Ursula Haverbeck criminally charged

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-06-05 10:00

German Police storm home of elderly woman who debated "Holocaust"

Ursula Haverbeck is now facing criminal hate speech charges after debating how many Jews died in the Holocaust on national television. The debate was aired on German public television and broadcast all over Europe. It was the first time anyone has been allowed to question the official holocaust death toll on German television.

Police stormed and ransacked her home along with the homes of three of her supporters. Prosecutors are preparing the charges. She will face five years in prison if convicted. [Age and beauty are no defense -cy]

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Time to STOP this B.S. people are allowed to QUESTION history, and the Holocaust is a HOAX.  LEAVE GERMANY ALONE!  They are the people who suffered the real Holocaust, lies always are found out.

What happened to freedom of speech?

More proof that all countries are internment camps!

Hoping that this brings the Germans to the boiling point.  Tee-shirts are a great way to draw people to you for discussion and to broadcast truth and links.  The photo of Ursula seems to be a good size to put on a shirt.  Here's a notion.
"Hate Speech" is Un-American
On the back
"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us" - Justics William O. Douglas

You can get the video in German with English subtitles here
The comments are overwhelmingly antisemitic. This lady could be the catalyst that destroys the myth. I hope so. What a brave lady.
The feelings of outrage and revulsion at her treatment at the hands of the German ZOG could push the Jews into a corner.

Lets not forget Dresdin Bombing, that to me is the real cover up by Zionists. How is it that US Mainstream Media always pumps up the Holocaust and make it sound terrible while failing to detail the 500,000 + burned alive at Dresdin fire bombing. 


Why do you think Turkey opposes the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE debate? because the DONMEH jews in Ottomon Turkey comitted it, and it was many more dead than jews in WW2- and COMMITED by them. Just like the Holdomor in Ukraine- 10 million min, by jews in USSR

You're quite right, Yand. I'm replying to your comment of 9/6/15.
It should be no secret to any educated person that wars are usually started for financial reasons. The Armenian Genocide (1915), although often blamed on Turkish nationalism, was actually instigated by the Rothschild banking family, through an agent, a Jew named Emanuel Curasso. He was part of a group that led the Young Turks, whose membership was a mixture of Muslims and Jews.
The Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, founded by Alphonse Rothschild in 1883, extracted oil from fields near Baku in Azerbaijan. This crude oil was shipped over the Caucasus Mountains by rail to a port city called Batumi, in what is today the FSU Republic of Geogia.  It was shipped by sea through the Bosporus and Dardanelles waterways, to the Mediterranean Sea, and thence up the Adriatic Sea to Fiume.
Fiume was the name of a Croatian port city that is today named Rijeka.
The petroleum products, including kerosene, processed at the Rothschild refineries at Fiume, were sold throughout central Europe in competition with similar products sold by the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil Company.
Ethnic tension between the Turks and the Armenians, which had been a regular feature of that region's political life for a long time, posed a risk to the Rothschild's shipping, and a business cost was involved in keeping that risk minimized.
So, to increase their profits, the Rothschilds hatched a plan to overthrow the Turkish Sultan and to exterminate the Armenian people. The former goal was accomplished in 1908 and had the additional benefit (to the Jews) of removing an obstacle to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.
The latter goal was carried out beginning in April 1915.
Wikipedia's article on the Armenian Genocide contains some factual matter mixed with misdirection. It is reasonably accurate about what happened to the Armenians, but it is wrong about whom the villains were and what their motivation was. To the extent that the article is correct, the truth is used as a sweetener, so that the reader will accept the falsehoods also.
The Wiki article on the Armenian Genocide sets the blame on "the Three Pashas" and uses the proximity of mention to lead readers to infer that these Three Pashas were leaders of the Turkish nationalists. But no such thing is true. If you then read the Wiki article on the Three Pashas, you will be told that they were members of "The Committee for Union and Progress," but this was the original name for a group that in later years would be called The Young Turks. The group founded in Salonica, Macedonia, by the Rothschild agent Emanual Curasso.
The primary organizer of the Armedian Genocide was Mehmed Talaat, who was one of the three Pashas. According to Wikipedia's article on him, he...
"...worked after hours as a Turkish language teacher in the Alliance Israelite School which served the Jewish community of Edirne. At the age of 21 he had a love affair with the daughter of the Jewish headmaster for whom he worked. He was... charged with tampering with the official telegraph and arrested in 1893. He claimed that the message in question was to his girlfriend. The Jewish girl came forward to defend him. Sentenced to two years in jail, he was pardoned by exiled to Salonica as a postal clerk." -Wikipedia
The Alliance Israelite Universelle was a major Zionist organization founded by the boss-Jew Adolphe Cremieux, which received financial backing from the Rothschilds.
What that probably really means is that the Jews, including Talaat's girlfriend, set up Talaat to break the laws regarding the use of the official telegraph. The girl persuaded Talaat to message her, then most likely she reported the infraction to trigger Talaat's arrest. In order to avoid going to jail, Mehmed Talaat agreed to go to Salonica, to join the Young Turks, and to use his new job as a postal clerk to spy on the mail for the benefit of the revolutionary group.
The Young Turks were a group organized in Salonica, Macedonia, in 1890, by Emanuel Curasso, an agent of the Jewish Rothschild famile, to overthrow the Sultan and take over the Ottoman Empire, to reshape it politically, and to eliminate the Armenian population.
Nowhere does Wikipedia put all of the links between the Jewish founders of the Young Turks and the Armenian Genocide in the same article. Indeed, even if you gather up several related articles, there will be at least one missing link, such as the fact that the Three Pashas were part of a Jewish-organized and Jewish-led group that had two purposes that were rather important to Jews: (1) overthrow the sultan and (2) kill the Armenians.

