Ursula Haverbeck to serve 10 months in jail for sedition

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2015-11-12 12:38

Ursula Haverbeck attending court in Hamburg on November 12, 2015 to defend herself for saying what she believes is the truth.

Deutschland is a land of insanity.

A peaceful, non-violent 87-year old woman who is beautiful inside and out is found guilty of an unconstitutional "law" that prohibits free expression of belief on one historical subject. This unconstitutional "law" originates from the loss of the world war in 1945 and the intention of the winning side to impose their own war narrative onto history and also take complete control of the nation that had fought to the end for a more just world order.

Ursula Haverbeck (87) is sentenced to 10 months in jail for "sedition." She is accused of an interview that she gave to the NDR magazine Panorama in April 2015 saying Auschwitz was not an extermination but a labor camp, and no mass murder of Jews had taken place there.

Ursula entered the courtroom carrying a bouquet of flowers presented to her by Riegolf Hennig, one of her many supporters who gathered outside and inside of the auditorium.  She came  without a lawyer and is defending herself.

"From this position, I will not move," she explained to the judge, and said to the prosecutor: "How do you as a lawyer explain the justification that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?"

She said that Paragraph 130, which makes “denial of the Holocaust” punishable, was a "law to maintain a lie."

Magistrate Jönsson, visibly struggling to not lose his temper, could only say: "It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts." [He means the faith, not facts] As Frau Haverbeck continues to point to the judge's table of missing evidence for the gassing of millions of people, the judge gets hot under the collar and bursts out: "I also need not prove that the earth is round!"

Finally, Ursula Haverbeck insists that she can not be convicted again for the same offense. She already has two fines and a suspended sentence for sedition in the Federal Registry.

The judge replies dryly: "A thief who always steals the same thing is also punished over again."

The prosecutor, determining that the defendant has a "fanatical delusion" that she will not change, calls for 10 months in prison without parole. The judge follows the request. "It is unfortunate that a woman who is still so vibrant for her age wastes her energy to spread a hair-raising nonsense," he says.

Outside of the court, Ursula Haverbeck is received with the cheers and applause of her followers, who state that they "naturally" do not accept the verdict.


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down and persecute old women, how great and mighty you have become. May the world take note of your courage, you must protect us all from old women.
Rücktritt der dt. Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und sofortige Neuwahl der Bundesregierung

how can we support this brave woman, even if it's just a card

I think the best support would be to talk about her and what is happening to as many people and in as many places as you can. She really lights a fire in people; she is an iconic figure, and that's why they want to shut her up and put her away ... to keep her from influencing more and more people. So keep her name and face alive ... maybe there should be a movement begun for Free Ursula or something like that.

Her name could be used as a front for a foundation maybe. Some of her writing is just terrific; her mind is exceptionally clear.

Several of us in the U.S. are on it! We will do whatever we can to help get her story out. She was brave enough to speak the truth and we, in America, had better do what we can to speak out with her now before it's illegal here and it's coming...We all must unite against the Talmudic Jewish evil of the world.

May our Gods be with Ursula Haverbeck. may we be inspired by her courage... and may we live to see those who persecute her, freedom of speech, and our European folk, pay for their crimes. 

Frau Haverbeck should have argued if the Justice Department/Ministry in Germany is a real Governmental body or not before going to the court room.As I pointed out before, German Government is also a Company 
along with others
therefore they don't have any authority over us unless you made a contract with them, perhaps?
DnB, Dun and Bradstreet is a company that SELLS company data to investors.
 Why your Government shows up on their "Company Search"?
ALL FRAUD.  Wake up!!

Kudos to this dear lady for having the guts to stand up to this liberal Merkel bullshit. The jews have lied for too long to ensure they can steal as much as they can by getting liberals to sing the Holocaust lie

"It is unfortunate that a woman who is still so vibrant for her age wastes her energy to spread a hair-raising nonsense."
No... what is unfortunate is that there is a parasitic group who is still so paranoid after 70 years that they waste their energy spreading their hair-raising Holohoax nonsense.
They've got a tiger by the tail and their lunatic laws will inevitably cause the German tiger to turn and kill them (for real this time).

A new study by the Allensbach Institute finds that 40% of Germans are afraid to say what they really think about the refugee crisis. They fear to be branded as a "right-wing extremist."

"One must be careful ..." is a common response. The Institute points out that this is a response you usually only get in dictatorships.

The frightening result of the survey, they say, is that 45% of responses given by the German population cannot be believed!

"For us it was real detective work to get at the real opinion of the people. Two or three months ago, we were surprised at how calm the reactions were. Then we had the feeling that something is wrong with the response patterns, and drilled deeper. The same majority of people who told us they might find it good if more refugees would be included in their region, say around 70 percent would say 'take more refugees' ... but in their private conversations it is quite clear that most were of  another view,"  said the head of the Allensbach research institute Renate Kocher, in the interview with the newspaper Die Welt.

The Institute had considered "the extent to which citizens have inhibitions, if they have the impression that one must be careful in Germany to speak on the refugee issue. And as we had 45 percent of the total population who said you must be careful," said Quivers.

About 60 percent said they are very worried about the current developments in Germany.

