus they're afraid of punishment.

A wake-up call from Heiner Rindermann: "The standard of education of most immigrants from Western Asia and Africa is low, their capabilities are limited. The consequences will be bitter (...)"


Even in an elite group of engineering students from the Gulf states, a great difference can be seen: Their skills are two to four school years behind those of comparable German engineering students.

This pattern of results underpinned a recent study in Chemnitz: asylum seekers with university studies presented in mathematical and figural tasks an average IQ of 93 - and a skill level of local real** students.

**Realschule is ranked between Hauptschule (lowest) and Gymnasium (highest). From Realschule you can become an apprentice, or apply to attend a Gymnasium. 

These migrants are not seeking safety from a dangerous war zone, but a better life all the way around. So they're not going to go just anywhere!

In Sweden, a group of migrants are locked in a standoff with authorities, saying the village where they have been taken is "too cold" and isolated, officials said Tuesday.

Around 60 Syrians and Iraqis were taken by bus on Sunday to Limedsforsen, close to the Norwegian border, where they were to stay while their asylum claims were assessed.

But around a third refused to get off the bus when they saw they were in a forest dozens of kilometres from the nearest town. Many demanded to be taken to a big city -- or even to Germany.

New old wisdom: The media is not trusted

44 percent of Germans say: Yes, the media lies are controlled from above
Epoch Times, Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nearly half of the German population distrusts the press and their messages. In a Forsa study commissioned by the "Star" 44 percent of respondents agreed that the "top-controlled media disseminate only embellished and inaccurate reports".

Since the Pegida demonstrations in Dresden, it is claimed that the sympathisers come from the mainstream of society. Earlier this year, 26 percent of Germans shared this opinion; according to a recent survey, it is now 30 percent.

Now 1002 German citizens were surveyed in a Forsa survey from 22 and 23 October. They were asked to indicate whether they agree with 10 statements: fully, rather, rather not or not at all. The selection was made randomly by a computer and all criteria such as age or location can be considered as being represented.

44 percent say yes to: "The controlled from-the-top media disseminates only sanitized and inaccurate reports."

Or in other words: Almost half of the German population does not trust the press and their messages.

Some other results from the Forsa study (source here and here):

"The controlled from the top media disseminates only sanitized and inaccurate reports." 44 percent of respondents agreed with this statement.

30 percent say yes to: "Are the Pegida demonstrators representative of the broad middle of German society?" The precise result: 36 percent in East Germany, 20 percent in West Germany.

26 percent tend to agree wholeheartedly that Muslims could not live in peace and would bring the war here too.

20 percent shared more or less the view that the refugees extort their host country in different ways to get what they demand.

70 percent of Germans hold Pegida as a rather marginal phenomenon. Moreover, it was clearly shown: the following statements were crass, but nevertheless, participants agreed to them:

The statement "The refugees invited by Merkel want to plunder our shops, rape our wives and daughters and demolish our homes, without being punished" was agreed to by 2 percent of Germans wholeheartedly and 2 percent thought they were likely to.

More of those are followers of AfD and, to a lesser extent, Pegida. Among the supporters of the AFD, however, the last statement was agreed to by 34 percent.

This is not the first survey that has come up with this result. Die Zeit already wrote in June that the majority of Germans (53 percent) have little or no confidence in the political reports from the media. The reasons cited at that time were manipulation and bias.

US proposed refugee admissions for 2016

Total - 85,000

From Africa - 38,000

I spoke in the program about the school gymnasiums being turned into refugee housing. Now comes the issue of why the free gym in the Bundestag in Berlin is still in regular use by the deputies -- not turned over to migrants.

Epoch Times, Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The whole of Germany has turned over its gyms to accommodate migrants ... The whole of Germany? No!  Bundestag deputies, employees of the Bundestag and the Bundestag Kita sports hall does not cease to resist the immigrants.

Many children across the country are deprived of physical education. A demand of N24 via mail and telephone yielded nothing. A direct request to the Bundestag President Lammert brought only silence!

The director of the Berlin Sport Federation Dr. Heiner Brandi commented: "Just as others have to pull together now, one might say, the Bundestag should make its contribution, too." Brandi believes that the Bundestag will cite security concerns in order not to have the hall occupied, so N24. But the rest of the country does not seem worthy of these security concerns. Some of these migrants now living on school grounds and in residential areas have never been reviewed by anyone!

Egg on their face?

Watching Trump From the Cheap Seats
"But it gave me a chance to look around at the crowd. It was family night in Nashua. A father showed his two little girls Trump buttons, there was a lip-glossed tween crowd, parents with older children, and grandparents. Everyone I saw was white." = oh my!
About the only place white women and girls can safely congregate after dark these days is at a, Trump Rally!
Donald Trump is single handidly destroying political correctness.
Donald Trump has climbed upon a legitimate political platform allowing whites to again advocate their own self interests.
 Will Wn's ride the Trump wake into any responsible power?
2012 - Total number of elected offices: 537 (President, Vice President, 435 US House Members, 100 Senators). According to the Census data, there are more than 87,000 local and state governments constituting more than 511,000 offices.
Not one Wn elected to any of them….. if that doesn’t tell you something.
How many Wns does it take to change a light bulb?
1 to carry the ladder
1 to carry the bulb
1 to scream “the joos won’t let us”
100’s to blog about the joos keeping Wns in the dark
100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining the joo induced psychological/genetic factors keeping Wns in the dark
100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining how the jooish light bulb conspiracy is hindering European birth rates
100’s to write books about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
100’s to videos about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
1000’s to flood comment sections crying about the jooish light bulb conspiracy
 1 guy from Jersey to grab the ladder and set it up, grab the light bulb, climb up the ladder and change the light bulb and turn the light back on
1Wn to scream “the joos using light bulbs to blind us”100’s to blog about the joos using light bulbs blinding Wn's100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining the joo induced psychological/genetic factors how and why joos using light bulbs blinded Wn's100’s to write a doctorial thesis and multivolume books explaining how the joos using light bulbs is hindering European birth rates100’s to write books about the joos using light bulbs100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about joos using light bulbs100’s to broadcast in the internet ghettos about the joos using light bulbs100’s to videos about the joos using light bulbs1000’s to flood comment sections crying about the joos using light bulbs
Arthur Kemp Interview… Still very relevant today!
A few things before you watch this: #1 – this “interviewer” and/or “radio host” is terrible, he might be the worst I’ve ever heard, so please don’t be distracted by his idiocy.
#2 – for all things relevant to today, please fast forward to about the 28:00 minute mark of the show.
#3 – it’s a real shame that we need a British observer to tell us where we’ve went wrong (and continue to go wrong) and what needs to be done in our own damn country!