The reason that the Dresden war-crime is never taught nor detailed is because it was outright murder! The (media) is in the hands of zionists and their propoganda is pumped out 24/7/365.
This bullshit has to stop, and this courageous woman is a hero! Where are the men of Germany? How can you stand by and allow this to continue? 

those dumb heel clickers can't get anything right. Hopeless nerd retards, anal to a fault.

Those dumb heel-clickers are exactly the kind of muth that Ursula Haverbeck is dispelling.
It's kind of like that song sung by Kenney Rogers, "The Coward of the County".
What I mean is, the Gatlin Boys (The Jews) are having their way all over town, but soon enough those Gatlin oys are going to go too far and hurt someone or something that is very dear to Tommy, and then that coward of the country will be no more.
When everyone discovers the true hostory of the world from the late 1800's onwards, and how evil the USA, England, France and Russia really were, and how Hitler's Germany was one of the "Last Stands" against Jewish bankers and the "Elite", then things will change in the minds of the masses, and pehaps that will be realized outwardly.
It is good to see the frogs struggling to get out of the hot water, and I hope they manage to do so, but things don't look good right now for the truth.

What a bloody disgrace that this brave lady is arrested for questioning the ridiculous Holocaust narrative. Why not arrest all the Liars who promote this fairy story, largely for their own gain, and let us all regain our lost freedom of speech and democratic rights.
Go and read the absolutely staggering nonsense that the Nobel peace prize winner Elie Weisel spouts in his books. if anyone thinks I'm exaggerating.
God bless Frau Haverbeck.

Fancy that! I didn't realise. You seem to already  have had a go at the weasel.

She is such a brave, intelligent and classy lady.  They are the most evil and cruel criminals to persecute this lovely women.  I watched a youtube video that she made in which she actually spoke English. In this video she stated that in Germany since they passed this law which doesn't allow anyone there to question the Holocaust that there have been over 2,000 trials each year during the over 10 year period that this law has existed. So many German people have suffered. This needless persecution must be stopped now! 

Yes, she really is! She is our great and inspiring example and hero! And still many of us suffer, get fired from their jobs or imprisoned. Democracy? No way! Anne from Germany

Wouln't it be better just to leave Elie Veizel's book in the library? I mean "fountains of blood" and all that.  Even school kids will remember, and ponder on  the ridiculousness of that image.

You're posting this to the wrong page, Mike. Pay attention.

This is disgusting,this brave truth telling lady needs to be free right now,I'm sick sick sick sick of this criminal behaviour. God bless you Ursula.