"You have to really ask yourself why more than 40 percent of citizens feel that they're not allowed to say openly their opinion. And these are ordinary citizens who have partially SPD-affinity, partially green-savvy, partially CDU-affinity. They are also not overwhelmingly hostile to foreigners," the institute president told Die Welt.

She added that the majority of German citizens had the impression that the government had lost control in the asylum crisis and that the concerns of many people would not be taken seriously in some media and by some politicians. 


She is a monster and a psychopath. Just like the idiot who is providing her platform on this site. Come on, Carolyn - no Jews died in Auschwitz? Are you a moron or do you pretend to be one just so you can put up a circus? Get a life and get human.

Well, you are easy to answer.

Come on, Raizele - no one, and I mean NO ONE ever said that "no Jews died in Auschwitz?" I would ask you to quote a revisionist who said that but I know you can't.  You probably know perfectly well that what is said is "No Jews were gassed in Auschwitz."

Or someone might have said that "No Jews were murdered at Auschwitz," which is generally true although some were executed for cause (like for murdering fellow inmates Surprised).

As to Ursula, I would like you to point out one "monstrous" quality you see in her. She is a beacon of light and truth and faithfullness, and thousands of people are expressing outrage at the monstrous evil and stupidity of sending her to prison. Frau Haverbeck is an iconic figure ... and all you've got is Deborah Lipstadt. Now there's a psychopath!

Finally, I wish I had a dollar for every Jew who told me to "get a life." The "get human" part shows that you are of the far-left, genocidal element out there. Just for you, here's some recommended reading: http://www.eliewieseltattoo.com/show-us-a-tattoo-darn-it/

Mr. Raizele, the question is NOT "did any jews die at Auschwitz", but, "were any jews gassed at Auschwitz?"  If you are aware of solid proof that at least ONE jew was gassed at Auschwitz, just lay it out.  Who?  Where (which building)? When?Where is the burial site?  Who were the witnesses?  Where is the prussian blue residue?
come forth, Mr. Raizele, with details as to any evidence you have, or, we'll assume you are just running off at the mouth because of some innate and mentally ill hatred you harbor against Germanics.   Are you so full of hate that you cannot think logically and with a clear head.
Please remember Zormelo's Principle of Choice:
"If a well-defined group of instances is not void, then at least ONE instance can be specifically identified."
So, if there is a group of deceased jews that were gassed at Auschwitz, then at least ONE instance of this can be specifically and unequivocally identified.  Proceed to make this identification, Mr. Raizele, or, by logic of the great mathematician, Zormelo, this "group" (of jews gassed at Auschwitz) is void, empty, and non-existant.  That is all the great and wonderful Frau Haverbeck is asking.
   Carolyn, you are our heroine - keep up the good work.

This is just an outrage.  This woman has done nothing to deserve this at all.  Totally disgusted.

The brilliance of her devastating argument is in its devastating simplicity.

She is claiming that the Jewish holocaust authority itself is denying its own holocaust story.

Since they first claimed that 4M Jews were murdered in Auschwitz- but now claim fewer than 1M. Then how can they still maintain the 6m figure?

Where are they?
Where were they killed?
I maintain that in this argument she is not denying the holocaust herself, but rather is demanding an answer from the Jews who saw fit to reduce the figure.

How many forensic and scientific facts have to be proven there was no gassing of people only laundry, to kill lice.  The Jew now owns the media, the supreme Court, Hollywood, the govt, so dont you dare agree with Mel Gibson you goyim you.  Wait until the savages keep on their path.  Wait for it and see, see who the evil doer is.

lies that are maintained by laws are still lies 
Unfortunately,  its easier to get someone to believe a lie than it is to get them to believe they were lied to .
the world needs more people like Ursela Haverbeck, what an courageous, informed , beautiful conerned human being . WOW

It's easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times, than a truth one has never heard before (Robert Lynd).

The world little by little is waking up... This brave lady is just the beginning, every-single day, there is more and more people who starts to "ilegally wonder" what I think must be wondered. History is written by those who hang heroes. My father used to say that sooner or earlier the truth will always make its way.

Strongly urge everyone to read a retrospective on the victor's history of World War II by an ex-patriot German national born during the early years of the war who no longer believes the Holocaust ever took place.
An extract: 
Ninety-nine per cent of what we know about the Holocaust we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . . it has become part of our inherited knowledge.
Professor Jan van Pelt, of Waterloo (sic) University and leading authority on Auschwitz, in a recent interview with the Toronto Star.
Part 4 cannot be published openly and must be requested from the author as it falls foul of German laws related to holocaust denial.

The world must know of the courage and fortitude of Ursula Haverbeck. There are few places which allow freedom of speech and the freedom of expression.
We are experiencing an increasingly manipulated and dominated culture.
Those whom have freedom must support and defend the God given right of every person. We all have the right of expression. I may stidently disagree with a person, but I will defend that persons right to express themselves. 
God bless all those who strive to share knowledge.
The U.S.A. is under assault by powerful forces. We may loose our freedom of speech in this country. Legislators are subjugated to a global elite and have enacted legislation to silence the American people. 

If anyone were to make a statement that they agreed with they latest mythology, how are they to be 100% correct as the myth changes from time to time? 
And how exactly are the myths to be standardized?