My sincere support for this lady.   Also, let's not forget that Jews benefitted from the concentration camps in South Africa during the Anglo Boer War, because the death of so many Boer children forced the Boers to surrender, and Jews got the benefit from the gold and the diamonds.  I wish I could meet Frau Ursula in person. 

The Zionist Jews swooped in and neutered Germany at the Nuremberg Trials and never looked back. Germany is but a empty shell of it's once great and proud cultural self.

The Hoax is a con job perpetrated against people to give them a guilt complex and force states to pay endless compensation to the Apartheid state . After so many False flags with zionist footprints all over (9/11 , Charles hebdo, Boston Bombing , Sandy Hook )   that we have discovered over the last few years , it is clear that manipulation of the public has been going on for centuries . This hoax is one of the greatest fraud perpetrated since christianity . Ursula Haverbeck is a saint for daring to fight the criminals government of Germany 

Raul Hilberg wrote,"The Destruction of European Jews" which has been the authority on the 5.1 million Jews, 1.5 million Poles and 0.5 million gypsies who were murdered by the NAZI's during WW2. My arguement is with those Zionists who use these deaths to surpress legimate arguement on any Zionist related topic that reduces the real suffering of the 5.1 million Jews who did die during WW2. Read Dr. Norman Finkelsteins 1999 book,"The Holocaust Indusrty" VERSO Press

...and you have proof of that figure, eh?. Raul Hilberg the sole authority? According to the Red Cross, the German meticulous accounts and now the British code breaking archives, they all add up and its NOT the figure you adore.WE need proof of this 5.1 figure and not just Hollywood. WE need an open investigation and we need it now. Stupid bolshevik laws have to be removed.

You're right, Raul Hilberg was toppled from his pedestal as an authority a long time ago. He and his book were demolished at the Zundel "false news" trial in Canada in 1985. But that doesn't stop the media from continuing to designate him as "the authority on the Holocaust." We're not doing a good enough job of outing people like Hilberg as the fraud he is.

Thanks Carolyn....bloody hell thats a lot of transcript to go through but I am about 1/5 through and this Hilberg is looking so dicey I am amazed. The fact that people like him are up there shows that we really do need some action against these propaganda liars.

The masses of free speech castrated Europeans is a sign of capitulation to "the usual suspects" who have made Europe into a continent of neo-eunuchs. What a bunch of Euro-cowards whose eternal bragging about their wonderful cultures, enlightenment and histories is as phony as their extorted economies.   

Few people seem to remember that the Jews were and still are the communists. No one is calling it what it is, Communism! Sure some upgrade were made, but the unmistakable methods are the same. All the spying worldwide reeks of communism. People are free to think as they want to think, and communism has always fought against this. Zionist international bankers make trouble worldwide attempting a new (communist) world order, and it will surely fail, but at a huge cost to civilized people.

The Germans know the Holocaust is a hoax, so qui bono? Only the Israelis benefit from the ongoing dumbing down of the international public. It is fraud and extortion to continue to hoist this irrational conspiracy on the international public for the sake of keeping the manipulation of the political system for the benefit of the Jews going. If the matter were taken to the ICC the Rothschilds would be in the stocks where they belong. Every Jewish leader has been complicit in the hoax and every German leader has played along. Curious that the Germans wouldn't want to get the truth out.

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."

-Thomas Jefferson

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you're not allowed to criticize. -votaire

You'd better believe the jews are behind all this.  The holohoax is a very fragile lie and thanks to the internet, is falling apart faster than ever.  They can't silence everyone forever.
They'll have to come up with something new or just wipe out all the Gentiles.

Make a tee-shirt, folks.  Most of the clueless have NO idea that people such as Ursula, Germar, Robert, Sylvia et al have been jailed, financially ruined, etc.  86 years old!  There's an emotional angle there that we really must exploit to bring wider attention.  The public acts dumb but they really aren't as dumb as they appear to be in many cases. 

This assault against Frau Haverbeck for just talking about it needs to be made very well known; given publicity. The trouble is the German authorities are not coming out with any information or news stories. That's how they do, they keep it real quiet and the German people have no idea that it is even going on. They don't want anyone anywhere to know.

If somebody created a bunch of nice t-shirts, or maybe bumper stickers, I think they would sell a bundle over the internet.

on the 6th june i did a google search - i typed in Ursula Haverbeck - i was looking for a newspaper article in english - there was none - it was only linked to the german article by you and others, including justice4germans - he was ranked 2nd, after her GERMAN wiki entry - and you were 9th on the list
today, 10th june, i searched again - you are ranked 2nd after her ENGLISH wiki entry, and poor wayne has slipped to 9th, lol
so today she has an english wiki entry ranked #1, and her german wiki is now on page 2
(PS - was your captcha designed by jackson pollock - they're too hard to decipher -- i'll probably have to have a 3rd go after this - one letter or whatever it is, is impossible to make out) (ok 3rd time lucky) (ok 4th roll of the dice)

You are right. I just checked it myself. On Google I am #2 (no one else had this story for some reason.) A reader of mine emailed me the German article and I looked into it right away. It's nice being 2nd under Wiki on the Google page! On Yahoo! I'm still down below older stories about Ursula -- they're slow to get with it.

Others have complained about my captcha being too hard. Sorry about that, I promise to look into it. Maybe I can replace it.

Thank you for this site.

El "Holocausto" es la mentira más grande de la historia y la unica "verdad" que tiene nuna ley que la protege de dudas o cuestionamientos. Se puede dudar de todo, pero no del "Holohoax", eso es ridiculo e increíble.

Heel de wereld weet dat de Holocaust een compleet verzinsel is, nu alleen de Duitsers nog! Ik zou niet graag een jood zijn als Duitsland eindelijk wakker wordt en zich ontworstelt aan de grootste leugen aller tijden. 

Thank you Carolyn for posting this story, it is truly a very sad commentary on the state of our world today. Mrs. Haverbeck is a true heroine and an extremely ethical, moral and courageous woman. Please keep us posted on any updates regarding her case. I wish her and the many others faced with this travesty the best of wishes! 

Europe is moving into a new dark age.
Threatening to Gaol this lady for expressing her views and now Cameron (UK PM ) threatening so-called "Conspiracy Theorists" for expressing their views.
Scary Times Indeed.
Best Wishes to Mrs. Haverbeck

I still can't find an update to Ursula Haverbeck's case. A wall of silence has come down over it -- clearly because THEY KNOW that it raises outrage and opposition like nothing else ever has.

But where is Ursula? We don't know. She must have been ordered not to speak!

one thing is for sure, They never thought information/truth/facts was readily available  today for whoever wants to access it.

The thing is I would not have heard of her had it not been for the wailing ones screeching on about hate speech. She says what I theorise on.
Beautiful talk on free speech. She is on appeal at present. She has already served over 3 1/2 years for so called denial & lost her bar as a lawyer.
Thing is Jews afraid to say are being exposed now like no other time in history for their motives with the holocaust & Israel.
Is this why they get kicked out of every host nation in history. I want to know.

same with Sylvia Stolz..re-arrested I believe. the best speech ever on truth & honesty on YT!

is always written by the victors and the victors are Illumnati!
Take a look at 
https://www.dandb.com/search/?keyword=Regierung%20Der%20Bundesrepublik%2... to realize that German Government is actually a COMPANY along with many others,   shown here: 
That means they've been lying to us and stealing from us.  
This Holocaust issue is similar to 
We the 'losers' were used and abused big time!!

There are all kinds of views that one may, or may not, agree with, but I can see no legal or moral case for prosecuting or crimminalising a viewpoint, however radical it may seem to some.  The National Socialist race genocide against the Jews from 1941 to 1945 must be fully debated by all concerned, including those who, for whatever reason, think it did not happen quite like the mainstream believes that it does.  As Milton said, truth is strong next to the Amightly and needs no shifts nor stratagems to hold its sway.  

As a Canadian I'm amazed that there are Govenrnments still hiding the truth.  

The USA is 20 trillion in Debt... will it be 25 tillion in debt soon ?...eventually the US Citizens will begin to question the debt impact, will that be against freedom of speech ?

Would recommend watching Meltdown-a Global Documentry on America`s dire finances. As for their foreign policy; Bitter Lakes & The Four Horsemen. All three on YT. Seems like Americans l[ike half of Europe are on their knees living to pay the interest on their debts. When they talk of a countries debt they dont mention personal debt.   

Voltaire: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise"